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Subject: Sniffing my dads underwear CHAPTER 2 ( – gay – incest ) Sniffing my dads underwear CHAPTER 2 By drcock hoo or kik me at drcock1990 [Disclaimer: This story is a work of my true experience slightly altered with some fiction. If you are under the legal age of eighteen or if the story of father and son incest do not appeal to you, please leave immediately! I won’t continue this story if I aint got no good responses from you guys. Your kind words do mean a lot to me as a sort of motivation. You are welcome to email me at hoo or kik me always at drcock1990. If you would love to read more but just can’t wait for me to post them on , you may make a request through email or kik then I’ll be more than pleased to send you an advance copy. Last but not least, PLEASE CONSIDER TO MAKE DONATION TO NIFTY AS THEY NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE. Thanks!] Dave was the coolest cousin I had. He got wavy blond hair, light blue eyes, cute facial features and slim body. All the while I never thought he would show any inclination toward fooling around with guys since I was told he had too many girlfriends to count in school. But, I was wrong and I only found out he had the `hots’ for my dad when he was staying with us for a few days during winter break. That time I was still pretty prudish as I was just hitting puberty at 12 and he was just turning 14. It was always a treat to see him because he had been away at boarding school and came home on rare occasions. I was also shocked to hear that for the first time he would be staying with us and sharing room with me. Since I was the only child of my parents, I was always feeling alone at home. Toys, video games and television became my babysitters and best friends. When Dave was with us for five days, I was pleased to have him around to accompany me. The first three days he was there, we spent much time playing video games. Then, we decided to play toys or hide and seek in the house in next two days before he left us. But, something else happened on day 4 when Dave was with us. I still remember that it was evening on that friday and we were playing toys in my parents bedroom since their room was spacious. Every Friday evening, my dad would be home as always to spend time with us over the weekend, before leaving again on following şişli travesti Sunday evening. But, he got home much earlier than usual that day. Like always, the first thing he would do once coming home was to take a hot shower to wash off the day’s grime and sweat from a hard day at work. My dad would certainly be using the private bathroom in his room. We were still in the mid of fun laughing and playing toys on floor as we didn’t notice the door was quietly opened, and someone slipped in. We stopped for a moment because we thought we heard something, and we turned around then seeing my dad walked in and closed the door. He was wearing a dark blue work coveralls which was as always greasy and dirty. Dad smelled musky-sweaty-ripe after working a day in his workshop. “Hey son, how are ya” Dad asked with a low baritone voice that I found to be one of his masculine trait. “Pretty good, dad.” “Hey Dave! You’re here! I’m so happy you could come over and spend some time with us! Come give your Uncle Troy a big hug.” my dad said fondly with a big smile on his face. Dave cheered up the moment he saw my dad stepped in the room. He immediately sprang out of floor to take a few quick steps and jumped into my dad’s outstretched huge arms. Dave buried his face right in my dad’s muscular chest as they hugged tightly. His hands went around my dad’s back and dropped to his hard butt. It seemed to me that my cousin didn’t mind hugging my dad when he was still in his dirty work cloths. “Dave, it’s so good to see you again!” my dad said as he wrapped his arms around Dave’s shoulder, giving him a warm, firm hug. “I’m really glad to see you too Uncle Troy!” exclaimed Dave as he returned my dad’s hug. “God, this feels so good!” Dave said as the two of them stood there with their arms wrapped around each other in a genuine embrace of friendship and love. “I guess we’re both happy to see each other.” my dad said. As my dad untangled himself from Dave’s arms, Dave looked down on my dad’s crotch before joining me back to our toys. Then, I noticed that Dave’s crotch seemed a little hard. “Dad, are you taking a shower now?” I asked. “Yes, of course, son, I’m pretty sore.” he said. “Wow, you two really get into this…huh? Oh well, I’d like it if you two would tidy things beylikdüzü travesti up, it’s a bit messy and your mom doesn’t have much time this week,” he said while noticing the mess of toys on the floor. “I’m gonna hit the shower. Make sure you two clear the mess before I come out from shower. Dinner is ready soon!” My dad ordered in his fatherly tone. “OK, dad” I replied submissively. We stayed silence for a while before we realized that we gonna have a front row seat to a “hot daddy strip show”. We had a full frontal view of my dad when he suddenly unzipped his coverall all the way down. It had a zipper up the front that went from his neck all the way to the crotch. It had short sleeves that showed off his hairy arms with veins running along his muscles. The suit was unzipped partway down in front and I could see his monster pecs crammed into the grey shirt. Dad started to pull the top of his suit open after pulling the arms out of the sleeves, revealing his incredible chest. He pulled the top off of his shoulders with his hands and let it drop to his waist. Then he reached down and finished pulling the zipper down and the dirty suit fell to the floor. We just sat there and watched. He was out of the coverall by now except for his shirt and jeans. His t-shirt was really sweaty because he had just come back from his work and it was one of these grey things that turn dark when the fabric is wet. Then, it started to smell like a fucking locker-room, but neither of us bothered it at that moment. Then, my dad pulled and peeled his dirty t-shirt up his chest and across his nipples slowly. The pelt of thick, black and grey chest hair started at his neck, fanned out over the large, muscular mounds of his pecs, with their half-dollar-sized areolas and thick, pointed nipples protruding through the fur, then narrowed over his diaphragm only to spread luxuriously again his navel and finally tapering again as it disappeared beneath the jeans he unfortunately had on to cover his privates. Dad got the t-shirt over his head and held it with one hand. He noticed us starring at him, but he didn’t mind having us watching him stripping. Then, he casually reached down and popped the top button on his jeans. He grabbed the two sides of the material and pulled, popping the buttons istanbul travesti down the fly. As he did, his bulging, raunchy navy blue briefs that left little to the imagination, appeared between the two sides of the material. I didn’t know why my heart was pounding as I watched him stripping his clothes off. It caught Dave’s attention too as he fixated his eyes on my dad’s crotch. Then, I noticed Dave popping a boner in his pants and he tried to cover it up by crossing his legs when he saw me starring at him. The strip show continued as I watched my dad carefully and slowly pulled the jeans down to his knees, giving us a perfect view of his basket in his tightly and stuffed low-rise navy blue briefs! He made sure he did not drag the briefs down with the jeans before he stepped out of them one leg at a time with the coveralls. He then bent down to grab the coveralls and jeans. He held all dirty clothes including his sweaty shirts in one hand, and then he head to his dresser drawer that was just next to us. While he walked past me to the drawer, he squeezed my shoulder but my gaze was constantly fixed on his bulging crotch. I had never seen him in his underwear, so there I was inspecting every inch of his crotch on that rare occasion when he was just in his underwear. As he stood there next to the drawer, his bulging briefs-covered cock just inches from our face. Our face were at the same level as his crotch and so we had found ourselves staring right at his thinly covered dick. It was irresistible for us to see his manly package before our eyes, his cock tenting out his tight briefs that was worn thin, looking huge and close to our face. I could see the thick, bushy hair as it escaped the containment of the material at his crotch. I could even see the outlines of the mushroom-shaped cockhead that capped the length of his meaty rod. Balls and cock seemed ready to burst through the well-stretched fabric that was still wet with his sweat from that day that built up over time while at work. But, all I could smell was his manliness. I quickly reverted my eyes to the toys when I noticed him starring at me. But still I couldn’t help but notiice him again when he was busy opening and checking out the dresser drawer. My cousin and I were mesmerized by the sight of his huge sexy hairy body especially his magnificent bulge in his well worn sexy briefs. I never knew about his meat, but by the look of his basket, I guessed there to be a good sized piece there. Then, suddenly I felt a stirring in my groin…… … to be continued

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