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Sis-In-Law As My Babysitter Ch. 3

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Joy reaches down to her shorts to unzip them to allow Billy better access as she is still drinking in the pleasure of his cum. It does not take long for Billy to reach his hand inside of her shorts to her soft sexy panties. They are a nice silk pair as Billy rubs them against her very wet pussy. Joy moans as she has never been so wet before. Her panties are absolutely soaked as Billy’s hand begins to peel them away. He rubs and strokes at Joy’s pussy, as her eyes close in anticipation of what is to come! Billy’s hands reach inside her panties to feel the hottest and wettest pussy he has ever felt in his life.

“Oh Billy! I am so hot for you! You have to fuck me now! Please, please just give it to me already!”

Billy continues to massage her pussy as his fingers are now soaked with her juices. He looks Joy right into the eyes as he raises his hand to his mouth. One by one he sucks each finger. Joy licks her lips as she watches Billy enjoy her juices. Billy moans as it tastes so good and Joy is almost ready to have an orgasm right now! His other hand continues to stroke her pussy just across her lips as she continues to gush for him. He raises ankara escort his other hand up to her sexy lips and allows her to get a taste of what she has been cooking!

“Damn, Billy we sure do taste good together!”

“Yes we do baby! And we have not even started yet! Just wait until I suck that pussy dry and eat you out like you deserve!”

“Billy, please just stick it in me now!”

“Not a chance Joy. I have to sample the goods first before I go any further”

Just the thought of Billy’s head between her thighs sends chills down her spine. Joy is out of control now as she knocks Billy to the bed and sticks her tongue inside of his mouth! Their tongues intertwine inside of each others mouths as if they belong together. Joy’s shorts have found a place on the floor as her soaked panties grind on Billy’s hard cock. Joy and Billy both begin to moan as they continue to slap tongues and tease one another.

“Oh, Billy give it to me now! I have waited so long for this moment! You have what I have always wanted and needed! Don’t make me wait a second longer. Make wild and passionate love to me! Fuck me like a whore! Just do me escort ankara now!”

Billy’s already hard cock grows more and more as does Joy’s grinding. It will only be a matter of time before he will make his sis scream! And the best part of all will be that it will be his name!

“Billy, your cock is getting so huge! Stick it in me now while it will still fit!”

Joy knew that her brother-in-law was good…but never imagined him to be this good! Joy’s tongue once again plunges inside of his mouth as with one firm yank Billy rips off those sexy little panties. It is almost to much to bear as her size 5 frame is now naked from her waist on down. She is just so gorgeous!

In Billy’s hand he hold those sexy panties as he raises them to his nose to savor the smell of sweet Joy. Such a beautiful woman and a great smelling one too! He is going to have an awful hard time not cumming once he is inside of her! Joy pulls him even closer as his hand works back down to what will soon be “his” pussy. Joy also knows that it will be a matter of time before he will “own” her. His fingers work circles around the outline of her pussy each time getting ankara escort bayan closer and closer. Joy begins to rub her tits as she cannot wait! She is still in her little skimpy black bra. Billy works those circles as he plays with her lips now. All the while he takes in Joy squeezing those tits together. Joy is only a 34C but than again more than a handful is a waste! Billy begins to separate her lips as he is almost ready to dive in. Joy directs her attention to his hard cock as she begins to jack him off. Billy can taste her on his lips and knows that he is going to love eating her out. Between her soft hands jacking him off and his fingers once again getting soaked from her hot pussy Billy is almost ready to cum!

“Slow down, baby… you don’t want me to cum yet. We have all night together.”

Billy brings another finger up to taste Joy again as he slurps up her “love-juice”. His other hand which was rubbing her pussy now is totally soaked. He removes her hand from his cock as he rubs that juice all over his rock hard cock. Joy cannot take it as she practically tears his hand off and almost swallows his cock whole!

“Damn, that is great cock! Your cock and my pussy taste great together! Baby, I want you so bad!”

“Yes, Joy we are so very good together. I am going to make love to you like you deserve. A woman as beautiful and sexy as you should be worshiped.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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