Nis 02

Sleeping? Ch. 01

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A sleeping game turns serious for Lydia and Benji

Editing magic performed by KJ24 and Shyqash, plus contributions by the regular gang of brigands and neer-do-wells

Love is both a shield and a sword


My Mom was a bitch … a dominating, humiliating, denigrating bitch. Dad took it for two decades, but finally had his fill. One day when I was thirteen, he fled the house. He came home in the middle of a work day, packed up and moved across town. Mom beat him up in the divorce, pretty much the same way she beat him up all their married life.

There were five of us in the family at that time: mom and dad (Lydia and Joseph Corbett), my older brother Chris, then my sister Bianca and finally the youngest, me – Benji. Mom ruled our family. My sister Bianca didn’t have any problems with that. Mom loved her. She got the best of everything and grew up to be just like Mom. As far as I could tell, my sister was the only person Mom was nice to – the rest of the world, including us, received her wrath.

My older brother, Chris, got out when he was nineteen – sort of. He went to college out of state and met a woman worse than Mom. She treated him like a slave. At the wedding, Mom and Chris’s wife went at it and we never saw Chris again, though Chris and I kept up a clandestine e-mail contact.

That left me.

The thing was, from my earliest memories, Mom and I had fought. For some freaky reason, I never knuckled under to her. When I was young, I had tantrums until she gave up. As I got older, I fought her with sarcasm. When she punished me, I found creative ways to resist. In seventh grade, Mom decided that I was personalizing my clothing too much (I was emulating Bianca), so she boxed up all my old clothes and made me dress like a dork.

I snuck into the bathroom before homeroom, stripped down to my underwear, threw away my clothes and went to class. When my teacher, somewhat aghast, asked me where my clothes were I told her my Mother wouldn’t give me anything fit to wear. The Vice-Principle at my school called Mom at work – she was Vice Principle at the local High School back then – and she had to come and get me.

To say she was furious would have been an understatement. She took me home, made me dress again, and then started driving me back to school. Half way there, I began stripping. She insisted that I was going to go to school dressed as I was. I informed her there were plenty of trashcans about the place. In retrospect, I was amazed she didn’t strangle me.

We fought that evening until Dad got home. She jumped on him, telling Dad it was all his fault. He tried to mediate, explaining that all I wanted to do was have the freedom of choice Mom offered Bianca – she was only two years older than me. She blew up at Dad, berating him in front of us three kids. It was hardly shocking, since it happened all the time, nor were we surprised that he soon left forever.

That night, Mom had Chris and Dad take everything out of my room but my bed. Once she thought she was one up on me and had left me in peace, I snuck over to Chris’s room and asked to use his computer. I told him that Mom hadn’t said I ‘couldn’t’ use it, so he grinned and let me on for an hour. The next morning, she had the VP meet me coming off the bus, but I was one step ahead.

I had tossed my clothes out of the window on the way there. This kind of struggle pretty much went on for the next seven years. I never gave an inch. Mom took her anger over the divorce out on me. When Chris was gone for good, things got even worse. Not that she needed an excuse. To add to my problems, Bianca began piling it on me when Dad left, too.

When Bianca began belittling me when we were in high school at the same time, I countered by referring to her as the ‘conceited cunt’ in person and on the phone to her friends. Once, she decided to get back at me by jumping me with some of her friends at home when I was coming out of the shower with a towel around my waist.

My cock wasn’t going to earn me the name Tripod, but I have plenty to be proud of down there. The friends and Bianca all started to mock me, but then they saw what I was packing and stopped. Next they began giggling and whispering to one another, all except Bianca who seemed stunned. I shrugged, walked back to my room naked and slammed the door shut.

Bianca told Mom that I ‘flashed’ her friends. Despite the absurdity of the accusation, she believed Bianca, so I lost internet privileges for a week. I got back at Bianca by giving her a diarrheic in her soda before her hot date that Friday night. She came home early and, while she suspected me, she couldn’t prove anything.

Those experiences pretty much led up to the weekend when Bianca brought her year-long boyfriend, Todd, home from college to meet Mom. One look in his eyes and I could tell this wasn’t his idea. Mom and Bianca talked about him like he was a prize cut of meat. He was relatively intelligent and complemented my sister’s good looks, the latter of teen porno which was what I thought my sister saw in him.

We were all downstairs in the basement, with Mom and Bianca talking at the bar while Todd and I sat on the sofa watching something on Natural Geographic (it was ‘safe’ to watch). I noticed Todd sigh quietly.

“What’s wrong, Todd?” I asked softly.

“Oh, just a lot to take in,” he grinned weakly.

“This was Bianca’s idea, wasn’t it?” I queried.

“Ummm – yes,” he confessed. “Not that I mind.”

“Dude, it is not going to get better,” I warned him.

“What?” he blinked.

“Oh yeah, she’s going to freaking take over your life. Forget doing anything you want to do,” I cautioned him. “You’ve met her Mother, you know what she’s like now, so get out while you can.”

“What? Seriously?” he mumbled.

“Oh, absolutely,” I sighed. “They ruined my Father and older brother. I’m only hanging around until I graduate college, then I’m out of here too. At least I’m getting out under my own power and not fleeing in desperation.”

“Bianca has another brother? I know you have a Father – she says he abandoned your family years ago,” he informed me.

“Nope. Dad lives right across town,” I chuckled softly. “I see him occasionally. As for our brother; his name is Chris and he married a woman worse than Mom and Bianca. She treats him like a dog, or did last time we talked.”

“You’re not pulling my leg, are you?” he worried. “Bianca says you are a brat.”

“I’ll let you make up your own mind about that,” I shrugged. “I thought I would warn you before you make the worst mistake of your life. Trust me, no pussy is worth it, if you end up becoming a member of this family.”

Bianca interrupted further conversation between Todd and me, but Mom and Bianca spent the rest of the day reinforcing the warning I had given him. After dinner, he informed Bianca they were going out for the evening. Bianca nixed that idea, Todd insisted and Mom and Bianca ganged up on him. Todd got up from the table angrily.

“Damn,” Todd threw up his arms, “Benji was right about you two. I’m out of here.” He grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the place. Bianca ran after him. I didn’t admire Todd’s timing, or phrasing, but I accepted his choice to avoid his fate by running away.

“What did you do?” Mom spun on me.

“I told him to run for his life. No sex was worth the misery he’d be going to go through if he stayed with Bianca,” I grinned.

“How dare you stand between your sister and her happiness,” she snarled.

“Mom, your and Bianca’s happiness comes at the suffering of others and I’m not going to be an accomplice to that,” I shook my head mirthfully.

“Shut up, you bastard,” Mom snapped. “Go to your room.”

“Sure – whatever,” I shrugged. My room had stopped being a prison cell for some time by then. Dad had been slipping me cash since shortly after the divorce, so I had bought my own inexpensive computer and a game consol.

I had barely started things up when I heard Bianca slamming the door. She wasn’t crying, she was screaming in rage. She spent the next ten minutes trying to reach Todd on the phone. After the first time she harangued him, he stopped answering. Once Mom finished consoling her, Bianca came up to settle my hash.

My door flew open, but I ignored her.

“You ruined my weekend on purpose,” she yelled.

“Yeah – whatever,” I responded with my back still to her. She stomped up to my chair and spun me around.

“Listen to me, God-damn it!” she virtually spat in my face.

“You are not allowed in my room,” I calmly stated.

“What? I’ll come into your fucking room if I feel like it,” she seethed.

“You’ve had a bad day, so I’m feeling generous,” I told her as I stood up. My sister is blonde and leggy, so with her pumps on we were close to eye-to-eye. “Walk out right now and I’ll forget that you were ever here.”

She tried to slap me across the face but I caught her wrist, twisted it behind her back and pulled her with me as I fell back to a seat on my bed. Bianca struggled as I pulled her over my lap, ass up.

“Let go of me, you little cocksucker,” she barked. Not likely. I started spanking her ass as hard as I could. I was sick of my sister’s shit after all these years.

Ten licks later and Bianca was sobbing. I dumped her on the floor, stepped over her and returned to my chair. As Bianca pushed up onto all fours, Mom came through the doorway.

“Benji, what the hell did you do to your sister – again?” she accused me.

“I am tired of her thinking she can barge in here every time she feels likes it,” I turned to face Mom.

“So I bent her over my knee and spanked her,” I finished.

“Benji,” Mom trembled with rage.

“Mom, you’ve already sent me to my room. I’m paying for my internet hook up,” I sighed. “What else are you going to do to me?”

“You barely finished your freshman year; Summer Break has just started for you, Mister,” Mom travesti pornp glowered. “If you want me to pay for your sophomore year, you had better get with the program. Now apologize to your sister.”

Of all the things Mom had threatened me with, she’d never jeopardized my educational future. She was a freaking educator herself. “Are you serious?” I stared at her.

“You had better bet I am,” she glared.

“On your knees, Sleazebag,” Bianca sneered vindictively.

“You have fucked with our lives for the last time,” Mom drove home the threat.

“I apologized, Bianca,” I said flatly.

“On your knees,” Bianca gloated. I took a deep breath, slid off the chair and got down on my knees before her.

“I apologize, Bianca,” I repeated.

“That will do, Mom,” Bianca wiped off a residual tear and smiled at my Mother. “I need to borrow your car and go get Todd back.” Bianca had destroyed the last car Mom bought her a few weeks ago. She’d never changed the oil and ignored the ‘Check Engine’ light until the engine seized up. Mom would get her a new one this summer – no doubt.

Turning back to me she added, “We aren’t done yet.” I had to agree to that. I just didn’t know how I would get even yet. Bianca took Mom’s car and got yanked by the Highway Patrol for doing 110 mph in a 65 mph zone, all of which was a well-deserved end to her weekend plot against Todd. Mom took it out on me.

She would have taken my car to help Bianca out – but it was my car; bought and paid for with money from my job my senior year in high school (and with a little help from Dad.) Plus, I threatened to report it stolen if she took it. I ended driving her up to get Bianca, putting up with their combined crap for the drive to her college to drop her and then the long trip back – the woman wouldn’t pay for a motel room.

It did give me time to think. In the end, hanging around was no longer worth it. I had stuck it out because I wanted a good education. Mom had stopped mothering years ago and I certainly didn’t want to be hanging around when Bianca came back from Summer School. When we returned to the house around 2 a.m., I informed Mom of my decision.

“In the next month, I’m moving out,” I related to her in a tired voice.

“You too, you ungrateful little bastard?” she grumbled.

“Has it ever occurred to you that you drive people away, Mom?” I met her gaze. “Dad chooses to live in a one room apartment and Chris accepted wearing a leash and collar in his own house as a better life than spending another minute with you.”

“That’s bullshit,” she snapped. “Men enjoy my company just fine. I have a date tomorrow – later today – if you must know.” I didn’t know because she never told me her social calendar.

“Well Mom, you are gorgeous and relatively wealthy. Keep your mouth shut and you should do well,” I grinned.

“Shut up,” she demanded. I did because I was tired and I really wanted to sleep. The next morning I learned that Todd had really broken off the relationship with Bianca – he had unfriended her on Facebook and listed his status as single – go Todd! Mom gave me hell, but it was worth it.

That night Mom really did have a date. She wore her ‘little black dress’ that highlighted her firm thighs and calves as well as her delicious ass. She really was drop-dead sexy – just not worth the price of admission. I knew she had a tight body because we both worked out all the time and I’d been seeing her for years in tight workout clothes.

I suspected her date was the father of a troubled kid who attended her school and she had somehow forced him to go out with her. The only problem was, I think the kid was about to graduate and would no longer be under her thumb. While privately predicting disaster, I noticed something in Mom I had never seen before.

Mom was nervous. Mom normally was completely confident and self-assured. All her relationship issues were someone else’s fault, but here she was at forty-six and about to be living in this big house all alone. Bianca would be gone half the summer, be back for only one month and then would be gone for her senior year in college. I was getting the fuck out of dodge … and I was the last one left.

“You looking smoking sexy Mom,” I commented as she waited for the guy to come and pick her up.

“When Walter (her date/victim for the night) shows up, don’t say anything. I want this to go well,” she warned me. She put her purse down, emptied most of it then checked her phone to see if he had called and she had somehow missed it.

I saw lube and condoms – not one, but five.

“Damn Lydia (she hates me using her first name), are you going to put out on the first date?” I teased.

“What?” she saw me looking at her purse and hurriedly swept things back in. “What I do sexually is none of your business.”

“Sure Mom,” I laughed at her. “I was only thinking that instead of handing it out to total strangers you might ask me to take care of that for you at home.” I was totally joking tricky masseur of course.

“You are just like your father – an utter limp dick bastard,” she glared.

“Well, I understand your frustration,” I smiled. “As far as I know, you haven’t had sex in the six years Dad’s been gone. That has to have been tough.”

“Six? More like ten,” she sighed. The confession shocked me. “Your father failed me as a husband long before he failed this family as a father.”

“Oh…well, good luck then,” I said evasively.

“Besides, what would you know about women?” Mom turned on me.

“Mom, I’m hardly a virgin,” I smirked. “There have been about a dozen ladies I’ve slept with.”

“Really? How come this is the first I’m hearing about this?” she grilled me.

“Like I would bring a girl around here?” I chuckled. “It was doubly dangerous in high school with you as the Principle. At least in college I didn’t have to worry about you terrorizing them.”

“You have always been a disrespectful little shit,” she growled. “I was only looking out for you.” I could have laughed. Oh, come one, the only people she looked after were herself and Bianca. It was her date night, so I let her off the hook. I did get my measure of revenge. When Walter showed up, I ran my hand over her nice, round ass as she opened the door.

She couldn’t bitch me out with the guy standing there, but she did beam waves of hate in my direction. It was worth it. Walter was good-looking, sandy haired and around forty. He was also nervous and unhappy. She made a point of letting me, and Walter, know that she would be back late. I don’t know how that poor bastard felt about it, but for me it meant some time to watch porn on the big screen TV in the basement. My monitor was, at best, merely mediocre.

A little over an hour later I’m really getting into a good scene shot from my PPV when the phone rang. It was Mom and she was seething.

“I’m at the Olive Garden (a restaurant),” she whispered. “Come get me and bring my wallet. I misplaced it in the kitchen.”

I wasn’t sadistic and I felt no need to question Mom about her dilemma. I threw on some clothes, headed upstairs, gathered the required items and headed out. The restaurant was interesting; the staff clearly suspected something was wrong. Mom was fuming and her date was nowhere in sight. They had even put the bill on her side of the table.

I wasn’t sure what came over me at that moment. I really didn’t like her, but Mom was clearly humiliated to be in this situation, so when she went to pay at the register, “Sorry my roommate had to rush to the hospital, Lydia,” I said loudly enough for the staff to hear. I ran my hand across her back to her hip then down to her ass. “I’m sure he will make it up to you later tonight.”

I’d thrown a plausible lie out there. It was up to Mom to have a screaming fit, or pop me one.

“You bet he will,” Mom threatened me. She didn’t shrug off my hand until we got outside though. Once I had pulled out of the parking lot and headed home she turned on me.

“What do you think you are getting away with by putting your hands on me?” she snapped.

“Yeah – whatever,” I mumbled. A ‘thank you’ was not something I expected.

“You had better check that attitude Mister,” she replied angrily. “You aren’t out of my house yet.”

“The option of living in my car is becoming more attractive,” I bantered back happily.

“You can’t wait to tuck your tail between your legs and skulk away, can you?” she questioned me bitterly.

“Well, your motherly love sure isn’t keeping me around,” I grinned at her. That kept her quiet until we got home.

“He ducked out after we ordered dessert,” she gave me out of nowhere, once we entered the household kitchen. She fought back a sob. Mom and I were hardly demonstrative, but to be fair, she took care of me when I was ill and didn’t keep me in a closet, or anything sick like that. I figured the last few days in this place, I could at least prove I wasn’t as bitter as she was.

I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her elbows on the countertop. When she first pushed herself up, I expected her normal bitchy self. Instead she sighed and leaned into me. That brought my face into contact with her neck and the perfume she was wearing. That combined with the firm, round globes of her ass against my groin began to arouse my cock.

As I began to pull away, Mom put her hands on mine to keep me there. Had my hardening penis gone down my pants leg, I would have been safe but I had been beating off before Mom called and my hard-on had never completely gone down. I was poking right between her ass cheeks and in a few seconds, she realized it too.

Mom let my hands go, allowing me to back away and head for my room. Only when I heard Mom say ‘I need a drink’ did I remember the debris I had left in the basement – where the bar was. She was quickly heading down to the basement before I could do anything. ‘Well fuck,’ I thought and headed to my room. Ten minutes later, Mom came storming into my bedroom.

“What is the meaning of – that – stuff downstairs?” she growled.

“I thought we could both get lucky tonight,” I shrugged. “Do you want me to go clean up my stuff?” Mom stared at me.

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