May 31

Side-effects Ch. 02

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I have been dating Sadie for the last month. I have spent all my days off with her, and now, instead of getting a hotel, I stay at her place each time I go see her. The sex continues to be amazing, and whether it is due to her super-horniness or just good chemistry, I try not to think too much about it.

I called her two weeks ago and let her know I had a vacation scheduled for this week, and asked her if she would be able to get away for a week. She had plenty of time available even considering she would be taking maternity leave soon in the next month or so.

I was taking time off to visit the home I owned on a lake about 5 hours away from her town. I had bought the property 10 years ago, and had spent the intervening years remodeling the house and working on making it my permanent home. This trip would be the first since all the renovations had been complete. My brother and his wife were pulling their RV up from their home to stay for the week. The house was small, two bedrooms only, so room was at a premium. My brother, Richard, and his wife Michelle, were bringing my 18-year-old niece Claire as well.

We were leaving on Saturday as I was on vacation from the time I got off on Friday until the following Sunday. I desperately needed a vacation, and the fact I could spend it with Sadie made the time off all the sweeter.

I picked her up and loaded her bags, then drove out. It was nice having company on such a long drive, and we talked through the first couple of hours. After a while, I couldn’t stop looking at her legs in her short dress. She was wearing a loose fitting dress, and as she sat, it barely covered past her upper thighs. I was trying to get a few peeks, and I could tell she was deliberately remaining covered to tease me.

“You keep looking at me like that and we might have to see if an eight-month pregnant woman can give road head,” she threatened.

“We wouldn’t want that,” I said.

She raised her dress up right underneath her belly, and I could see a small sliver of bright blue panties dipping between her thighs. She stretched out, letting her legs fall apart, and I got a good view of the sheer fabric. She was bare, and I had found out she had been lasered some years before, so would never have pubic hair.

She slid her hand down her panties and I could see her fingers through the fabric. She slid a finger in for a few seconds and pulled her hand out. She licked her finger, then looked at me. “Yep, just as I thought….I am very wet.”

She unbuckled and moved to where she could lean across the console of my truck. She unzipped my pants and reached in to pull my very hard cock out. She started sucking, gently at first, then applying more pressure.

I enjoyed the feeling for a few miles before feeling the need to come wash over me. She felt my cock harden, and sucked harder. Knowing how much she loved come, I let go, flooding her mouth with spurt after spurt. She sucked every drop, swallowing deeply to take it all in.

She delicately wiped her mouth before tucking me back in my shorts.

“I better get repaid as soon as we get there,” she said.

We pulled down the lane to my house a little after 3 that afternoon. I unloaded the truck and helped her get settled. When she had her stuff situated, she came in the living room and stood in front of me. I pulled her close and slid my hand beneath her dress and slid her panties down over her hips and ass. I cupped her cheeks in my hand and squeezed, feeling the firm flesh beneath her small layer of pregnancy padding.

I had her sit on the couch before I knelt between her legs. I licked and sucked her pussy, paying extra attention to tasting her. Within 20 seconds of concentrating on her clit, she came hard, moaning softly.

I shoved my shorts down and moved closer, sliding the head of my cock into her wet, swollen pussy. When I was in deep, I changed my rhythm, stroking deep and hard. She came twice more while I fucked her.

I kept sinking into her warm, wet pussy, over and over, losing myself in the feeling. Despite coming earlier, I was ready to come again. I pulled out and stroked my cock, letting her watch me pleasure myself. When I came, I aimed each rope onto her wet and open pussy. She reached down and rubbed my come into herself, using my fluids to make her come once again. Afterwards, we showered in my large, tiled shower, and I took extra care to wash her beautiful body very thoroughly. We were drying off when I heard a car door slam. I quickly dressed and walked out to greet my brother and his family.

I hugged Michelle and Claire before grabbing Richard and lifting him off the ground in a bear hug. “Put me down you overgrown meathead!”

My brother is three years older than me, and where I am 6’3″ and very muscled, he is 5’10”, with a runner’s physique. His size is no indication of his physical prowess, as he gives me a run for my money in wrestling matches.

“How are my beautiful ladies?” I asked, turning to my sister-in-law and güvenilir bahis niece.

“Great,” said Michelle. “God, it is so beautiful here!”

“Uncle Robert, thank you so much for the graduation present! I can’t believe you got me a car!”

Buying my niece a car for graduation was not my original intent. I had started putting money into a college savings account for her when she was born, and what I thought might amount to a few thousand to help out, ended up being in excess of $50,000. When she earned a full ride scholarship to Texas Tech, I used part of the money to buy her a graduation gift. The remainder of the money is still in the account, growing, and will be given to her when she graduates college.

Richard is a very good, very successful financial planner. I have been investing almost 60% of my salary with him since I started working in the oilfields 15 years ago. I live frugally, and over time, I have developed a very healthy portfolio. I paid cash for the run-down house and land, and have paid cash on the remodel. I have a very small apartment that is cheap and my truck payment, and other than utilities, I have no other bills. The trip to the lake is two-fold…..one reason is to spend time with my family and Sadie, and the other is a business meeting.

I turned from my family and watched as Sadie walked out. She waved and walked over, shoulders back, head high, not trying to conceal her pregnant state.

Michelle let out a low whistle. “I see what you see in her,” she whispered.

I introduced her to my clan and we went around the house and settled the women on my lake front patio while Richard and I went to park his camper. It was short work as I had essentially set-up an RV hookup with all the amenities of a RV park.

By the time we returned to the patio, Sadie had made fast friends with Michelle and Claire.

“Richard and I are going into town for groceries and stuff. Anyone wanna tag along or can we get you anything?”

“I’m going to put my suit on and go for a swim,” said Claire.

“We’re fine,” said Michelle. “You boys have fun shopping.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Once Robert and Richard left, the women waited until Claire had went for her swim before the real talk began. Sadie was nervous, but really wanted to know how Robert’s family felt about him dating a woman who was pregnant.

“So, when Robert told you he was dating me, how long did it take him to tell you I was pregnant?” she asked.

“Honestly? We didn’t know you were pregnant until you walked out of the house.”

“No way! He didn’t tell you?”

“One thing about Robert is he is infuriatingly close-mouthed. He takes the strong, silent thing to the extreme. He called us a while back and told us he had met someone and wanted us to meet her. He called later to tell us you would be joining us out here this week. Other than that, he has said little.”

Sadie laughed. “Was it a big shock?”

“Not really. Robert is strange. He has never done the ‘normal’ thing, so surprising us would take a lot more than a pregnant belly. How far along are you?” Michelle asked.

“A little over eight months. It probably goes without saying the baby isn’t his.”

It was Michelle’s turn to laugh. “Yeah. I won’t get nosy, but the father isn’t in the picture?”

“No. He never was really. I got drunk, got stupid, got laid. Never saw the guy again. I was on the pill, it failed, and here I am. The last thing I planned was to start dating six months pregnant. In case you guys are worried, I’m not looking to make Robert this baby’s daddy or anything.”

“I know, honey. Robert has the best bullshit detector of anyone I know. If he wants to be with you, it’s because he really likes you and trusts you.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Robert? Oh shit, Richard and I started dating when were 16, so roughly 22 years. I have watched him grow from an oversized teenager to an overgrown man.”

“He is big, isn’t he?” Sadie said. “He makes me feel like a midget. Plus, the quiet thing? Drives me crazy! At first it was awesome! A man who listened. Then I realized he never said anything personal. He has just started coming around and opening up a little.”

“That’s Robert. It probably took two years to get him to say more than five words to me. Hell, we were in college before he had a full conversation with me.”

“He went to college?”

“Yes. Full ride scholarship. He only finished his freshman year. There was some trouble, so he quit and headed to the oilfield.”

“Football scholarship?”

“Academic actually. The boy is a certified genius, but hates the indoors. He was going for his degree in chemical engineering, but decided he wanted to work outside with his hands.”

“You said there was trouble in college? Can you tell me?” Sadie hated it, but she had heard too many times about guys getting in trouble with date rapes and wanted to make sure it was nothing like that.

“Sure. It involved me, so I can tell you. Richard türkçe bahis worked nights at the mall, and without me knowing, Robert had made a habit of walking over on the nights Richard worked to check on things around our place. We lived in married housing and Robert lived in the dorms. Anyway, one night he comes by and hears a noise from the side of the house. He goes around and checks and sees two guys peeping in my window. There was a small hole into our bathroom window they could see through, and they were watching me shower. I had put Claire to bed and was getting ready for bed. Huge mistake on their part. Robert wasn’t as muscled as he is now, but he was still a big boy. He ended up putting them both in the hospital with broken bones.

I didn’t know anything had happened until I got out of the shower and heard the ambulance and cops pull up. Here I am in my robe, trying to figure out why my brother-in-law is in cuffs. The police didn’t press charges on Robert, but he was suspended by the university. They let him finish after investigating, but it soured him on college.”

Michelle got a little teary eyed. “Something else happened that night….something I’m not proud of, but something that says a lot about him. Richard and I were having problems. In fact, he cheated on me right before this all happened and we were having a really rough patch.

“Here I was, in my robe and I bring Robert inside. He had just protected me, I was hurt with Richard, and he was just so cute. I dropped my robe and propositioned him. He’s no saint, so he looked. Then he picked up my robe and covered me up. I asked him why not and he said, ‘Cause in 20 years from now, when you and Richard are as happy as can be, I want to be able to look you both in the eyes.’ He turned around and walked home. I thank him for that to this day.”


“Yeah. Don’t worry, that was the only time I have ever been attracted to him.”

“No worries. I haven’t known him long, but he seems trustworthy.”

“You have no idea. Do you know what else makes me love the big lug? When we had Claire, Robert comes in to see her, and he picks her up and holds her, and tears just streamed down his face. He said she was the most beautiful thing her had ever seen. After he went to work and started making money, he started a college fund for her. When she got her scholarship, he bought her a car for graduation with the money.”

“That is amazing. I could see how much he loved her just looking at them.”

“She loves him right back. She had a boyfriend a couple of years back that was just no good. We tried everything to keep them apart, but she was going through a phase and nothing we said did any good. Robert came for a visit and took her for dinner and had a long talk with her. Neither one has ever told us what was said, but the next day she broke it off with the guy and has been on the straight and narrow ever since. He also had a heart-to-heart with guy and he never showed his face around us again.”

They talked for another half hour until the guys showed up with groceries. While they were throwing dinner on the grill, Claire returned from the lake and went in to change.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew as soon as I walked up that my dear sister-in-law had filled Sadie’s ear. I didn’t mind as I had expected her to blab about everything under the sun. I really had nothing to hide, so was not worried about Michelle divulging too much.

During dinner, Richard mentioned something about our business meeting coming up in a couple of days. I shot him a look, which he read and stopped talking.

I was ready, both mentally and financially to get out of the oilfield. I had done all the landscape work on my own, and during a conversation with a neighbor, he mentioned there was a landscape business for sell. The owner was a poor businessman, and his work was less than stellar. I had arranged to talk with him about buying his equipment, and Richard and I were meeting with him to hammer out the details. I didn’t want to let Sadie know as it meant me settling at the lake permanently and we had not reached that point where we could talk about her moving.

After dinner, we had drinks on the patio and talked for hours. Claire and Sadie were engrossed in their own conversation, so Richard, Michelle and I caught up. Of course, Michelle gave me a quiet earful on keeping Sadie’s pregnancy quiet.

“I didn’t think it mattered,” I said.

“Of course it doesn’t, but that isn’t the point.”

Women. Logic never works. I looked at Michelle and sighed in frustration. She gave me a big smile in return, knowing she won the round. Michelle has always been a beautiful woman, and has grown more beautiful with age. I had a crush on her when Richard started dating her, and it has never really gone away. She is of Scandanavian descent, and it shows with her pale blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She is tall, almost as tall as Richard, and is lean, with small breasts, and a small little bubble butt.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri looked over at Claire, and could see both of her parents in her. She has Michelle’s blond hair, but is a shade taller at 5’11”. It killed Richard his daughter was taller than him, a point which I never let die. She has a killer body, which brought out the over-protective part of Robert’s personality.

“Well, ladies, my bed is calling me,” yawned Richard. “Why don’t we leave these two love birds in peace for the night?”

We all said our goodnights, and I followed Sadie inside. We showered together and talked about our day. “So, after getting the scoop from Michelle, do you still want to be around me?” I asked.

“Absolutely! She gave me all the juicy details. How did you resist jumping her when she got naked in front of you?” she teased.

My face went scarlet red. “She told you that? Oh my god, that woman. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.”

She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock, pulling me close. “You are a good man, Robert Mason.”

We kissed and I pulled her out and dried her off before leading her to the bedroom. As she was crawling into the bed, I stopped her by grabbing her hips, then knelt beside the bed and looked at her glorious ass. I spread her legs a little and pulled her cheeks apart, revealing her sexy little pussy, already wet with want. I leaned forward and tasted her, kissing and licking her pussy from behind. She pushed back against my face and I slid my tongue in deep to taste her desire.

“Fuck, you are so good at that. Make me come!”

I followed orders, licking and sucking her clit until she came, trembling. She rolled over and lay on her back, panting. I slid up beside her and cupped her tits in my hands.

“I think they are getting even bigger,” I noted.

“Don’t remind me. They are so sore. It feels good when you rub them.”

I massaged them, paying attention to the nipples. She reached over and started stroking me, and I moved between her legs, placing my cock between her wet lips.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to put your cock in me.”

I looked down where my cock nestled between her hairless lips, then up her body, over her swollen belly, and across her breasts with her erect nipples. Her eyes were hooded with desire, and looked up at me longingly. “Dirtier,” I directed.

She knew I loved to hear her talk dirty, and had no problem complying with my request. “I want you to put your long, thick cock deep inside my wet cunt.”

I slid in deep in one thrust. She cried out in pleasure at the sensation of being stretched fully. “Fuck me! Please, fuck me hard.”

I gripped her rounded hips, pulling her closer to my kneeling body and thrust in and out, watching her huge breasts bounce with each stroke. This woman turned me on more than any other ever had, and I pleasured her to the best of my ability.

I pulled out and had her straddle my legs facing away. I guided my cock into her wetness and watched as she lowered herself down fully onto my erection. I loved her ass in the position and could watch all night as she rode me. When she took me in fully, she would clench her ass together, squeezing my cock, before releasing and moving up. Her weight gain had added a thin layer of flesh on top of her muscled ass, and the hint of cellulite as she clenched turned me on more than anything.

She reached between her legs and starting rubbing her clit and I could tell she was close to coming. Her breathing quickened and she threw her head back and moaned, before tensing fully before she released in her climax. “Fuuuuccckkkk!” she cried. She fell forward onto her hands, and almost came off my cock. I managed to move my hips so I didn’t come out, content to be inside her as she recovered.

She moved forward and looked back over her shoulder. She rested her belly lightly on the bed and put her head down, ass as high In the air as she could get it. “Fuck my cunt from behind,” she said.

I moved up to my knees behind her and slid my cock in. With a firm grip on her hips, I fucked her long and deep in slow hard thrusts. My goal was to make her come once more, so while I told her to play with her clit, I slid my thumb into her tight ass. She was so wet her entire ass crevice was slick with her juices, so my thumb slid easily inside her ass.

Within seconds of this treatment she came.

It was my turn, so I asked her how she wanted me to come. She liked variety, liking all aspects of come. She liked her tits, face, ass, pussy, and even belly come on, so I liked her to decide what way appealed to her the most.

“I want you to fuck my face and come in my mouth,” she said. She rolled onto her back and turned her face to the side. I knelt in front of her and slid my cock in her mouth. I thrust in shallowly, putting my hand on the back of her head and using her mouth to pleasure my cock. I looked between her spread legs and gazed at her well fucked open pussy, which sent me over the edge. She curled her arm around the back of my legs, trapping me deep in her mouth as I unleashed the first few hard streams into her mouth. She released me and I thrust, finishing my orgasm as she swallowed my come.

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