Nis 03

Sibling Rivalry Ch. 01

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“God damn it Christine you are not taking the fucking car again this weekend. I have plans.” I said as I pushed the front door of the house open.

“But I need it. Alan can’t use his dad’s car until he pays for the damage.”

“Not my problem. Grandpa gave ME the car in his will. Not you, not mom, not dad, ME. I am officially done sharing with you.”

My sister looked at our father sitting in his recliner. “Daddy. Tell Pete I get the car this weekend.”

“You pull this bullshit every time Chris. I will not give up the keys. I don’t care if you are fucking dad to get your way all the time PRINCESS.”

My dad shot out of his chair. “What the fuck did you just say boy?”

“I know you heard exactly what I said. You and Christine must be fucking because there’s no other reason for you to side with her on everything. Deny it?”

My dad pulled his hand back and made a fist. Christine looked like she had just been punched in the gut. My mom came around the corner from the kitchen.

“Frank if you hit Pete I will have your ass in jail. But you never denied anything. Are you fucking Christine?”

Christine looked at mom then at me then at dad. Nobody was saying a word. She ran out of the house crying.

Dad stood glaring at me. I stared right back my own hands balled and ready to go if he tried anything.

“You’ve been taking Christine’s side in everything for years dad. Last year on my birthday I wanted a few friends over nothing elaborate. Christine did her little ‘daddy’ whine and I was lucky we had cake. I certainly didn’t get so much as a happy birthday from you on that day. Then her birthday rolls along and she has twenty friends over and you give her fucking gold and diamond tennis bracelet. How would you have reacted if your dad gave everything to Aunt Sharon? You would have done the same thing I am now. I am no longer Christine’s whipping boy.”

My dad stood still and his hands dropped. “Pete. I… I’m…”

“You know what dad save it. I don’t need any apologies from you. But just once in a while it would have been nice to know you actually cared about me.”

I slammed the front door and walked out and got into my car. I sat there totally pissed off. I suspected for a couple of years that Christine had seduced our father. This was the first time I put voice to my suspicions. I started the car and slammed it into reverse. I needed to get away and I knew exactly where I needed to go.

There is an old barn on a farm that has been tied up in a family trust for years. It’s about twenty miles from home and better yet secluded. There are about 120 acres of woods surrounding the old barn. A creek runs through one corner of the clearing the barn sits in. I love to bring dates out there. When I get to use my own car, that is.

As I drove I had no idea Christine was curled up in the back seat. If I had known I would have probably stopped the car and thrown her out into the street. I wanted to be as far from that bitch as possible right now.

It took a little over a half hour to get to the barn. I was still jacked up because of the fight with both Christine and my dad. When I first started coming out here I hung an old heavy bag from the rafters and I would come out here to let off steam. Then Christine started whining about needing to use a car for her own dates and mine got volunteered. It has been a few months since my last visit and I really need to hit something right now.

I walk to the barn and start shadow boxing as I work my way to the duct tape wrapped leather bag. When my right fist hit the bag it began to swing from its chain. I soon got a rhythm of left right slide, left right slide

I was hammering the heavy bag like a man possessed. I had a good sheen of sweat and I had only been going at it for three minutes. The same thoughts raging through my mind. “Dad is fucking his own daughter.” I don’t think I really believed it until mom got involved.

I stopped for a second to remove my shirt. It was already soaked in sweat. I had a gym bag in the trunk with clothes in it so I could change after I cooled down. I step back in and start pounding away at the leather bag.

Christine slowly got out of the car. She had no idea where her brother was so she started walking toward the barn. As she got closer she heard the sounds of something getting hit hard. She poked her head around the door jamb. There was her brother punching a huge hanging bag. She saw the sweat rolling off his torso like he was being sprayed by a hose. She could see the definition in his arms,chest liseli porno and stomach as he threw each punch.

I lost track of time and I started to feel tired as my anger finally burned itself out. My arms started to feel like lead weights and each punch landed with less force. I have no idea how long I had been punching away. I noticed the sun was going down so it had to be a couple of hours. I stood there panting for a few seconds before screaming at the top of my lungs.

Christine jumped when I screamed. For the first time since we got here I saw that she was with me. I grabbed my shirt and used it to wipe away as much of my sweat as I could. I would get one from the trunk soon.

“Chris? What time is it?”

It shocked us both how calm I sounded. Christine jumped when I spoke to her. She looked at her watch and said “7:30” Shit I’ve been punching the heavy bag three hours at least. No wonder I was so worn out.

I took two steps and my knees gave out. I had sweated so much I was severely dehydrated. As I fell to the ground Christine shrieked and ran to me.

“Are you OK Pete?”

“I need water.” was all I managed to say before everything went black.

Christine ran to the car and dug around looking for any old water bottles. She found one jammed under the passenger seat but it was empty. She looked around and saw the old pump well. She worked the handle furiously for five minutes before water finally started to flow. At first it almost looked like blood. After another minute of pumping the water was running clear. She filled the bottle and ran back to her brother.


Pete was just starting to stir when I came back and held the water to his lips. The bottle emptied in just a few seconds. I ran back and returned a minute later with the bottle full once again. He drank this one down just as quick. As I stood to get more water Pete grabbed my hand. He stood himself upright and I let him lean on me as we walked to the well.

I kept the handle moving while he drank his fill. After three more bottles he put his hand out to stop me. I supported him as we walked back to the barn.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys. “Get the sleeping bag from the trunk, please.”

I ran to the trunk and opened it. There was an old sleeping bag I remembered from when Pete was a boy scout. I took the bag out and closed the trunk. I unrolled the sleeping bag on the floor of the barn. I helped Pete lay on top of the bag and I wrapped my arms around him tightly. In seconds he was sleeping. I put the keys in my pocket and laid myself next to him.


I woke up a little stiff. My bladder was urgently telling me it needed to void itself. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to move. Then I realized that someone was holding me from behind. I grabbed the arm and lifted it gently not wanting to wake whoever it was. My mind was functioning at less than capacity due to the fact I was still sleepy. I went outside and it was just getting light out. I had to do something about my bladder quick.

I walked to a bush twenty feet from the barn and pulled out my dick. I was so glad at that second I was a guy. My piss started flowing and I actually sighed as the pressure eased.


I woke up as Pete got up. It was a combination of him moving my arm and the fact his body heat was no longer helping to keep me warm. I stood to see where he was going. I got to the door just as he pulled his penis out and started to pee. Contrary to his accusation I had never seen one before. Seeing the urine flow from his manhood I suddenly had the urge to go myself.

“Pete. Is there a bathroom out here? I need to go bad.”


I jumped when Christine called my name out.

“You have to use a bush like I am.” I called back.

I shook myself and tucked it back inside my jeans. As I walked back to the barn Chris ran past me and yelled at me to go inside when I turned to see what she was doing.

I found the water bottle and took a few sips. Christine let out a little wail and I ran to the door,

“I pissed all over my jeans and panties.” she cried.

I almost burst out laughing.

“Do you have any clothes in the car Chris?”

“No.” I lied.

I could hear the anguish in her voice. My mind was working much better and I came up with a plan.

“I’m going to come out in a second and take your jeans and panties. I’ll take your stuff to the creek and rinse them out. Then I’ll hang them to dry. While I’m washing your stuff you climb meet suck and fuck porno into the sleeping bag.”

“OK. But don’t look.”

I tried my hardest not to look. But I am a heterosexual male just nineteen years old. And she is an eighteen year old female. I stood a few feet from the bush and made her come out to me to hand me her clothes. She was trying to use her jeans to keep me from looking at her pussy. I held out my hand and reached for the soiled clothes. I got a half view of her trimmed pubis.

I went to the creek and held the jeans and panties under the stream. I wrung out the panties once then returned them to the water before wringing them out once more. I hung them from a branch in the tree next to the creek. I heard the keys jangle in the pocket of her jeans and took them back. It took a little more effort to do the same with her jeans but they were soon hanging in the tree as well.

I walked back to the barn and as soon as I got to the door my stomach growled. I realized I had not eaten since noon the day before.

“Chris, I’m going to get us some food. I promise I’ll be back soon.”

“Can’t I ride with?”

“Going around wrapped in a sleeping bag is fine out here in the middle of nowhere. But if we get to town and dad has the cops looking for us how do we explain your missing pants? Just trust me.”

Chris looked like she was going to cry again as I went to the car. I would be back before she had a chance to really freak out. I grabbed a fresh shirt from my gym bag in the trunk when I stopped at the quick mart on the edge of town I bought donuts, sandwiches, chips and a six pack of soda. I was gone less than twenty minutes.

As I pulled up Chris was standing in the door of the barn looking anxious. I walk toward her with the bag of food and the soda. She waddled back into the barn. If you’ve ever tried to walk wrapped in a sleeping bag you know what I mean.

We tore into the food like it was our meal in a week. I put all the empty wrappers into the bag and tied it off so nothing we could take it with when we left.

Chris was looking at me funny.


“Pete. You had me so worried last night. I never saw you like that before.”

“It was all your fault. You can never let me do the things I want to do. I get so pissed at you for thinking the universe revolves around you. It’s always you first and fuck what everyone else wants. And then all you do is bat your eyes and dad comes running to your side every time.”

“Pete… It’s not like that.”

“The hell it’s not. When is the last time I got to go on a date? Last year. Because you were away at cheer camp for two weeks. Since then it’s been you every week taking the car because dad makes me give you the keys. Think about it Chris. Tell me you don’t have dad wrapped up inside your pussy.”

Chris started crying while I was taking. I got up to walk out not wanting to deal with the drama queen.

“No. Don’t go.” she wailed. “I’m so sorry Pete.”

My jaw hit my chest. Chris has never apologized to me for anything in her life. But my anger was still present.

“Sorry for what? Sorry that you are so self absorbed that your own brother means nothing to you? Sorry you weren’t here those two weeks of cheer camp last year to fuck me out of my car? Or sorry that you weren’t an only child?”

The noise Chris made when I finished berating her almost broke my heart.She grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back. Instead she lifted herself with the sleeping bag staying on the ground. I turned to glare at her and my glare turned into an open mouth stare as I took in a perfect view of her from the waist down.

“Don’t go. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch to you. I don’t know why I do it. I just…”

Christine jumped at my chest and locked her lips to mine. I stood there not knowing how to react. My arms refused to move and I just stood there letting my sister kiss me.


I can’t believe I am kissing Pete. I have been hiding my feelings for him for so long. But this fight, this morning, makes me so nervous. I have to tell him the truth. I am still a virgin and the only person I want to give it to is him. But what if he rejects me because of how badly I treated him these last few years? Oh God did I wait too long? Why isn’t he kissing me back?


I finally get use of my faculties again and push Christine off me. She looks so vulnerable standing there. Her bottom lip trembling and her eyes red from her tears. I almost forget mobil porno she is naked from the waist down. Almost.

I look into Christine’s eyes and I see so many different emotions it’s hard to pick just one to describe what I see there, but desire seems to be most dominant. Once again she launches herself at me and this time I know what she wants.

Our lips meet once again and this time I give in and kiss her back. Her tongue seeks entry to my mouth and I hungrily take it in. I give her control for ten seconds before pushing my tongue deep into her mouth causing her to withdraw from mine. She’s been in control until now. Now it’s my turn to assert my dominance.

I break the kiss and grab the bottom of her shirt. She lifts her arms as I pull the shirt up and off. She is now standing before me completely nude because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

This time I am the aggressor and pull her to me kissing her deeply. I let my hands explore her body grabbing her ass cheeks roughly. She moans in obvious pleasure. My hands stay on her ass exploring for about ten seconds before I bring them up to cup her breasts. I run my palms over her nipples and I feel her knees start to buckle as she moans again. I break the kiss and dive my mouth onto her right breast. I ignore her nipple at first. I want to make her beg.

“Oh God Pete that feels so good.”

I pinch her left nipple and give a sharp pull. My left hand slides down her belly and as it comes into contact with her pubis she starts to breathe heavily. I look into her eyes as I transfer my lips to her other breast. I wait until my middle finger rubs her gash before finally taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I’m rewarded with a sigh of pure bliss.

I slip my finger just inside her lips and take her nipple into my teeth, nipping it, but not too hard. My thumb brushes against her clit and suddenly she screams out in pure ecstasy as she orgasms onto my hand.

I open the sleeping bag and lower her to it before I start removing my clothes. When I get to my boxers she has recovered enough to stare with wanton lust as my fully erect member is freed.

I lay down on the sleeping bag then move on top of her. I begin to kiss her once again and move my hands to her thighs, pressing them open as I prepare to enter her. She knows what I’m getting ready for and does not fight me at all. I reach down and position the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She quickly breaks the kiss.

“Pete. Go easy. I’m still…”

I thrust into her fully in one push. She cries out in pain. I’ve never felt a pussy this tight before. Then it dawns on me what she was trying to tell me. I feel like an asshole right now. I made the assumption that she had lost her virginity a long time ago. It never dawned on me that she was anything but the slut I thought she was.

I look down at where my shaft had entered and could see the evidence of how wrong I was. A small trickle of blood was escaping.

“Oh shit! I am so sorry Christine. I thought…”

“It’s OK Pete. I should have said something before I got onto the sleeping bag.”

Christine brought her legs up and locked them around my waist.

“It doesn’t hurt any more. You can keep going now. I want this Pete. More than you know.”

Now, knowing she was a virgin until just seconds ago, I begin to move more slowly. I pull out two inches before plunging back inside. I keep a steady pace using just a two inch stroke and I kiss her softly on the lips no tongue just pure lip to lip contact.

“Faster Pete. I’m not made of porcelain. I need you to fuck me hard.”

On hearing that I increased my speed and the length of my stroke. I could feel an orgasm building, but I wanted this to last a while. I pulled out and directed Christine to her hands and knees. I don’t know what she was thinking I was going to do but there was an audible sigh as I slowly penetrated her silky tunnel once more. I started slowly again but let my pace grow faster every few seconds.

As I continued to pound away at my sister’s pussy I moved my right hand from her hip to her mound. I found her clit standing proud and rubbed it in time with my thrusts. Without any warning Christine started cumming. I felt her pussy begin to throb and clutch at my meat pole bringing me to my own O.

I shot wave after wave of cum into Christine’s hungry cunt. Her orgasm seeming to go on for minutes as I continued to pump in and out of her. Finally Christine collapsed beneath me and I fell on top of her.

It took a few minutes before either of us could speak again. I rolled so we were laying face to face on the sleeping bag holding each other, occasionally kissing lightly on the lips.

“Just because we had sex doesn’t mean I’m letting you take the car this weekend.”

Christine laughed as she punched me in the arm.

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