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Sisterhood Chapter 1

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“This is a work of fiction and fantasy. All participants are sixteen years of age or older. This story is published for the entertainment of Lush viewers and may not be copied or reprinted in any form.” Sisterhood Chapter One “Wanna see what I found in Mom and Dads room?” Heather asked her younger sister with a smile. She already knew what her answer would be.  “Yeah,” Jenny said, knowing it was going to be something naughty. She could tell by the expression of her face and the sound of her voice. The two of them talked about sex all the time. Heather is two years older, being eighteen, always horny, and loved to talk dirty. Sixteen year old Jenny never minded, the private conversations with her sister would make her pussy tingle, and she liked that. After spending enough time with her big sister, she would always lock herself away in her bedroom and make herself cum. It only started feeling a little weird when her panties would get wet just thinking about her sister. But, she’d come to the decision that she didn’t have a choice of what turned her on. Some things just did and others didn’t. She often thought of her sister when she fingered herself, though she would never tell. “Those istanbul travesti jeans make your ass look hot,” Jenny complimented her sister. Heather reached behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks and said, “Thanks!” in a bubbly voice. “That’s why I stole them from you.” They both giggled as they made their way to the door of their parents room.  The older of the two bent over and reached into the closet. She spun around holding a breadbox size metal box. It was painted solid blue, with brass handles on each side. It had a brass lock with three numbered dials. Heather set it carefully on the bed. She slid the box back and dialed the magic number, and opened it. Jenny was amazed when she looked into the box. The first thing to catch her eyes was a movie case. The woman on the front was completely naked with her legs wide open. She was spreading her pussy lips open with her first and middle fingers, making it look like a little pink butterfly. She thought it was cute. It wasn’t until she picked up the movie for a closer look that she realized that there was a penis in her ass. She had heard people talk about ass fucking. But it was this moment where her innocents istanbul travestileri left a little; and she realized girls actually do let boys fuck their asses.  “So you want to watch a movie, huh?” Heather snatched the movie form her sister’s hands and ran to the living room.  The two sat on separate couches as the movie started. The opening scene was a male-female scene. Climaxing to the man, cumming in her ass, and the creamy fluid, dripping from her stretched bung.  “Would you ever let a guy fuck your ass hole?” Jenny asked, wondering if she was the only one turned on watching such a filthy thing. “I would like to have a cock in all my holes at the same time,” Heather replied in the sexiest voice she could. Part of it was a game, to see if she could make her little sister cringe. The truth was that sometimes, when she made herself cum she would think about having five cocks at the same time, so she could have a hard dick in each hand while her three fuck holes were being filled. The next scene on the TV started slow, it was a solo scene. A gorgeous brunette with emerald eyes. Heather’s pussy was throbbing, her panties were soaked and she wanted travesti to get out of them. She stood, walked to the door and locked it. Jenny’s eyes were glued to her sister the entire time. She pulled off her t-shirt as she walked back into the living room. Next, she reached behind her and undid the little black bra strap and with one hand, pulled it free from her body in one smooth motion dropping it to the floor. She was amazed how excited it made her just knowing Jenny was watching her get naked. Jenny had always thought it was cool that she and her sister were as open as they were with each other. She and her sister had seen each other naked many times. Heather liked to air dry after showering, so Jenny was used to her hanging out naked. Sometimes she would be naked as well. If it was hot and the parents were away, the two of them liked to skinny dip and lay out in the sun without getting tan lines. This time was different, it was sexual. There was an excitement about watching her take her clothes off. Heather stood in front of the large window and looked to see if anyone was out there for the show. Not seeing anyone, she pulled the curtain shut, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled on the metal zipper. Once her jeans made a little pile on the floor she threw her head back and cooed “Ooohh, the air feels good on my pussy.” Jenny’s eyes were fixed on her big sister’s body. She wished her body was as pretty as her sis’s. She watched as Heather’s naked body fell into the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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