May 31

Silk and Steel

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You came in the door with an anticipatory look in your eye. I came towards you and gently touched my lips to yours. You slipped your tongue in my mouth and I felt your tongue ring. As your tongue swirled in my mouth, I had an instant quick orgasm and my pussy got wet. We sat down to eat and I could see you hungrily eyeing my body and my full gorgeous 42DD tits. I couldn’t wait to feel your hands on me. We quickly ate and grabbed our wine and cognac.

I insisted you try some to toast our shared Russian heritage. You took a sip and winced but I downed mine with enthusiasm. We cuddled and listened to music for a while and I took a few hits, which increased my desire for you.

As we started to kiss each other, I straddled you, putting your hands on my breasts. You touched them with tenderness but authority. You took my shirt off and revealed my red lacy bra. My breasts were heaving for the touch of your mouth. You began to lick my nipples and fondle my breasts and gently bite them. I throw my head back and revel in the amazing feel of your tongue ring tracing my nipple. I spasm and moans of ecstasy spills from my lips.

I pull off your shirt to expose your smooth hairless chest. The sight of your pierced nipples caused me to become wetter. I ran my fingers up and down your torso, gently tracing your 6 pack abs.

You moan and pull me closer and kiss me again, pinching my nipples. I take my breasts in my hands and stroke them, looking you in the eye. I feel your cock get harder and I start to play with your nipple rings. Tugging on them with my fingers gets us both excited. I put my tits in your face and you motorboat güvenilir bahis them…I laugh. I titty slap you then go back to your nipples, licking and biting them. Your cock becomes harder and you push my face into your chest.

I pin your arms above your head and licked your armpits. I started grinding my pussy against your clothed cock. I can feel the wetness from my pussy dripping into my panties. I lay back on the sofa and crook my finger at you to lay on top of me. You mount me and take my pants off. I hear your intake of breath as you see my belly ring. You begin to lick it and pull on it. The sensation is so erotic that I push my pelvis up and yell “Fuck!

“You slide my pants off and I stand above you clad only in my silky red panties. I turn around and show you my ass and pull my cheeks open, pulling my panties up into my crack. You start kissing my buttocks and I get back on the sofa with my panties on. You start kissing your way down my body and bury your face in my cunt. When I feel your tongue ring on my clit. I left out a muffled scream. You eat my pussy like you are fucking starving for it. My pussy aches to feel your magnificent cock inside me but instead you slip a finger in me. You finger fuck me so beautifully that my G spot swells and I have multiple orgasms. I am fucking your finger and yelling “Don’t stop, you’re making me cum so hard

You start to lick my clit and then my anus…I feel the bumpiness of the tongue ring and it drives me crazy. You put your tongue inside my ass and fuck me with it…I can’t stop riding your face, it feels so fucking good. You put your finger in my pussy again, türkçe bahis then pull it out and let me taste it.

I suck your two fingers then kiss you so we can share the taste. U put your finger inside my dilated asshole and rub my clit in small circles. I tell you you are amazing and I need to feel your cock. I rip your pants off and start touching your swollen cock. I lick down the shaft and play with your balls and you put your hands on my head. I deep throat you and start to gently trace around your asshole. You moan and cry out that it’s so fucking hot. I put slight pressure inside your anus and gently massage your prostate.

I start to suck on your silky mushroom cockhead, swirling my tongue around the tip. You tell me it feels amazing and I say it is because I love to suck cock. I stand up and offer you my hand and we move into the bedroom. My altar is ablaze with candles and I light Lover’s incense. I take another hit of weed and blow the smoke on your cock, laughing. We both sip wine and you tell me my body is amazing.

You put me on my back and start sucking my tits again. I writhe on the bed and tell you I want you. You start to lick my pussy again; your tongue is lightning fast. You put your finger inside me again and expertly stimulate my G spot causing me to scream “Baby!” and beg for you to fuck me.

You get on top of me and dick whip me, making my swollen clit tingle even more. You rub the head all over my clit, making me crave you more. You are kissing me with more and more intensity and I moan into your mouth. You feed my pussy your dick and just leave it there. My vaginal walls spasm in güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm and squeeze your cock. You bury your cock inside me to the hilt and I scream. The sensation of your silky skin and amazing muscles take me to a whole new level of sensation.

You pull me on top of you and tell me to sit on your face. I crouch above your lips and spread my labia so you can see how aroused I am. I begin to gently rub my clit on your face and then end up rubbing my pussy all over you. I slide down so I can ride your rock hard cock

You start to wipe my juices off your face and I stop you, telling you I want to kiss you. I lick your lips, taking your bottom lip in my mouth and biting it. I lick all my delicious pussy juice off your face and start to rotate my pelvis, rocking back and forth. You moan and tell me it’s so fucking hot. You pull out and just tease me with the tip. I love it and keep trying to capture your dick, to have you fucking own my pussy.

I feel you throbbing. I turn to my side and put myself in the 69 position so we can lick each other. You tell me to lick your cock slowly and I do. I pull you on top of me and you start thrusting. My hips have a life of their own and I can’t stop fucking you. I cum so hard I squirt.

The bed is soaked and the slightly pungent girl cum is dripping off your cock. I want to taste it so I have you squat over my face and put your dick in my mouth. I lick you clean then you put your throbbing cock back inside of me. You say “I’m going to cum” and I nod and match your rhythm. You cum with a roar and collapse on top of me, our hearts are racing. I stroke your back and hair gently and you roll to the side, bringing me with you. We “spoon” with your strong arms around me and I put your hand on my breast. I snuggle into you and fall asleep blissfully with our bodies twined around each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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