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Sister/Brother in the Hot Tub

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Well here is goes… A story of a normal brother and sister from the big city of Chicago.

I grew up in a normal big family. I had 3 brothers and 4 sisters. A rather lucky family if I may so myself. We weren’t rich but we never hurt for money either. Looks wise we were blessed too. We all had great looks and were all very healthy.

While growing up and living at home there was no sexual relations at all that I knew of among any of my brothers or sisters. Kind of your normal friendly and joking family.

Well let me move on to when it all happened and save you some time. God knows my cock is hard as a rock right now just thinking about what did occur.

I am a white male, little over six feet tall and about 205 pounds with a muscular build and green eyes with dishwater blonde hair. And yes I was also blessed with a nice large polish cock. Not a Internet “I got a big cock” that every one seems to state. But a nice 8 1/2 inch thick straight cock with a nice mushroom head on it. I keep my chest, stomach and hips shaved with a small bush of hair just above my cock. And yes my low hanging big ball sack is smooth to the touch.

My legs are what some called horse legs… very defined and muscular with a nice smooth hairless muscular bubble ass. Never had a gay experience but anytime I shower in a public place such as a gym or swimming area I always either get a ton of looks or offers from gay men.

Well enough about me. Time to share the details of my sister. Her name is Connie. She is beautiful. She has long bright blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect set of tits at 34C and a beautiful tight bubble butt. Her vaginal hairs are blonde and the patch of hair which is shaven into the size of a credit card above her snatch is thick but well trimmed.

Her nipples are dark for a blonde woman and also get very hard and large. She claims they are very very sensitive to the touch. Being only 23 her tits still stick out like a pair of bought ones and surgically implanted.

Well here is how it all happened. Hope you follow along with me.

My sister broke her right hand playing intense volleyball. She is very much into sports and her tight ass body proves it. She loves wearing that cling to the body spandex outfits while playing. You know the material that looks like you were dropped in hot wax and it form fits your every nook and cranny.

As a Chicago Firefighter myself, I have a lot of time off. I work one day on 24 hrs. straight then off for two straight days off. Thus I have a lot of time on my hands. I stopped by to see my sister and to check on her. She was a little depressed to say the least about having her right hand broken and cast.

But instead of finding her in a depressed mood I found her happy and gitty. She was informed by the company she works for that she won a national award for some suggestions she submitted and would be receiving an award at a company presentation on Friday (2 days away).

So she broke out the old BOOZE to celebrate. How many of us have done things while drinking alcohol that we would of NEVER NEVER NEVER OF DONE while sober. Well this is how it all got started in a sense.

Connie wanted to wear a conservative but short form fitting dress for the presentation. The only problem was that she was unable to shave her legs and bikini area due to her being right handed and her hand being broken and cast.

Well mulled over this problem while drinking some more LONG ISLAND ICE TEA alcoholic beverages. I suggested that she either call Mom to her place or maybe on of our sisters to help her shaved what was needed to look presentable.

Connie female agent porno still being in a silk like robe that ran down to her knees and was tightly tied at the waist had my full attention during this conversation. I myself was wearing a pair of lightweight material shorts (no fucking underwear) and a TOMMY T-shirt.

What I was amazed at was how hard my big cock was getting during this conversation. The shorts had a built in jock holder or sort. Which kept my long cock from popping straight up but the bad news was it was forcing the entire length downward past the end of my shorts.

I noticed my sister glancing ever now and then down at my cock and what was showing of it also. And it must of excited her too because I could clearly see her large nipples poking through her thin robe material. Reminded me of that old Farrah Faccet Majors poster from years ago.

My sister had a nice 2 person hot tub at her place. She suggested maybe we relax in it for a while as long as I was over. Additionally relating that maybe I could just shave the parts of the legs that would be exposed in the outfit she wanted to wear instead of calling up any of the sisters or Mom and bothering them to come over.

What the hell I thought… sure why not!!

And it wasn’t the old story of… well I dot have a bathing suit for the hot tub… so lets go naked…

I decided to shed all but my shorts… As my sister got in wearing a two piece bikini. The kind that has two triangles for the tits and a french cut, high hip cut bottom.

As great as she looked dry… when she got that suit wet it was like she wasn’t wear anything. It clung to her like paint. As for me my shorts became see through with the hot water… showing a perfect outline of my hard long almost 9 inches of cock with a nice swollen mushroom head. I even got out a few times to refresh drinks as we sat in there and talked to allow my sister a full view of my hard as a rock throbbing cock.

My sister tended to stand a few times to stretch and also to tighten the plastic bag she had put over her cast so it wouldn’t become waterlogged.

And she looked so hot. I really kept putting out of my mind she was my sister and kept trying to think of how hot this WOMAN was.

After a little bit in the hot tub my sister got out and walked over to the little storage closet. She brought back a bag of disposable women’s leg razors. While watching her walk back to the hot tub I could not believe the little jiggles and bounces her hot body performed. Her bikini bottoms clung to her pussy and form a perfect outline of her puffy but tight camel toe pussy.

I grabbed her cast hand and helped her back into the hot tub. She settled down facing towards me and extended one leg in my direction with a new razor. I began to soap up her one leg from the ankle up.. And then knee and art of the lower thigh. I watched as she had her eyes closed and would clinch the eyes tighter as I lathered her leg.

While doing this all of the sudden she extended her other leg and rested her foot right on my hard-on. She pushed the bottom of her foot against most of the length of my rock hard throbbing cock. This only caused me to push back a little with my hips to heighten the pressure between her foot and my cock.

I began to gentle shave her one leg starting at her ankle and working up. Doing this she ever so slightly rocked her other foot on my swollen cock. I swear I could of shot a load right there. But I didn’t.

As I continued to shave upward on her leg my sister’s toes caught the end of my shorts. She lifted the leg of female fake taxi porno the shorts upward. Now my rock hard cock in all its glory was sticking straight out at her. I could see her eyes still closed and a skirmish grin on her beautiful model like face.

I told her to stand as I worked the razor higher and higher on her leg. As she stood facing me her bikini covered pussy area was only inches from my mouth.

I worked the razor up to her bikini and then started at the top of the next leg and worked downward. I had her turn around so her hot tiny bubble ass was in front of my face. I shave the backed of my sister’s legs from top to bottom.

I then gave her a wet slap on the ass and said… sis… your all silkily smooth from top to bottom. She turned around and asked… think you forgot my bikini line…

She then hooked her thumbs into her tiny bottoms and lowered then down as she bent over with her ass in my face. As she did I dot know what came over me. I was so fucking horny nothing would of stopped me from fucking her. I grabbed her hips from behind and pulled her little tight bubble ass towards me. I flickered my tongue over her clit, wet pussy slit and then a flickering right on her wet clean asshole.

She just shook with excitement. I stood up and WHIPPED OFF my shorts then her bikini top as we were both completely NUDE together for the first time in our lives. I pulled her towards me and kissed our tongues swirled around each others tongues. I could feel my almost 9 inches of throbbing manmeat pop right between her thighs and lay horizontal against her wet tiny pussy lips. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth. This cause the entered long length of my cock to ride along her wet slit. I pulled upwards so it also massaged the clit at the same time.

One of my hands grabbed her tit and big nipple and massaged it as my other hand reached around and my fingers played with her asshole as I felt my cock ride back and forth against but not in her now swollen hot wet pussy.

Her legs were so slippery as they were just clean shaven. Her pussy pie of hair pressed against my well trimmed pubic hair. as we continued to make out like two teen kids on our first date.

I turned her around and she grabbed the towel rack on the wall above the hot tub… like a cop..I placed one foot between her two feet and spread her legs open wide.

I took the head of my hard cock and teased her asshole at first. Rubbing the head into the tight anus and then up and down against the asshole. Then I place my cock right between her thigh from behind. Feeling her tighten bubble ass cheeks against my hips. My long cock tickled her clit and then I would rub the head of my cock against her pussy lips. My sister was so wet from her big cock brother massaging her pussy with his cock that her pussy felt like somebody poured a bottle of baby oil on it. It was so slippery.

The sexual tension was amazing so say the least. Maybe it was the taboo of fucking family, maybe it was two hot young people about to fuck their brains out or maybe a combination of it all.

I reached around with one hand and grabbed her tight muscular stomach area as I pulled her towards me again. My other hand was on my rock hard cock aiming it at my sister’s tight tiny puffy pussy opening. I took the head of the cock and rubbed it gently into her softness and opening. I knew this wasn’t the kind of pussy that a big cock like mine would glide right into no matter how lubed she was. I would have to work it in. Slowly and gently glide it in, inch my inch until almost nine inches of throbbing fuck in traffic rock hard as steel cock was in her.

As I slowly pushed forward then backing off a little only to push forward again… I could feel my sisters pussy begin to open a little more on each push forward. As it did my sister would also push back more on my cock. My sister was eager to have her little tiny pussy filled up to its As that final moment of complete entry approached, my sister turned her head slightly and said that is the biggest fucking cock I ever had in me. God it feels so great to feel a cock not only fill me in length but to have it stretch my pussy walls and feels its thickness is making me cuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!! Oh christ… goddddddddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me with that big fucking cock. I started to ride her like a wild horse. Looking down see my thick long cock enter and disappear into my sisters hot little pussy was sooooo hot!!

The more I would make long thrusts, pulling back until the head almost leaves her pussy then sinks all the way back in again the more my sister would cum. I could feel my low hanging big balls bouncing off her pussy and clit as I fucked her from behind.

I reached around with a soaping silky hand and massaged her clit as I continued to fuck the hell out of my sister. This made her go wild. She was riding me as hard as I was riding her. I grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head back as I continued to give her the best fuck of her life… just as well… cause she was the best fuck I ever had.

With at least 20 minutes of fucking and thrusting under our belts, all great things must come to an end. I could feel the cum building up inside me. My cock now even harder than before, my cock was now doing the throbbing dance. The dick dance right before a man cums. I grabbed my sister hair again and pulled her head back towards mine. I licked her face and ear. I said… CAN I CUM IN YOU?? IS IT SAFE FOR YOUR BROTHER TO PUT A BIG LOAD OF THICK HOT CUM IN YOU?? Sis said… YES YES YES.. I am on the pill… I want to feel your cock explode in me. I want to feel your cum coat the inside of my pussy!! I want to feel your cum dripping from me later after you leave. CUM IN ME CUM IN ME BROTHER!!

With that I let go a very big build up hot manglue in her. I could feel my cock shoot the cum in her like a handgun going off. Shot by SHOT more cum shot out. I could feel her pussy being coated with her brother’s cum. At the same time sis is screaming I am coming again… I can’t fucking believe it… I am coming again!!

As almost all my cum shot out… I pulled out and then pressed my cock head against her anus… I slipped in just the head and shot a little more come into her hot wet asshole. The slowly pushed my whole cock up her tiny tight ass. As I reached around and slide two fingers in my sister pussy to feel the cum I just filled her up with. With my cock plunged deep into her ass, fingers in her pussy and one finger massaging her clit…

I asked my sister… WHO IS THE BEST FUCK YOU EVER HAD?? WHO?? Sis screamed you mutherfucker you!! MY FUCKING BROTHER!! Then asked her… and where will you go when you want another fuck like this… SIS screamed again… to you… only to you…

With that I slowly started to pull my long hard cock out of her ass… lovingly hearing that little pop as the head comes out of the asshole.

After which we both sat back down in the hot tub… naked, sweaty, exhausted and clung to each other… After a very brief rest I picker her up like a man carries a bride and walked her over to her bed.

I stayed the rest of the day and night at my sister’s place. Before it was over… I ate her over and over, she sucked me over and over and we fucked like a wild pack of dogs in the alleys.

That was 2 years ago… that first fuck between brother and sister… During the last 2 years we repeated it often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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