Nis 03

Sisters Indulgent Secret

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Jessie and Karen were hardly sisters at all, as far as I was concerned. True, they shared parents and a home when they were young but they were never exactly friends like my own sisters were. I suppose that’s why the events that transpired last Saturday morning were so shocking to me.

“That’s fucking obnoxious!” Karen had blurted out from the couch in the living room as Jessie sat at the table popping her gum. Despite nearly six years difference in their age, the two were mirror images of one another, with the exception that the younger sister, Jessie, had stepped out of an elongated and less fashion-trendy mirror. Her hair was long as were her string-like pasty white legs stretched along the bench of their dining room table.

“What?” Said Jessie.

Karen ignored her sister’s blatantly irritating taunt with a roll of her eyes. I knew that an argument was coming on.

“I’m here to protect you girls against pervs, not each other.” I said, glancing to Karen with an empathetic wink. “I’m gonna go pee.” I got up and left.

Who am I? I am the guy has been after Karen for 15 years. Jessie was never exciting to me, since she was only 5 years old when I met Karen at a Youth Group at our Bible Church in downtown Seattle. Even at 19, after Jessie had officially “grown up”, I found her pretty but impossible to be attracted to. As a friend of the family, I was frequently invited over for weekends, parties, and particularly, I was also the guard-on-duty when the parents left on their wild weekend getaways in Vancouver and worried about their daughters being alone in the house.

It was on just such a trip that Karen had answered my question about a possibility for ‘us’. “You’re too close to me. I’m sorry, George. I just can’t help it. You’re like a brother to me.”

I was disappointed but it was not a new answer. Still, I thought “she means it, this time.”

As I escaped to the restroom, I thought about having a “fantasy morning” like I normally do on these trips. I was never prone to jack off except for at Karen’s house, where the bathroom smelled so girly and there were pictures of her laid out on the wall, along with pictures of Jessie, almost always the two of them together, even though they annoyed the hell out of one another.

Being the oldest, Karen has always felt that she was given a lot of undue responsibility toward her sister. When Karen went to study to become a registered nurse, Jessie started talking about Pre-Med. Similarly, when Karen changed to being called by her middle name, Alexis, Jessie began referring to herself as Andrea, the name of Karen’s childhood imaginary friend. I knew that Jessie admired her sister and that’s why she emulated her. But, in my heart I loved Karen.

After pacing the floor for a moment, I considered pleasuring myself to a fantasy of Karen masturbating with a household object like a soda bottle or the handle of a rolling pin like I had seen in a porn movie that she and I had watched with our significant others on a long and wicked night of orgy pleasure, years ago. But I did not need to take out my cock to know – I was totally flaccid.

Had her rejection really gotten to me? Surely I couldn’t be like a brother to her, could I? A brother? I shuddered to think about it. There was no way I could ever fantasize about Karen, again. Karen and I had always been one another’s escape from our bad relationships. We were more than friends and I just knew it.

I unlocked the bathroom door and opened it quietly, not wanting to re-enter the living room during a sisterly quarrel if it could be avoided.

“Why else does he spend so much time in there, then? Doing his hair?” I heard Jessie’s voice. My heart stopped. Were they talking about me?

“George doesn’t masturbate, Jess, he can have any pussy that he wants. Besides, he probably went to the den to e-mail that stupid girl from Vermont.” Said Karen.

How untrue, I thought as I peered out through the crack of the bathroom door. The only pussy that I wanted was the one that didn’t want me.

There was a pause. “He does do it and I know it.” Jessie said as she angrily turned a page on her magazine.

Karen put mommys girl porno her own magazine down and rolled her eyes. “How would you know something like that, Jess?”

Jessie looked up from her own magazine and squinted right at me. I wondered if she saw me. She didn’t.

Then she whispered, “He did it while I was in the bathtub.”

I seriously thought that I might have a heart attack. It’s true that the damned bathtub in their Seattle home was nearly impossible to detect anyone in. It was sunk into the floor and instead of a curtain, it was enclosed in a redwood wall with stained-glass windows. But it occurred to me that Karen would probably genuinely disbelieve her sister.

Karen whispered, “When?”


“The day before, yesterday.” Jessie confirmed. “Why do you wanna know?”

“Shut up and tell me what happened.” Karen said somberly.

Jess looked again. “He’s doing it, right now. Look how long he’s in there. He can go for a long time.”

Karen gave her the look of death, “Shut your mouth, Jess.”

But Jessie only stuck her tongue out. “He imagines your body naked and ripe for breeding.”

“Shut your mouth, Jess!”

“Oh, come on, like you never do it.”

Karen gasped. “How dare you!”

Jessie shrugged “Okay ‘big sister’, I’ll be the first to admit it. He got me so hot, I started doing it, myself.”

Karen’s tone suddenly became – soft. “What, like touching yourself?”

“I was naked in a bathtub with a gorgeous guy blowing his load less than a yard away. Yeah, I really like George, okay? I think that you’re wrong to tease him and then deny him a little fun like you do.”

Karen had no response to this: “I never play with myself, Jessica.”

Jessie rolled her eyes. “Any minute now he’s going to come out of there. Send him away and we’ll put Daddy’s camera in there and you’ll see. Next time he goes in there, use the remote to the camera and start recording.”

What do I do? I wondered. No time to panic. I stood and flushed the toilet and walked out.

“Damn toilet keeps plugging up,” I managed with a shaky voice. “I’m gonna go e-mail some people and go to the store. Text me if you need anything” I turned and walked away without looking to see their expressions.


They hid the camera in the medicine cabinet with the door barely peeking open. After they had shut themselves into the bathroom to install their voyeuristic instrument, I snuck back into the living room and listened to their conversation as they started to talk about it.

“Why does Dad always hide the stupid remote?” Said Jessie.

“What do you mean he was jacking off?” Asked Karen, obviously disturbed.

“I would think you were old enough to know this birds and the bees stuff, Karen.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Did he like, say anything while he was sitting here?”

“Oh, he was standing up, leaning against the wall and looking at you in these pictures.”

I couldn’t help myself. Karen’s Dad and I had made many home movies of their adventures as a family and I knew exactly where the video camera’s remote was hidden. I ran to the garage and dug it out of the pantry.

Softly walking back to the bathroom with the remote control in-hand, I hit record on the remote and tip-toed away.


It was late that night as I sat with Mr. Olbermann’s camcorder in the basement and hit the play button. The girls were asleep now, obviously disappointed that I never went into that bathroom for the rest of the day.

I placed the headphones on and was pleasantly surprised when a picture came on.

The tape started in the middle of Karen’s question.

“-you doing it, too?”

Jessie answered: “It was hot. He has a decent-sized cock, a nice body and I’ve liked him for years. That’s why.”

Karen’s eyes diverted to the bathtub wooden walls where Jessie claims she peeked at my self-loving. “What were you doing?”

Jessie laughed, “Oh, come on, Karen.”

Karen didn’t laugh. That’s when Jessie became concerned. “You just use your own hands, Karen, that’s all. Then do what feels natural.”

Was this really happening?

The momsbangteens porno girls avoided one another’s eyes for a long moment before Jessie broke the silence. “Here, take your pants off.”

Karen’s face was hard to read. She didn’t react at all.

“Listen, if you’re not game for this, then stand up and walk out and go back to your magazine. If you are game, then stand up and take off your jeans. No words, – either you want me to show you or you don’t.”

Karen stood up and turned toward the bathroom to leave. But she did not leave. She froze. Jessie also froze, their heartbeats palpable in the air. Electricity leapt from Jessie to her sister and reciprocated in soft, sensual curiosity.

Jessie’s long fingers reached out and gently took hold of Karen’s arm in a loving way. All animosity between them seemed to melt away as shorter but older Karen shyly turned inward to her sometime nemesis and melted in her hand.

Jessie leaned close to her sister’s face. There was no shying away, no “what are you doing?” Just a moment of eye contact as Jessie reached out and held Karen by her other arm, also. Karen’s lips parted ever so slightly and Jessie gently touched her soft lips to her sister’s.

The first kiss was romantic – even loving. The second was more passionate. Karen placed her own hands on Jessie’s hips and pulled her slender and tall figure closer, tip-toeing in her little white socks to drink her love more deeply.

Jessie reached down and unbuttoned Karen’s jeans. The zipper descended and Jessie’s fingers gently and tenderly grazed the surface of her sister’s pelvis. In an instant Karen was on the toilet, Jessie peeling her tight jeans from her body and revealing the long, muscular legs that I had come to love. Those legs were so feminine and yet so strong, Her calves were shaped perfectly and culminated in the soft, white socks that kept her tiny feet warm in the Seattle mornings.

I licked my lips as I watched, aware for the first time that I was watching this sisterly conquest with my mouth agape and penis fully erect, yearning to share in Jessie’s love breakfast.

“Take your panties off.” Jessie ordered,

Karen reluctantly obeyed. Beneath her panties was neatly waxed patch of brown hair. Jessie examined it carefully. “I could never get mine like that, Karen.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Mine are too wild, The’re all over the place.”

Karen reached a long finger to the crest of her sister’s shorts. “Show me.”

Jessie shrugged and obediently removed her shorts and panties in one swoop and proudly displayed her bald pussy to her sister.

“You shave it all off?” asked Karen.

“It feels so amazing, Karen. You really should try it.”

They admired one another’s vulvae for a long time. Each taking a closer look at the other’s.

“Now, let’s get some self-indulgence on.” Said Jessie.

Karen’s head bowed, “I can’t. My pussy’s dry – I must be nervous”

“Sure, you can, just get yourself going on something.”

Karen shrugged. “Like what?”

Jessie knelt at the foot of the toilet, her naked legs folded on the cold hardwood floor. “Sit back and relax.”

“What will you do?”

Jessie softly ran her long fingernails along the skin of Karen’s inner thighs. First the left one… Then the right one… Karen’s face became instantly red as the energy between her legs intensified. Karen bent her lips in and enjoyed the stroking sensation. “Oh my god.”

Jessie took of her top and her bra, exposing a Jesus cross around her neck that Karen had given her for Christmas.

Karen smiled, “You still wear it?”

Jessie smiled back. “Of course, it’s from my beautiful sister.”

Karen’s face became very sincere “You think I’m beautiful?”

Jessie nodded. “And I want you to get wet for me.” Without another word, she leaned in and extended her tongue to trace the folds of Karen’s pussy, finding, fondling the clitoris with her warm, moist tongue.

Karen’s jaw dropped. Instinctively, she reached her hands out to her grasp her sister’s curly hair and raised her stocking feet high into the air. monsters of cock porno

Jessie’s oral love-making became a tease, mixed between looking at her sister’s face and returning to her sister’s vulva with firm-but-shallow dives.

Karen’s head dropped back, her short hair parting and cascading down her neck and dangling over the small remnant of countertop that worked around to hang over the toilet. Her hair moved like satin flowing from a long branch that shuddered in the ecstasy of her sister’s rushing passion.

“Do you imagine George making love to you like this?” Karen asked.

Jessie kissed the insides of Karen’s thighs like a long-missed lover. “I fantasize of you making love to me like this.”

Karen looked confused.

Jessie smiled at her with embarrassment. “It’s the only way that I can get off.”

Karen’s eyes were strangely understanding as she whispered. “Show me.”

My cock, hard and swollen with excitement, arched in my blue jeans, aching in passionate lust for this intimate moment of forbidden pleasure as Jessie’s plain-jane head bobbed in and out of Karen’s silky thighs, her hair unrolling onto the flat abdominal muscles of her sister’s tummy, that reacted by contracting again and again, tugging tightly on Karen’s legs as they reached higher and higher into the air.

Karen moaned softly and her eyebrows cringed in agonizing ecstasy, her mouth drifting open as her soft voice burst from her bosom, heaving with breaths.

Jessie’s small breasts perked with hard nipples at their peaks, yearning to be rolled, sucked or pinched. She gave in and reached for her own breasts and sweetly massaged them in time with her sister’s shuddering cries of orgasmic lovemaking.

“Ah!” Karen cried out in delicious pleasure. “Oh, god, don’t stop! Ah!” Jessie ground her lips deep into Karen’s labia as juices coursed out onto her face, her tongue diving in shallow but aggressive caresses on her sister’s soft sex.

This continued for a long time as I found myself growing harder and harder, my body shivering with the need to ejaculate.

As I watched Karen’s face, I could feel all of my fantasies coming alive. As her breathing faltered, I thought she would scream my name. As Jessie licked and bit and teased her sister’s pussy into blood-pumping submission, I was increasingly jealous.

“Jesus! Oh, Jesus! I’m going to cum!” Karen suddenly erupted in sacrilegious praise of her sister’s sinful gift. “Make me wetter, Jess. Please, oh, please! Ah! Oh, God! I’m cumming!”

She cried out again and again as Jessie fingered own her nipples and dug her face harder and faster into Karen’s pussy.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhh!” Karen basked in her orgasm.

Those short but sexy legs of Karen’s bobbed independent of her own control in the earth-shattering aftermath of her orgasm.

Jessie looked into her sister’s eyes with a wicked grin. “My turn.”

Karen smiled back and laughed, her mouth aghast from her. And the tape shut off.


Jessie helped me to load my bags into the back of my Jeep as I got ready to leave. Things had become uncomfortable between the two of us, though she couldn’t possibly have known why. I couldn’t see her, anymore, as the shy young girl that I had once known. She was a woman, now at only 19 years of age. And she was a woman who loved the woman that I had loved for more than a decade.

“Gosh, you got enough crap?” Se asked jokingly – unaware of the damning evidence that I did have included among my duffle bag of ‘crap’.

I smiled. She smiled back, though awkwardly.

“I’ll miss this place.” I said.

“You call her a ‘place’, now?” Jessie asked – a little too directly.

I dug for the keys in my pocket nervously. “Not Karen, no.”

Her eyes betrayed her – she was stunned at the thought that I might know something about her secret.

I smiled innocently. “I should go, Jess.”

She didn’t say anything as she stepped back from the Jeep and looked around confusedly.

I got in the Jeep ad turned it over.

An hour later, at the parking lot of a coffee shop in Seattle, I sat in my Jeep, staring at my cell-phone. Mustering up the courage, I thumbed in a speed-dial contact.

“Uh. Hello?” Answered Jessica’s voice.

I said nothing while my courage tried its best to build itself up.

“George?” she asked.

I cleared my throat. “Do you wanna get some coffee?”

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