Haz 01

Sneak Attack

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She tiptoes into the dark room, careful to not make any noise.

He grumbles something and rolls onto his belly.

She freezes, afraid he is waking up.

He rubs his face into the pillow and settles into sleep.

She stands still, waiting to hear his breathing pick up a constant rhythm.

She silently removes her clothes, letting them drop quietly to the floor.

She climbs in bed as if she were going to sleep, so he doesn’t wake up.

She sneaks her hand to his back and traces light circles slowly up his spine.

His muscles twitch in response.

She scoots under the covers and places little kisses on his lower back.

He grunts and shakes his hips.

She runs her tongue gently across the top of each ass cheek, dipping into the cleft between the two.

He moans and raises his hips slightly.

She smiles as she runs her tongue down and around to nibble at the plump roundness of each cheek.

He sucks his breath in and spreads his legs slightly.

She smiles as she lowers her tongue and flicks it at the newly exposed flesh of his sack.

He reaches around and grabs her by the hair and pulls her away as he rolls onto his back.

She grins at him as she dips her head to kiss and lick his taunt stomach muscles.

He groans and presses the back of her head.

She licks down across his hips and traces lazy circles in his thick mass of course curls.

He moves güvenilir bahis his legs farther apart in anticipation.

She nips at the soft skin between his thigh and groin area.

He jerks slightly.

She runs her tongue down his inner thigh and flicks each of his balls as she crosses to the other leg.

He inhales deeply and flexes his thigh muscles, pressing her head toward his swollen and aching member.

She shakes her head out of his grasp and moves down to suckle his sack, drawing each one in to roll her tongue over and around.

He pushes his hips forward and groans.

She releases his warm flesh and flicks her tongue at the base of his throbbing erection.

He rolls his head back and fort, smashing his face into the pillow.

She runs her wet tongue up to the tip, flicking ferociously at the little divot.

He jerks at her touch.

She opens her mouth and gently runs her teeth over the smooth cap.

He growls and grabs at her head.

She swats his hands away as she wraps her lips around him.

He stills at the feeling of her soft warm lips.

A sigh escapes him.

She laps her tongue around his head, dipping into the slit in the center.

He bucks his hips at her.

She slowly lowers her mouth, gently sucking.

He grips the sheets tightly, enjoying her torture.

She pulls him in and out of her mouth, applying more pressure as she goes.

His türkçe bahis breathing is ragged; he continues to bunch the sheets at his side.

She quickens her pace, savoring the salty flavor of him.

She rakes her nails down his stomach.

He arches his back and stops her head mid stroke.

She releases him and runs her tongue up his thickness one last time as he pulls her up on top of him.

He grabs the back of her head and pulls her face to his, capturing her lips in a hungry kiss.

His tongue impatiently invades her warm mouth.

She responds eagerly.

He runs his hands over her back and roughly squeezes her ass.

She presses her hips into him.

He slips his finger between her cheeks and rubs her puckered flesh.

She moans into his mouth and raises her hips.

He rubs his fingertips across her slick hot entrance.

She breaks the kiss, breathing heavily.

He runs his tongue teasingly across his open lips.

Spreading her legs, she sits up on him and grinds her wetness into him.

He grabs her hips and raises her slightly, tilting his hips forward and brings her down onto him slowly.

She gasps as she feels him enter her.

He stops her downward motion and moves his hips up and down, teasing her with the head of his dick.

She grinds her teeth and pushes her hips forward.

He pulls her quickly down, impaling himself deep in side her.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri gasps at the sudden pressure of fullness.

She looks down at his smiling face and begins to slowly rotate her hips.

He tightens his grip on her waist, raising and lowering her as she moves on him.

She moans loudly as he torments her with his thrusts.

She digs her nails into his chest.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her to him, turning them over.

He nibbles on her neck as he pummels his hips.

She opens her legs wide and wraps them around his waist, meeting him thrust for thrust.

He buries his head in her neck, biting at the throbbing pulse.

She digs her nails into his back and bites his shoulder as the first wave hits her.

She bucks uncontrollably beneath him.

He feels her tighten around him and presses his face deeper into her neck as he feels the eruption near.

He pounds into her, reeling at the electricity flowing through him.

She screams out as the lightening bolt shoots through her.

He pumps harder feeling himself hurl towards the edge.

He throws his head back roaring at the sudden release as the explosion envelopes him.

He collapses on top of her, completely spent.

She pants heavily, feeling their sweat mingle on her belly.

She drags a lazy arm up and caresses his neck.

He kisses her shoulder and pulls from her, dropping exhausted next to her and gropes for the covers.

She snuggles up to him and falls into a satisfied sleep before the covers touch her heated skin.

He grins as he looks down at her.

He loves when she sneaks up on him.

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