Nis 03

Something in Common

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This story contains interracial sex, incest, and male bisexuality, don’t read it if you don’t have a sexually open and adventurous mind.


My brother and I shared an apartment off campus when we went to college and I was always curious as to why he wanted me gone when he did private tutoring sessions for the school basketball players, all of whom were black. One day I decided to see what he got up to while I was gone so I parked my car a few blocks from our place and then I ran home and hid in the closet and I waited.

Not too long after I hid I heard him come in with a member of the basketball team. My brother told his “student” to have a seat and so that they could do their thing while sitting on the living room couch. I slowly and silently crept out of the closet and I watched them through a crack in the door. I watched as my brother, a good looking blond guy of average height, tutored a tall muscle laden black guy of about 20 years of age. His name was Omar and he was one of the finest looking black men I have ever seen.

Here’s a little history about me before I finish my tale, I had only dated and fucked black guys up to that point in my life. I had many white male friends but none of them ever “did it” for me like black men did. So when I tell you Omar was hot, he was hot as hell and my pussy got wet just thinking about what I would have done to him if it was he and I alone in our living room.

I forced myself to watch as my brother Jim droned on and on about math as he tried to teach Omar enough so that he’d pass his math class and stay eligible to play basketball. I was just about to get up and go back in the closet when I heard Jim say, “That’s all for today’s lesson O.” He flashed a wicked grin at Omar and then he said, “Now it’s time for you to pay me my fee.”

I expected Omar to reach in his pocket to get out his wallet but I got the shock of my life when I saw him reach down and unzip his pants. He then took out his big black beauty of a cock and I swear it was about 9 inches around and it looked to be as big around as my forearm. I was in heat just looking at it. I felt my pussy get hotter and wetter as I stared at his beautiful black dick.

Then the real shocking thing happened. My brother Jim, my little brother who the girls went crazy for, and who in fact had a stunning girlfriend at the time all this took place, reached over and he began stroking Omar’s cock. As his hand went up and down on that monster cock I was turned on and shocked at the same fake hospital porno time. I had never been in seeing two guys with one another but watching my brother give Omar a hand job was such a turn on. I could hardly wait to see what happened next.

Omar’s cock stiffened and then my little bro leaned down and he kissed the glistening head. He opened his mouth and he sucked in Omar’s cock helmet. I watched as Omar closed his eyes and let my brother’s magic mouth do it’s thing. Jim could only fit the head and a little of the shaft in his mouth and as he greedily sucked he stroked the rest of Omar’s rock hard shaft. Jim grunted and moaned as he sucked that big black cock that I wanted inside me.

Omar moaned put his hands gently on Jim’s head and he slowly pushed his dick up into my little brother’s mouth. I could tell he was enjoying the hell out of my brother’s talented mouth. Jim took the black dick out of his mouth long enough to tell Omar to stand up and to take off his shorts and boxers. Omar obeyed and then Jim knelt before him and he took his cock in one hand and he lifted it so he could lick and kiss Omar’s balls, his taint, and his pinkish black asshole. Jim was planting wet kisses everywhere as he stroked. I could see both men were enjoying it. Omar was getting off on having his body worshipped by a white man and Jim was enjoying pleasing such a sexy black man with his mouth and hands.

Before he stuck Omar’s cock back in his mouth he asked, “You want my ass Lord Omar?” Omar shook his head no and he said, “I ain’t got time for that today white boy. I’ll just finish in your mouth.” So not only did my brother love to suck dick but he liked to get his ass fucked too? My mind reeled as I watched him suck and stroke Omar. Was my little bro gay? I didn’t care if he was I just wanted him to be open and honest with me if he was.

Omar’s grunts and moans became louder and he fucked Jim’s face a bit faster. Jim reached up and gave Omar’s balls a gentle squeeze as he sucked and sucked. As Jim gave what looked like to me was one hell of a blow job, I saw Omar’s balls tighten a bit. I had seen that enough to know what was coming next. Omar let out a loud animalistic grunt and he began shooting his load in my little brother’s willing and waiting mouth.

Jim pulled Omar deeper in his mouth as it filled up. His hands gripped Omar’s clenching ass cheeks for dear life as he took that hot load down his throat. Omar spasmed as he drained his cum into my fake taxi porno brother’s mouth. Then after he was finished and he took a breath or tow he noticed the clock. He said as he quickly pulled his boxers and his shorts up, “Shit man, I’m gonna be late for practice. I gots to run white boy. Thanks for the lesson.” As he briskly moved to the door he said, “Same time next week?”

Jim swallowed and looked at him adoringly. He replied, “Hell yes. Oh, hey, remind Darnell that he has an appointment with me tomorrow.”

“Sure thing man.” Omar blew him a kiss as he closed the door behind him.

I could have done many things right then but in my hot lustful state I chose to open the door and to walk out in the living room and talk to Jim about what I had just seen. I said, “That was the fucking hottest ting I have ever seen in my life.” Jim was shocked to see me. He turned forty shades of red and he tried to hide his big boner that he had been stroking. He stammered as he said, “What…what…ummm. did you see exactly.” He tried to hide his rock hard dick from me as he struggled to stand up. “I was just….ummm…I…”

My pussy was flooding my panties and my clit was throbbing as I watched him try to recover from me having seen him suck a big black dick and love it. I took his hand off his dick and I looked him in the eye. I said, “It’s okay honey. If you like to suck guys off then it’s fine with me.”

He jerked his hand away and he said, “I’m not gay! It’s just that…”

“That you like sucking dick. Right hon?” I smiled sweetly at him.

He blushed. “Not all dick, just black guys dicks.”

That did it for me. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I grabbed him and pulled him close to me and I kissed him hard. He resisted at first but I pushed my tongue into his mouth and I got to taste a little of Omar’s cum.

He broke our kiss but he stayed in my embrace. “What are you doing? What are we doing?”

I could feel his cock pressing into me. “Fuck Jim, I got so hot watching you suck off Omar that I need some relief,” I reached down to grab his dick, “and by the feel of things you need it too.”

“But we’re brother and sister. It’s wrong.” His cock throbbed in my hand.

“Some people say guys sucking cock is wrong. Especially white guys sucking big black dicks.” I could feel him become more excited as the words ‘big’ ‘black’ and ‘dicks’ left my mouth. “Stick your hand between my legs and feel how wet I am. Feel how much I fucking family stroke porno want to fuck my little black cock loving brother.” Jim did as I told him and he felt how slippery wet I was.

“Holy shit sis, you’re soaking.”

“I’m soaking wet for you baby bro. You got me in such a state. I need to ride a dick right this second.” I kissed him hard as we fondled one another. Through my ragged breath I said, “Get our fucking clothes off white boy.” He quickly obeyed and I backed off him a step and I began to do the same.

He reached out to me and I took his trembling hand and I pushed him toward the couch. “Lay down on your back white boy.” He obeyed and I straddled him. My wet pussy took in with no problems at all, after all I was used to much bigger men but somehow his dick felt right inside me. He pumped up into me and I in turn ground my wet pussy on his pole. I leaned down and we kissed as we fucked. The smell of our lovemaking filled our nostrils and it spurred us on to go faster and harder.

My nipples were rock hard and I broke our kiss so that Jim could pull on them as he pumped his dick in me. “Fuucccccccccccck yes! Fuck me Jimmy, fuck me white boy. Fuck your big sister.” At that point I finally exploded with my first orgasm. I almost blacked out I came so hard. Jim was pulling on my nipples and thrusting up wildly inside me. I was almost in heaven, the only thing that would have made it more like heaven for me was if I had a big black cock to stuff inside my hungry pussy next.

I rode Jimmy harder and ground down on him so hard that I thought I might break his dick off but somehow he held on. I felt his balls tighten and he pulled my face to his and he kissed me as he started to cum. I could feel his hot cum spraying inside me and I don’t think I ever enjoyed a man coming inside me as much as I did right then. It all felt so right, my on top of my sexy little brother, his cum in me, and add to that the knowledge that he, like me, was into black men. His dick felt sooooo good inside me as it shot it’s last little bit.

As his body went limp from our lovemaking I collapsed on him. Our sex scent in my nose and his taste on my lips, I lay there on him and our breathing became synchronized. After about ten blissful minutes of just laying there sweating and nuzzling my naked little brother as his seed seeped out slowly from my pussy, I broke the silence by saying, “This changes everything little brother.”

I could feel him tense up as he absorbed my words.

“But don’t worry, all the changes are going to be for the better.” I smiled at him and I gave him a hot wet little kiss.

He said, “You promise?”

I reached down, got two of my fingers coated with his cum and my pussy juice, I licked one clean, and I offered him the other. “Oh yeah baby brother, I promise.”

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