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Sloppy Seconds

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Tim stood behind the bar and surveyed the empty club. Only one customer had wandered in, not surprising for 1500 at a strip club. After a few short minutes of watching Tim’s sister dance they had headed into one of the back rooms that was nearly an hour ago.

Hearing footsteps Tim looks towards the hall and sees the man walking back in with a satisfied smile. He doesn’t say a word, simply nods and heads up the stairs and into the night. Tim chuckles slightly, wondering if he wore a similar expression after his first sexual encounter with his sister.

Wondering why Dinky hadn’t come back out into the club he heads into the back to check on her. Stepping through the door he stops in mid stride when he sees her. She is completely naked leaned back on the couch and taking a deep drag off of a cigarette. Sweat covers her young body, her flat stomach and huge breasts glistening in the light of the room. Her smooth pussy is covered and dripping with the man’s thick creamy seed.

“I didn’t think that little dicked bastard was ever gonna cum!” Dinky sighs with exasperation, a thick plume of smoke pouring from her lips as she speaks.

“Aww. Poor baby had to work for her money?” Tim asks teasingly as his eyes drift back down to her pussy. Tim had been literally addicted to his little sister’s pussy ever since the first time she surprised him in the shower. Her smooth fat pussy lips never looked more inviting then when they were covered with some strangers cum. Thats right Tim loved sloppy seconds. Kinky sure, but considering the pussy belonged to his little sister that seemed to be the least of Tim’s kinks.

Dinky just gives amatör porno her brother one of her patented dirty looks as she pulls hard on her cigarette. She exhales forcefully before responding to him, the thick smoke slowly drifting above her head. “Nearly an hour of fucking.” She grumbles “And with that tiny dick of his I never even came close to cuming.” She says holding up her fingers about 11cm apart to show Tim how small the man was as she lifts her cigarette to her lips and inhales deeply again. She laughs out loud, the smoke slowly escaping as she does before continuing. “I finally had to tell him he had the biggest cock id ever had, that did the trick!” She said proudly.

Dinky had changed so much since they ran away from home together. Tim truly loved that she had become an unapologetic slut. “It’s not his fault, not everyone can work with one of these.” He says with a glint in his eye as he unzips his jeans and pulls out his thick cock. Dinky’s eyes light up at the sight of 24cm of thick meat pointing straight at her, her tongue slips out slightly and wets her lips.

Tim walks across the room to where his sister sits. “What he lacked in dick he seems to make up for with volume.” He says teasingly as he lowers his hand and runs his finger through the man’s cum that coats her plump outer lips. Dinky’s sharp intake of breath proves how frustrated she is. The hour of unfulfilling sex had left her needy for the kind of fucking only her brother could give her.

Lifting his hand he slowly coats her lips with the strangers cum. Dinky knows exactly what’s coming and doesn’t waste time trying to clean anal porno off her lips. She brings the cigarette back to her lips, coating the filter with cum as she takes one last drag before tossing it away. Sex with her big brother was always amazing, but Tim always seemed on another level when her pussy was freshly fucked.

Grabbing her by the hips Tim pulls her ass to the edge of the couch and quickly pushes his pants to his ankles. Grabbing his thick cock around the base he guides his swollen head between her cum covered lips. He slowly teases her, rubbing his head up and down along her slick slit. The customers warm creamy cum coating his head as he rubs it against her swollen clit.

“Just fuck me god damn it!” Dinky shouts, in no mood to be teased after an hour of bad sex. Tim laughs and in one quick forceful stroke he buries his huge cock balls deep i to his sisters cum filled cunt. The force of his stroke forcing sticky cum out around his shaft, the cum coating her fat pussy lips splashes across both of their stomachs. “Ohh fuck yes!” Dinky moans. “That’s how you treat a pussy.” She says huskily as she wraps her legs around her brother’s ass and holds him tight inside her.

Reaching out Tim uses one hand to grab a large breast, once again Tim thinks that those tits were worth every penny. The other hand he places on her neck. He tightens his grip with both hands and slowly drags his cock out of her cunt before impaling her again. “You like that you dirty little whore?!” He growls with the next stroke. “Your big brother taking your sloppy seconds.” He adds as he starts to stroke at a steady pace. ana breakers porno

Tim’s grip was so tight around her throat that she had no chance of answering him, she simply nodded as that sweet tingling started and signaled her approaching orgasm. Her brothers huge cock stretching her little pussy felt so good after the pencil of a dick the customer had shoved into her clumsily for an hour. She squeezed tighter with her legs as her orgasm crashed over her.

Tim slowed his pace slightly as Dinky started to cum. Her tight 19 year old body bucking uncontrollably underneath him. She gasped for air that wasn’t there until he relaxed his grip just long enough for her to take a deep breath before locking down again. The combination of her wild movement and her tight little cunt clenching around his invading shaft quickly send Tim over the edge.

With one last powerful stroke Tim goes balls deep into her and explodes. Thick streams of his warm seed pump from his throbbing head to mingle with the customers deep in his sisters womb. Slowly pulling back he lets his cock slide out of her with a wet plop before standing and looking down at her. His creamy cum seeps slowly from her gaping pussy and he chuckles as he watches. ” What would mom and dad think if they could see their little princess now?” He asks as he slaps her messy cunt, sending a shudder through her body and causing her to instinctively close her legs.

“Mom would probably be jealous, you know dad never fucked her like that.” She answers with a Mischievous glint in her eye as she sits up and smiles. Without another word she leans forward and takes her brothers softening prick into her mouth. She slowly cleans the length of his shaft as she looks up at him.

Watching his cute little sister look up at him as she cleaned a mixture of three peoples cum from his cock he couldn’t help but marvel at what a good little slut she had become…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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