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Sisterfest Ch. 03

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My thanks, as always, to Grand Teton for his calm in the face of my wilder flights of fancy, and his solid understanding of the rules of punctuation, which he’s trying vainly to pass on to me, with varying degrees of success, I have to say! To him goes most of the credit for the last part of Sisterfest in the form posted here. Thanks also to my darling Lori for putting up with me, and pushing me to finish this ahead of some of the other writing projects I’d lined-up, and to Bonnie, for always taking me seriously.

This, it goes without saying, is not the real world, so things happen here, in my universe, that couldn’t, or wouldn’t (but should!) happen in the real world, so please, suspend disbelief and play along. All characters indulging in adult acts are over 18.

I you like it, please vote for it, if you don’t please tell me why. Funny comments, even if they’re meant to be nasty, get left up, pointlessly rude, nasty for the sake of nasty, or just plain creepy, comments get deleted. You have been warned…

Have fun!



Robyn led Lara and Finn through an unobtrusive door partially concealed behind a large spray of Hawaiian Frangipani flowers into a much smaller, more intimate pool area.

“This is our private lair, do you like it?” she asked.

Finn was speechless; the pool was an infinity pool, the far side just visible as a sparkling line against the faux dusky blue horizon, smaller than the main pool, but no less luxurious. The pool room was darkened, most of the light coming from inside the pool itself, dappling the midnight-blue ceiling with rippling blue light.

Thousands of tiny glittering white lights were set in the domed ceiling, brighter lights arranged to form the familiar constellations of the Northern sky; Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, Orion, Cassiopeia, The Pleiades, all were there, picked out in bright points of light on the ceiling skyscape, with thousands and thousands of less bright pinheads snaking across the ceiling in a band that Finn suddenly realised was the Milky Way.

The pool was framed on each side by a wall of verdant bamboo, long graceful stems arching over the pool, and bright green papyrus shrubs dipping down to trail their fronds in the water. A set of broad, shallow steps led down into the water, and a sunken bar cut across one corner of the pool.

Robyn led them to a softly-lit area set back from the pool, with a group of large, luxuriously soft leather chairs arranged in a square behind a decorative trellis screen, where Evan and Sylvie arose to greet them, inviting both of them to take a seat. When all five of them were seated, Evan smiled and passed them chilled soft drinks.

“Welcome to our escape hatch!” he grinned, lifting his glass in salute to his two sisters, Finn and Lara.

“We don’t usually ask our guests to come in here; this is normally only for us, but frankly, the girls think both of you merit an exception to our rule, and we wanted to get to know you a little better. My sisters are very good at spotting people it would be good for us to know, and they have a very good feeling about you Lara, and you Finn, hence this little meeting.”

He paused to take a sip of his drink before continuing.

“We do actually carry out very discreet, but very thorough, background checks on all the people we invite to our home for these get-togethers; it would never do to let the wrong person into our home, given what happens here, so we did check you out, and what we found, we liked. I think, and Robyn and Sylvie both agree, that you might be very interested in becoming better acquainted with us; no, not like that!”

he grinned as Finn’s hand slipped protectively around Lara’s shoulder. He nodded approvingly at Finn’s gesture and continued.

“My sisters and I are committed to each other, and only each other; we have been for a very long time now, and we think we see that same commitment in both of you. As I said, we did run a little background check on you, so we know about your family, your lives in general, but I’d really like you to tell me about yourselves, about what you want, where you want to be and what you want to do when you finish university, and more importantly, how you feel about each other.”

He smiled gently at them over the rim of his glass.

“Please don’t think I’m prying; I know there are things in your personal life that should stay personal. What I want to know is how committed you are to each other; I wouldn’t normally ask, but right now it’s very important that we know.”

Finn looked at Lara, their eyes locking as they each silently asked each other the same questions: what was going on here, and could they trust these virtual strangers with intimate details of their lives?

Lara stared into her brother’s eyes for a long couple of seconds, then slowly nodded, telling him she trusted them, and to go ahead.

Finn grinned slightly sheepishly as he ran his fingers through his hair, raking it back out of his eyes.

“I don’t really know where to begin; everything that’s happened to me in the last twenty-four hours is so new and so different I outdoor sex porno don’t even have the words to describe how I feel. I do know one thing, though; Lara and me, we don’t want anyone else, and we already agreed one thing; whatever happens from now on, we’re together. When I finish university, I suppose I’ll get a job, wherever I can, anywhere, as long as it’s not bloody Herefordshire! Once I’ve got a job, I’ll get a place, somewhere the two of us can be with each other, because that’s really all we want. Sissy?”

Lara took his hand in hers, looking down as she examined their fingers twined together.

“Everything Finny said goes the same for me; I’ve wanted him for longer than I can remember, and this weekend just clarified all I’ve ever felt for him; whether he gets a job in London, or Scotland, or Kathmandu, or the Amazon jungle, I’m going with him; he’s mine, you see, and I belong to him, and if we have to spend the rest of our lives digging holes in the Gobi desert, it’ll be because that’s what we wanted for both of us, not because someone expected or demanded it of us.”

All the time they were speaking, Evan sat quietly, watching them, watching their eyes, and slowly nodding, as though he was hearing something that jibed with his expectations. When Lara had finished speaking, he smiled and nodded at his sisters, who also smiled, leaving both Finn and Lara feeling they’d just passed some sort of test, but a test of what?

Sylvie and Robyn stood up and took Lara by her hands, urging her to stand

“Come on, Lara, let’s swim a little,” grinned Robyn mischievously, “I told you earlier I wanted to play with you!”

Lara bit her lip and glanced at Finn, who shrugged his shoulders and grinned, so she pulled off her top and slid her shorts off, following Sylvie and Robyn as they too stripped-off. All three girls then held hands as they walked down into the pool to slip into the water and breast-stroke away.

Finn watched in fascination as Lara turned and swam back into the shallows, and as she stood in the thigh-deep water, Sylvie rose up behind her, slipping her arms around her to cup and squeeze her breasts as she kissed her neck. Robyn joined them, kissing Lara as her hands slid around her to clasp her buttocks, Lara sandwiched between the two sisters.

Robyn stepped back slightly and Sylvie half-turned Lara and now all three girls were kissing, their hands caressing, squeezing, and fondling nipples, buttocks, and slipping between thighs to rub and caress more tender flesh as their tongues fenced and darted.

Finn watched in amazed arousal that Lara could, or would, do those things with another girl, but here, in this intimate setting, she’d obviously lost all inhibitions, enjoying the attentions of the two beautiful sisters, lost in a whole new world of sexual sensation, and responding with caresses and kisses of her own.

“Don’t worry,” murmured Evan, “they’re just playing, not seducing her! My sisters would never hurt or take advantage of your sister; they like her and this is just their way of showing how much, that’s all; look, I think Lara likes it!”

As they watched, Lara grinned and winked playfully at Finn, then gasped as Sylvie leaned down and caught her nipple gently between her teeth while gently rubbing her swollen labia. Lara responded by lightly pinching and tugging Sylvie’s nipples in return, making her giggle. Robyn, meanwhile, kissed Lara gently on the lips, pulling back to lick her lips lightly, then turned and winked slyly at Finn as she slowly worked her finger into Lara’s tight anus, making her gasp and squirm as Sylvie continued to suck and tug at her nipple.

Sylvie relinquished her hold on Lara and slid back into the water, lazily stroking over to the side of the pool as Robyn continued to fondle Lara, both girls gently exploring each other before seeming to reach a mutual agreement, sharing a deep kiss before walking hand-in-hand up out of the pool.

Sylvie hoisted herself out of the pool to sit on the apron and reached for a towel, wrapping it around her hair before standing and draping a beach towel around herself, smiling at the two other girls as they once more kissed as they stood at the edge of the pool.

“When you’ve finished, Bobbi, I think Finny would like his sister back…!” she grinned.

Lara’s eyes flew open, to look guiltily at Finn. Robyn took her hand and led her back to her brother’s side, a cheeky, minxy smile on her face.

“See, Finny, I told you, we were only playing!”

She squeezed Lara’s bottom once more, and winked again at Finn before kissing Lara once more, a soft, lingering kiss.

“You’re so delicious, I wish we could play longer!” she whispered, taking Lara’s hand and putting it into Finn’s.

“There you go, Finny, she’s all yours again! God, I could eat you both alive!”

Finn grinned as he pulled his sister closer and kissed her.

“That was so hot, Sissy, Christ you’re sexy!” he grinned, pulling her onto his lap, heedless of the fact she was still soaking wet.

“I never thought I’d ever see you…and another girl…I didn’t know you liked public agent porno …you know, things like …that, but it looked so hot, you all looked so hot!”

Lara looked up at him, then pulled him down and quickly pecked him on the lips.

“I didn’t know either, but they were so sweet, so gentle…” She bit her lip and looked into his eyes again, her eyes dancing as she smiled.

“It was fun, Finny, and it was really nice; do you mind?”

Finn grinned as he hugged his little sister closer; it seemed he was finding out more and more about her this weekend than he’d ever imagined! He smoothed her wet hair back from where it was plastered against her face and kissed her, slipping his hands around her nakedness to pull her closer as he kissed her even harder. Lara squirmed on his lap as she felt his hardness growing, gently undulating against him as they kissed. Finn broke their kiss to grin at her.

“No, I don’t mind; you liked it, so it’s alright with me. Love you, little girl!” he breathed.

Sylvie watched as Robyn squeezed the water out of her long hair and wrapped a towel around her head like a turban, and paused in toweling her own hair dry to ruffle Evan’s hair, smiling tenderly at him as her eyes caught Robyn’s.

“He’s all your, Bobbi, I’m worn out! I need some rest; our brother definitely knows how to give a girl a busy night! Try not to break her, Ev; we have to look our best tonight!”

With that she pecked him on the lips and turned away, Evan watching the way the damp towel draped around her clung to and highlighted her flanks and sexy rump as she walked away, as elegant and self-assured as a model on a Milan catwalk.

Robyn grinned naughtily, wrapping herself in a beach towel and plumping herself down on her brother’s lap.

“I guess our heads really have changed…” mused Finn, almost talking to himself, prompting Lara to look keenly at him.

“‘Our heads have changed…?’ I like that Finny, it says so much in just a few words. I know I can’t ever go back to the way we were before all …this happened, and I don’t want to; whatever happens, my life goes on from this point as part of yours; it’s our life now. Bully for us!”

Finn realised there was no sound coming from Evan and Robyn, and saw them both smiling at him, Robyn huddled comfortably against her brother. Evan leaned forward, his arm holding his sister tightly against him as he grinned at Finn.

“So it happened for you, did it?” He grinned.

“Your ‘moment of clarity’ finally struck? Don’t worry, the girls and I had the same thing, which is why you’re here, now, with us. You must be wondering why we asked you to join us, why we’d bring you to the heart of our personal, private space. Please, if you have any questions about us, about this place, anything at all, feel free to ask. I promise to answer any question you ask.”

Finn glanced at Lara, saw the tiny nod she gave, so turned back to Evan.

“First off, why all this? Why ‘Sisterfest’? What’s it all for?”

Evan sat up, pulled a robe from a pile on a nearby seat and covered Robyn.

“Good question, Finn, and it deserves a good answer, so here goes: my father was a rich man, some would say a very rich man, but he wasn’t satisfied with what he had, he always wanted more, and he worked at it, speculating in so many diverse markets even I can’t keep it all straight!”

He paused to grin, then carried on.

“The upshot was that he became probably the third or fourth richest man on the planet, but I can almost guarantee you never heard of him; no-one has, because that was also another quirk of his; he hated publicity of any sort. So there you have this man, doggedly, secretly, almost furtively acquiring corporate assets the way other people collect stamps, or beer mats, or Star Wars figures, and when he died, he left it all to the three of us. Every damned penny…”

Evan grinned as he stared unseeing into the distance, before resuming.

“As you can imagine, when we were younger, my sisters and I spent money like water, we had fun, wild, desperate fun, until we too had our ‘moment of clarity’, which is when we finally realised that the only people we truly liked, and needed, and truly, fervently wanted, were each other, and that was the start of ‘us’, the three of us as you see us today.”

Evan paused to take a sip from a glass of champagne handed to him by Robyn from a locker somewhere under the leather chairs.

“We started this whole ‘Sisterfest’ thing almost as a whim, a kind of ‘in-joke’ to see if there were other people like us out there, people who wanted what we wanted from each other, people we might have some sort of connection with, who’d ‘get’ what we were about.”

“It soon became obvious to us that there were an awful lot of people like us, people who wanted to be open about what they were doing, and with whom. Ordinary parties had long ceased to be fun, they just seemed to have no…substance, they were just empty amusements to fill up our days, nothing but clown shows. We thought we might be able to have some real fun, proper, adult fun with people just reality kings porno like us, so we set this whole thing up, and waited to see what would happen. As it happens, it has been an enormous amount of fun, but now, for us, it’s time for the fun to stop, and reality to start.”

“So why are you telling us all this?” asked Lara.

Robyn sat up and huddled against Evan, pulling her robe around her.

“Lara, this, all this you see here, this is just one of the many properties we own in England, but this is not our home; none of them are, not really. The only place we think of as ‘home’ is a long way away, and my sister, my brother, and I want to go home. This is not the life we want anymore; we just want to live quiet, anonymous lives, to just be ordinary people, or as ordinary as we can be with all that money hanging around our necks! I want children, so does my sister, and so does Evan, but we absolutely refuse to bring them up in this circus, this life of excess and self-gratification. This is a fantasy world, where people’s dreams come true, but now it’s time our dream came true.”

She paused to take a sip from Evan’s champagne glass, her throat working, and Finn was surprised to see tears glimmering in the corners of her beautiful eyes. She blinked them away and continued.

“The only way we can be free to be ourselves is to pass it all on to someone we think can make a real difference, who understands what we originally intended, and who can actually enjoy what we started here, the way we used to. We want someone who is dedicated, committed, and not afraid of a challenge, and we think we’ve found them…”

Finn looked blank for a second as he took in what she was saying, his eyes widening as her meaning gradually percolated through his mind.

“Us? You’re talking about Lara and me?”

Evan looked at them gravely, and nodded.

“Exactly. We saw almost from the first moments you were here how you felt about each other; the others out there, none of them seems in the least bit connected to each other except for sex. If you look out there right now, they’re swapping and playing like there’s no tomorrow.”

He paused to grin wryly.

“Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with that, nothing at all; that’s why they came here, after all, to be free to do just that, and part of the reason for us encouraging that is to see who’s prepared to do that, and who won’t. You two are different; you only want each other, you refused the bait, you only had eyes for each other, and even a blasé cynic like me could see that, hence this conversation. I think you and Lara are perfect to take this from us, and there are benefits, too!”

Robyn slipped off the bed and belted her robe around herself, before fishing out three more champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne from the locker under the chair. She poured three glasses and passed two to Finn and Lara, then raised her own glass in salute.

“This house, this whole complex, is part of the deal; my father was a multi-billionaire, and now we have control of all that money, and the strange thing about money is how it grows; it doesn’t matter how much we spend, the interest alone on all those billions just keeps giving us even more back. This house and complex represents a tiny, tiny fraction of what we have, and we don’t want it anymore, we won’t need it where we’re going, so if you accept our offer, it’s all yours. With the house comes a trust to manage and maintain the place, pay the staff, and of course, pay for ‘Sisterfest’, the whole raison d’être of this place. There is also a generous, and I do mean generous, salary, stipend, allowance, call it what you wish, but it’s seven figures, each, and will be paid to you off-shore from an account in the Cayman Islands; call it your compensation for taking this thing off our hands!”

She paused to grin mischievously at Finn.

“Finny, please, breathe, you’re going a funny colour!”

Finn could hardly believe his ears; it was the offer of a lifetime, but how do you take it in when you’re offered everything on a silver platter? Lara sat up and wrapped a large beach towel around her nakedness.

“What’s the catch? No-one just hands over something like this without there being some kind of huge price to pay; I once read a story called ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, about what happens when you really get what you wish for, so I get that there’s never something for nothing. There has to be an absolutely huge razor-blade in a ball of candy-floss this big; what are you not telling us?”

Evan smiled and raised his glass in salute at her.

“Well done, basic caution, I like that. There is no catch, Lara. It’s time for Sylvie, Robyn and me to go; we’ve had enough, we want our lives back now, the lives we would have been living if our father hadn’t saddled us with such an impossible amount of money. We want to share with you, we want you to take over from us, and make this whatever you think it should be; if you try it and then decide that there should be no more ‘Sisterfest’, then that’s your decision, but all this, the trust, everything, will remain yours anyway; call it a gift to the special people we’ve been looking for, and you’ll at least know for certain that the time for ‘Sisterfest’ is over. You being here means we have a chance at a real life at last, and that means more to us than any mansions, or money, or luxury yachts, or Hollywood lifestyles.”

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