Nis 03

So Wrong It’s Right

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Note: I will be using pseudonyms to refer to myself and my cousin, threats and harassment will be laughed at and ignored.


Not long ago my aunt and cousin Amanda came to visit for the weekend. The both of them were in town to see some live action theater play (my aunt is a big arts enthusiast) and my parents offered to put them up during their stay here. After the play both of them came over to meet us and catch up. It was the first time in 6 years that I had seen either of them and during that time Amanda developed quite a pair of tits.

As they both settled in my aunt and parents engaged in the typical gossip and small talk while Amanda played with her phone. Amanda is my second cousin and the two of us typically ignored each other during the few times we met (she always came off as uptight with a chip on her shoulder). I’m 23 and Amanda is 19, she goes to community college and I’m an apprentice welder. As far as looks go, I would say she has the face and hairstyle of a young Jennifer Grey with a petite build that makes her already big tits look bigger.

I didn’t really have much to say and Amanda continued to look at her Facebook or Pinterest or some other shit girls like. As she fucked around on her phone I would look out the corner of my eye to check out her tits thinking I was conscious enough to not get caught.

An hour or two passed by and my aunt and parent’s decided they wanted to go out for some fun and a few drinks. They asked both of us if we were OK with staying alone at the house for a while. Amanda was fine with it and I said sure while thinking in my head “great, now I need to entertain this bitch”. As all of them left I went to the refrigerator to grab my weed and bowl.

“You smoke weed?” I asked.

“Yes, why didn’t you tell me you had some?”

“I didn’t know what your mom might think.”

“She doesn’t care and you know she’s liberal.”

We sat on the couch, smoked a few bowl packs and chatted a little while browsing Netflix. After looking around we both agreed on Clerks.

“Fuck that stuff hits hard.” Amanda said.

“My friend gets it for me, he faked having PTSD and got a medical license for the good shit.”

We sat there watching the movie in silence for the most part, during which I would glimpse out my czech harem porno eye corner to get a look at her tits. I know, she’s my cousin and it’s creepy but no man could ignore these jugs. I was getting a chub in my pants and did my best to conceal it.

This is where things get freaky. During the scene where Dante and Veronica discuss sex and he says making a woman cum takes technique.

“With you maybe” I chuckled under my breath.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Nothing, just watch the movie.”

“No really, what do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know what do you think?”

“You’re saying you can give a good fuck.”

I was taken aback by that. I’m not a player by any means but the truth is that I have a slightly curved cock and it always hits a girl’s g-spot, the few girls I’ve made love to went wild with me.

“That’s not something you should say to me.”

Amanda was looking at the bulge in my pants.

“Shut up, I saw you looking at my chest and you’re not as discrete as you think.”

“What do you expect with boobs like that?”

“Oh so you admit you like them…OK.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and thought this can’t be real but I was horny and played along.

“So Jake do you have a girlfriend?”

“I’ve been single for a while now, you?”

“I had a boyfriend but he was a douche and it didn’t work out well.”

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“No but I’ve only fucked a few times, he was really vanilla and would always blow his load too soon.”

“That sucks.”

“Yea, so tell me about your ex, was she pretty?”

“She’s a melodramatic bitch and I wasn’t gonna put up with it anymore, real nice legs though.”

There was a long pause. Amanda lay on her back against the couch armrest and put her legs on my lap against my crotch.

“How about my legs, do you like what you see?”

Amanda was wearing these skin tight yoga leggings and playing footsie with my cock, she had nice legs too. I began to fondle her thigh and made my way up to her pussy.

“You want this pussy you pervert?”

“I wanna fuck that pussy!”

She sat on my lap and we started making out while Clerks still play in the background. Before anyone asks, Amanda swingers porno and I are neither rural nor southern and we both come from middle class backgrounds so fuck all of you who call me a toothless hick.

After some kissing and foreplay I removed her shirt and bra. I began to cup and kiss her big beautiful C cups and this made her hotter. She got on her knees and I pulled my pants and underwear down. She started sucking my semi erect cock and I was hard as a stone in no time. I started to gasp, for a girl with little experience she really knew how to worship a cock with her mouth.

“Yea you’re the human vacuum cleaner.” A reference to the movie.

“You have a nice dick, i want to try it out.”

“Hold up, let me return the favor.”

I got on my knees and pulled her leggings off almost ripping them, you could see the moisture in her panties.

“Be careful those weren’t cheap.”

I began working my tongue on her clit and getting her juices flowing. She had a trimmed little bush which was fine, I like a few pubes. She moaned a bit.

“Shit, my ex never went down on me.”

“What a faggot.” I said.

We both laughed. As I had her on her back about to enter her pussy she stopped me.

“Wait, you have a rubber right?”

“Oh shit wait a second.”

I ran into my room to get a condom from the drawer. I looked at the date and it was long expired but she didn’t need to know that. When I got back she was waiting eager as ever and slipped the rubber on. I pulled her closer to my cock and entered her. As she let out a loud groan I realized this had to be the smallest pussy I’ve had. I started thrusting away missionary style as she started moaning in intense pleasure while also sucking her nipples.

“Yes!! Oh yes pound that little pussy.”

“You like taking this dick?”

“Less talking more fucking!!”

After some of that we switched to a cowgirl position. As she impaled herself on my dick she let out another moan. I began to bounce her up and down on my cock as we locked eyes.

“This is so dirty Jake your dirty!!” she moaned.

“That’s what makes it hot.”

“C’mon Jake keep it coming.”

Her big tits bounced up and down in rhythm with my cock. Finally, I pinned her czech pool porno against the wall and continued to hammer her pussy. We both moaned, groaned and kissed in orgasm for a few minutes while suddenly she quivered and I began to feel a tightening around my cock.

“Fuck I think I’m cumming!!”

“Squirt honey squirt!”

She screamed and I felt a stream of vaginal fluid on my thighs as I pulled out.

“Now I know you weren’t lying, nice to see you don’t just bullshit.”

I was still quite hard and she told me to sit on the couch. Amanda pulled the condom off and started jerking and sucking my cock like a demon. I was roaring in ecstasy by her grip and mouth skills, I felt myself about to cum.

“Fuuuck I think I’m gonna cum!!”

“Cum for me baby!”

I climaxed with a nice thick load hitting her all over her mouth and nose. Amanda licked a little off of her lips and sucked every last drop out of my deflating cock. I gave her a paper towel to wipe any excess off. We lay there on the couch for a while covered in each others spit, cum and sweat with her bare ass resting on my dick.

“So what did you think?” I finally asked.

“That depends, what do you think?”

“I haven’t had any better.”

“Me neither.”

“I’m Glad you think so.”

“Your cum tastes good, I know what I want on my salads now haha.”

“Seriously though you know you can’t tell a soul about this right?”

“That would be retarded, and if you open your mouth about it I’ll just say you raped me.”

“Just want to make sure because I know how hard it is for girls to keep a secret.”

We got dressed and cuddled on the couch for the next while until I saw our parent’s pull in the driveway. I panicked briefly as I forgot about the condom. We frantically searched for it until Amanda found it halfway under the couch and threw it out. My dad came in first.

“Hey guy’s how’s it going?”

“Nothing much it was all pretty uneventful.”

I winked at Amanda in the other room and she tried not to chuckle. All three of our parent’s were pretty drunk (My dad being the most sober) so it would have been hard for them to catch on. Everyone was pretty tired so we all decided to sack out for the night.

The next day was like any other. Amanda and I avoided each other just to keep up appearances. When we finally had a chance to speak alone the both of us agreed that if we’re single by the next time we meet that we would do it again. She kissed me goodbye and went home soon thereafter but aside from seeming like the usual distant siblings we’re closer now than ever.

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