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Subject: Soccer Practice Makes Perfect – Chapter 23 NEW and IMPROVED dialog formatting for easier reading. It is still not perfect, but I am trying. *** Thank you ‘Dave’ for your input and guidance on making these changes *** Thank you for the overwhelming positive responses to my previous chapters. I hope you enjoy chapter 21. Please note that I am not a professional author so some errors are to be expected. Please feel free to contact me with your comments at ook Thanks for reading my story. Also, Please consider donating to Nifty so that this platform remains free and continues to be a safe space for us all to enjoy these stories either by writing them or reading them. Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — (me) 19 y.o. Billy — 20 years old – DJ’s older brother — Soccer Captain Rafael — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jorge — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jake — 20 years old — Muscular tattooed Soccer Teammate Devon — College aged Football Player Charlie — College age Football Player Markie — College age Football Player Roger — 21 y.o. Billy’s Ex. Soccer Practice Makes Perfect: Winners and Losers – Chapter 23 It was our second night here at Moon Pebble Beach and Billy, Jake and I were walking along the boardwalk again after catching dinner and playing some amusement games. Jake was a real pro at throwing the softballs at the stacked bottles and won me a prize. We noticed that there seemed to be more gay couples than usual, so the three of us felt comfortable enough to walk hand in hand. I was in the middle as Billy held my left hand and Jake held my right. This just felt so right to me I didn’t have a care in the world, and I didn’t care who saw us or what they thought. Jake noticed a flyer taped to one of the light poles and it announced that this week was ‘Pride” at Moon Pebble Beach. I looked to Jake and then to Billy. “Did you know that this week was Pride week here Billy?” I asked “No, I didn’t have a clue. What great timing though.” “Very cool, I’ve never been to Pride celebrations before,” Jake said. “Me either,” I concurred. “Well, let’s make the best of it, this will be a first for all three of us,” Billy said. “Why don’t you call Jorge and Rafael and see if they can make it for the Parade at least?” I suggested to Billy. “Great idea, I know they’re working this week but maybe they can get time off, I’ll call them later.” Billy responded. “Look on the bottom of the flyer,” Jake said, “there’s a club having a pre-Pride party tonight with contests, prizes and karaoke. Sounds like a blast.” “You wanna go Billy?” I asked. “Sure, we have nothing else planned, so let’s do it. Let’s go back to the beach house and get changed into some nicer shorts and shirts, the party doesn’t start until 8pm anyway,” He replied. * * * The club was at the far end of the boardwalk and we parked in the parking garage behind the club. It was a large two story club with a dance bar and stage downstairs and a karaoke bar upstairs. We paid the cover charge of $15.00 which went to local LGBTQ+ charities and services and then entered the club. It was decked out with rainbow colored balloons, streamers and rainbow flags galore. We walked in and went to the bar towards the back of the club as the crowd was getting bigger by the minute. “May I have your attention please, we are looking for contestants for the Tighty Whitey Wet Briefs contest,” said one of the drag queen hosts on the stage. “The winner will receive $250.00 cash,” she continued. “You think I could win?” Billy asked. “I know you could, you have a great body bro,” I said. “plus you have a great cock I whispered into his ear.” “Thanks babe, remind me to give you some of it later,” he said with a grin. “Go ahead Billy, I think you’d win too, we’ll cheer you on,” Jake said with enthusiasm. Billy walked over to the drag queen and signed up. There appeared to be about eight guys surrounding the sign up table. Billy’s competition were a few other college guys, mostly twinks, a jock built guy and a few older guys. Jake and I walked around the bar checking things out and sat on the end of a large upholstered bench that ran along the side wall in a low light lounge area. Jake held my hand as we sat with our drinks and did some people watching. There was a dart board and pool tales nearby that were being used pretty much constantly. Two guys approached us and introduced themselves. Both guys looked like college football players, they were very buff and had that football build. “Hi there, I’m Devon and this is Charlie, would you guys like to play darts?” “Hello, I’m Jake and this is DJ.” “Sure, sounds like fun,” I replied. “Loser buys a round of drinks after each game, deal?” Devon asked. “Sure thing dude,” Jake responded. Jake and I played three games of darts with Devon and Charlie while Billy was backstage getting ready for the contest. We won two of the three games and were on our fourth when we heard the announcement that the Tighty Whitey Wet Briefs contest was going to begin in 15 minutes. “My brother is competing so this needs to be our last game guys.” “Ok cool, let’s finish this game up,” Charlie replied. Jake took the last few shots and made two bullseyes out of three. “We won again guys,” Jake said. “I guess we should have asked someone else to play,” Devon said with a laugh. “Good game guys, ” I said while shaking their hands. “Hope to see you guys around,” Devon said. “Hopefully, nice to meet you both,” Jake said after we received our free drinks. Jake and I got pretty close to the stage just in time as the drag queen came on and started to introduce the contestants. Billy was number five and introduced as a hot top jock from a nearby college who’s favorite thing is taking his lover on kinky adventures that would scare the faint of heart. Jake and I laughed out loud and clapped with the rest of the crowd. Billy came onto the stage in just the white briefs like the rest of the guys before him. I was in awe when I saw Billy in briefs. He has only worn boxers as long as I have known him and he looked fucking hot in briefs with his athletic body. The crowd went wild when Billy was center stage because they must have noticed that too! “Holy fuck Jake, look at Billy in those white briefs!” “Damn, he fills those out perfectly,” Jake replied. After contestant number 8 was introduced the drag queen then explained the rules and then began dousing each contestant with a jug of water. Water was poured over their entire body and especially their white briefs which of course made them see through. When each contestant was fully wet the drag queen held her hand over each contestant to see who got the most applause. It came down to a draw between Billy and contestant number 8 and they had a runoff. The drag queen had Billy and contestant number 8 turn around and face backstage and she then measured both of their dicks out of view from the crowd to decide who was going to be the winner. “2nd place goes to a size of 7 � inches,” she announced. “Holy shit, Billy won,” I screamed to Jake because I knew too well that Billy was 8 inches exactly. “The winner is contestant number 5 measuring 8 inches!” the drag queen said as she faked fainting at the revelation. The crowd went wild and Billy received a crown and stood there in his soaked brief and nothing else but a big smile as he winked and Jake and I. He was taken off stage to change back into his clothing and to be given the cash award. Jake and I stood in the middle of the crowd waiting for Billy to come back out. He soon came out fully clothed and was swarmed by tons of guys. They were calling out his name and reaching for him grabbing him and fawning all over him. Jake and I tried to get close to him but I couldn’t get through the other guys surrounding Billy. I stood there for a good ten minutes trying to get to him and all I could see were men kissing him on the cheeks and hugging him. Billy seemed to be enjoying his new found fame. I grabbed Jake’s hand and I turned around and walked to the bar in the back of the club knowing that I wouldn’t even get close to Billy for now. Jake noticed that I had tears in my eyes and hugged me. “What’s wrong baby?” “Nothing.” “Please don’t say that, I know when something is bothering you and I always want to know.” “I’m sorry Jake. I’m a little jealous with all those guys around Billy. I’ve never been jealous of anyone before, I even know that Billy fools around on the side sometimes and that doesn’t bother me, I don’t understand it.” “That’s because it’s happening right in front of your face baby, that is not something very easy to handle. You have nothing to worry about.” I turned around and kept watching the crowd of hot guys surrounding Billy and looking like they each wanted a piece of him. Jake turned my head towards him and gave me a kiss on the lips trying to take my mind off of what was going on with Billy. “I feel like I am losing him. He has a choice of so many guys at his fingertips now.” “You’re not losing him baby, he loves you. You are his lover and his brother, no one could possibly compete with how you make Billy feel because of that.” I saw some muscular guy walk up and grab Billy’s crotch and give him a kiss on the lips. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said to Jake. As I walked towards the bathroom I missed the fact that Billy shoved the guy away and off of him. He then told the guys that he had enough and had to get back to his lover. The crowd dispersed and Billy walked around looking for Jake and I. He finally saw Jake by himself at the back bar and walked over. “Hey man, there you are, where’s DJ?” “He went to the bathroom, he was kind of upset.” “About what?” “He saw all these guys on you and saw that last guy grab your dick and kiss you on the lips. He thinks he’s going to lose you to someone.” “Never. I’d never give him up for anyone.” “I told him that, but seeing that happen in front of him didn’t help.” “I’ll go talk to him, we’ll be right back Jake.” Billy walked to the bathroom and opened the door. No one else was in there at the time so he took the out of service sign off the inside and placed on the outside of the door and then closed it and locked the deadbolt. He saw that the handicap stall door was closed and walked up to it. Billy then came up the door and looked through the crack and saw me in there. “Open up the door fag,” Billy said in that gritty kinky voice that I like. I opened up the lock and Billy entered and pulled me out into the main part of the bathroom. “I thought you were busy Billy.” Billy pushed me up against the wall and pushed the side of my face up against the cold tile wall and whispered in my ear with that gritty voice. “Not too busy to fuck my faggot’s ass. Do you want my cock fag? You want me to breed your istanbul travesti ass?” “Fuck yes, please.” Billy then turned my head as he held my chin tight and looked piercingly into my eyes as he pushed his lips onto mine and roughly shoved his tongue into my throat, almost making me gag on it. This time I felt Billy’s hands go around my throat as if he was choking me. I felt his hand tighten but not too hard as his french kissing became more aggressive. He pulled off of my mouth as I gasped for air. “Oh shit Billy, be rough with me, please, rape my ass.” “You’re never going to get rid of me fag, you’re my whore for good, forever, remember that. Or do I have to make you mine again.” “Please, make me yours again, mark me as your property, your cumdump.” Billy then pulled my shirt over my head and threw it onto the floor as I removed my shorts and boxers and tossed them on top of my shirt. He quickly removed his shorts and boxers and then pulled his shirt over the back of his head so it would stay up. There he was, my beautiful brother naked all except for his socks and sneakers, ready to rape his little brother’s holes. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed my down the wall so I was eye level with his hard 8 inch uncut cock. “Suck it fag,” he demanded. I was in so much lust for my brother that I grabbed his cock and impaled my throat onto it taking almost the whole thing in one swift movement. I then removed my hand and played with his balls as Billy grabbed the sides of my head and started to fuck my face. I was choking and gasping for air as his cock was shoved in and out of my mouth at a furious pace. My spit was running down my chin and onto my bare chest as his cock was shoved in and out of my throat. “That’s it faggot, choke on my cock. Show me that you love my cock in your throat. Ohhhhh fuck yes, take it down your throat man.” Billy pulled all the way out as he slapped my face with his spit covered cock. “Ohhh fuck Billy, fuck my face again please, I can’t get enough of your cock. “Fuck yes, that’s what I want to hear. Beg for my cock, fag. This cock is yours for the rest of your life, better get used to it!” After a few more minutes of fucking my throat deep and hard Billy pulled me up again, turned me around and pushed me against the wall. He grabbed my head by the hair and bit on my neck. I moaned loudly not caring if anyone could hear us. He then licked my ear and then the inside of it and then whispered into it once again. “You want my cock buried in your tight ass? Do you? Answer me fag.” “Fuck yes, fuck me deep, fuck me harder than you have ever done before, please.” Billy held one hand on the side of my face holding my head up against the tile wall and he used his other hand to get his spit covered cock at my tight pucker. “Here you go my little cock whore, take it like man, I dare you!” Billy grunted while shoving his whole cock deep in my ass in on attempt and stayed buried in my hole as I screamed out loud while his hand moved to muffle my scream. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuck! That fucking hurts, oh fucking hell. Goddamn it” “That’s the idea faggot, taking my cock isn’t easy, but you’ll enjoy it soon enough.” Hearing Billy dirty talk me made me even harder and made me want him to fuck me rougher. Billy held his cock balls deep in me for a few moments until the pain started to turn to pleasure. He kissed my neck and licked me until he was ready to start slam fucking me. “You ready for the fuck of your life?” “Hell yes, rape my ass and breed me bro, please.” Billy held me in that position while he pumped his cock in and out of my ass, pulling almost all of the way out and then drilling his cock back in balls deep. He eventually let go of my face as he reached around to my chest and grabbed my nips and pinched as he was still fucking my hole. “Oh shit, fuck me. Goddamn Billy keep pinching my nips, oh fucking hell.” Billy then pulled all the way out of me, he grabbed me and shoved me onto the floor and demanded I get on all fours for a deep drilling. I got onto all fours as demanded and he straddled my ass by squatting behind me and buried his cock in me once again. He grabbed onto my shoulders as he pounded his 8 inch cock into me balls deep again and again. “Fuck yes faggot, take my cock. You want me to breed that hole?” “Hell yes, please breed me, fucking give it to me fill me with your cum.” Billy leaned forward and got close to my ear and grunted and spoke in that gritty voice. “I’m going to cum, I am going to bury my seed in your ass, do you want it? Tell me if you want it or not.” “Fucking yes, I always want it, I will never refuse your load, ever.” “Ohhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuck, take my seed fag, oh fuck, I’m filling you with my load, Ohhhhhhhh helllllll, fucking shiiiiiiiiiit, he moaned and grunted. “I love you so much DJ. I just marked you again and you will always be mine. I will never choose anyone else over you, remember that. You are mine, you are my cumdump, you are my cock whore, you are my lover and most of all you are my brother. You are mine forever and always will be.” I started to cry as Billy was still buried balls deep in my ass and we were doggie style on the floor in the middle of the men’s room. I felt horrible for ever thinking that he would go for someone else. “I am so sorry I ever doubted you, Billy. I just love you so much that I was so scared, I’m sorry.” Billy started to slow fuck me as he kissed my neck as he was sliding his cock in and out of my cum filled ass. “Never apologize for loving me, bud. Just know that I am true to you and I would never ever choose to be with anyone else but you. Remember, we have plans for our future together and I intend to keep them.” Billy pulled out of my ass and pulled me around to meet him face to face. He grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me passionately as he reached down and stuck his finger into my cum filled ass. As he pulled his finger out while he withdrew from our kiss he then put the cum covered finger into his mouth and sucked it clean. “Fuck, you and I taste good mixed together, your ass juice and my cum tastes awesome,” he said with a smile. “Ok babe, we need to get back out to Jake, plus I have a surprise for you upstairs.” Billy and I got dressed and left the bathroom and headed back to the bar where Jake was waiting. “Is everything ok, guys?” “Yes, everything is perfect,” Billy said as he whispered something else into Jake’s ear. “Really? Now?” Jake asked in amazement. “Yes, do it now,” Billy responded. Jake slid his hand down the back of my shorts and boxers and put his finger into my ass as I squirmed and moaned. He pulled it back out and sucked on his finger. “You taste as good as always Billy,” Jake said with a smile. “Well, don’t I get some credit for that too?” I said with a laugh. “Of course baby,” Jake said as he kissed me on the lips. Billy, Jake and I went upstairs to the karaoke bar since Billy told me that he had a surprise for me up there. We sat at one of the small bistro tables just as the owner was getting ready for the first singer to perform. “Ok, guys the first singer for this evening is someone we all just got to know downstairs and he is going to sing ‘Neighborhood’ for you all,” announced the host. “Oh my gosh, that’s my favorite song,” I said. “Let’s hear it for the winner of the wet underwear contest, Billy please come up on stage,” the host said. Jake and I were in complete shock as Billy got up and went onto the stage. The host gave Billy the microphone and Billy told him that he wanted to say something first before the music starts. “The song I am going to sing is dedicated to my lover DJ. We’ve known each other all of our lives but it took two of my best friends to bring us together. Since our first time together sexually, I knew I wanted him to be my lover and even though I am still in college and he is just starting college, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him.” The crowd cheered and applauded as Jake grabbed my hand and smiled at me and gave me a kiss. I looked to Billy and he blew a kiss to me as the music started. Hearing Billy croon my favorite song made my heart melt. I was in love with Billy all over again. He never ceases to amaze me and always fixes me when I am broken or when I am doubting myself or my self worth. My heart was filled to capacity as I heard my brother sing a song to me, one that he chose for me and one that he knew meant something to me. Billy finished to a thunderous applause as he walked down from the stage. I stood up as he approached and he grabbed me and kissed me passionately in front of everyone while dipping me back as Jake smiled and clapped with the crowd. What a romantic moment when just minutes before he was raping my ass in the downstairs bathroom. That is what I love about Billy, I never know which ‘one’ I will get but it doesn’t matter because I love them ‘both’! * * * As we were heading back downstairs to the dance bar we bumped into Devon and Charlie. They introduced us to a friend of theirs, Markie who was actually contestant number 8 in the contest with Billy. “Congratulation man, you beat me by half an inch,” Markie said with a laugh. “Thanks man, it was close though bro,” Billy said. The six of us hung out downstairs, played pool and darts again. We were getting ready to leave when Devon spoke up. “Hey guys, did you want to play a game of miniature golf on the boardwalk?” “I’m cool with it if you guys are,” Billy said as he looked to Jake and I. “Sure, I love mini golf,” I said as Jake agreed. We walked out of the club and headed down the boardwalk. Billy Jake and I were holding hands like we usually do and Devon and Markie were holding hands as well. We chatted about college, sports and sex. “So, what’s the story with you three?” Devon asked. “Well, DJ and I are lovers and Jake is also DJ’s boyfriend,” Billy explained. “That’s kinda kinky and hot,” Charlie replied. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Billy said with a laugh. “What do you mean?” Devon inquired. “Should we tell them babe?” Billy asked me. “How open minded and kinky can you guys handle?” I asked them. “Fuck man, anything kinky gets me hard,” replied Devon. “Ok, here it goes gentlemen. DJ and I are brothers and are also lovers,” Billy said matter-of-factly. “No fucking way man, I don’t believe you. That would be so damn hot, but I don’t believe it,” Markie said. “Prove it!” Devon said. Billy and I pulled out our drivers licenses and showed them our rings with the inscription ‘Brothers and Lovers forever’. “Holy fuck man, that is so hot, Charlie look at their rings, its true man,” Devon said in amazement. “So, the three of you have a three-way relationship?” Markie asked. “Yeah, well, we established a line that defines DJ and Billy as lovers and me as his boyfriend, but we are all committed to each other, and we have sex together and separately some times.” Jake answered. “Amazing, that is the hottest thing I have ever heard in my life,” Charlie stated. We arrived at the miniature golf location and everyone kadıköy travesti was getting ready to pay their admission. “No, no man, I feel like we are new best friends, let us cover the game for you guys. We appreciate you being so cool about our situation and we enjoy your company,” Jake said” “Ok well, let’s make this worth your while then, how about another bet?” Charlie suggested. “What kind of bet? I asked. “We have to drive back to our beach house so no more alcohol for a while.” “Ok well, since there are six of us, how about the three highest scores have to give head to the three lowest scores.” Devon suggested with a grin. I smiled at Billy and Jake concurred and we looked to Devon, Charlie and Markie. “Ok, deal,” Billy said. Mini golf was fun and we had many laughs along the way. Billy had a lot of holes in one as did Charlie and Devon. Jake lost his ball in a water feature and had to get a new one from the attendant. Billy would occasionally tongue kiss me in front of our new friends just to get them horned up. It appeared to be working because Markie, Charlie and Devon took turns french kissing each other. Jake and I were kissing and groping one another constantly on our way through the 18 hole mini golf course as well. We were at the 15th mini golf hole and Markie stood next to Billy and started to ask him a question. “May I try tongue kissing your brother?” “Yeah, I’d like to watch that. DJ, Markie wants some tongue, show him how it’s done babe.” Markie walked over to me and planted his lips on mine as slipped his tongue inside my mouth. I opened my mouth a bit wider as I stretched my tongue into his. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed further into my mouth as our tongues dueled. The group of guys just watched as the kiss became more and more aggressive and passionate while at the same time Markie moved one of his hands to reach down and grab my cock through my shorts. Markie pulled back from the kiss and noticed that Jake was still holding my hand all through the kiss, he leaned over to kiss Jake and I grabbed his face with my hand. “No. Do not do that, he’s my boyfriend and besides Billy didn’t okay that.” Jake looked at me, smiled and kissed me on the lips. “Thanks baby that meant a lot to me to hear you say that, I love you,” Jake replied. “I love you too, and you are mine,” I replied to Jake as he smiled at me. Markie looked back to Billy as Billy shrugged. “He’s right, I didn’t okay that, and DJ’s boyfriend is off limits unless he’s one of the losers of the mini golf game. “Fair enough,” Markie said with a smile. We finished up our round of golf at the 18th hole. Devon and I each won a free game by getting a hole in one at the extra game shot. We all gave our clubs back to the attendant and exited the golf course onto the boardwalk. We walked over to the stairs that headed down to the beach as Billy added up the scorecard. “So where are we doing this?” Charlie asked. “Since it is dark, I think we could get away with doing this under the boardwalk, no one will see us there,” Markie replied. “Cool, let’s go,” Billy replied to everyone. “Ok, got the final results. DJ, Jake and Markie, you guys are sucking dick. DJ, you get to suck on Devon, Markie, you’re sucking my dick, and Jake you are sucking Charlie,” Billy announced. Devon, Billy and Charlie stood there and stripped their shorts off as Markie, Jake and I stripped down naked and got on our knees in front of them. The three of them whipped out their cocks and started stroking. Devon grabbed the back of my head with one hand as he grabbed his cock at the base of his balls with the other. He slowly brought my lips to the head of his hardening cock and pushed his cock into my mouth. He let out a loud moan as I took the full length of his cock into my throat until his balls were fully against my chin. He held me down on his cock for what seemed like eternity, but I didn’t mind, I loved the feeling of my throat being filled by an unfamiliar cock and I was enthralled with wondering how good this might end up being. Devon started fucking my throat and I could feel his cock reaching it’s full length which was probably around 7 � inches by my estimation and experience being a cocksucker. “Fuck yes DJ, suck my fucking cock man. You took every inch on the first try, fucking awesome man, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Billy grabbed his cock and pushed up his foreskin so there was extra at his cockhead. He then grabbed Markie by the hair and pushed the skin covered head of his cock into Markie’s mouth. Markie knew exactly what to do and started nibbling on the foreskin and using his tongue to lick on the inside of Billy’s foreskin. “Oh shit man, lick the inside of my foreskin, get my cockhead all wet with your spit. Fuck yes!” “Holy shit Billy, I love your cock, I love that you’re uncut,” Markie moaned. “You’ll love it even more when I start fucking your throat, you swallow?” “Of course I swallow, why waste a good load?” he replied. Jake grabbed Charlie’s cock with one hand and began sucking on his uncut 8 inch cock. Jake knew exactly how to handle an uncut cock and started to pull back the foreskin and licked Charlie’s tender cockhead. He licked around the head with the tip of his tongue and then licked the piss slit. He then licked up and down the entire cock shaft and then went to lick the balls. Charlie jerked his cock as Jake sucked on and took Charlie’s balls into his mouth. “Fuck yeah Jake, suck on my balls. Oh fuck man, you got them both in your mouth, feels so fucking good, shit!” Devon was fucking my face at a steady pace and his balls were slapping my chin and making a wet slapping noise as they splashed on the spit that leaking from my mouth. He’d pull his cock fully out of my mouth every so often and slap my face with it. Billy looked over to us and I knew he was getting off watching a new guy use my throat for his enjoyment. “Oh fuck Devon, fuck my brother’s throat, show him who’s boss. You do it right and he’ll swallow every drop of your load,” Billy advised. “Fuck yeah? You’ll swallow my load DJ? You like taking cum down your throat?” “Oh fuck yeah, make me choke on your load Devon, force me to swallow it, please.” Markie was working hard on Billy’s cock and was taking the full 8 inch uncut cock deep into his throat. He kept looking up to Billy for his approval. “Shiiiiiit Markie, you’re a fucking good cocksucker, no wonder I beat you in the contest,” Billy chided. “Work my load out man, that’ll be your prize for a job well done.” “Oh fucking shit Jake, you’re doing so good man, I’m gonna cum soon. Fucking take me balls deep in your throat. Yes, just like that, oh fuck yes. Ohhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiit, here I cum,” Charlie yelled as he pulled out and shot two streams of cum onto Jake’s face as the rest of us watched. He then shoved his cock into Jake’s throat and finished unloading as Jake swallowed the rest of his cumload as Charlie held his cock balls deep in Jake’s throat. Charlie then pulled out of Jake’s throat and leaned over and licked his own cum off of Jake’s face and then kissed him on the mouth and shared his cum with Jake. Devon was getting close, I had my hands on his smooth sexy ass and I could feel him tense his muscles as his fucking of my throat became more aggressive. His cock was hitting the back of my throat as I felt his cock swell in size and I knew his cum was on its way.. Holy fuck, holy fuuuuuuck, I’m cumming,” he screamed. “Fucking hell swallow my load DJ, swallow all of it, every drop.” I had tears in my eyes from the awesome rough face fuck and swallowed gulp after gulp of his salty cumload. It seemed like a never ending orgasm which I loved. The feeling of that hot load filling my throat to capacity was a great feeling. Markie was still working on Billy’s cock as he pulled off and started jerking it. He looked up to Billy and began to speak. “Billy, would you please fuck your brother’s throat for me, I want to watch that. I want to see one brother use another, please?” “Ok DJ, get over here. Swallow my fucking load bro,” Billy demanded. Jake, Charlie, Markie and Devon surrounded me and Billy as I took Billy’s cock into my throat. Billy grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. Markie grabbed the back of my head and pushed me balls deep onto Billy’s cock as he watched me take every inch of Billy’s cock. “Fuck yeah DJ, suck your brother’s dick. I want to see you eat your brother’s load,” Markie demanded. “Oh shit, I can’t believe this your actually deepthroating your own brother’s cock, fucking hot man,” Devon shouted. “That’s it baby, work out your brother’s load, show everyone how much you love eating your brother’s cum,” Jake said to me. Jake, Markie were jerking off since they haven’t cum yet as Billy was getting close. Charlie and Devon were behind Billy and reaching to his front rubbing his muscular chest and pinching his nips. Devon then started to lick and suck on my brother’s neck which made him fuck my mouth even harder than normal. I began choking on his cock which made things even more heated and lustful for Billy. “Fuck yeah bro choke on my cock, show our new friends how you always take your big brother’s cock. You want to eat my load, you want your brother’s seed in your throat?” Billy shouted as he pulled his cock out of my throat temporarily so I could answer. “Fuck yes Billy, feed me your cum bro. Please let me swallow your load like you always do, please.” “Shit, listen to him beg for his own brother’s cum, fucking hot,” Charlie moaned. “Holy hell bro, here it comes, Billy shouted, Fuuuuuuck, take my fucking load, swallow it all for your big brother, fuck yessssss. Eat my cum! Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuck! With that Billy pulled out so the guys could see his load shoot onto my face and then quickly shoved it back into my throat so I would swallow the remaining cum. Jake and Markie were getting close and Billy pulled out of my mouth. “Shoot your load in his throat guys,” Billy demanded. Jake and Markie both put their cockheads into my mouth as they both began to shoot their loads into me. Jake grabbed the back of my head so I would take more of their cocks in my throat. “Fuck yeah DJ, take my load, swallow every drop,” Markie said as he grunted. “Oh shit baby, eat my seed, I fucking love you baby, I love when you do this for me, fuck yeah,” Jake moaned in delight. After they were done loading to my mouth I stood up and was jerking off, the last one to cum. Billy immediately knelt down and reached for my cock and looked around at everyone. “DJ isn’t the only brother that swallows,” he said with a grin as he started to take my cock down his throat. I grabbed the back of Billy’s head as I started to fuck his throat harder. “Oh shit bro, suck my cock, take it deeper,” I moaned. “Fuck DJ, feed me your load, please I need it bad babe, give it to me.” “Fuuuuuuck Billy, swallow it, here it is. Fucking eat my load bro, shiiiiiiiit, fucking A, Ahhhhhhhh. As I was cumming into Billy’s throat I held his mouth down on me, Jake came over and french kissed me until I finished bakırköy travesti unloading down Billy’s throat. Billy then stood up and joined the french kiss between Jake and I. The three other guys got closer and we all started kissing each other switching partners every few seconds. When we all cooled down and relaxed we got dressed again and headed back up to the boardwalk. We sat under one of the boardwalk pavilions as Billy went to a vendor and bought us all one last beer. He walked back and gave each one of a beer and a kiss on the lips. “Thanks man, you didn’t have to do that,” Markie said. “I wanted to, you guys are very cool, and DJ, Jake and I had a great night with you guys to say the least,” Billy responded. “All three of you are fucking hot, but I tell you, I could watch you brothers go at it anytime. Hell, I’d love to see you two fuck,” Devon said. “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course,” Billy replied. “Do you and DJ breed each other, do you cum up each other’s asses?” “Fuck yeah of course we do, we’re lovers we do everything other lovers do,” Billy responded, “It doesn’t matter if DJ breeds me or I breed him, being brothers makes it extra special.” After we finished our beers and wound down the conversation, we hugged and exchanged phone numbers and e-mails and committed to getting together in the near future sometime. We hugged and kissed each other and then went our separate ways. Billy, Jake and I headed back to the parking garage behind the club to get into Billy’s truck and head back to the beach house. * * * Jake, Billy and I were sitting in just our boxers in the living room watching TV and relaxing from a very eventful second day and night here at Moon Pebble Beach filled with contests, beer, dancing, mini golf, beer, some drama and some great sex. “Damn bro, I can’t believe how hot you looked in those white briefs tonight, no wonder you won the cash prize.” “Thanks babe, the only reason I won was because I was thinking of you and it made my cock so hard that I reached my full 8 inches.” “Stop, you’re lying,” I said with a smile. “No, I swear. Right before they announced it was a runoff, I saw you in the crowd and I was thinking of how much I loved you and how much I wanted to fuck you again, it made me hard as a rock.” “Well, I am glad I could help,” I said with a laugh. Billy turned and laid across Jake’s and my lap with his head on my lap. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips as Jake put his hand down Billy’s boxers and stroked his cock. “Thank you two for being so cool with the sex tonight. If you ever feel like it is something that doesn’t feel right to you, please tell me. I never want to force you guys into anything you don’t want to do,” Billy explained. “Well, speaking for myself, I don’t have an issue with anything because I know that you are there with us, and if anything gets out of hand, I know that you and I will quickly sort things out. DJ is my first priority so I will kick anybody’s ass that gets out of control with him,” Jake stated. “That’s why I love you so much Jake. You love DJ so much, just like I do and that means the world to me. That is why I chose you to be his boyfriend, that is why you are a part of our relationship, an equal part.” “Billy, I will do anything you ever ask of me. I trust you with my life and I know that if I can’t fight someone off by myself that you and Jake will be there for me. I love you both so much.” Billy pulled me down for short tongue kiss and then got up and grabbed Jake by the back of the neck and slid his tongue into his mouth. Jake and Billy made out for a few moments and then Billy got up off of the sofa that we were sitting on. “Ok guys, I’m heading to bed. Make sure you turn everything off before coming up to bed.” “No problem Billy good night, I love you,” Jake replied. “Yeah, love you bro.” “I love you guys so much,” Billy shouted as he went up the stairs. Jake and I cuddled on the sofa as we watched a sci-fi movie. Jake was laying in between my legs with his back against my chest as my arms were wrapped around him and my hands were playing with his nips lightly. I was kissing and licking his neck as his moaning became a little louder when all of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. “What the hell? Who the hell could that be, especially at 12:10am?” I said startled. “I’ll get it, just stay here baby.” Jake went to the door and opened it up cautiously. When he saw who it was he got all tense and his voice got short and angry. “What the hell do you want?” “I saw your lights on and just wanted to stop in and visit,” Roger said. I’d like to talk with DJ.” “Talk with him about what?” “If you must know, I want to ask him if Billy has ever fucked him?” “What the fuck are you talking about, DJ is my boyfriend you asswipe. Sorry, you can’t come in and besides it is late we’re finishing a movie and we’re going to bed soon.” “Why can’t I come in for a little bit and watch the movie with you guys? Or are you two fucking?” “What the fuck is your problem Roger? It is none of your business if we’re fucking or not.” “Probably not, but if DJ had a choice I’m sure he’d want me to fuck him instead of you.” “Fuck you asshole DJ and I don’t even know you, Jake yelled. Jake slammed Roger up against the outside wall of the beach house and started punching him. I ran to the door and tried to get Jake off of Roger and Jake pushed me back as he was crying and punching Roger. “Stay back baby, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Billy heard the commotion and flew down the stairs and pulled Jake off of Roger. He pushed Jake and I back into the beach house as he closed the front door from the outside as he headlocked Roger. Jake and I sat on the sofa and I held Jake as he had tears in his eyes. He hugged me tight and caressed my back. He pulled back a little and held my face in his hands and looked lovingly into my eyes. “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry you had to see and hear that. I love you so much but I will do anything to protect you. You are so important to me that I’d risk my life for you.” “I know that Jake, you make me so proud to be called your boyfriend. I don’t know why he said those things, he doesn’t even know us,” I replied. “I don’t know but Billy needs to fill us in when he comes back inside,” Jake said in an angry voice. After about 15 minutes of hearing Roger and Billy’s muffled yelling through the wall Billy entered the beach house as Jake and I were sitting on the sofa. We looked over to Billy as he glanced over to us. “Billy, you need to come sit here and explain everything to us now!” Jake demanded sternly. “Yes, I know. I should have filled you both in earlier when Roger first showed up, but he caught me off guard and rattled me.” “Rattled you about what Billy,” I asked. “DJ I was trying to think of an easy way to explain it all but there isn’t any, so I am just going to tell you flat out. One night during my first year on college when I was dating Roger, mom and dad went away on a trip and they asked me to watch you. You may remember that you and I stayed up late one night and I let you have a few beers even though you were still a senior in high school. After a while you had a little too much and you went to our bedroom to go to sleep. I had to help you get undressed and I put you into your bed in just your boxers as you always slept. Roger came over after you went to bed and he and I got a little sexual downstairs and he suggested that we go up to the bedroom. I checked to make sure you were sleeping and I told him that you passed out from the beer and shouldn’t hear anything. He and I got into my bed across from yours and started to have sex. He was so horny and wanted to fuck me but I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. I then told him I had to go to the bathroom, which I did because I had to pee because of the beers. When I came back into the bedroom, Rog…Roger…..he….he had your boxers down around your ankles and was on top of you, he was just about ready to fuck you while you were passed out. I grabbed him and slammed him up against the wall and threw him down the stairs. I told him to get the fuck out of our house and that I never wanted to see him again. I came back upstairs, pulled your boxers back up and laid with you in your bed. I cried myself to sleep that night and promised myself that I would always, from that night on protect you at all costs.” “Oh my god, what a freak Roger is. I’m glad I didn’t know that beforehand or I would have killed him tonight,” Jake said in disbelief. “I am so sorry DJ, it was all my fault. I didn’t mean to put you in danger. I love you so much, I’m sorry,” Billy said as he cried into his hands. I went over to Billy as he was sitting on the recliner next to the sofa and knelt in front of him and pulled him into a hug. I kissed him on the lips and wiped his tears with my thumbs. I then put my head on his shoulder while embracing him and I spoke softly into his ear. “Bro. You didn’t do anything wrong, it wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing that Rogers was like that. Besides, you said you caught him in time before he did anything to me. You saved me bro. You protected me. You protected me even before you and I became lovers, that means so much to me.” “I always loved you DJ. Even though we fought a lot, it was basically because I was trying to hide my true love and sexual feelings for you. I loved you so much more than just as a brother but I was afraid to tell you, because society told me it was wrong. When I saw Roger on top of you, my jealousy and protective nature took over and I realized my true feelings for you.” “You should be proud of what you did Billy. Your true nature came out and your love for DJ shined through. See, your sexual relationship with DJ was always meant to be, even though you didn’t know it at that time,” Jake explained. “Billy, look at me. Don’t ever think that you failed me because you did not. You protected me then and you still protect me now at all costs. I love you beyond words even more now because I know how much you have always loved me. I am yours and always will be.” “It is over now for good, I made sure Roger knew that after tonight that if he ever came near any of us again that I would have him arrested for attempted rape and stalking,” Billy said. Billy and I then kissed passionately as he pulled me up on the recliner with him as we laid there and kissed and held each other. After about ten minutes the movie that we were originally watching finally ended. Jake walked over to Billy and I where we were on the recliner and kissed both of us and spoke. “I think we should all go to bed now.” Jake grabbed my hand as I grabbed Billy’s as Jake led us up the stairs and into bed. The three of us laid there and cuddled and kissed each other. Billy rolled over to face me as he removed his boxers. He grabbed my face and started to kiss me rough and passionately as Jake was behind me. Jake took the cue from Billy and removed his boxers too and then put his cockhead at my pucker and slowly slid his hard cock into my ass. Jake finally got all 10 � inches inside me as I moaned into Billy’s mouth during our make out session. Billy pulled off my lips for a brief moment as Billy and Jake both said they loved me at the same exact moment. This was going to be another perfect night of lovemaking.

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