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Shrek Fuck Princess Fiona

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Shrek Fuck Princess Fiona[Fair Warning: The following may have the potential to “ruin your ch*ldhood.” But since you have managed to find this story, your ch*ldhood is probably already ruined so you should be good.]Shrek Fucks Princess FionaShrek was on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona from the highest room in the tallest tower of the castle where she was held for years. After Shrek entered the castle he was chased by a dragon before being flung across the entire castle by the dragon’s tail. He was flung so violently that he crashed through the roof of the Princesses room where she pretended to sleep as she waited to be rescued. As he shook himself off from the fall, the princess quickly rose up from her position to see what the loud noise was. Her eyes lit up and immediately was turned on by what she thought was a heroic, dashing stud of a knight that was there to rescue her. She hurried to return to her position so that Shrek wouldn’t notice her awake. She lay on her back and waited to be kissed and rescued by the masculine knight. Shrek turned around and noticed a shelf in the corner with several dildos and sex toys on it before seeing Princess Fiona lying graciously on the bed.“This must be one horny bitch,” Shrek thought to himself then lightly chuckled. As he approached her, he noticed how hot she actually was. Shrek was shocked to find out that she was such a lusciously slim redhead. He stared at her for a moment and debated on what he should do. “This chick hasn’t had a good fuckin’ in years years… and neither have I for that matter,” he thought to himself.“Oh what the hell?” he decided.He grabbed Princess Fiona and quickly rolled her over on her belly. She was startled and opened her eyes wide in shock but she didn’t say anything yet. Shrek lifted her green velvet dress up over her surprisingly plump, round ass. He moved her black panties over to expose her succulent pink pussy and pure, tight asshole. Fiona was even more shocked but continued not to say anything. Shrek threw one leg up onto the bed to straddle her, and undid his belt and without hesitation pulled out his extremely enormous dick, then spread her ass cheeks open before shoving his throbbing shaft into her tight pussy from behind.“Awwwww!! Fuck!!!” Fiona screamed in awe as Shrek slowly fucked her with his abnormally large dick.“What the fuck!?!” She screeched as she faced down on the bed while Shrek fucked her tight pussy. “You could have at least kissed me first damn it!” She giped.“This is what you really wanted though wasn’t it?” Shrek said.“I mean it’s not like you don’t want it,” he explained as he pointed to the collection of dildos on the shelf.“Ugh! Oh my god!! güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri This is ridiculous!” She groaned.“Who the fuck are you anyway?” She exclaimed.“Prince Charming” Shrek said sarcastically.“I didn’t know a prince could have such a huge dick!!” She she cried out as Shrek continued to fuck her tight hole while she lay prone.“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” she moaned. Shrek then pulled out of her pussy and left it a gaping hole that was soaked and dripping with her delicious juices. She leaned up and turned around to discover that it was actually an ogre that was fucking her. “You’re an ogre!!” She shouted in remorse, then began to examine his extremely enormous dick.“How did this even fit in me!?!” Princess Fiona said with amazement as she visually compared it to her arm. His cock was at least two feet long and as thick as her arm.“This thing is massive!” She said as if she’d forgotten he was an ogre and began to examine it closer.“Why don’t you try fingering it?” Shrek suggested. Fiona was confused at first but then realized that his piss hole was about the size of her asshole. “Like this?” She asked as she placed her long fingernails on the center of his hole then slowly inserted her nail. “Oh fuck yes!” Shrek groaned from the surprisingly pleasing pain of her piercing his dick hole. “Deeper!” Shrek managed to moan from the enjoyment. Princess Fiona, slightly grossed out by this began to find it arousing. She slipped her finger deeper into his cock orfice then began to rapidly finger fuck it while she watched with astonishment. “Oh fuck!!” Shrek moaned as she continued to penetrate her long fingers into his hole as he began to leak large amounts of precum from it. Fiona began to lick the precum from around his dick hole as she continued fingering it. She eventually pulled her finger out and more precum began to flow out. She wrapped her lips around the head of it and sucked the precum out of his cock. She immediately started to shove as much of it as she could down her throat, forcing herself to choke on it. She continued to sloppily guzzle as much of his dick that she could, using both hands to rapidly stroke what she couldn’t swallow. Shrek wrapped his hand around her head to force Princess Fiona to deepthroat his abnormally gigantic cock, making her gag on it until she could no longer take it. His entire cock was coated with spit and slobber and her entire mouth and chin dripped with semen slobber, covering her bare cleavage in drool. Shrek could barely stand the sensation of her soaking wet and sloppy blowjob. “I have a better idea,” Shrek said as he laid back onto the bed and grabbed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Fiona, yanking the top of her green dress down to reveal her huge tits.“Oh my god!” Princess Fiona said before Shrek grabbed her and dragged her onto his chest, and without warning, picked her up and slammed her down onto his two foot, rock hard shaft, violently penetrating her already throbbing, wet pussy.“Oh Fuck,” she squealed, as Shrek grabbed her thin waist and yanked her closer to him while moving his hips to up and down as he rammed his humongous cock inside of her hole continually. Forcing his dick to protrude deep into her body making it bulge under her belly. Her tight cunt could barely handle one of her dildos, let alone Shreks massive cock. He ravenously ripped into her and forced her cunt to stretch around the entire length of his cock. He’d never dreamed he’d ever fuck a hot redhead princess whore like Fiona but he was enjoying it while he had the chance.“Oh my fucking God!!!!” Princess Fiona screamed from the pleasuring agony of his throbbing ogre cock that tore through her now well-stretched cunt. Princess Fiona could barely handle Shrek’s enormous dick and was appalled by the fact that she was fucking an ogre and enjoying it. She willingly began to impale herself on it, throwing her body up and down on his shaft while her huge glistening jugs bounced up and down as she aggressively rode him. She continued riding him for several minutes before her torn trembling pink hole could no longer stand the intensity and torment his gigantic cock. “Holy Fuck!! I’m cumming!!!” she screamed uncontrollably as she reached a massive climax, forcefully squirting her sweet hot juices from her destroyed vagina, completely drenching herself, Shrek and the entire area in her pussy juices.Shrek abruptly rips the green dress off of her and throws it on the floor. Fiona, who’s now completely naked other than her black stockings and heels, is lying exhausted on the bed. Shrek swooped Fiona off of the bed and into his arms. She couldn’t believe she was acually enjoying having sex with an ogre but she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He held her with both arms as she faced him, while he reached back to finger her virgin asshole.Fiona was astonished from the feeling of his large fingers tearing into her tight, untouched asshole. Shrek slipped his still rock hard cock into her sex craving shithole.“Fuuuuuck!!” Princes Fiona screamed at the feeling of his cock tearing into her shitter. “Oh shit!! It’s so fucking good!!!” She gracefully moaned while looking into Shreks eyes and sensually licking his face and lips. The touch of her tongue güvenilir bahis şirketleri on his face fueled his craving for her even more. He began to vigorously ram his ogre pole into her extremely tight asshole, as she screamed with pleasure and pain. “Fuck me harder!!! Please!!!,” She begged, staring into Shreks eyes as she attempted to thrust her hips to meet his.Shrek grabbed both of her ass cheeks while holding her thighs as he still carried her. He then unleashed a rush of intensity and pounded her well stretched anus with more force than ever before. His gigantic cock ripped into her hungry farthole with complete brutality. As he pounded her anus, he jammed his fat ogre fingers into her dripping pussy that was soaked with her rich fluids. Shrek stood holding the belittled princess in his arms as he continued to shove nearly every inch his throbbing shaft into her hollowed hole. He excessively slammed her with complete control as his large fingers roughly penetrated her smashed, filthy vaginal fuckhole with it“Yes! Fuck me!!! Make me your fuck toy!!!!” She screamed obsessively from enjoying the torment of getting double penetrated in both of her holes by Shrek’s massive cock and fingers.He slowed his pace and removed his soaked shaft from her ripped rectum that gushed out her warm rectal liquids, then slammed every inch of it back into her bashed vagina. At this point Fiona didn’t care what Shrek did to her. She was so disoriented from the unbelievable sensation she was receiving that all she wanted now was to be sexually dominated and abused in any way.Shrek grabbed her abdomen and leaned her back away from him and proceeded to pulverize her already wrecked pussy, using her as a human fleshlight.Oh my fucking god!!!! Yes!!! Use me god dammit!!!!!” she demanded as she began to reach a second orgasm. “Fuckk! Ohhh fuck yessss!!!!” Princess Fiona screamed uncontrollably, as she released an explosion of sweet vaginal fluids and gooey girl cum all over her and Shreks body while he continued to viciously hammer her demolished twat. He tightly grasped her and pulled her body back against his and slammed the entire length of his cock inside of her as it pulsated under her flesh. He held her there as he reached a tremendous climax, erupting a monstrous load of nearly a gallon of his hot seminal fluid that flooded her demolished cunt. He leaned her down to gently lay her on the bed while part of his dick remained inside of her. As he lay her down, he pulled out of her destroyed pussy and cum poured out of her in massive amounts, covering her entire genital area in hot, thick sticky ogre cum. Princess Fiona collapsed onto her back, gasping for breath, as her limp body lay nearly motionless as her wrecked, gaping holes were left abused and ruined. This beautiful, unadulterated redhead princess was now completely degraded as she lay covered in hot, mangled fluids from Shrek’s massive pounding. This is definitely one banging neither of them will forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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