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Sissy was eighteen when she started sneaking into our bedroom at night. While my wife slept a few inches away, she would deep throat her daddy. I never did anything to encourage her to do such a thing, but I didn’t stop her, either. We never talked about it or acknowledged it in any way, but every night, her warm lips would encircle my longing and pull the sweetness from it that she treasured.

Once in a while Sissy would invite one or more of her friends over to spend the night. At first I assumed that this meant that I would have to do without my nightly orgasm. As it turned out, she (or someone) would visit me as often as there were girls in the house. Sometimes it was tough to keep pumping out the cum on demand, but the process of not knowing who might be swallowing my cum added a lot of spice to the game. Which of the sweet-faced, giggly young girls that had seemed so young and innocent before bedtime had my honker halfway down her throat now?

There were never any clues at breakfast, either. No sly glances, no secret giggles, no unexplained blushes. I began to wonder if I imagined the entire scenario. Probably. Who would believe that young girls were spending the night with my daughter just so they could suck my dick? Who would believe my daughter sucked my dick unless I was forcing her?

I finally began to believe that they had some sort of secret club. After all, they were High School girls, weren’t they? My theory was proven shortly afterwards when Sissy managed to arrange a camping trip for her club with me as chaperone. She cleverly scheduled it at a time when she knew ankara escort her mother would be tied up on something and would have to send me. I “reluctantly” agreed to accompany 27 nubile young girls into the woods for a weekend.

We arrived at our cabin, which was totally isolated by virtue of the fact that we had bought the only privately owned piece of land in the middle of a huge government preserve. While it was theoretically possible for someone to be in the woods, there was no reason to expect it.

Sissy set the tone by stripping down to her “tennies” right away and urged the others to do likewise. Soon, I was surrounded by twenty-seven nude beauties.

“No fair, Daddy. We’re showing everything, it’s time you did, too. Besides every one of us has had you down our throats even though none of us has seen it. Won’t you show us what we’ve been worshipping all these years?”

“All of you?” I was astounded.

“Every single one. Barbi and Cathy and Simone and Jennifer and Angela and all the rest. They love to suck your cock, but now they want to see it and maybe feel it. OK?”

I lost no time getting naked with them and was soon in a pile of firm little tits and asses and barely haired cunts.

“Let me fuck him first! Let me! Let me!” They shouted. “Wait girls, it’s only fair to let Sissy be the first to ride her wild pony. If she hadn’t set it all up, none of us would be here and we would all have those horrible zits and bad complexion like those girls who don’t drink cum.”

“Oh, so that’s the story she sold them.” I cut a glance at Sissy who was escort ankara desperately trying to suppress a smile. “Thanks, kid, I owe you one”, I mouthed. She nodded slightly.

“Come on Sissy, come on Sissy. Fuck your Daddy, fuck your Daddy.”

“Ok, ok. Just give me a second. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

“Me, too, Hon. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Oh yes, Daddy. Come on you guys, grease me up. You all know very well how big Daddy’s prick is and my little pussy is so small.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, lie back on the table and we’ll all take a turn at licking your pussy and greasing your daddy’s pole, too. Line up girls. Everybody give Sissy a big wet sloppy on the cunt and a quick deep throat on our favorite pole, then we’ll hold Sissy’s legs apart while her Daddy pops her cherry. Ok?”


I watched the long line of cutie pies come by one at a time and slide my prick right down their throats. It wasn’t as if I had never fucked their mouths before, but I had no knowledge of it, so each one was like a completely fresh conquest. Each of the angelic little faces that had faced me across the breakfast table at one time or another had swallowed my cum before, but watching them do it now was still unbelievably exciting, and the best was yet to come. Apparently, they were going to let me pop all 27 cherries in a single ceremony. I just hoped I could hold out.

When they decided Sissy was sufficiently ready, several of the girls held her legs wide apart and some others led me prick-first to the altar.

My baby’s little pussy ankara escort bayan was gaping as wide as it could with her cherry still intact. She had been teased to a couple of orgasms during the preparation ceremony and was as prepared as she was going to be. There was nothing left but to sink my fatherly dick to the hilt in my baby’s pussy. I was pretty ready myself after 27 partial blow jobs, and it only took a few more strokes before I was spewing hot slimy cum up my daughter’s cunt for the very first time.

After that, it was simply a blur as one after the other of the girls came and sat on my rigid digit. It’s a wonder they didn’t wear the skin off, but they had been sucking each other’s cunts all afternoon and they were all pumped up and ready to be plowed. I think a couple of them weren’t really virgins, but they were so tight they might as well have been.

Finally, I had worked my way through the entire pack. I was sore but happy. I drifted off in a tangle of nubility.

The rest of the weekend was open season. We had one more ceremony, where all the girls lined up in a circle and I went around placing a symbolic kiss on each little flower. Except for that, anything went. There were girls sucking pussy on the table, on the floor, on the beach, in the water, in the bed, and one old fart walking around with a permanent hard-on, fucking any hole he wanted. At one time, I think there were seven or eight girls in a pile around me, with my prick and my tongue sliding in and out of tight cunts, mouths and assholes at random.

It was a weekend I would remember the rest of my life. For years afterwards, one or the other of the girls would look me up for a quick fuck and blow job as a way of thanking me for saving them from the zits.

I’ll never be able to thank Sissy enough for selling them on that story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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