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Soldier On

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I can still remember the first time Dad was sent overseas. Being an infantry master sergeant with eight years in, he was one of the first called up. I was only six years old, but I can remember his serious instructions: “Your mother will need you to be strong…her little man of the house.” I acknowledged his instructions and told myself I would do my best. I wondered, though, what could I do? After all, I was just a kid. But as his absence turned from days to week, I would come to understand. My mother is very dependent on those around her. She is not weak, but if she finds someone she trusts she will defer to that person in ways that make her submissive at times. One day I arrived home from school to find my mother sitting in the living room sobbing softly. This alarmed me, “Mom! What’s wrong?” Dropping my books I hurried to where she sat on the sofa.

“I don’t know, baby,” she whimpered, daubing her cheeks with a tissue.

I put my hand on her shoulder, “Why are you crying?”

“Your Dad’s been gone for almost two months and I miss him terribly,” she replied, “I can’t seem to get past it. I tried to clean the house today and just couldn’t stand the thought of beginning. Now you’re home and I haven’t even thought of dinner.” Her eyes squeezed shut and tears rolled over her cheeks.

“Aw, Mom. Don’t cry.” I pleaded. I pulled her to me, patting her back. “I’ll take care of it. Just sit here a while.”

I got up and went to the phone. I dialed the local pizza joint and ordered a carry out. Finishing that, I gathered the soiled clothes from the hamper and began the laundry. While that was running I cleaned the kitchen of the breakfast mess and straightened the living room. As I went about my tasks I would casually interact with Mom. “Put this here, Mom.” “Move so I can get there, Mom” “Get you purse, Mom.I need money for the pizza guy.” She would look through her long lashes, eyes wide, “Ok, baby,” replying. I soon figured out that she would do pretty much what I told her if I took charge and acted like I knew what I was doing.

Twelve years later, wouldn’t you know it. The Gulf becomes another problem and Dad has to come out of the reserves and go overseas again. Like before, he tells me that I have to watch over Mom and take care of things. Now that I’m eighteen, I’m involved in paying bills and running errands. Every few days something comes up that I have to address because Mom looks to me to act. Our lives fell into the monotonous routine of existence without Dad.

I noticed Mom moping around the house one Saturday morning after Dad had been gone about three months. I asked her if she was feeling ok.

“I’m ok, I guess.” She replied absently. “Just feel bored…”

“Why don’t we go to the lake? Would you like that?” hoping to cheer her mood.

Her whole demeanor changed, “That would be great! When?”

“Right now.” I proposed, glad to see her brighten.

“I’ll go get ready!” she exclaimed, rushing from the room.

“Damn,” I thought. “It’s just the lake” Shaking my head I busied myself preparing for the excursion.

I sat in the living room as Mom entered. “Ready?” she asked.

“Yep. Um…are you wearing that?” I asked. She looked at her garb: a pair of cutoffs, an oversize T-shirt and sandals.

Her brow furrowed, “What’s wrong with this?”

“We’re going to the lake. I just thought you would wear a swimsuit.” I answered.

“Silly.” She laughed. “I have my suit on underneath”

“Let’s see.” I said.

She laughed again. “Why?”

“I wanna czech taxi porno see what suit you’re wearing.” My voice even.

“You don’t trust my taste?” she asked, cocking her head slightly, making fun.

“C’mon, Mom,” I goaded, “Let me see.”

She sighed, “Ohhhkayyy”

She pulled the T-shirt over her head and unzipped her cutoffs. “That’s enough.” I said. “Why are you wearing that one-piece?”

“It’s the only thing I have that fits, Keith, if you must know.” Was her answer.

“What about that green bikini?” I inquired.

“I haven’t worn that one in two years.” Now, she was really laughing.

“Try it and see.”

“Keith.” More laughter.

“Just try it.”

She looked at me, questioning. The fifteen or twenty seconds she took to answer seemed like an eternity.

“You’re serious.” She said.

“Yeah….let’s see” I smiled at her.

She smiled back, “Remember, you asked for it.” She admonished, giggling.

She returned to the room shortly, still wearing the shorts and T-shirt.

“You didn’t change?” I asked.

“Keith, I have the bikini on…it’s just…” she looked at the ceiling.


“It’s REALLY small.” She laughed nervously.

I just crossed my arms and remained seated on the sofa.

Mom sighed and grasped the hem of her T-shirt and hesitated. I suppose she decided I wasn’t going to relent, so she slowly raised the shirt. Watching my eyes she brought the shirt to her neck. I lowered my eyes and saw the lime green material of the bikini top tightly molded to her breasts. Mom’s boobs aren’t large, but the undersized garment couldn’t hold them completely and the white skin of her titties was clearly visible. I looked up, “Now the shorts.”

She started to drop the hem of the T-shirt.

“Nuh-uh.” Shaking my head.

She stared at me, blankly. Her mouth opened slightly as if she wanted to say something, then she lifted the shirt over her head and let it drop to the floor. I let my eyes follow her hands to the button of the cutoffs, her fingers resting there. Looking up again I found her eyes on me, she bit her bottom lip softly. Suddenly, and for the first time, this became erotic. My cock stiffened perceptibly, I could feel it push down my thigh. Thank God I had chosen a pair of loose fitting trunks. I realized that I knew from the beginning of the swimsuit discussion that she would submit to me. I had no idea how far I would be able to go with the situation before Mom would resist. I was about to find out.

Mom unbuttoned the cutoffs. Grasping the zipper she slowly moved her hand down. As we stared unblinking at each other she pushed the denim shorts off her hips and they fell down her tan legs. I slowly let my eyes drift down her body, taking in the sight of her breasts again. Over her slightly rounded stomach, my eyes focused on her mound. The cloth pressed against her so that I could tell that there was no hair on her pussy. My cock began to pulse with my heartbeat.

I looked up again. Mom was breathing deeply and deliberately, eyes filled with anticipation. Was that what I wanted to see?

“The sides of your bottoms are too low.” I spoke. I do not know how I managed to say anything.

She shut her eyes and I watched as she took the bikini in hand and slid the sides higher on her hips. This made the already tight garment strain against her pussy, her lips pouting into the material. I heard her inhale sharply as she felt the cloth stretch over her genitals then she defloration porno moaned softly. My penis had become fully engorged and her ragged breaths and the sight of her labia moistening the bikini, was urging me toward climax. Mom opened her eyes and looked into mine. She must have seen the raging lust in my face. Her gaze dropped to my groin where my hardness was now rampantly visible beneath my trunks, a twitching, throbbing monster. A guttural sound, a deep rasping moan, escaped her throat and she turned away quickly. Taking a few halting, unsure steps, she slowly walked from the room.

I was in agony. Seeing my mother’s body displayed at my command, witnessing her reaction to my excitement at this display, was too much. I reached for a towel I had laid out for our lake trip, slid my trunks down my thighs and wrapped my hand around my erection. Within a few seconds of powerful, rapid jerks my testicles unloaded violently on the towel. I sighed as the needed orgasm subsided. Breathing deeply, beads of sweat on my forehead, I stood pulled my trunks up and staggered toward my mother’s bedroom.

As I approached her room I noticed she hadn’t closed the door. I stood in the doorway and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed farthest from the door. I could tell she was crying even though she was facing away from me, her shoulders shook as she silently shed her tears. I crossed the short distance to the bed and sat beside her, close enough to put my arm around her.

“Mom, don’t cry.” I implored.

“I can’t believe what I did.” She almost whispered.

I reached up, wiping the tears from her damp cheeks. “What you did? I don’t think you did anything that should upset you like this.”

“Keith, please.” She sounded exasperated. “You know I shouldn’t have…”

“ ‘Shouldn’t have’ what, Mom?” knowing exactly what she meant.

“You’re my SON!” she spat the words out.

“And you love me? I asked.

“You know I do, but—“

“And I love you?” I interrupted.

Mom nodded in response, her thinly covered breasts jiggled with the motion.

I moved behind her slightly, reaching around gathering up her smooth legs and spinning her onto the bed so that we faced each other. Cradling her face in my hands I gently pressed my lips to hers. She didn’t move away or protest. Her lips were so soft, so warm. I was exhilarated with the sensation. I slid my tongue out against her lips, licking. Mom’s lips parted and I moved my tongue past them. I felt her suck my tongue in and my cock began to stir. My hand found the shoulder strap of her top and I pushed it down and prompted her to bring her arm through. That gave me access to her breast and I cupped it softly, my thumb resting on her nipple. She moaned into my mouth and I felt her hand on the back of my neck, forcing our kiss deeper. I was getting so hot I was beginning to shake. Breaking the kiss I backed away a bit.

“Take this off.” I said, pulling at the bikini top.

Mom replaced my hands with hers, removing the top. Now I could plainly see her breasts. Sloping white cones contrasted with her tan body. The pinkish nipples were thick and protruding, stimulated by the circumstances. I excitedly grabbed the bottoms and pulled them over her hips, down her legs. Taking an ankle in each hand I spread her toned legs.

“Oh, my God.” She exclaimed.

I looked between her legs and saw her pussy, the lips slick with her excitement. The tan lines accentuating the pinkness of her labia and clit. Her doktor ofisi porno ample hips spread under her as she moved against my grasp, a carnal foundation for my lusts.

“Mommy, look how wet you are.” I said. “Why are you so wet?”

“You know why.” She growled, squirming at my child’s reference.

“Why?” I persisted, sliding my hand along her leg.

She whimpered. “I’m aroused.”


She nodded.

“Why are you aroused?” my fingers brushing the lips of her pussy.

“Keith!” she whispered sharply.

“Tell me.” Flicking a finger over her clit.

Mom squealed. “I saw your erection in your trunks!”

Moving my finger from her clit, I pressed passed her labia. Her lubrication was so abundant the digit slid inside easily. “My penis excited you?”

Another squeal. “Yes!”

I moved my finger in and out of her slippery cunt. “You want to see my cock, Mommy?”

Mom bit her bottom lip and didn’t answer. I added a second finger and increased the speed of my thrusts somewhat. Her hips began moving against my hand. “Do-you-want- to-see-my-cock?” I spoke the words calculatingly.

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

I took her hand and moved it between her legs. Pushing it against her pussy, I said, “Fuck your pussy, Mommy.”

She eagerly stuffed two fingers inside and began to frig herself. I pulled my trunks down, freeing my partially erect penis. I spread her wetness around the head with the two fingers that had been in her pussy. The purple, mushroom shaped head glistened in the low light as my cock thickened and began to rise.

“Oh, God!” the words leaping from her throat.

I moved between her legs, my penis swinging heavily with my movement. I stopped as my cock drew near her hand now furiously moving in and out of her pussy. She reached out and wrapped her small hand around my hard member. I leaned over and kissed her mouth with a desire and passion that was about to burst from me. Her hand was forcing the head of my cock over her labia in a stroking motion, her hips writhing in the pleasure. I could feel my legs begin to shake, the excitement growing inside me. With her other hand she pushed my chest, forcing our lips apart.

“Fuck me, Keith! Oh, please! Do it now!” she pleaded, her voice choking.

I pushed my hips and my penis parted her lips and penetrated her, the head moving just inside her. She gasped loudly. I pushed more, feeling her warmth enveloping my rigid cock. One more thrust and I was completely inside her. Mom began to pant, her hips bucking. I began moving in sync with her hips and she moaned, her hands on my shoulders.

“Harder! Fuck me harder, Keith!”

I sat upright, and placing my hands against her thighs, spread her legs and pushing them up slightly. This opened her up and I began slamming my cock in her with every thrust. I was watching my cock move in and out of her, shiny with her juice, making squishing noises as I violently fucked her. I was pounding her so hard that she was bouncing off the mattress against the penis invading her cunt.

She screamed. “YES! GOD! MAKE ME CUM!”

Then the words became unintelligible grunts and cries as she climaxed. Mom’s body quaked with the orgasm, her pussy clenching my cock repeatedly. This was my limit and I felt my balls tighten in preparation. I withdrew my cock and taking it in hand, moved my body forward. As I started to cum I pointed the head at Mom’s torso. It happened. Long ropes of semen jetted out onto her body. Thick, hot cum spurted out onto her breasts. She screamed again.

As the orgasm subsided I fell onto the bed beside her. My chest heaving, trying to suck more oxygen into my lungs. I looked over at Mom. Her eyes closed and her chest moving with her post coital recovery. She was beautiful.

“This is just the beginning.” I thought.

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