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So called straight lad

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So called straight ladI’m a gay guy who’s just a lad all my mates are straight watch footie ect.  Im out but its one of them things doesn’t get brought up as very much a lads lad. Anyway I was brought up in a estate ruff as fuck and tbh I was. I came out a 16 no one said anything as most were scared of me as can handle my self. So anyway my ideal night is pub with mates out in town and usually end up a party wired off our nut.  Sometimes porn comes on we have a wank infront of each other stuff might happen we just go with flow and never gets spoken about again. Anyway other week I was walking home through like a recreational ground its not cruise area or anything. Always see groups sat drinking smoking. I was walking down and passed a group of lads say 18 ish smoking a joint and maid hi as I passed and was my mates younger brother. Got talking to them and had a smoke with them. We were just talking and my mates brother Tyler asked if finally got a boyfriend yet. No i said and other two lads were like no way ur gay. Anyway carried on talking to them and said bye. To them and got home. About 5 mins later knock at the door so I answered it it was one of lads who was with Tyler and asked could I ring him a taxi home as his phone had died. So I invited him in id say 18 or so proper pretty boy blue eyes good smile about 6 foot and dressed well in tracky pants and stone island coat. He was talking to me in general whilst I rang taxi it would be like 10 mins they said on phone so said if wants to wait can do and offered him a beer. His name was Ryan I found out  so anyway were talking and I offered to put phone on charge whilst waiting for taxi.  He said I’d never guess you was gay mush u look straight as fuck. I laughed and he was just talking and asked to go to loo so he did. He was quick and cometted had a nice place. He said he didn’t want to go home as lives with mum and dad and shares his bedroom with younger brother. I laughed and said as I was doing a line of Charlie its great on your own you get freedom. He asked for a line and said to try his gear too so anyway i said stay for a few drinks ect if you want to. He seemed nice lad and said to me to ring his dealer and he will get some banging gear for us. Yes it was a deal I offered to pay towards he was like nah bro ill get it as u have drinks here and also its ur pad. Happydays so cancelled taxi and he rang his dealer he was at mine in like 10 mins and he went out for it. He came back and had no word about 8 bags of Charlie he said were pure not bashed and yeh he was right after trying a line it was good gear. I offered to hang up his coat he took it off………. He was wearing a tight white armani t shirt  with massive gold chain & bracelet and grey trackys and wow what a bulge he had on him.  About a hour later after just general talking music on on tv he went to loo again. Ryan sat back down on my corner couch and I said wow im wired and made up another line for us both and he came closer to me reaching for the plate i racked the lines on. But he stayed closer to me not moving where he was sat previously sat on the sofa.We got talking and asked if had a bird he was explained about nasty break up and he was single and not do anything for like 3months. I laughed and said im shocked and said well you are hardly ugly I thought you would have loads of lasses on go. He said been on pof ect but too much drama and I laughed saying that’s why I’m glad I like cock as its drama free and like to keep life personal as can get away with more. He laughed too and said yeh I can imagine and I said I prefer it when they go back to wife and family, girlfriend as they say nothing and usaly meet them again. He laughed and he said that’s true I never have seen tou with a gay lad ur always with the lads. I just said well there my mates loose lips sink ships and I prefer straight porn which I do and bi not into gay hardcore porn. Buzzing he said and he said yeh …. site was great and I agreed and showed him my phone history and he was like mush ur porn is better than mine get it on tv. So anyway I mirrored phone to tv and hot mmmff porn was on and he was like she’s fit and I said yeh she is but the guys are too and I said about size of there cocks and said its like Christmas if you meet a guy with a dick as big as that one. He began saying mate im massive never had no complaints. I laughed and said kaçak iddaa yeh they all say that and he said to me well im getting a semi on now ill prove it later. So we were  both sat watching porn on tv wired up and made us 2 massive lines and we sat back and watched the action on tv. He clearly had a semi so did I and we both had hands down our own pants and having a stroke. He laughed and said mate ur sound as a pound and I see why u get on with the lads who you are usaly about with. I told him but I’d never say who as trust is every thing to me and couldn’t break it with someone as it wasn’t fair on them. He agreed I told him most of time I’d rather get wired up with a mate watch porn talk shit ect and jack off and if owt else happens it dose but sound if not. He agreed said he had wanked with a mate before watching porn together when he was about 15 but nowt happened. I said fair play a cock is a cock and ive seen your arm so a cock not much different he agreed. So he was stroking his cock more under his pants so  was i and he said fuck it i can’t wank like this  pants and pulled his trackys down and wow!! Fucking wow !! I’d say 9 inch of u cut cock and massive balls with a short pubes u could tell he is well groomed down stairs. He said to me hope you don’t mind. Not at all I pulled my pants down and im about 7 inch uncut my cock was throbbing and oozing pre cum. I said to him fucking he’ll lad you kept that well hid didn’t you. He laughed and said well get no complaints from lasses in past brov. I said I can imagine not pal. So we are both sat there wanking our cocks glued to the porn on the tv. It had changed and was brit amateur dogging with one teenage lass sucking off about 6 guys & getting fucked doggy style. He said to me she’s a right dirty slag isn’t she whilst wanking on his massive uncut cock. I said yeh shes ok but the lads are nothing. Which they wasn’t could tell it was a group of mostly older men round her. I explained I personally like this kinda porn as love its just normal folk and love idea of it could be a neighbour or one of lads from work im wanking over. Yeh he said I get what you mean. I did say then to him surprised u don’t get more action especially now I’ve seen size of ya cock and said to him should go dogging or to swingers club as he would be in heaven. As your a good looking lad good size cock toned body and if I was you I’d have more vids done on only fans ect showing body and cock. He said its hard filming your self so I said jokingly well I’d help film you. His reply shocked me yeh go on then film me. I said give me ur phone he said its shit camera use urs. I said are you sure as rather on your own phone he said nah its alright I trust you. So I started filling him wanking and he stripped naked sat there on my couch wanking his massive cock he instructed me to film his face too showing. He posed and flex his muscles i showed him he said do i look good. I said to him well yeh I’d definitely wank over the video. He said good I like idea im turning someone on regardless who is watching. He stood up and asked me what do I think. I put my phone down and said wow look good mate. He was posing for me wanking asking do I like what I see. He asked do I like his ass and said havent seen it properly yet. He turned around wow a nice perk bubble but not too hairy. I said nice so then he knelt on floor and was on all 4s with arse in air showing me and he turn to understand sat on floor wanking for me he kept asking if I like what I’m seeing i said yes I am and i could easily cum. He said to me he was ready to shoot his load too. He said to me to stand up over him whilst he lays on floor and cum over his chest. Without hesitation i was on my feet he laid on floor underneath me he was wanking asking me do I like what im seeing I shot my load over his toned chest and navil area. He was wanking faster and harder to my surprise he wiped where I shot load with his hand and used it as lube and within seconds he shot his load all over his chest and chin. Wow I said sitting down as he got up off floor stood again infront of me naked cum dribbling down his body he asked me do I like cum I said yes rude not to he then pulled back of my head and asked me to lick it off his body. As I was licking this beautiful toned body he said dont swallow and then he moved my head and then kissed me with tounges and we did a snowball kaçak bahis after like 20 seconds we stopped and then looked and laughed. He sat down next to me and we both had a line each and he told me that he loves showing off body and turns him on the thought of someone watching him and enjoying the view. I said to him well pal id watch you anytime you are hot and so chilled out. By now we were both still naked having a cig I said to him I mean your cock is still massive when soft and I bet you look hot in like ck and d&g style boxer / trunks underwear or a jock. He said to me like these ones he showed me his boxers white d&getting trunks i said yes bet you look well hot. He stood up and put them on and asked what I thought I said beautiful. He started walking around for me asking me questions like am I turning you on ? Yes you are i said and he came closer to me and said to me to touch his body I did wow I was still naked and was hard again he noticed my cockand said that’s good then he told me to sit down. I did and then he started like giving me a lap dance. Asking do I like what I see. Then he pushed back on my fully erected cock so it was pushing on his tight perk bubble ass I was going wild. He turned round and then  stood on couch over me and squatted over me holding my head so I could feel my face on his now massive erect cock under them hot trunks and toned chest. He stayed squatted infront of me we were face to face he wisperd in my ear ‘ do you like this do you want more I said yeh I felt his thighs now on mine and I was holding his body weight he started feeling my chest whist still asking me if I liked it. Then he sat back down I was dripping pre cum and rock solid he asked if I wanted a drink he got up and poured me one and sat down next to me. We had a line again and it was like nothing had happened. He asked me if I was ok I said yes are you though. He explained he was good and loves showing off and said I get why you’re popular and get on with everyone as i easy going and he feels so comfortable with me.  I said well keep quiet and can meet up regularly if fancy it.  He said ok sounds good to him. Anyway about a hour passed by we were chatting still we were both still in underwear. He commented that wish could find a bird that’s laid back and can chill with like this. I laughed and said its perk of a man’s attitude. It was now about 5 we we’re spangled and still had Charlie and drink left. I said to him I wanted to chill in bed as was nippy he asked if could join me as would get in shit going home at this time. I said yes no worries so he brought booze I carried tray with the Charlie on and Ash tray. We got in my bedroom and jumped in my bed I put tv on forgetting I was last watching porn and it was straight lads experiences and was 2 lads playing nothing hard core. I said oops sorry he laughed and said its OK leaving it on and so I did it was English too he laughed and said they are proper lads they can’t be gay and when they started wanking together and each other off he said well they are watching straight porn so nothing up with that. I just laughed as was making us a line we both had one and opened a can of beer each but he started laughing and got up our of the bed and picked up my dildo I forgot was on the floor.  I went red he was laughing as it was one of them suction cup ones and about 10 inch with balls on it he was waving it about and said I bet you can’t go to the base of it. I said I could and also deep throat it too. No way he said so I put it in my mouth looking at him in eye while first licking bellend and kissing it and slowly sucking it working my way to base of it. I sucked it like it was real after like 10 seconds I stopped and he just said wow impressive indeed. I put it down and we had a drink and smoke whilst I Changed porn on tv I asked what he liked he said any lets chose one off your history taking remote off me. He went to my history I said fill ya boots he scrolled and put on a bi mmmff on. It was a long one about 60 mins I needed loo so I went to it while he stayed in the bed I was about 5  minutes at loo as needed to go. I came back in and just walked in and he was laid on bed no duvet over him hard as fuck wanking himself off whilst licking and playing with my Dildo. I just said boo. He looked and smiled at me and again cometted on he can’t believe how I deep throated it and illegal bahis he then placed it next to his cock it was bigger not by much but also just as thick as it he said to me his ex lass wouldn’t give him a bj as too thick for her mouth and hated taste of it. I said fuck that she would be gone as its rude not to as need to keep other half happy. I also added as I was laying back on bed that I love sucking cock and sometimes prefer to give one than get one. He said wow fair play mush to me. I told him my biggest fantasy was a group of blokes around me all naked on my knees been made to service there cocks and bodies. Hi said sounds fun and well you seem to have a talent with that dildo. A asked his he said I duno. I was surprised as a young lad you would think he would have loads I know I did at that age and still do now. So I said OK when u watch porn what u into and what would you like to happen. He then said a group orgy with a older Copples so they could enjoy watching a 18 year old fuck there wife and wish they was me young & hung satisfying there wife’s. Nice one i said anyway we were wanking to the bi porn on tv all in 20s fit and hung and he said its hot this. Even though male on male action too but seems to just happen nothing out of ordinary and very hot. He then asked if could make us a massive line so I did a full bag on 2 lines wow he said im spangled and had a big gulp of his drink and out of blue got on me and started kissing me. Wow it was so hot I had about 5 days stubble and he had too it was so fucking hot and seemed to last forever he then lifted his head up and moved down licking my body and kissing it as he worked his way down and my cock was hard he touched it and slightly began wanking it off. I could have shot my load the view was just amazing  he was fixed staring at my cock while wanking me off and stroking my thigh with other hand and wow just fucking wow he put his mouth over my bell end and slowly began to suck me off. I flinched and said open wider and the boy did he slowly sucked me starting with my bell end twisting his mouth going further down my cock wow after about 2 min he moved whist sucking me he was between my knees sucking me off wow it was amazing his eyes we beautiful looking at me whilst sucking me off and using his hands to play with my body and he licked his fingers and then slid his fingers under my balls and jackpot he started fingering my arse whilst sucking my cock i was in heaven. He told me to turn over on my chest and all I felt was his toung in my arse im sure he thought it was a fanny I got on my knees and he rimmed my hole like no tomorrow what a tounge he had and have to say was really good at it. Spiting in my hole fingering me and pulling my cock behind me sucking my bell end wow just wow. I felt him spank me and spit in my arse and he spat in my hole twice and then I felt his massive wet bell end around my hole teasing me and slapping my arse cheek slowly working that massive cock in me he was saying take it like a bitch you naughty slag and kept saying do you like daddy’s big cock in you. My knees were shaking by now he was fucking me harder and harder slapping my arse with his meaty balls. I was in heaven he was sweating I could feel his sweat from his forehead dropping on my back do you like days cock in you he wisperd in my ear and nibbling on my ear I turned my head and snogged his face off whilst he was fuxking me like no tomorrow. I could feel his sweaty toned body on me he was so hot. My body was euphoric I felt myself cum twice and then he let out an amazing groan and he shot his load in my arse I could feel it shoot inside me he still fucked me hard after he shot his load in me and then went down on my arse hole and rimmed me he then turned me over his boyish face covered in cum and sweat he kissed me.We both laid back his head was on my chest we both were silent and then I said do u want a cig yeh pal he replied and we were both back how we were before it wasn’t awkward we had a cig a few lines each and laid in bed. Both of us must have fallen asleep as I woke up to find him cuddled next to me. I looked at his face whilst he was sleeping and just thought wow. Anyway he woke up and we were just talking normal and I made him a brew he said he better go home. He got dressed and I said here still got some sniff left he told me to keep it and thanked me and gave me his number and told me to one bell him. Off he went home I couldn’t believe what happened I was having a wank in bed and my phone went off with a message ” can’t wait till next time safe pal ” from Ryan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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