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Sleepwalking Stepson Ch. 01

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Night One

The sound of a sudden crash woke LISA MCFADDEN in the middle of the night. That damn cat, she thought. What has she done now? Lisa rose to her feet and tied a robe around her curvy figure. She thought for a moment that it could be a burglar and for the first time in years wished her husband was still around. The bastard left two years prior, leaving her with two kids from his previous marriage. Confident it was the cat, Lisa headed downstairs to investigate.

“Tabby, is that you?” she whispered in the dark, but the cat was nowhere to be found.

Lisa left the living room and entered the kitchen where she was startled to see a shadowy figure by the kitchen table. At first she gasped, thinking it was an intruder, but as her eyes adjusted to the light she recognized it was her stepson, Corey. What was he doing? Corey was eighteen and the youngest of the two children. His older sister was twenty and was enjoying her sophomore year in college. She loved them both, having raised them for a little more than a decade.

“Corey? What are you doing?” she asked but Corey didn’t respond. And then she remembered that Corey, at a young age, was a sleepwalker. The doctor said it was a phase, but that it could possibly come and go throughout his life. There wasn’t much to be done about the behavior, and the only other notable piece of information she recalled was to never wake a sleepwalker.

I better leave him alone, she thought, but then noticed the broken glass next to his feet. Clearly, the remnants of the broken glass that woke her moments earlier. Carefully, she swept the debris into a dustpan and was about to throw it away when she saw something else that surprised her…

Her stepson’s cock!

Oh my god! Lisa almost dropped the dustpan, but instead quickly set it down on a nearby counter. She stared in awe as her stepson stroked his cock right above the breakfast table! His cock is much larger than his fathers, she thought. Lisa estimated his penis was at least eight inches. Maybe nine. It was thick too, and the head was even bigger, like an over-sized mushroom. She wondered how something like that could possibly fit inside of a woman, inside her…

Lisa silently cursed herself for even thinking that, and then it happened…

Lisa watched in awe as Corey ejaculated all over the table! The same place they ate dinner only hours earlier! The eruption was massive and by the time he was finished there was a large puddle of semen as if someone had spilled a small glass of milk. Lisa stood there with her hands clamped over her mouth. She had never seen so much cum. Is this what eighteen year olds are capable of?

Finished, Corey turned and sleepwalked out of the kitchen and back upstairs. His cock went limp, but was still large and it swayed from side to side as he walked. Lisa caught her breath and gathered some cleaning materials. It took several paper towels, but she managed to wipe the area clean of her stepson’s cum. As she wiped, she wondered if she would ever be able to eat off this table again.

It’s so thick and warm…

After a night of tossing and turning in her sleep, Lisa woke to the noise of activity in the kitchen.

“Mom! You want coffee?” he heard Corey call out from the kitchen.

“Yes,” she yelled back, not wanting to do anything out of the ordinary. He probably had no vivid porno idea what happened and she needed to act natural.

Lisa entered the kitchen and saw Corey spreading cream cheese on two bagels. He was only wearing boxers, leaving his thin teenage body exposed. Lisa looked away and focused on the cup of coffee he had made for her.

“Don’t you think you should put some clothes on?” she asked.

“What? I can’t go to school like this?” he joked.

Realizing he always dressed like this in the morning, she decided to sit down and compose herself. Corey brought over two plates with bagels, but as he walked she stared right at his boxers. She could see the outline of his enormous cock swinging back and forth behind the thin piece of fabric. How did I never notice this before? She tried, but she couldn’t get the image of Corey’s bulbous penis out of her head. It was so hard and there was so much cum… She noticed she was unconsciously tracing her finger along the table in the very spot…

“You alright, mom?” Corey asked her.

“What? Yes. I’m fine,” she stammered. “I didn’t sleep well. Bad dreams.”

“I slept great,” Corey told her. “In fact. I feel better than normal.”

I bet you do.

“Alright, mom. Gotta go!” he said as he popped the last bite of his bagel in his mouth and headed out. In a few minutes he’d be dressed and off to school.

What am I going to do all day?

The answer was masturbate. Lisa decided if she couldn’t get his cock out of her mind, she might as well use it. She knew it was wrong to masturbate to her stepson’s cock, but at least they weren’t related by blood and it was, after all, just a fantasy… She pictured Corey stroking his cock as she lay naked on her bed. With one hand squeezing her large breast, the other plunged a finger deep into her pussy. With her back arched, she moaned with pleasure and fucked herself to orgasm.

“Corey!” she cried as she came hard in the bedroom.

But that wasn’t enough. Lisa was overcome with lust. She took to the shower and ran hot water over her naked body. She moved her hands up her stomach and over her round breasts, caressing them and teasing her nipples. She thought about his cock. It would fit perfectly between my breasts, she thought. She could wrap them around. Watch as he came… His cum. There was so much cum! Lisa let the warm water from the shower run into her mouth and overflow over her face. She wished it was his cum and she rubbed her clit until she climaxed for the second time.

I really need a man.

Night Two

“I’ve always wanted to,” Corey told her.

“You have?” Lisa asked, wide eyed. She was naked on the kitchen table with her legs spread. Corey was stroking his enormous cock inches from her pussy.

“Can I put it in?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Corey. It’s wrong,” she replied.

“Come on, mom.” he begged. “How about just the tip? Just for a second?”

“Okay, Corey. Just the tip.”

She looked down as Corey’s cock inched closer, the enormous head of his mushroom cock was about to press against her…

“Corey… Corey… yes…” Lisa moaned softly in her sleep before waking in a cold sweat. This is ridiculous, she thought angrily. Every time she closed her eyes she pictured his cock. It was like a song stuck in her head, and there was nothing she could woodman casting porno do about it. And then she heard a noise from the hall.

Was that Cory? Could he be sleepwalking again?

Excited, Lisa poked her head into the hall. Sure enough, she saw Corey sleepwalking again. Lisa followed him downstairs and into the kitchen. Just like last night. Was he going to do the same thing? She found out soon enough when Cory walked over to the table and pulled out his already hard cock and began to stroke it. Lisa could barely breathe. She tip-toed over to the table wanting to get a better look. Why was he doing this? And why here?

There it was. Just as impressive as the night before. This time, though, she was no longer shocked. She was able to admire it. The stiffness. The bulging veins running down the shaft. The massive head. She had seen a few cocks in her day but this one was clearly the best.

God I want to taste it…

Feeling light headed, Lisa sat down perpendicular to Corey and his cock. She had a profile view of Corey masturbating and couldn’t help but join him. She moved her hand under her gown and began to massage her clit. Her hand moved slowly at first, rubbing and pressing… Then, as Corey picked up speed… so did she. Rubbing faster and faster as his hand moved at a blazing speed up and down up and down, her hand moving in small, fast circles…

“Oh god, Corey,” she whispered.

Her eyes narrowed, concentrating on the cock. She licked her lips. She was so close. She wished she had it in her mouth. In her pussy. In her ass. Wherever he wanted it! She didn’t care. And it was at that moment she came and when she did, so did Corey. Massive spurts of cum coated the table as Lisa did her best to suppress what would otherwise be her own screams of passion. She hadn’t orgasmed that hard in her entire life, or at least, not that she could remember. Chills ran up and down her body. Wave after wave. A welcome assault on her nervous system.

“Oh, Corey…” she whispered through heavy breathing.

Corey didn’t hear her, as he was still fast asleep. She watched his cock deflate and he turned and left the room. Lisa sat still and stared at the mess he had made. The mess she had to clean up. The cum. The thick and creamy cum…

I want to taste it.

Lisa dipped her finger in the thickest part of Corey’s cum and scooped up a healthy amount. She admired it as it ran along her finger and then she did what would have been unthinkable only a day before. She put her stepson’s cum in her mouth. She felt the warm, creamy, salty goodness against her tongue. It had been years since she tasted cum, and she had forgotten how much she enjoyed it.

Oh my god. What is wrong with me?

Night Three

Lisa sat across from Corey at the kitchen table the next night. They ate pizza. Corey looked at his phone the entire time, which was normal. Teenage boys didn’t talk much. Lisa just looked at him, still shocked by the events of the last two nights. How could his cock be so big? And why was he jerking off on the table all of a sudden? She had to suppress the urge to tear off his clothes and see that magnificent cock again.

“Do you ever have girlfriend’s, Corey?” she asked.

“What?” Corey replied.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of you going on a date,” she told türkçe alt yazı porno him.

“It’s not the 1950’s, mom. We just hang out now,” he replied.

“Well, have you hung out with girls?”

“Yes… I’ve hung out with them.” he said, unwilling to divulge.

“I just wanted to make sure,” Lisa started to say.

“Mom. I’m too old for the sex talk,” he cut her off.

Lisa frowned. She wanted to know more but didn’t know how to ask. Did you fuck them with your giant cock? Did they swallow your cum? Were they good little whores? But that wasn’t appropriate dinner conversation between a mother and son.

“Are you a virgin?” she blurted out instead.


“I just want to make sure you’re safe out there. There’s a lot of stuff going around,” she said quickly.

“I’ll be careful,” he told her and went back to his phone.

Lisa sighed. He didn’t want to talk about it. Probably for the best, she thought. And after watching some TV, they both went to bed. Lisa didn’t sleep, though. She waited. 11, 12… she watched the clock. It had been around this time the last two nights. Would it happen again? Could she be so lucky?

There was a creak. Someone was in the hall. Lisa bolted upright. Just like the night before, she poked her head outside and saw Corey heading downstairs.

A few minutes later, Lisa sat down at the table as Corey stroked his magnificent cock.

“Okay, Corey. Time for the show,” Lisa said, licking her lips and putting her hand in position under her gown. But then she had another thought.

Quietly, she pushed the table away from Corey giving her just enough room to kneel in front of his cock. He didn’t know the difference and was now jerking off with his cock pointed directly at her face. The site of his cock from this angle almost caused her to orgasm right on the floor. Now she would be in the perfect position for his cum. She could have it in her mouth, her face, both… it was only a matter of time.

She pushed down hard on her clit and alternated between rubbing and fucking herself as Corey kept stroking. “Oh, Corey. Give it to me,” she said softly.

I want to swallow it.

Corey picked up the pace and she could hear his breath quicken. He was close. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She couldn’t wait. It was so delicious the night before she was upset with herself all day she didn’t eat more of it off the table.

This time I won’t waste a drop.

Corey groaned and the first blast flew into Lisa’s open mouth. It was quickly followed by a second and a third. She pushed her mouth closer and closer as he kept cumming until the stream weakened. She managed to catch it all in her mouth, with the majority of his semen landing on her outstretched tongue. She wished there was a mirror so she could see how much.

Rubbing her clit, she brought her cum covered tongue into her mouth and swallowed. Lisa felt the thick cum ooze down her throat and as it did, she came. Hard.

“Oh my god,” she cried as quietly as possible. Tears rolled from her eyes and she looked up to see the still large cock hanging above her face. There was a thick glob of cum hanging from the tip. Instinctively, she licked at the glob but there was more…

“The hell with it,” she said out loud.

She wrapped her lips around the head of Corey’s cock and sucked out the remaining amount of cum before letting the cock go and letting Corey wander off to his bedroom.

Lisa sat there, the cum taste still in her mouth, and masturbated to climax again.

I have never felt so alive.

To be continued…

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