May 31


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I knew the storm was coming; my body began tingling as the clouds gathered overhead. My nipples hardened as the chill breeze began to dance among the trees. I jumped in the car, racing through the traffic to get away in time. I couldn’t be in the city when it happened, I had to be free.

I reached the stream just as the first crack of thunder sent a shudder through my lower body. My shoes were left beside the car, my jeans in the road, my shirt entangled in a bush, my bra hanging from a cactus, the last bit of silk floated near the bank as I dove into the water.

Icy fingers moved over me, the rising wind teased the current into a thrashing frenzy. I rose out of the water, leaving sodden footprints in the dirt as I moved to my rock, stretching out as I always do. My arms flung wide to receive nature’s violence, my eyes closed, my breasts heaving and swaying as the heat within became a feverish need.

The warmth centered deep within, moving through my veins, along my limbs. It crested and receded as the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed. I growled deep in my throat, undulating against the hard stone beneath.

The rain began to fall, slashing at an angle with a force that bruised my exposed flesh. I welcomed it, inviting any that would come to relieve my tension, fulfill my fantasy.

There was a silence then, though I only imagined it as appropriate to the shadow which fell across me. Hands took hold of my wrists from above. Eyes pressed against my skin, moving over my proffered form in a slow assessment. I heard a soft “Hmm…” Beside my ear as the figure climbed onto the rock beside me without releasing its hold.

Knees pressed against my sides as I was straddled, a hardened length of flesh nestled itself in the space between my breasts. I heard his voice beside my ear though I knew he had not leaned close again. “This is what you want?” The muscles in his thighs tightened as he moved his body against mine, taking liberties with the unprotected valley of my cleavage.

“Yes.” My throat ached, I was light headed. I kept my eyes güvenilir bahis closed, not wanting to see him, only wanting to feel him. “Yes, I want it.” I raised my head, tongue snaking out to brush across the head, lips opening as he continued to press forward.

I swirled my tongue around the shaft, letting the stud on my tongue ring caress the vein along its underside. I inhaled, pulling him further in, popping my jaw out of place to accommodate. It would hurt later, but for now it was good. He was salty, like the ocean, and sweet somehow. I heard him groaning as I moved within the limited space he had allowed. I purred against him as he tried to pull away, humming softly beneath my breath.

“Stop.” He whispered, but did not pull away, and I continued. I swallowed, pulling the head into the back of my throat, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to take it all. He groaned again, the weight across my ribcage was eased as he pulled away. He moved downward, trailing precum down my belly as he pressed my knees apart and settled himself there.

“This is not how it happens” he sounded perturbed, petulant. I was the wanton sacrifice that had been offered to pagan gods, but I was not cooperating. I am not one to play by rules, to lie still and be ravaged. It would be a cooperative effort, with give and take, or it would be nothing.

My eyes opened, running over the well muscled torso above me. The lines seemed sculpted, perfect. Muscles rippled as he leaned over me, tugging at my arms to force me to lie back. I complied reluctantly, catching a glimpse of his shaven head as he bent over me.

Cold rain fell around us, chilling my bones. His tongue was hot as it passed over one sensitized nipple. He suckled gently, ignoring my whimper of complaint. I wanted violence, not lovemaking. His lips closed over my flesh, teeth coming together with a satisfying click.

I moaned, squirming against him. He bit down again, I knew that a bruise would rise there later, and it pleased me. This is what I had craved, why I had come to this place. I arched my back, and he türkçe bahis pushed me down, scraping a raw spot between my shoulder blades. I could feel him, hard and throbbing against me, but still I did not open.

He chuckled at my resistance as he moved to the other breast, continuing his assault on its neglected peak. The stubble on his cheek rubbed, bringing blood to the surface of my tender skin. His teeth bit and scraped, seeming sharp at one moment and dull the next.

I wanted him, wanting to feel the length of him buried within, but he still hadn’t given me enough. I thrashed against him, freeing one hand long enough to rake my nails across his shoulders before he captured it again, holding both of my wrists tightly in one large hand.

His other hand moved to my throat, squeezing lightly. I gave a soft whimper of satisfaction as the pressure increased. His lips and teeth returned to the first breast, leaving the storm to cool its tortured twin. His fingers closed, pressing inward, his palm pressing down. I managed a gasp of air, opened my eyes to watch the starbursts in my head.

The world slowed, drifting into a surreal plane. My mind retreated, leaving my body only with sensation. Fire burned through me, a repressed scream built deep within. This is what I had wanted, why I had come here instead of finding one of my lovers. This is what I craved whenever a man or woman touched me, this moment when the world would recede and I would be lost in a sea of pleasure.

The pressure eased so that I could speak, so that I could beg if necessary. This stranger knew me as well as I could know myself at this moment. I struggled to keep hold of that moment until he returned it to me. I twisted and shuddered under his hand, against his lips, forcing the words out while I could still speak.

“Who are you?” I cried even as I writhed beneath him, struggling to free my wrists from his grasping fingers.

He raised his head long enough to smile, an obliging flash of lightning illuminating the feral gleam in his eyes. “I am Love.” He said. “I am passion, güvenilir bahis siteleri desire… I answer your Need.”

I laughed, opening myself to him. “You are the devil, I say.” The wind blew around us, stirring dirt and small rocks into the air, but leaving an area of safety just large enough for us.

“Nay.” He moved to take what I had offered, thrusting forward in a single motion, stretching and filling me in a way I had until then only imagined. “I am not Satan, but the essence of Lust. I am Sin.”

“Take me then!” I threw my head back, baring my throat, letting the rain wash over me. “Bless me, Sin. And then bless me again.”

The hand closed over my throat again, his lips pressed against mine. His tongue forced itself between my lips, delving inside to taste the one thing I had not allowed him. My body moved against his, I could no more fail to meet his thrusts than I could deny that I wanted him.

He released my hands so that he could move me, placing my calves onto his shoulders. I grasped his arms as he held onto my waist and throat, driving into me with a pace that rivaled the rage of the storm around us. The wind screamed because I could not. The water slashed down, washing away the blood that my nails had brought.

I knew the shrinking pinpoints of light were echoes of the lightning, the fading sound of drums was the thunder, the world faded around the edges of my consciousness. I panted for what air I could get, nails digging deeper as I anchored myself onto him before letting go.

The world flew away, not so much shattering as fracturing. It was a spider web windshield fragmentation that escalated to an earth quake as I felt him pull away, felt the hot rush as he spilled across my belly. My legs fell away from my shoulders, his hands released me as he collapsed.

The world rushed back, but I ignored it, panting for lost breath. I fell back against the rock, oblivious to its discomfort or Sin’s weight atop me. I was satisfied, satiated.

Now I knew why the storms had always teased at my senses, tantalizing my body into an awakened state, making dark promises that it would no more fail to fulfill than I would fail to accept.

Sin shifted onto one elbow, staring down at me, and smiled. I could feel him stirring against me.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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