Nis 03

Sis , Robin Ch. 2

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After the glow of my incredible orgasm and watching my sister and Robin kissing and sharing my come I thought how lucky I was that I am in a position to have both of these girls! I knew that most guys never got to experience a threesome and here I was watching two gorgeous girls kissing and I felt the sexual tension in the air and I decided that I was not going to waste any more time with watching, I was going to join in.

I sat up and reached out to fondle both girls. As I took Robin’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I also pinched my sisters hard nipple, which elicit a moan from both. I grew bolder and leaned in and wrapped my moist lips around Robin’s hard nipple only to find my sister had her mouth full of Robin’s other tit. This shocked me, to discover that my sister had gay tendencies but then I realized that they were comfortable around each other sexually. This turned me on so much that I had a hard time keeping from blowing a load right then and there.

I piped up with, “Robin, lick her pussy.” And without a moment of hesitation Robin was down between Sis’ legs.

I could hear the sound of Robin’s tongue licking around the juicy cunt and I decided then I was not going to be left out any longer.

“OOO, yeah lick me,” I heard my sister moan and this had to inspire Robin because she reached down and grabbed my sister’s les and pushed them up against Sis’s firm tits and really started going to street blowjobs porno town. The squishy sounds coming from below Robin’s inspired me to reach over and run my hand down Robin’s back and then between her smooth thighs.

She was up on all fours really giving Sis a tong lashing and as I reached the moist petals of her pussy, I heard a deep moan and the reverberations coming from her throat must have been magnified ten fold because Sis screamed loudly, “God, you are licking me soooo good.”

I slipped a finger in Robin’s tight quim and a thumb in her pink rosebud. You would have thought I stuck a hot poker up there because Robin started pushing back against my hand and pulling away as fast as her hips could move. She was actually fucking my hand!

This brought me to the realization that I was as hard as a rock just from the actions of these two horny girls. Only pausing for a moment to ponder this I swung my legs off the bed and came around to stand behind Robin. Man, what a sexy ass this one had and My only thought was to work my prick deep in her love hole.

I grabbed the soldier with one hand and scooted close enough to Robin that the head was laying squarely in line with her opening. I felt the heat and the sopping wet lips as they involuntarily tried to suck me in. My only hope was to keep from having a major blowout before I could even get my cock all the way student sex parties porno in. This seemed to no problem for Robin because as soon as she felt the head searching for entry she slammed her hips back and I was immediately impaled in her slick hole.

“Mmmmm,” That came from Robin. I looked up to see my sister smiling at me and she reached over Robin’s back and crooked her finger for me to come closer. I bent from the waist and Sis sat up and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I felt Robin squeezing her cunt lips around my hardness and I realized that I had not moved a muscle. Well can’t have that I mused so slowly I withdrew to whimpers from Robin and moans when I shoved it back in. I got a real good rhythm going and I pushed in harder with each shove and withdrew slower each time. Soon though my other head took over the emotions and I started banging Robin like a wild man.

She was none worse for the ware because she was matching me stoke for stroke. My sister was all over the bed and Robin finally had to pin her hips to the bed jus so she could keep eating out her now flowing pussy.

I reached down and clamped my thumb and forefinger on Robin’s clit and massaged lightly. This must be exactly what she needed when she raised her head and screamed, “Fuck me hard! You’re gonna make me cum, please make me cum!” How could I refuse a lady’s request? I stroked her clit submissive cuckolds porno harder and pounded her pussy as hard as I ever had. I banged so hard and fast that she was having a hard time licking Sis, but that was quickly remedied when she reached and grabbed Robin on both sides of her head and mashed it into her groin.

“Don’t stop now,” Sis moaned, “I’m cumming!!!!” And with that she did belle ring like a Comanche and tightly holding Robin’s head till I thought she would suffocate her but She released her hold on Robin and rolled off to the side.

This gave me free rein to really fuck Robin and not one to pass up an opportunity I started pile driving in Her tight pussy and it was only a few stokes later that Robin exclaimed, “Oh, yes that feels so hot, my pussy is on fire. Fuck me, I’m cumming.”

Well when she clamped down with her pussy muscles on my shaft I started to feel the sperm boiling deep in my balls. “Yeah, baby I’m gonna shoot a load!”

Robin in all her orgasmic afterglow still had the presence of mind to know exactly what she wanted.” Blow it in my face.” And with that she whipped off and turned around grabbing my hard cock and started jacking me off pointing the head close to her face and mouth. My dick was slick with her juices and before I knew it I was making a pearl necklace for Robin. The first shot was weak and never made it off her hand but the second one was stronger and landed close to her left eye. She aimed the third towards her lips and stuck out her tongue and it landed squarely in the middle. Two more shots landed in the same place and I could only muster another dribble and I was spent.

Sis leaned up and lip locked with Robin and shared my load. I could only smile as Sis looked up at me and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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