Nis 03

Sister-in-law Prostate Massage Ch. 02

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If you recall in Chapter 1 of my story, my opening paragraph was:

I couldn’t believe it was about to come true. A fantasy/daydream that I have had for over 40 years was about to become reality. As she unbuttoned her blouse, my adrenalin began to flow as it did when I lost my virginity so many years past.

In Part 1 there was no mention of her unbuttoning her blouse. I will get to that in Chapter 2.

A few days after Lesley showed Roseanne how to massage my prostate, Roseanne decided to try to massage it for me. I showered and positioned myself on the bed as I did when Lesley did it for me. Roseanne put on a latex glove and lubed her finger with KY. She shoved her finger up my anus. It wasn’t slow and gentle the way Lesley did it. She probed around, grumbling that she couldn’t “find the damn thing.” When she finally found it, I let her know that she did. She then pushed on my prostate really hard. I started to wriggle across the bed to get away from her probing finger. She started bitching at me to lay still. I told her that she was hurting me.

“Forget it then, do it yourself!” she barked.

She pulled her finger out of my anus, stomped into the bathroom, cleaned her hands and went to the living room and turned on the TV. I knew that was the end of having my prostate massaged by her.

A month or so had passed. I was getting my prostate relief by masturbating once or twice a week. Roseanne was always too tired or having headaches or something to have sex. It didn’t matter though, I preferred masturbating while fantasizing about Lesley.

I relived the prostate massage that Lesley had given me in my mind over and over again. The image of her sucking Al’s cock and her hungrily waiting for his hot cum to spray into her mouth was burned into my imagination. But it was my cock that was in her mouth., my cum spraying into her throat was what my imagination was running wild with when I masturbated in her honor.

One evening, shortly after I arrived home from work, Lesley telephoned. She sounded in a panic. She said that a water hose to her washing machine had burst. She shut the water off but needed the hose replaced. Al was away for a few days on business.

I told her that I would come over and replace it for her. I asked Roseanne if she wanted to come over with me. She said no, that she was tired and going to take a nap.

I thought, “What else is new?”

I gathered up some tools and headed over to Lesley’s house. I stopped at a hardware store on the way and picked up replacement hoses.

When Lesley answered the door, she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was still in the clothes that she had worn to work. A red skirt, a white blouse and suntan colored stockings. She looked so beautiful. Her hair was styled so perfectly. She did not wear a ton of makeup, just a hint of eye shadow. Her perfume was as delicate as she was. In her soft voice, she thanked me for coming over to fix the washer.

She asked me where Roseanne was. I told that she was tired and was going to take a nap.

Lesley said, with a giggle, “Well, you shouldn’t keep her up all night.”

She winked at me and elbowed fake hospital hastane me in the ribs. I felt like a blushing school boy around her for some reason that evening. It reminded me of how I acted any time I was near her in high school.

She took me to the laundry area and I changed the hoses on the washer. No big job. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for rescuing her.

“Ohhh, my Knight in Shining Armor!” she dramatically said.

“Anything thy heart desires, My Maiden Fair,” I dramatically replied back, as I removed an imaginary helmet from my head and bowed.

We both shared a laugh at our silliness.

Our eye contact sent a rush of an emotion of affection through my heart.

Just across the hall from the washer and dryer was the bathroom. I asked her if it was OK if I used it.

“Of course it’s ok, Silly,” she answered me, smacking me lightly on the arm as she spoke.

“By the way, do you know anything about commodes?” she asked. Then she continued, “That one sounds like the water never shuts off.”

I said, “The float probably needs adjusted. I’ll take a look at it.”

“Ohhh, thank you My Knight!” she giggled.

I was just about to close the bathroom door when she asked me if it was OK for her to use the washer yet. I told her it was.

She said, “Wait a minute, please hand me my bathrobe from behind the door, I want to get this blouse in with the whites.”

“Yes, Maiden Fair,” I replied as I bowed.

“Silly!” she said as she lightly smacked me on the arm again.

I reached for her bathrobe. As I lifted it from the door hook, I caught the aroma of her scent on the robe. Oh, so delicate, just like her. When I handed it to her, our hands brushed against one another’s. We both paused and sort of seemed to savor the touch for an extra second.

After I had urinated and flushed the commode, I adjusted the float in the tank and was able to stop the water from constantly running. While washing my hands afterwards, I heard the water entering the clothes washer. As I approached the door, I noticed that it hadn’t been shut the whole way.

I could see Lesley standing in front of the washer, removing her skirt. I stopped and watched through the ajar door. She placed the red skirt on the dark-colored clothes pile. Her white blouse was long and covering her sexy butt. She reached up under the shirt and pulled her stockings off and lay them on the light-colored clothes pile. Facing the bathroom door, she began to unbutton her blouse. I stepped back a bit, hoping that she didn’t catch me watching her.

I couldn’t believe it was about to come true. A fantasy/daydream that I have had for over 40 years was about to become reality. As she unbuttoned her blouse, my adrenalin began to flow as it did when I lost my virginity so many years past.

When the last button was undone, she slid the blouse off of her shoulders, so delicate, so lady like. She placed the blouse into clothes washer with the rest of the white clothes. She now stood there wearing only flesh colored bra and panties.

Lesley removed the panties first. After she removed them, she fake taxi porno did something Roseanne always did. She took the panties and wiped her genital area. (I don’t know if that is something their mother taught them or if all women do that.) She then tossed them on to the light-colored pile of clothes.

I could see that she had a neatly trimmed bush. Her buns where smaller than Roseanne’s, but shaped the same. They also looked firmer. She had a tattoo of a Hummingbird just above her tailbone that I never knew she had.

She then reached behind her back to undo her bra. My breathing grew heavier. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, sweat forming on my brow, and my manhood growing harder and harder.

She slid her bra straps down over her shoulders. As she slid them down her arms, her breasts became free from the bra cups. Staring right at me in all of their naked glory, were her breasts.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! The forty-year-old fantasy came true!!!!!!!

I SAW LESLEY’S BREASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She placed her bra on to the pile of light-colored clothes. She was standing there in all her naked splendor. Her breasts were smaller than Roseanne’s, but her nipples and areolas were larger and darker. They were also centered and pointing straight out. Roseanne’s nipples hung low and practically pointed towards the floor.

She then reached for the bathrobe that she had draped across the clothes dryer and put it on.

She started walking towards the bathroom door. I dashed to the sink and began to wash my hands again. She stopped at the door and asked if everything was all right in there. I told her yes. I was just finishing up. She asked me if I would like a cup of coffee. I said that would be great. She told me that she would make some and I was to join her in the kitchen when I was through.

I went over to the washer area to gather up my tools. As I gathered them up, I noticed Lesley’s panties on the top of the clothes pile. I could see a spot of wetness on them. I couldn’t resist, I picked them up and brought them to my nose. I inhaled deeply the fragrance of her womanhood. The aroma was so wonderful. I wanted to rub it all over my face. I lowered it to my mouth and began to suck on the wetness that was her’s.

My mind was whirling in ecstasy. I was wondering, if I were to steal these, would she notice they were gone?

My ecstatic mood was interrupted when I heard Lesley saying, “What are you doing?….. I think you better leave!”

Even then, her voice was still sweet sounding. There was not a hint of anger. Maybe a hint of disgust was evident.

I tried to apologize, but she wouldn’t hear it. She just wanted me out of there. I grabbed my tools and kept apologizing as she escorted me to the front door. She thanked me again for fixing the hoses as she shut the door behind me as I exited the house.

While driving home, I figured that Lesley was already on the phone, telling Roseanne what had happened. I didn’t know what kind of reception to expect when I got home. I imagined it would be an ass chewing. I would probably have to sleep in the spare room for a while.

“Oh well, family stroke porno what else is new?” I thought.

I figured I would stop at the bar and get a shot and a beer to make it a little less painful when I got home.

I had just pulled into the bar’s parking lot when my cell phone rang. My first thought was that it would be Roseanne, very pissed, to tell me not to bother coming home.

To my surprise, it was Lesley. She had called to apologize for reacting the way she did and for throwing me out of the house. She said that actually it was flattering to know that she turned me on that way. She also said that she felt it somewhat arousing to see me with her panties in my mouth.

She asked me to come back to the house for that cup of coffee so we could talk.

As I was driving back to her house, my mind was going wild with thoughts of her being so turned on that she would drop to her knees the minute I walked through the door and begin sucking my cock. After she swallowed my cum, she would kiss me on the mouth and share the taste of it with me. I would then lay her on her back and kiss her bared breasts. I would suck her dark hard nipples deep into my mouth. Then I would slide down to her woman hood and taste her sweetness. Yes, this is what was going to happen when I got there.

I knocked at the door. Lesley answered it, still dressed in her bathrobe. She invited me in and led me to the kitchen. She poured 2 cups of coffee and we sat at the table across from each other. It was awkward for a while. I was hoping to be seduced when I got there. So far it wasn’t working out that way.

Lesley then switched chairs and sat down in the one next to me, placing her hand on my thigh.

She again told me how flattered she was and what a turn on it was to know that she turns me on. I was preparing for the deep kiss of passion when came the word “but”. She went on to explain why things shouldn’t and couldn’t happen between us. She couldn’t do that to her sister. We were family and did not need to create any awkward situations to deal with. She said she hoped that I would understand.

I told her that she was right. I again apologized for what I was doing with her panties. She told me not to worry, it would be our secret.

“Our secret turn on,” she whispered.

She then reached in her robe pocket and pulled out the panties. She offered them to me, with a wink, ‘as a keepsake’.

I thanked her for both the secret and the panties. We finished our coffee, and said I better get home.

This time when we reached the door, she gave me a long hug and then kissed me on the mouth, instead of the cheek. She looked up at me and smiled, kissed me once more, this time on my chin.

She sweetly said, “I just love you to pieces. You’re a good man. Roseanne is so lucky to have you. Good Night.”

I went home frustrated but yet satisfied.

The next day, while I was at work, I received a text message from Lesley.

The text conversation went like this:



LESLEY: Panties. I am wearing pink panties today.

ME: 😀 (Big Grin Emoji)

LESLEY: 😉 (Wink Emoji)

LESLEY: :X (Kiss Emoji)

My fantasy of 40 years to see Lesley’s naked breasts finally came true.

Now a new fantasy begins. A fantasy that Lesley and I will someday become Lovers.

Hopefully someday, soon, I will be writing Chapter 3.

To be continued…

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