Nis 03

Sisterly Love Ch. 05

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I wasn’t surprised to find Candy waiting for me at the Penn Station Terminal when I left my train’s platform the next afternoon.

Needless to say, I was tired from all the sexual activity of the previous day, but just seeing Candy again got me all revved up again; and there I was, walking toward her trying to hide the telephone pole in my pants from any curious bystanders. Although from the smirk on her face, Candy noticed it immediately and when she slowly exaggerated licking her lips, I knew for certain she had.

I may be repeating myself, but think it worthwhile: Candy was a frizzy haired redhead, slightly overweight who needed glasses and wore them. (I would later learn she was unable to wear contacts.) She also wore a couple of tattoos and had a nose ring that I found bothersome at first, but learned to ignore after our initial fuck.

My main attraction to Candy was quite simple. It was she that had taken my virginity and made it memorable; not to mention her great tits, smile and freckle covered face. A secondary factor was the hug she gave me on meeting me–pressing those lovely mams against me brought my dick up against her in a big way and she noticed.

“Oh, I’m soooo glad you’re happy to see me. I always know when a guy likes me!” she gushed happily. “Stephie will be sooo glad to see you too. She really missed you while you were gone.”

“Did you miss me, Candy?” I asked as I dared place a hand on the cheeks of her ass in public.

“Ohhh, YOU KNOW I DID, Howie!”

Outside Penn Station, on a busy corner, I was surprised to see and hear her whistle down a cab; but she did it magnificently. We settled into the backseat and she instructed the cabby to drive us through Central Park. I thought that strange as I’d had ideas of fucking her on her bed back at the apartment. Candy apparently had other ideas and because of what followed I now fully subscribe to caving in to the slightest request or suggestion from an older woman.

As we entered Central Park, Candy’s hand entered my mysteriously unzippered fly and extracted my dick. No easy task there as I was rock hard, but she managed it without harming my precious wang. Once it was out in the open, Candy proceeded to give me a welcoming blowjob that far exceeded the welcoming hug.

I realized afterward that I hadn’t given a hoot about the fact that a stranger was probably watching us throughout my pleasuring. Perhaps last night watching and being watched by Sydnie-Ann carried me another step forward into manhood. And there was that singular moment when I wondered about Candy’s morals and for that matter, those of my sister as well, for they were roomies in the Big Apple.

At the apartment, Candy suggested that I take a shower and then join her in the ‘boudoir.’

I accepted the offer and began showering, being careful not to activate my dick as I had future plans for Candy and me after drying off.

What is it they say about mice and men? I mean about their best plans going astray? Well what happened next kinda fits that old saying because the curtain on the shower was pulled to one side and a naked Candy followed her jouncing tits and stepped into the shower with me.

“Stephie will be home soon, so I thought …” No further explanation was necessary or possible as my mouth was on hers and our hands were quite busy exploring. I kept my eyes open as much as possible and can still recall watching rivulets of water running through her cleavage to her belly and beyond into the neatly trimmed pubic hair leading directly to … well if you have a basic grasp of female anatomy …

Want me to be more graphic? Okay. Candy knelt on the tile floor and opened her mouth while I held onto the wall as her tongue flicked over the head of my dick before taking me deep. But it didn’t stay there for long. After her tongue swirled over my corona a couple more times, I knew I was ready to blow tubes and had to halt what was a lovely time.

I had thoughts of an even better time in mind as I disengaged and urged her to stand. Then I got down on my knees with total worship in mind. I ran my tongue over everything in its path and opened her using both fingers and lips. She helped by lifting a knee and pulling on my hair as she fucked my face. I pushed a third finger inside her while sucking hard on her clit until she screamed into the showers spray and began coughing and sputtering.

When I finally slid my cock inside her, Candy was bent over looking back at me with no hint of a smile; her eyes were glazed, her mouth a red smear, and her pussy accepted me without regret. We grunted and groaned and I pulled her hips to me so hard I left fingerprints on them. I bit her shoulder as she pushed back against me demanding I fuck harder. She didn’t beg. She didn’t even moan. She demanded, and I gave her everything I had.

Five minutes later I staggered from the shower, grabbed a towel, and stumbled into the bedroom only to fall flat on my face in front of my sister, Stephie who was sitting on the bed, working hardcore porno on her toenails. I was more embarrassed than injured and after being fussed over by both Stephie and Candy, I was allowed to dress … well, shorts anyway and went into the living room to join Candy.

The three of us watched TV and feasted on pizza and until one in the morning, during which time, under intense questioning, I related my experiences with Mrs. Rodriquez and Rosa, her daughter, as well as Regina and Sydnie-Ann Jablonski. I think my sister was more surprised at this influx of sexually activity on my part than Candy, for she mumbled something about me getting more action in one day that she’d had in over a month. Then I went to sleep with no further sexual activities.

Saturday morning I woke up on the sofa bed, feeling alive and horny. I had a monster erection with a very urgent need to urinate. I tried to hide my boner by tucking it along the side of my leg, hoping the shorts would contain it somewhat as I made my way to the apartment’s solitary bathroom, only to find it occupied when I tried the doorknob.

Lifelong habit made me think Stephie was in there. She was a notorious early riser, and so I ventured into the kitchen to find myself looking at a gorgeous ass bent over looking into the refrigerator.

My erection poked through the fly of my shorts as I moved closer, still staring at that fine looking ass, I whispered, “Good mornin’ beautiful. Care to take another shower when Stephie comes out of the bathroom?”

Only it was Stephie and not Candy that turned to look at me and my boner.

“Wow, you’re sporting some formidable artillery there Howie,” my sister chirped, and then had the decency to look elsewhere while I covered my groin with both hands.

I blurted, “Oh, God, Sis! What the hell? I thought you were Candy.”

“Well, I’m not,” my sister said with a smile still looking at my semi-erection, “and I’m glad you realized it before you did something we might both regret.”

I gave her an awkward grin and tucked my slowly shrinking member away. “Well, I almost grabbed your ass.”

Stephie popped up on her toes, looking down over her shoulder. “What? Are you saying that I don’t have a nice ass? It’s not perky enough to grab? What are you saying?”

I could only stare at her. Words eluded me. Was she kidding me? I mean, after the previous weekend I wasn’t quite sure.

“Steph, are you kidding or are you serious?”

“Oh, Howie, of course I’m kidding! I already know that my ass is perfect, I don’t need you to tell me that.”

Then ignoring me, or seeming too, she reached up after something in the refrigerator, causing her T-shirt to ride up leaving her ass almost totally exposed to me. It was kind of heart shaped and quivered a little as she tightened her muscles. Moreover, she wasn’t wearing panties!

I wished that there would have been more room for my cock to get harder in because it almost hurt the way it had swelled. I was convinced that she was aware of her action and that it was a promising omen for the future.

When she turned she had a quart of OJ in one hand and a Quart of milk in the other. The movement of her arms appeared to lift her T-shirt even more exposing a great deal of her pussy to me. I got a quick glimpse of what reminded me of a horse’s muzzle there between her thighs and as she moved toward me I know I saw her pinkish nether lips.

I looked up and saw her smiling at me. “Well, honey,” she began, “How are you this fine morning?”

“Fine,” I said, repeating her word as in not understanding. I was, after all, still immersed in visions of her unpantied pussy.

“Good. No regrets then? About last night I mean?”

“Sis, I’m living the dream. I mean, Candy is …” I was at a loss for words.

She arched an eyebrow in my direction and said: “And this morning?”

“Yeah,” I said sounding as guilty as I felt. “I saw your …”

“Oh, you noticed! How cavalier of you,” she said with a big smile.

“Well that T-shirt went up like that shade in Mom’s foyer,” I said, mentioning a defective shade that had a mind of its own, or so it seemed as it had a habit of suddenly rolling up without cause during the most inopportune times. By way of example, leaving Stephie in bra and panties with the mailman in front of the window, arm raised and about to ring our doorbell.

I didn’t need to remind my sister of that or any other time the errant shade went off on family members without warning.

We were both laughing good-naturedly as she placed the OJ and milk on the kitchen table.

“Bacon and eggs for you, bro?”

“That’s be fine, Sis,” I replied, as I sat down at the table.

Still giggling, Stephie went to the stove and took two cups from the cabinet and filled them with freshly brewed coffee.

“Where’s Candy?” I inquired, although I had a reasonably good idea where she was.

Stephie brought the two cups to the table and set them down. “Still sleeping. I’m hd porno afraid you wore her out last night, brother dear.”

“It was the other way round,” I said defending myself.

“Oh ho!” My sister replied scoffing at my comment.

“Well, I’m glad I introduced the two of you. She needed a man,” Stephie paused and gave me an appraising look. “And you needed to get laid properly. From what you told us it seems to have paid dividends already. A mother and daughter … really?”

“Yeah, Sis, it really happened and so did the other–you know, with Regina and the girl across from her apartment.”

Just then the phone rang and Stephie answered it. “Oh, hi Mom! Yes, he’s here. Want to speak with him?”

Evidently she did, as my sister covering her mouth to hide her laughter, handed me the phone and Mom cut to the chase.

“So, Howie, who’s this Regina that keeps calling the house?’

“What?” I blurted out since I was stunned to hear Regina had called at all.

“This girl, Regina she said her name was–called three times looking for you–and that’s so far today. Probably call all night if you don’t return her calls, Howie!”

There was a momentary silence on the line–highly unusual for my mother–“So who is this girl, Howie?”

“She–She’s a girl from school, Ma. I … that is … we went on a date last night. No that’s wrong. Thursday night we went on a date. The movies and a burger. Now I’m at Stephie’s … well of course you know that. So did Umm, Regina say what she wanted?”

I realized as the words left my mouth I shouldn’t have uttered them.

“So how long has this been going on?”

“I’ve known her forever, Ma. But dating-wise, Thursday was the first time we’ve gone out. Like I said—we went to the movies. I might have gone out again over the weekend, but I had—you know–this thing with Stephie in the city.”

“So what did you two do last night? What are you planning for tonight?”

I wanted to say we’d be fucking our brains out, but of course knew that wasn’t going to happen. I mean telling my mother, of course. “So I went with partial truth.

“Well, Stephie was at work when I got to her place. She had thought to leave a key with the doorman and he let me in. Later we went out and had Vietnamese for dinner then watched a couple movies before going to bed.

“Today–well so far it’s been breakfast and depending on the weather–it may rain, but if not we plan on going to the Bronx Zoo. If it rains, we’ll hit one or more of the art museums that I haven’t been too, grab a bit at the Carnegie Deli, or maybe an Italian place, depending on our mood at the time.”

“Let me talk to your sister, Howie,” my mother said, which I took as a passing grade on my part. Stephanie took the phone and maneuvered her way through the mine field of questions our mom put to her.

When she finally hung up some ten minutes later, she took a deep breath and said: “Let’s finish eating and I’ll let you wake Candy while I take a shower.”

After we finished, Stephie got up to take her shower and I had another good look at her better than fine derrière and grabbed a dish towel from the sink and snapped it against her butt. Stephie shrieked in feigned pain then ran after me, chasing me through the apartment. I ducked into her bedroom, holding the door shut, and then with her pushing on it, let go and jumped on her mussed up bedding. Stephie rushed through the open doorway, face flushed, her hair all over the place.

“Oh you’re gonna get it now, bro!” and leaped on my back, knocking me face down on the bed, and began tickling me as she had done for as long as I could remember.

“Stop it, Sis! Please, no more… I can’t… I can’t breathe!”

“Tough!” Stephie cawed happily.

“It’s—it’s your ass … it’s crushing me!”

And before Stephie could respond to this blasphemy, Candy entered the room wearing only a white sweater and lavender panties and shouted, “Stephanie, what the fuck?”

Her fiery red hair was disheveled, standing up on one side where she’d slept on it. She had a scowl on her face, which looked completely out of place on her. Her eyebrows were raised in a questioning glare.

“Candy, what’s with the language? And what are you yelling about? We’re just fooling around like we always have.”

Candy crossed her arms over her chest took a deep breath and stepped toward us. “You know damn well he’s my man!” then unable to hold her merriment in any longer, she fell on top of us and promptly joined Stephie in torturing me through tickling.

They tickled me relentlessly, only stopping when I began to have some trouble catching my breath. Of course this meant that I had free rein to grab, fondle and grope my sister’s supple breasts, ass and groin. She had to know what I was doing, but made no objection.

Candy, on the other hand, wasn’t at all shy about grabbing and squeezing my rapidly growing dick. And when they ended the tickling assault I was at full size and attempting to tear its way latina fuck tour porno out of my shorts for all the world to see.

“Awww, baby, did we hurt you?” Candy asked in a pitiful tone. She leaned down; slipped her arm around me then leaned in and pecked me on the nose. That was the moment my dick sprang free; it was so swollen the head was turning purple.

“Oh, my God!” Stephie gasped, staring at me wide eyed.

“What?” I asked afraid I’d done something stupid again.

“Howie … its even bigger than I remember!”

I was going to say something lame like thanks, but all that came out was another loud groan as Candy grabbed me and gave my dick a long suck then popped it from her mouth.

“Ohhhh, look at that.” She whispered to my sister, as they both stared at it. Before I could react, Candy squeezed again, only harder. Pre-cum began oozing out and her red nails looked incredible around it.

“Oh yeah,” she said aloud, but speaking to herself, “let’s get that nice and wet.” And gave my dick another squeeze then smeared the pre-cum around the head and began stroking me.

“Oh damn!” I moaned. I was sweating; my heart feeling like it was going to pound through my chest.

“Ooooh” My sister cooed, “Someone likes that doesn’t he?”

“Oh, yes, sis, it–it feels soooo good.”

“You like Candy stroking your cock don’t you?”

I nodded unable to speak.

“C’mon, tell us … do you, or don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled.

“Tell me you like me playing with you, Howie; I need to hear you say it,” Candy said with a fierce grimace on her face as she began jerking me off at a faster rate.

When I failed to answer, being lost in the pleasure she was giving me–she stopped.

“No please, don’t stop” I gasped as I came out of my pleasure reverie.

Stephie was laughing and trying to cover her mouth with one hand while the other rested on Candy’s shoulder.

“Aw, does someone need release?” Candy teased.

“Yes, oh please don’t tease me, Candy.”

Candy dropped my dick like it was a hot potato.

Salvation entered the room in the form of my sister, Stephie, who murmured, “Ohhh, I like the sound of that, Howie!” and plucked my boner out of the air–well, not quite, but you get the picture–and resumed my masturbation.

Turning to Candy, she said, “I never thought I’d be doing this using two hands, you know?”

Candy giggled and said, “Jesus, I’ve been with maybe twenty guys and never even came close, and here we are with your brother …”

I felt my thighs begin to tremble; I was going to cum soon. Stephie smiled at me and asked: “You wanna cum, Howie?”

“Yes, oh please yes,” Like a six-year-old asking for more ice cream.

“Well you know, I want you to, but know what? You could give yourself a hand job.” She said, and looking directly into my eyes added, “But I know a better way,” and winked at me.

I’ve always thought they used a pre-arranged signal, but couldn’t get either one to admit to it. Still, Candy put her knee up on the bed and crawled up between my legs. Was she really going to …?

She lay on her stomach and accepted my hardon from Stephie, then put her mouth directly over it and said: “Now what?”

“Um, suck it?” I said, thankful the words left my mouth.

Both Stephie and Candy laughed as if it were the funniest thing they’d ever heard. When she stopped laughing, Candy touched the tip of her tongue to the eye at the head of my cock and pulled back bringing a thin, sticky line of my pre-cum with it.

I remember thinking: I’m living a porno movie!

Holding my cock up as if it were a trophy, she turned to Stephie and said, “Your brother does have the nicest penis ever!” and then rubbed it alongside her face.

I moaned.

“You … um, think about this a lot, Howie? I mean, getting a blowjob?” Stephie inquired trying to sound innocent, but the evil in her voice was unmistakable.

I moaned again.

“I’ll take that as a yes, hmmmm?” The tip was inches from her lips, and I was straining not to push it up at her.

“YES!” I managed to gasp after a slight pause.

Candy paused to ask: “Or would you rather your sister do the honors?”

“Candy!” Stephie called out, objecting to this type of teasing.

Ignoring my sister, Candy continued teasing the both of us, saying: “You can tell me, Howie, would you like Stephie here to suck this big old penis of yours?”

She renewed rubbing my cock over her cheeks and nose as she waited for my answer. I paused and in a barely audible whisper hissed: “Yes.”

“Good boy!” Candy chirped happily. “No lying to me or your big sister; I like that, honesty among siblings.” That said, she angled her head down and swirled her tongue across my balls then slid her tongue slowly up along the side. When she got to the top Candy looked me in the eye, and with a wink suddenly took it in her mouth, going about half way down on it.

I moaned loudly, I had never felt anything that good before, it was better than I had imagined. I could feel her tongue sliding up and down. I bucked my hips, and Candy pulled up.

“Easy there, partner!” She began. “You don’t shove it down a girl’s throat; especially not mine,” she said with a smirk.

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