Nis 03

Snowed In

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Warning: this is a very long story. IF this is not your thing, all of my other stories are shorter!

Edited by: Sam. Thanks!

“Stop looking at her tits!” part of Will’s mind was screaming, while quite another part kept playfully stealing glances at the remarkable cleavage. The cleavage in question was right next to him, in the passenger seat as he was driving. He had seen it very many times in his life. Heck, he’d even seen it bloom through its owner’s puberty! Right now though, nestled as it was inside a barely visible red lace bra and framed by a shirt that was loosely opened, it was making him crazy with lust. “Why did she have to slip the safety belt under her arm?”

Will was well aware of the strap effect. This effect came about when the strap of a heavy purse passing between a woman’s breasts only made them seem bigger. But when the breasts were already big to begin with, having them loose was even better. Every bump in the road made them dance, inviting and teasing his eyes. The girl beside him seemed oblivious to his glances, or if she knew, she didn’t mind. What was the problem then? The oft-obsessed-over cleavage belonged to his twin sister.

Once again Will tore his eyes away and focused on the road, especially since it was covered in snow. They still had about an hour before arriving at their destination, the family cabin. Four days away from everything, with only the close family: their parents, the twins and their respective partners. Will had been in a steady relationship for three years now, and his sister Brittany just shy of two years. The six of them usually enjoyed these four traditional days a lot. This year was shaping up to be even more fun for Will though.

Then again, this was part of the problem. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend for over a month now because she was far away in college. Yet in their phone calls and letters she had been just a bit more open than usual. Sexually open. Will loved Danae very much and could see himself building his life with her. She was very pretty and sexy despite smallish breasts. She filled her B cup bras well enough, but no matter how beautiful B-cup breasts could be, there are thing they just couldn’t do. But that was not Will’s main problem. Danae was somewhat of a prude. For her, having sex with the lights on was naughty. It goes without saying that Will’s imagination could go a lot naughtier. A lot.

So during the last few weeks, when he began hearing and reading about how excited she was to finally get back to him, he had decided that this year’s cabin time would be the best so far! This time she had even made it clear that she was sexually excited. He had made a mistake in the past, mistaking general excitement for sexual excitement. Bad call, wouldn’t happen again… This time they were on the same page, and they would be fucking quite a lot during those days and nights. So for the past two weeks, despite his usual average of about once a day, Will hadn’t masturbated at all.

That brings us back to the car, where the eyes of our poor over-excited Will had easy access to his sister’s remarkable breasts. It wasn’t even completely accidental. Claiming to feel cold, he had turned the heat way up. He had smiled when Brittany removed two buttons of her shirt, then a third. Now, though, his pleasure was bitter sweet. He was enjoying each and every glance, yet his hard cock was beginning to be painful and he really did have to concentrate on the road.

When the storm began, he was very happy to be only fifteen minutes away from the cabin. He helped his sister carry all her stuff and hurried to start a roaring fire inside. With the heat beginning to radiate in the living room, he smiled, then grinned as he looked at the big logs in the rack. Maybe if he accidentally built the fire too much, his sister would take off more of her clothing. Will shook his head and took a deep breath when he got up. He really had to clear his head and try not to think about his sister’s breasts.

In her room, Brittany removed her winter coat as she unpacked her two suitcases even though it was still chilly. She was still feeling impish and mischievous about the car ride. Her brother hadn’t really felt cold, and she hadn’t actually needed to undo that third button. Ever since her breasts began to grow, she had learnt to accept and tolerate her brother’s glances and sometimes even his obvious gawking. Of course it had felt really awkward and even shameful at first. A growing teenage girl was a delicate thing. But over the years, as he kept stealing glances in more respectful ways, she had begun to see it as a unique form of compliment. He had never tried anything weird, so she didn’t try to stop him or dress more conservatively.

Now 23 years old, the twins didn’t see each other all that often despite living in the same town. It had taken Brittany a few minutes before she understood why he brother kept turning the heat higher and higher. It was clear that he wasn’t cold; his cheeks even turned red at one point. When she did click, she smiled and sighed, and began unbuttoning czech couples porno her shirt. Danae was pretty and fun to be with but she did have small breasts. Poor Will, having truly fallen in love with his very first girlfriend with small breasts. Brittany hoped that Danae hadn’t seen pictures of Will’s previous five or six girlfriends!

Now in her room, with the double bed she was going to share with her boyfriend, she forgot about her brother and grinned as she saw her little metal box, locked with a key she kept tied to her panties. Before meeting her current boyfriend, Matt, Brittany would never have described herself as wild. But slowly, he had made her discover new and unexpected sides to sexual pleasure. Making sure that the door was firmly closed and locked, Brittany stripped down to her bra and panties despite the cold. Delicately she undid the knot tying the key to her panties, and bent over the box to unlock it.

She made sure all her toys were there, especially Matt’s latest gift of a very small buttplug, but it was her butterfly that she pulled out. The first butterfly she had agreed to wear with Matt had been a simple one, which vibrated when turned on. This one was something else. It must have cost Matt quite a lot of money, but it turned out to be a very good investment. This butterfly vibrated when turned on, but it had a dimmer function so she could give herself a very soft buzz if she wanted it.

While wonderful, this wasn’t why the thing was so good. It was also remote controlled. On his phone, Matt had a little app that could remotely control the butterfly. Oh the fun they’d had with it, in all sorts of private and public places. Looking at her own phone, also loaded with the app, Brittany decided to put it on right now. Matt was supposed to arrive late in the afternoon, so about three hours from now. It would be weird to wear this with Will around, but Brittany was very, very keyed up and knew Matt would have the time of his life tonight.

So Brittany pulled her panties down, a very sexy red lace matching her bra. She hadn’t even brought regular cotton panties, nor did she bring sport bras. Matt had only been here twice, but both times had been filled with great sex. After adjusting the butterfly exactly where she wanted it, she pulled her panties back up and selected. She chose a long red skirt and a nice warm woollen sweater over her bra.

She was about to get out when she paused, and smiled a wicked smile. “Is the fire going yet, Will?” she shouted through the wall. When he replied that it was, she pulled the sweater off and selected a white tank top. Red skirt, white top, over a red lace bra. She looked like a candy cane. A sexy candy cane! Brittany pulled her long black hair into a bun and opened the door. As she did, she thought that Danae was going to have to deal with Will and his monstrously swollen lust.

When Will saw his sister coming out of her cool room, dressed as she was with both her nipples poking through the red lace and white top, he momentarily closed his eyes. He had just managed to resist putting the huge logs on the fire. As he’d been kneeling in front of the fire, with images of his sister’s cleavage running through his mind, he had taken a deep breath and tried to cool off. Now, looking at Brittany from the side as she emptied the cooler full of supplies, he slowly shook his head.

He couldn’t wait for Danae to arrive, and he was going to eat her alive, with or without the lights on! Grabbing his own pack he went to his room to unpack. Brittany wasn’t the only one who had brought toys, although Will’s toy was very different. It was a wi-fi camera, or, if he wanted to be honest, a spy camera. Despite his growing excitement about the coming days and nights with Danae, he had been frustrated in the past, had had his hopes dashed and torn down. And now, as a little reparation for those, he had bought himself some sort of insurance. He’d been resisting it for a long time now, and decided to go for it. He wanted to see her naked and be free to look at her as much as he damned pleased! If a camera was the only way to do it, then so be it.

Putting the very small camera back into his socks, he finished unpacking. On his dresser there was an old picture of himself with Brittany on their 12th birthday. She looked like an angel, a little child untouched by any adult thought. But he remembered just how crazy her changing body had made him. A deep breath later, with his sister’s current nipples and breasts filling his mind again, he placed the picture back in the dresser and unpacked, trying his best to think of something else.

Brittany and Will spent the next couple of hours arranging the cabin. Will finally adapted himself to the conspicuous presence of his sister’s breasts, and they were both feeling good. Yet in the space of five minutes, the whole vacation changed. Their parents called, quickly followed by Matt. The only road that led to the cabin was closed because of the storm. Looking outside, the twins couldn’t czech estrogenolit porno quite believe it. Yes there was a storm, but it wasn’t all that bad.

An hour later they understood. It was a hell of a storm. For a while Will hoped that Danae had been on the road before it closed, but soon enough she also called. Together, the twins heard that their parents and lovers would spend the night in a hotel, about three hours away. If that wasn’t bad enough, the storm looked like it was a real monster and the forecast was that it would only get bigger on the morrow. After hanging up, both of them began swearing profusely and very creatively.

Fifteen very silent minutes later, Matt called again and Brittany picked up. She was in the kitchen while Will was tending to the fire. When he turned around, he saw that his sister was leaning forward, her elbows on the counter. As frustrated as he was about the storm, he felt a twinge of desire pulsing in his cock. “Gods, am I a slave to this thing!” he thought to himself. “I have to masturbate or else I’m going to do something really stupid! Then again, if Danae makes it tomorrow, I still want to…” Unable to decide, he elected to spend some time in the jacuzzi.

Quickly changing into his swimsuit he headed downstairs and jumped into the jacuzzi. There, trying to relax as much as he could, he was unsurprised to feel an erection growing and growing. His head resting on the plastic cushion, he grinned and squeezed his cock with his hand. “It wouldn’t take much… wouldn’t take much time either!” he thought. He wasn’t about to do it in here, and spend the rest of the week imagining his cum floating around. But it was clear that he had to. On that thought, he saw his sister appear, wearing her bikini. Their eyes met for a second, but he closed his eyes nonetheless. He was trying his very best to forget the unbelievable curves of her breasts, waist, hips, thighs, pussy against the tight fabric… Brittany was probably going to ask why he had closed his eyes, but he didn’t care. If he could at least wait until she was in the water…

When Brittany saw her brother’s eyes closing, after a quick glance on her breasts, she realized that her bikini was very small. After spending a relaxed afternoon with Will, and the whole storm debacle, she had forgotten about her breasts. She knew exactly why he had closed his eyes, and stayed silent. They eventually began talking about the situation, but the discussion was awkward and soon she got out. Frustrated herself, she didn’t spare a lot of thought on her brother’s own frustration.

Half an hour later she called him up for dinner. She had prepared a light version of the feast they had planned, and was glad to see that Will was feeling better. She had decided to wear her big sweater, not wanting to mess with her brother tonight. She had also decided against putting her butterfly back after the jacuzzi, not wanting to mess with herself either. They spend the evening together, talking from time to time or reading together in front of the fire. A far cry from the planned evening, but enjoyable despite everything.

Finally alone in her room, Brittany decided that she had to take some of the sexual edge off. During dinner she had walked behind Will and offered him a quick shoulder massage. She had ended up staying there more than twenty minutes. While she had never been as obsessed with his body as he was with hers, she still thought that her brother was good looking. And with her hands on his shoulders and chest, she was taken completely by surprise by the feelings that were blooming inside her.

Completely naked under her blankets, she looked at the golden key attached to her discarded panties, lying there on the chair, but refrained herself. “Better to keep this for tomorrow.” she thought. For tonight, her fingers would be more than enough. Erotic images of Matt popped up automatically as her hand slipped between her legs, but before she climaxed, more than once she saw Will appear in there as well. It was strange, but it was not the very first time. A few times when they both lived in their parents’ house, she had found herself becoming wet and very excited for no reason. She would later realize that her brother had been having sex at that same time. Maybe it was because they were somehow linked as twins? Anyway, her mind wasn’t able, ready or even willing to tackle that problem as the first wave of her climax hit her. The fact that it was her brother’s face that she had imagined between her legs didn’t matter at all. Maybe he was simply doing the same thing in his room.

Will wasn’t. In fact, he was as frustrated as possible. Even more than earlier. Just after he went to his room for the night, he had called Danae. At first it was just to talk and commiserate. Yet after half an hour of hearing her voice on the phone, Will began imagining a different kind of phone call. He had never had phone sex with Danae, and this seemed like a good night to suggest it. He tried to be subtle about it, czech experiment porno tried to take his time, but he was too frustrated and pent up to do it properly. When Danae understood what he was trying to suggest, she laughed in surprise, thinking that it was a joke. When he said that he was serious, there was a long pause, then a burst of anger from her.

Sitting on his bed in silence, after the call, Will could only barely understand what had happened. In the last few weeks, Danae had clearly and undeniably more opened to a variety of sexual ideas and notions than even before. She must have been just as excited as he was about the cabin. Yet when he seriously suggested that they have phone sex to compensate for the distance between them, Danae had exploded, accusing him of wanting nothing more than her body. Apparently she was ready for sex, but only because she envisioned the week at the cabin as a supremely romantic time together. He replied that he wanted that too, but since they couldn’t be together tonight… “So what, Will? We can have sex on the phone but can’t share tenderness? What are you, some kind of pervert? Can’t think of anything else than sex?”

The call ended soon after that, leaving Will in a turmoil of anger and sadness. He put his boxers back on, feeling bad for even having thought that it would work, then a pair of pants and shirt. He was not in the mood for sleep right now, nor would he even consider masturbating. He grabbed his tablet and walked out of his room, into the cabin’s darkness. Had the wind been quieter right then, he may have heard his sister’s moans. But as it was, he simply walked past her room and headed for the nice big chair next to the fireplace.

Half an hour later, way too hot next to the fire, Will moved to the rocking chair in the kitchen, and kept reading. He was re-reading a novel from his favorite author, Guy Gavriel Kay, and as he dove into the book he felt his spirits rising again. He’d call Danae tomorrow morning and apologize, explaining why he had suggested it, and saying that he missed her in all possible ways, not only sexually. Danae was quick to anger, but also quick to cool off, so it should work alright. After a few deep breaths, feeling much better, he closed his tablet and enjoyed the near darkness. It was amazing how black the night could be in the mountains, far away from cities and electric lights. The storm was adding to the effect. Aside from the weakly reflected glow of the fire, he couldn’t see anything outside the windows. In that dark silence, he heard Brittany’s door opening.

Brittany’s plan had been simple: masturbate, sleep and hopefully wake up to find an abated storm. Sadly, while her climax had been pleasant enough, sleep hadn’t followed. Sometimes she wished that she could be like most guys, falling asleep easily after a climax. But it didn’t work that way for her. So after turning and twisting in her bed for a while, unable to find sleep, Brittany lit a candle and sat up in her bed. Eventually her eyes fell on her suitcase, the suitcase that contained her little metal box. Reaching for her panties, she grabbed the key with a smile.

A few minutes later she was back under her blankets, exploring the new sensations. She could have gone for her familiar dildo or the butterfly or even playing with Matt’s cock ring just for fun, but instead she decided to try the new buttplug. It was her very first, and she had never tried one before. Matt had chosen a very small model, and for the first time she had tried it on. The plan was for him to “help” her with it, but in the middle of this night, she had jumped the gun. Once more she was moving and twisting around in her bed, but this time it was a lot more fun.

Matt had told her that she could even wear it in public, under her clothes. At first the idea had seemed plain weird, but now that she was getting accustomed to the feel she began to understand the thrill. Getting up again, she slipped her panties back on and turned on the light. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was surprised to see that it was completely invisible. Under a pair of jeans, and of course a skirt, it would be a perfect little secret.

Standing up almost naked in her room, Brittany closed the light and was ready to jump back into bed. But, noticing the cold, she decided that she should put another log on the fire beforehand. Believing that Will was fast asleep, she got out with nothing but her panties and the little buttplug on. Outside her candle-lit room, the corridor seemed pitch black, especially since she had just turned the light on in her room. She blindly walked the corridor’s length, using her hands to guide herself. Soon enough she could see the glow of the fireplace, and walked across the living room.

Will, sitting in the kitchen’s rocking chair in complete darkness, froze when he saw his sister coming out of the corridor. Even if her eyes had been properly adjusted to the darkness, she wouldn’t have seen him, back there next to the dining table. Despite his best attempts when he was younger, he had never managed to see his sister’s breasts naked before. And here they were, gloriously naked, gloriously free, gloriously dancing with her every step. His heart pounded so hard that he felt himself moving on the chair. The light of the fire was both not nearly bright enough, and then again just the perfect setting for this unique opportunity.

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