Haz 01

Slave Ch. 01

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**Enjoy the read, and please take the time to vote or comment!**

**Oh, and the card game described is real. If you play it, please drink responsibly. Huge quantities of alcohol will be drunk while playing, so for the love of God, don’t do shots while playing and don’t drive home after playing!**

My second year of college closed with a bad relationship. I hadn’t had sex in three months and my hormones were lighting up like the skies on Independence Day. I needed something, anything, to lay and I had been talking with my friends back home to hook me up. As always, they came through.

Her name was Jamie, and she was 2 years younger than I was, not old enough to drink yet, but old enough for everything and anything else. All I wanted her for was to get my rocks off, and she was legal enough for that.

I hadn’t met her yet, hadn’t even seen a picture. Hell, the guys even bet me that I couldn’t get her into bed the same night I got home from school. After making sure she would actually be at my coming home party, I took the bet and asked what she looked like.

Redheaded was the first thing they said; bastards knew my weakness. Slut was the second thing they said; bastards knew my type. After all, I wasn’t looking for some long term thing, and if we kept bumping into each other, so much the better as long as the sex was good. Either way, I was looking forward to the challenge and to the case of beer and bottle of Jack that was waiting for me after finals.

After the easiest finals of my life, I got myself moved home and the first night back, I was introduced to Jamie. As things turned out, it was going to be easier than I thought.

“So you’re Bran?” a redhead asked me from the couch of my buddy’s apartment. I looked at her and took her in. She was wearing overalls and a sports bra. I couldn’t see panties showing through the gaps in the blue denim, but given her description earlier, I didn’t expect to find any later, either. Her hair was a glorious color of copper with a little natural wavy curl to it, and it was pulled into a ponytail that draped over her shoulder and down her back. Her cheeks were splashed with freckles and they were pale, befitting that she was probably a true redhead. Either way she was skinny and in good shape.

I didn’t have to wait long for the games to begin. I nodded in response to her question. She turned to my friend’s fiancée and took a drag off a cigarette. “This is the one who’s hung like a donkey?” Everyone else in the room about choked, a sly smile crossed my face. Silence filled the room for a second as I sat next to her on the couch and saw that she was in fact panty-less under her overalls.

“Yeah, that’d be me,” I said looking around, sliding my hand to her thigh. “Jim, where’s the beer?” Jim paused the Playstation game and got me a case of semi-cold Budweiser, sliding it over beside the couch. I looked at it and looked at him. “Thanks man, I appreciate it and all, but I said beer, not yellow water.”

“Bran, they don’t sell Guinness by the case and besides, you’re gonna be here a lot this summer, you’re going to be drinking a lot this summer, you’d better learn to drink cheaper,” Jim said, sitting back down. No sooner had I shrugged and twisted the top off my beer than our friend Alex burst through the apartment’s back door.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he said, looking at me dead in the eyes.

“I was gonna get a little drunk and then find something to screw. Why, what the fuck are you doing?” I said defensively, sliding my hand up Jamie’s thigh. I hit the buttons on the side of her overalls and popped both of them open.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she demanded. “I never said you could do that!”

“You didn’t tell me no, either,” I said quietly, staring her dead in the eyes. They were an incredible shade of blue with little flecks of green and silver dancing in them. I reached down and grabbed her a beer. She smiled and looked back to Alex.

“So what the hell are you on about?” I asked. Alex gave a disgruntled sigh and got the bottle of Jack out of the freezer.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing drinking that piss? If you’re gonna be drinking, you gotta warm up your liver,” Alex said and tossed me the bottle. The cap hit the coffee table and the bottle tipped up. It was set down with 3 inches taken out of it.

“Holy fuck, you guys weren’t lying about him,” Jamie half-whispered. I picked my beer up and Jim, Alex, and Jim’s fiancée all shook their heads.

“People tend to not do that about me. The truth is so much more fun. Like what else did they say about me?”

“8-inches,” Jamie mumbled quietly and blushed a little. I laughed; they hadn’t under cut güvenilir bahis me by much, but it’s surprising the difference three-quarters of an inch makes. Jamie turned red, then pale, then stared at my crotch. I took the opportunity to slip my hand in through the gap in her overalls and put my freshly chilled hand on her hot thigh. She jumped a little but didn’t shy away. I felt her thigh flex under my fingers, but I left them there, giving her leg a gentle squeeze every so often. It seemed like she was a sure thing, but I wanted her to be ready for it; I wanted her to beg.

“All right. Jim, get the beer ready. Alex, get us some cards. Jamie, stop smoking and go brush your teeth, I don’t want to be tasting cigarette on you all goddamn night. I’ll get the pizza on the way,” I said, grabbing the phone. Nods met me from everyone except Jamie.

“Who said I’d be letting you kiss me?” she demanded, pushing my hand away from her creamy flesh. I pointed to the guys and Kris, Jim’s fiancé. They all nodded and shrugged. “Goddamnit you guys, I didn’t say I’d be fucking him tonight!” she said, almost screaming the last word out. She did, however, get up and stomp to the bathroom. We heard the familiar sounds of running water and scrubbing teeth a few seconds later.

“Man, you never said she was sleeping in the spare bedroom,” I said, clearing the coffee table off so we could play cards. Jim shrugged and started setting things aside.

“Never asked.”

“Thanks, dick,” I said as he got up to get the beer out of the fridge. Jamie stomped back in and flopped down next to me. I gave her a look over again and felt the urge to lick my lips. “So when did kissing turn into fucking?” I asked blatantly. Alex flipped me the pack of cards and Jamie turned bright red, but didn’t say anything. I thought maybe I should be a little nicer; apparently she wasn’t going to be the toy for the evening but someone I’d be seeing all damn summer if I wanted to or not.

I ordered the pizza and we all situated around the table.

“Okay, the first few hands, we won’t drink, just so everyone can get the rules down. Here’s what you have to remember,” I said and dealt three cards face down to everyone. “Nobody look at these cards. These are the last cards you will play and you can play them in any random order.” I dealt three more cards face up and then three more cards face down to everyone. “Okay, here’s the deal. You will take three of these cards and place them face up on the face down cards. Those are the cards you will play one at a time after your hand is completely gone. After the face up cards are all gone, play the face down cards at random. Everybody got that?” Everyone nodded. Jim had at least played this game before, but it was new to Alex, Jamie, and Kris.

“Okay, there are a few special cards. Except for those cards, you generally want to beat whatever is played before you. Multiple cards don’t mean shit. One 4 will beat three 3’s. Got it?” Everyone nodded again.

There are special cards that you can play anytime. Two’s, Tens and Aces can be played at any time. Aces are always high. Two’s restart the pile, and Ten’s clear the pile. If four of any card are played in a row, the pile is cleared and it’s a social drink. When the pile is cleared, the person who cleared it gets to go again, and it’s an open table; they can play anything they want. If a 7 is played, the next person has to play a 7 or under and then it goes back to normal. 8’s skip the next person in the row, and multiple 8’s being played still skips only one person. After you play, if you have less than 3 cards in your hand, draw back up to 3 cards. If the draw pile is gone, play out the rest of your hand and start playing off your face-up cards.”

“Okay, fine, but what happens if you can’t play,” Jamie said, leaning close. Jim smiled. He knew what was coming.

“You drink. If you can’t play because you were skipped, you drink. If you fuck up and play a 9 on a 7, you drink. If you can’t play at all, you pick up the pile and take one drink for each card in the pile. There are at most 12 drinks in a beer, so no milking that beer forever. If you pick up more than 20 cards, you’ll have to finish the drink you have and another one, but that’ll do. That’s the only break you’ll get. Think you can handle it?”

Jim nodded emphatically, Kris shrugged, and Jamie was looking at the three cases of beer and then to the cards.

“Oh, don’t worry,” I said, placing my cards face up and arranging my hand. “We’ll probably run out of beer, and quite possibly liquor before the night is through here. Ready?” Everyone nodded and we played until the pizza guy came. He got a generous tip and left happily and quickly and we got to drinking.

After türkçe bahis an hour or so of cards, Kris had to leave the game. She had ulcers and sat out, but kept watching. Jamie was fading fast and had started leaning on me. My hand had more than once slipped back on to that taut thigh of hers. Jim, Alex, and I were all fine yet.

Jamie tried to hold on as long as possible. We started taking it easy on her after it looked like she was either going to pass out or throw up. That helped her some. After my 18th beer I switched over to Jack and Coke and by the time we started having to piss, it was all Jack for me. We played a few more hands, Jaime and Kris sat out. Jaime was laying on me pretty hard, her drunken breath caressing my neck and ear like liquid velvet. My hand moved from her hip to the top of her soft bush, my fingertips basking in the heat radiating from her eager pussy.

After the last card dropped, I finished my glass of whiskey and stood up. Jim cleaned up and a very drunk Jamie pulled me up off the couch. I got up to my feet and walked shakily down the hall after her, watching the left strap, and then the right strap of her overalls come off. The blue material slid down her back and pooled at her feet, giving me an awesome view of her ass as it swayed, both deliberately and drunkenly, in front of me.

I decided to follow suit and pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it past her into her open door. My hands seemed to be moving by themselves as the button snapped on my jeans and the zipper came down. I was mesmerized by the site in front of me; Jamie pulled her sports bra off and threw it into her room. She shook her long red hair from its ponytail and stood against the door, arching her back. Her tits weren’t huge, but they were firm, and her puffy nipples stood out proudly. Her nest of pubes was silhouetted with the rest of her body against the soft yellow of a streetlight pouring through an unseen window in her room.

I moved forward, never breaking stride. I stopped a few feet in front of her and looked her up and down, moving up her left leg to her steaming crotch, up her slender side to her chest, up along her neck to her lusting eyes and then back down.

“Like what you see?” she purred demurely.

“Looks good enough to eat,” I said, my bass-filled voice made even lower by the whiskey. I could see her muscles shiver slightly as the statement sunk in. I picked her up and carried her in the room, gently kicking the door shut behind us.

Her room wasn’t tidy, but it was clean. Her bed was at least a queen sized though, and covered in stuffed animals. I brushed them off with her feet and she started giggling. I dropped Jamie on the side of her bed and spread her legs, taking in the site before me.

Her pubes were as bright red as her hair. I had never seen a red beaver before, and this was a glorious site to my drunken eyes. After taking it in for a moment, I couldn’t help but notice how wet she was already; her thighs were glistening in the pale yellow light from the street.

I knelt in front of her and gave her a good lick up and down, savoring the taste of her plentiful pussy juice before diving in. My tongue was everywhere; diving into her pussy, teasing her outer lips, lavishing her clit, and roving anywhere that juice was. I was fighting a loosing battle; every time I licked, nibbled, or sucked, there was more of her girl cum than just a second before. My lips locked around her clit and sucked while my tongue ravaged the tip. She started moaning loudly and pushed me to her pussy. My tongue snaked up inside her hole and its tip found her g-spot and started gently rocking in and out, tapping it each time. Her moans got even louder and she pulled me away from her smoldering, dripping box.

“Oh my God!” she breathed, her chest heaving. She looked down into my eyes with her sparkling blue pools of desire. “Oh fuck, you’re so good at that, Bran, but right now, I need that cock fucking me,” she said and tried pulling me up by the face. I stood beside the bed and she grabbed the unzipped fly of my jeans and peeled it down my legs. Her left hand snaked inside and lifted my raging cock out and stroked it a few times. “Holy fuck, they weren’t lying!” she whispered and gently started kissing the head while pushing my jeans down.

Her tongue wasn’t the best, but her enthusiasm made up for it. Even through the liquor-induced numbness I could feel her tongue lathering my crown and her lips locking around my shaft as she squeezed as much of it as she could down her throat. She came up for air and laughed.

“I can’t even get my hand around this thing, it’s not going down my throat,” she said and slid back on the bed.

“That’s okay, güvenilir bahis siteleri there’s someplace better for it,” I said and pushed my jeans off my feet.

Her knees went up to her chest and she spread her legs, locking her knees behind her elbows. I crawled between her thighs and gave her dripping pussy another lick before sliding up her body, rubbing my chest and belly against her sloppy cunt. I grabbed my shaft and started teasing her entrance with just the tip, rolling it around, slowly jacking her from clit to cunt with it.

“Oh God, stop teasing, just…” she started. I cut her off by sliding into her pussy. It was a tight fit, but it was just right. I heard her cunt squish around my meat as it sunk into her to the tip. I felt her pussy stretching around the last inch of my meat. I was expecting moans, but all she did was throw her head back and arch her back off the bed. It looked like she was screaming but had no breath to do it. I leaned down and started sucking on her left puffy nipple and slowly pulled myself back out of her love vice.

Her breathing accelerated and she almost started hyper ventilating. Her breath caught with each time she inhaled and each exhale was a moan. When I had slowly pulled all the way back out, she looked disappointed. I let my head come completely out of her, our sexes keeping the barest of contact, and a small spurt of her cum came out with my meat.

“In….please….”she panted. I obliged and slowly slid my dick’s full length back into her, stopping inside of her, hitting her g-spot with the ridge of my cock head and then finally sinking back into her until our hips met.

Jamie’s legs wrapped around mine and she ground her pelvis into mine, masturbating herself with my dick as she ground her clit between us. Her arms wrapped around my back and her fingernails dug into my flesh, leaving hot ragged lines in their wake as her hands came up over my shoulders. I started rocking in time with her hips and she started twitching violently, her pussy convulsing around my cock. When it squeezed, it squeezed tight enough to make me want to cum on the spot. When it released, it was so loose that only the top of my thick prick made contact with her. I could feel her pussy fill with her cum around my dick, and each time she contracted, a generous squirting of her juice squirted along my cock, soaking my balls, and eventually dripping down onto the bed, joining the large wet-spot under her.

I caught a look at the clock as she started cumming and kept gently rocking in and out of her. She kept convulsing and twitching, I kept fucking her. After nearly three minutes of her body twitching in the throws of her orgasm, she calmed down and relaxed a little, her pussy still trying to milk my cock, her cum still soaking both of us. Her eyes opened and they were so glazed over I could hardly tell what color they were.

My hips started rising and falling, hers started to follow suit and we slowly fucked each other, listening to her growing moans, the sloppy mess of her juice oozing from inside her, and her ass slapping gently against the puddle of cum on her bed.

“Harder,” she moaned, locking her legs around my ass again. “Fuck me harder. Pound me into the bed,” she begged.

I complied. I started pounding her so hard I thought I was going to break her hips. She screamed breathlessly again and started to orgasm again, almost as hard as before. Her pussy was sloshing around my dick as I plunged my almost 9-inches into her mercilessly. Her cunt contracted this time and didn’t let go as her orgasm hit her like an explosion. Every time my dick withdrew, more of her juice splashed onto the bed. Every time I sunk into her, I was closer to cumming myself and she moved a head on the bed.

“Fas….Fast…” she panted amid moans. My hips started colliding with hers faster and even harder still. Her eyes rolled back slightly and closed and she buried her face in a pillow. Her scream was barely contained as I kept pounding away at her ever-tightening cunt. I could feel every ridge and every bump in her and her muscles flexed quickly like a wave. Her legs were trembling like leaves in a hurricane and I was almost ready to blow. She locked her legs around me and squeezed down tight with her pussy, her cum still squishing out of her abused pussy. Her eyes locked with mine for a minute and then she dropped back onto the bed and buried her face in her pillow a second time and let loose another scream.

I lost it. My cum splashed in her as hard and fast as hers was pulsing out. I felt my cock expand with every squirt, my whole body tingling as her pussy squeezed around it. My dick kept twitching even after the eight powerful streams of cum had whitewashed the inside of her pussy, and her pussy kept squeezing my dick.

“This is going to be a good summer,” I thought half out-loud and we both passed out, drenched in each other’s cum, my semi-hard dick still lodged inside her.

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