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So Close There Had to be Sex

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MY MOTHER Regina Link became pregnant when holidaying in the Virgin Islands of all places while separated from dad serving on a diplomatic mission in East Europe. She’d refused to accompany him because murder, beatings and mayhem were a way of life in the country where he was posted. I was ten months old before my so-called father Anthony saw me, not that I remembered that auspicious occasion when presumably mom wore a black eye or was being celebrated as a very clever lady for achieving self-fertilization. My sister Mia was born eight years later when we were stationed in Hong Kong. Everyone including dad assumed he was Mia’s father. Mia and I came to regard that as bullshit but made no attempt to prove our belief. It just made us feel closer …as my mother’s memoirs to be published posthumously at the appropriate time will reveal.


Regina Link’s promiscuity went unnoticed, except for the beneficiaries who left her resting sleepily in satisfaction. She coupled only with happily married men of well-established families to whom controversy was an anathema and the men were dedicated to making money until death and thus were certain to never have to co-write grubby little memoirs to finance themselves through retirement.

Guys honored to have slid up and down between Regina Link’s creamy well-bred thighs remained unaware they were safer having a secret tryst with her than spending an afternoon in the security vault of their bank. They weren’t to know they could rest assured there was no question of accidental pregnancy, as she’d slipped up only once long again when in the Virgin Islands. Early in her marriage to an older man she’d found she preferred sex to bridge. She could, for example, choose her partner, extend the game for as long as she wished and never be late home for dinner — unless that was her wish.

A real irritation entered her life with that unwanted, unexpected pregnancy to Baron Roland Archer. She’d met the retired British recluse also on holiday and simply had assumed at his age he’d not be capable of firing a live round or two, such was the ignorance of the 22-year-old. She decided to have the child in the hope he’d turned out to be more of an asset than a liability but no, it was the latter. Rodin turned out to be a cry baby so Regina, daughter of a super-wealthy industrialist, purchased a house in his name and installed two live-in nannies to attend to him 24/7 while she either lived in her home alone or went globe-trotting picking up and discarding lovers as if picking up cards at bridge.

This distance between Regina and Rodin increased enormously eight years later when she gave birth in Hong Kong to daughter Mia Charlotte Link who turned out perfect in every way. Mother only showed Rodin his sister on his birthday in the three years they were in Hong Kong. Regina never explained this isolation — which was one reason why Rodin was thinking of topping his mom to get his hands on her memoirs. Rodin simply assumed she didn’t like him and that seemed an intelligent guess. However when Mia learned to walk she was often taken by her nanny to visit Rodin with his two nannies who, whether his mom intended that or not, seemed to become younger and sexier as he grew older.

The family’s home — rarely used — is in Boston and Rodin graduated in law in Massachusetts and went to Oxford in England on a scholarship to complete post-graduate studies in international law.

The family had been kept apart by Anthony’s postings — although he was now retired — and by Regina’s manipulations but it would be reunited back in Boston for Mia’s college graduation.

“Mom, when is Rodin due?” the long-legged Mia, sweeping back her raven hair called, coming down the stairs the morning before the ceremony.

“I haven’t a clue,” her mother lied, still angry that Mia had written to him and he’d called from South Africa to say he’d be home for his sister’s ‘finest hour’.

Mia asked the housekeeper, finger against her lips, to copy Rodin’s email for her and was handed it a few minutes later. She had twenty minutes to get to the airport.

“Mom, I’m meeting Helena and Judy at the mall. May I take the BMW?”

“Yes dear, don’t drink and drive.”

Mia rushed to Logan International Airport and waiting just five minutes saw her brother emerge from security and waved wildly and screamed. He appeared not all at perturbed but when he reached her said, “Hey, back off baby. Pushing into a guy like that means sex.”

“Perhaps that’s what I mean,” she said, staring at him defiantly. He sighed and then gave her a brotherly kiss.

“It’s been two years, what do you think of these?” she asked, relieved not to be given a lecture.

“They are beauties and ought to be in a bra. They’ll flop sooner if not kept well supported most of the day.”

“Youth is on my side.”

He grinned, looking very masculine with his shaggy looks. She felt like fingering herself.

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“You went shitty on me last time when I brought a female pal with me so I came czech first video porno alone. I didn’t want to spoil your great occasion.”

“You can always fuck me if you feel the need.”

Rodin just sighed, She liked the fact Rodin didn’t lecture her and he didn’t look around in embarrassment to see who’d overheard her. He really was so much like her. She thought if she wanted to screw him it would have to be within hours of him reunited with his mother, as he always saddened after those rare encounters. What was the use of studying psychology if she didn’t apply the results practically?

Their mother who also hadn’t seen her son for seventeen months came up with one of her classic greetings when they met. “Oh, you’re home?”

“Hello mother. You look well.”

“Well, that’s not necessarily how I judge it,” said the bitch they called mother. “Go and have a sleep because we don’t want a travel zombie at the table for dinner. Your father would like intelligent conversation from a son he hasn’t seen for more than two years.”

And that was it. Their mother walked away. Rodin’s shoulders slumped but he was immediately uplifted when the housekeeper kissed him and said beautifully, “Welcome home lovely Rodin. It is a pleasure having you in the house again. Come this way please and I’ll put you to bed. Off you go Mia.”

Mrs Blake had been Rodin’s last nanny and had taught him about life. Mia was quite sure she’d undress him, make him brush his teeth and when he was in bed would pull up her dress and ask did he wish her to sit on him.

Mia sighed and recalled her mother had forbidden Mia’s nannies to teach Mia about sex or to touch her body in an unladylike manner. She gritted and still thought guys had all the fun.

Five hours later Mia went into Rodin’s room, undressed and slipped in beside him. She was sucking him before he awoke. He pulled the blankets up and said, “Oh, it’s you. Want mom to kill you?”

Mia said, “I love you Rodin.”

“What’s the time?”

“Just after 5:00.”

“This I love you garbage. You state that in every email you send. You’ve written it so much you are in danger of believing it.”

“Please yourself. Now may I get on with my task?”

Rodin grinned and thickened in her mouth. He didn’t want to do it but he was tired and a little depressed. The person he wanted to love him in the family sense of the word was his mother. But Mia had her dripping cunt over his mouth in converting to a sixty-nine so fast he was practically unaware it was happening. She then pulled out of that before either of them climaxed and was feeding him into her before he finished yawning.

“Mia, we can’t.”

“Too late, we’re doing it. Don’t just rest there.”

Just before 6:15 his mother entered the room, presumably to wake up Rodin. She found them both asleep, her daughter on her back and smeared in cum from thighs to forehead.

Regina let rip.

“Wake up you motherfucker,” she screamed, aiming her wrath at her unwanted son.

Rodin woke, spotted a slap aimed for his face so grabbed the hand and pulled his mom off balance. She fell over him and across Mia’s belly, the thin coating of cum making her face skid even farther.

“Yuk,” she screamed.

“Hi mom,” Mia grinned. “We weren’t expecting to be having a threesome.”

That went down like a lead balloon but Regina was too smart to run out of the room screaming. So far no one had coming running.

Wiping her face Regina hissed, “I don’t want you sitting with me at the ceremony tomorrow.”

“Too bad, sit dad between you and me.”

“If I see you there I’ll walk out.”

Rodin saw Mia’s face fall so knew he was stymied. He winked at Mia, making sure she saw the wink, and said to his mother, “Very well, how much will you pay me to go away?”

Regina stared at him and both he and Mia knew she was calculating. “I shall pay you $250,000 to get out of my life and stay out of my life. I want you to be at my attorney’s at noon tomorrow to sign a contract and the money will be handed to you.”

“No contract and I’ll stay out of your life. You have my word on that. I’ll meet you at your bank in the morning to transact an irreversible electronic bank transfer.”

Nodding, Regina turned to her daughter. “Mia, I require you to stay out of Rodin’s life.”


“I insist.”

Looking visibly shaken Mia sobbed, “How much?”

That sheer unexpectedness of that rocked Regina but the 48-year-old realized she needed to seal a deal with her daughter to achieve the full closure she sought. “Very well — two years as a freshman and four years to get your masters, so $120,00 payable at $20,000 a year will be good pocket money for you while I put you thought college and university.”

Mia, realizing she was about to lose Rodin hesitated only for seconds. “I accept and no written contract. I promise not to contact Rodin before completing my masters in literature.”

Regina gave a small smile. “Nice try darling but czech gangbang porno far too open-ended. You are not to communicate with Rodin in anyway whatsoever within six years as from today. I’ll transfer the first $20,000 into your bank account tomorrow.”

“Sadly I accept. I have no wish to lose you at this point.”

“Thank you Mia. Now remove yourself from this room while I have my final words with my son who is being excommunicated.”

“May I kiss him?”


“Goodbye me dearest brother. I shall never forget you.”

“You are a great fuck Mia. I’II not forget you but not only for that reason. You are a most beautiful young lady in every way. Goodbye and remain safe and happy.”

Mia left and Regina said, “Follow me”, leading Rodin to her bedroom. She and husband Anthony slept apart. Regina opened a wall safe and handed him a letter secured formerly with a wax inscribed seal.

“Your real father is an English peer who is a recluse although of sound mind for an eighty-eight years old,” Regina said coldly. “You are the eldest of his three illegitimate children, all males. He knows you exist and has seen you on three occasions to my knowledge. The last time I saw him was in Paris when he handed this letter to me and asked that I only give it to you if there was sufficient reason to do so. Since you are now without a family I would assume there is now reason for you to visit him. Here is the address of my attorney. Meet me there at 11:00 in the morning and you will be required to repeat your verbal undertaking to me and then sign receipt of my payment to you. Now get out of my house.”

Next day after completing the heartless transaction with his mother who acted zombie-like in front of the quite embarrassed female attorney. Rodin went to his American bank where he transferred one-third of the $200,000 to his bank in Sydney and one-third to his Bank in London.

Displaying his Sydney University teaching credentials to officials at the college graduation ceremony later that day Rodin was successful in gaining admittance to watch Mia take part in the ceremony and later when she was being photographed with her parents he managed to catch her eye, advising her of his presence. That evening as she arrived at the ball he first caught her attention that he seen her dressed to her finest and as she climbed to steps to the venue, as pre-arranged, he had a professional photographer take a shot of him walking right behind her and just to the side, posing as if he were escorting her.

That was the very best he could do and he later send a copy of that photograph to his sweetheart to treasure without any correspondence attached.

Cast adrift, Rodin spent two weeks idly driving through several states before arriving to check in his hire car in New York before catching a flight to England to visit his father. A flight attendant not servicing Rodin’s section on the aircraft had twice made positive eye contact with him, taking her time to look away. When walking through the terminal at Gatwick he noticed the attractive brunette looking at a duty free display and idly asked, “Waiting for me?”

“Waiting for you to ask that question, yes. I’m Paula Robbins Mr Link.”


“Oooh, nice name. This is my home area and I have my car here. May I drive you somewhere?”

“Are we going to date?”

“We’ll see. Let’s get to know one another before we do anything rash.”

“Okay Paula, can you take me to Rockland’s Hall?”


“What’s the problem?”

“I know where Rockland’s Hall is; it’s way off where I live.”

“Well take me there and stay the night.”

“But my mother and father are expecting me home.”

Rodin smiled to assure he everything was fine. “Look how old are you, twenty-five?”


“Christ, near enough to being middle age. Here take this. It’s my phone and it’s on some kind of Roaming package that means it works in ninety plus countries and my understanding England is one of those countries but not Ireland and I gather that was meant as a joke.”

“Okay but who am my supposed to call?”

“Your parents, to say you have met a lovely American on the flight and you are going to stay with him the night, or possibly two nights.”

Paula lost her nerve completely and Rodin smiled. This was not unlike dealing with terrified female students on the eve on an important exam when they thought by sucking him an exam pass was guaranteed although they knew he didn’t mark the papers. It was surprising how some intelligent people would go ape when in near panic. Paula was most unlikely to indulge in fellatio right now but without doubt her panic was rising.

“Rodin, I don’t think you understand. This is England, not America My parents still kid themselves I’m a virgin and will have some likely lads sorted for me ready for my arrival.”

“Likely lads?”

“Oh you know, one will be the village idiot, another an intellectual idiot who is the unworldly son of the vicar brazzers porno and the other will be the son of our local stationmaster who chats kindly to mother twice and week while she waits for a train to arrive to take her to our nearest market town and then helps load her car with the fruits of her half-day excursion when she returns.”

Astonished, Rodin asked why the stationmaster would do that?

“It’s a tiny station always due for closure by the railway authorities. Mom helps keep him in his job by using his railway station.”

“Why doesn’t you mother cut corners and drive herself to market?”

“Well because it’s tradition. As a girl she was taken to market by her grandmother and mother and that’s how one went to market. Simple as that. Besides she’s never driven her car more than three miles away from our home.”

“I see,” said Rodin. But it was obvious he didn’t. “Well call them and tell them you’ll not be coming home for a night or two. The village idiot will understand if they don’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, it’s called a joke. I know my sense of humor leaves Americans bewildered but I was hoping….”

“Oh, I understand. It was a joke. Very funny.” Paula laughed and Rodin liked very much the sight of her lovely pink tongue with its quite sharp point. He adjusted his trousers.

“Look, it’s your call Paula,” Rodin said, pushing the phone back at her. “You are old enough to do anything you like within reason and to say to hell with other people if they don’t like it. Oh, to cut corners, I’m not actively looking for a wife.”


“A problem.”

“That was alarmingly direct. So if I associate with you will think of me as a whore?”

“Not at all. Normal working women pick up men all the time to talk and whatever, and nobody calls their targets male whores. Come on Paula, you travel internationally — you must be up to speed?”

“Perhaps I am,” she said, almost shyly. “It was you I was worried about.”

“Paula. Let’s cut another corner. I’ll happily fuck you if you find me acceptable.”

That shocked her. “Christ Rodin, you can’t cut corners that fast.”

“Oh yeah?”

Paula managed a small smile. “I have this feeling I’m going to like you very much. Exactly why have you attached to me?”

“Right now Paula Robbins, you are the only person I know in this terminal and that makes you special.”

“Oooh, I like that. Pull your trolley this way Rodin and off we go.”

* * *

Paula was heating with excitement. She quite regularly picked up a date, well a fuck, for overnight solace when feeling lonely. She’d make a special effort to pick a likely guy when she had a week’s leave like right now. Her success rate was high because she was attractive with evidence of a great body. Her male target more often than not couldn’t believe his luck, and even if married would abandon his vows to perform, confirming what swine men were. And luck it was because she knew she was good in bed and presented admirably in any role from wench to lady appropriate to any company and environment in which she found herself engulfed. It was only in respect of her parents and within her village that she went to pieces and become subservient.

They settled into her red Ford Focus. Shaking a little, she called her mother. They talked, her mother cried, Paula cried and her mother cut the call.

Paula looked at Rodin, a plea in her beautiful green eyes.

He responded. “Please show me your severed arm.”


“Do you feel a curse ripping through your body?”

Paula then looked away, bright enough to be aware what he was on about. Slowly the grin widened. She wiped at her eyes and said, “I’ve broken the chains.”

“Welcome to the world of the free darling. I don’t believe I’ve told you what wonderfully shaped tits you have despite that uniform.”

They drove on for forty-five minutes and stopped for tea and something called scones. Rodin asked for coffee, spat out the first mouthful and managed to sip the tea down. He left his two scone halves spread thickly with butter, dark jam and clotted cream, feeling bilious. Smiling with understanding Paula returned from the counter with a candy bar made in England to American specifications. She blushed at the way Rodin smiled at her as he began chewing.

Forty minutes later after resuming their journey Rodin opened the farm gate carrying the sign in blood-red paint ‘No Trespassing’ and they drove long a bumpy track that cut through a dark forest.

“Goblins and werewolves,” he asked only slightly nervously as Paula turned on the headlights.

“The nearest goblins are in Ireland and werewolves inhabit German forests, I think,” Paula said helpfully.

A crow ‘haaacked’ as it flew across in front of them.


“T-tell me about your village,” Rodin urged.


A pretty young woman carrying a white Scottish terrier with her short dress not covering the bottom cheeks of her ass answered.

“Oh hello, you must be the missing son.”

Rodin stood nonplussed while the woman put down the dog. It sniffed Rodin’s nearest shoe and lifted its leg. He kicked the mutt away. He then said stiffly, “Yes, I do believe I’m Baron Archer’s eldest son.” He then noticed Paula’s eyes roll up and caught her before she fell. Obviously all this was becoming a bit much for her.

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