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Son’s Presents Lead To… Ch. 1

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Son’s Presents Lead To More… Much More! Ch. 1

My names Helen, I’m 38, I work in an advertising agency as a PA, and live with my son James who is 19. James is in his first year of a degree course at the local university, he is quite big and mature for his age. I have been divorced for 11 years, I discovered my ex-husband (Richard) had a thing for young boys and threw him out, we haven’t heard from him since – that is until six months ago. I received a letter from a solicitor telling me he was dead, there was a will and he had left everything to James, Richard had apparently made a small fortune on the stock market and now James was a very rich young man.

Of course James made sure I needed for nothing, the mortgage was paid off, he bought me a new car – he was very generous, then after a couple of months with his new found wealth he started to change, he no longer bothered to study, he said he was taking some ‘time out’ he stayed out late with his new ‘so called’ friends, I even suspected he might be dabbling in drugs the way his personality was so different. Then, one day about a month ago he came home carrying a lot of shopping bags, he handed some to me, “Here mom, I’ve bought you a few presents” he told me.

I thanked him with a small kiss on his cheek, “It’s not my birthday” I told him, “what’s the occasion?”

“Oh, nothing special, I just thought that maybe we could go out for dinner on Saturday, maybe visit this new club I’ve found, we haven’t been out for ages have we mom?”

“That sounds nice dear, I’d love to” I told him. I went to peek inside the bags.

James stopped me. “It’s only a new dress and some bits and pieces mom,” he said. “Leave it till later – if you like what I chose for you perhaps you might wear it on Saturday.” He said he was going out, he wouldn’t be back till late and left, I took the bags up to my room and unpacked them, the first bag contained a black dress, I held it up, it looked very short and the scooped neckline looked very low cut, I laid it on the bed and unpacked the others. I was stunned by what he had given me – not the sort of everyday presents a son would buy his mom, there was a black half cup bra with matching open crotch panties, six pairs of seamed black stockings, a suspender belt, a black stockinet body – that too had a split crotch and a pair of stiletto heeled shoes.

I thought back to what he had said about wearing these items when we went out on Saturday, Christ! I wouldn’t even dress this way for a ‘hot’ date! And now my son…surely he didn’t expect me to go out with him dressed this way, no – I put it down to him probably buying some presents for a girlfriend and getting the bags mixed up. I re-packed the bags and went downstairs to watch some TV; I made myself a drink and relaxed. I kept on thinking about the clothes upstairs, I wondered what I would look like with them on, after a few more drinks I decided I would try them on – just for fun!

I still have a pretty good body, I try to work out when I can, I have dated a few guys over the last couple of years, I have been proposed to twice but I decided long ago if I ever got married again I would have to be 100% sure, so far it hasn’t happened. Anyway, I stripped off, I put on the stockings and suspender belt, I had a chuckle when I put on the panties, I picked up the bra, it was my size – 36C, coincidence or what I thought, I put it on, I looked in the full length mirror, Christ! I did look sexy! more than that I felt sexy! – More sexy than I had felt for ages, my tits seemed even bigger now, my nipples and the top half of my tits were totally exposed, my legs looked great in the sheer stockings. I lifted a foot up on to a chair, the panties split open to reveal my pussy lips, I couldn’t resist rubbing a finger over them and found myself to be so wet!

I tried on the dress, I was right – it was very low cut, my nipples were barely covered, the hemline showed about an inch of the dark stocking tops, I put on the shoes (the right size!) and paraded around my bedroom, I twirled and posed in front of the mirror, I did look good! I had never before worn clothes such as these before – perhaps I ought to! I thought to myself. I got undressed, packed the clothes back into their bags and went to bed. I tossed and turned for ages, I couldn’t stop thinking about the presents that James had bought for me and way he looked at me when he suggested our night out, there was something I had missed at the time, he seemed different tonight, there was a look in his eyes, surely he couldn’t….., my mind turned over and over, did he really expect me to wear the sexy clothes when we went out, I was his mom for Christ’s sake, but the more I thought about it I thought – well…what harm would it do? It would only be an evening out after all; it was probably nothing more sinister than that – a mother and son out for a nice evening.

Next day James got up about mid-day, I fixed him a snack, “What time did you get in last night James? I didn’t hear you come home,” I said.

“Oh, it was quite late mom. I tried not to disturb you,” stranded teens porno he replied. After a few minutes he asked if I liked the presents he got me. “Did you try them on mom?” he asked.

“Yes James I did, but I think they are a bit too young and revealing for me though, it was a nice thought but really they would be more suitable as a gift for a girl friend, I guess I’m too old to wear things like that.”

“Nonsense mom, you’ve got a great figure and you’re gorgeous, I wish I could have seen you when you tried them on, I bet you looked great!”

“Maybe ten years ago I probably would have agreed with you love but I’m afraid at my age…”

“You’re still young mom, all my friends think you are….”

“They think I’m what?” I asked.

“They think you are sexy! They are always telling me how good you look, they can’t understand how you haven’t married again”

“James!…have you been discussing me with your friends?”

“No mom! Not like that, it’s just that….well, you know Billy Pearce? Well his mom is divorced and she…well, according to him she has started to ‘live’ again, he told me she goes out a lot, she dates, she wears sexy clothes, he told me she was acting like a different woman – he thinks it’s great!”

“Well James, I’m not Mrs Pearce – I’m Me! And I don’t act that way!”

“Ok mom – I’m sorry! I didn’t realise you would react this way, Christ! I wish I hadn’t bothered to buy your gifts now, if you don’t like them throw them away, I don’t worry!”

I thought about what he just said, he was right, I had over-reacted. I sat with him. “James, it was really sweet of you to think of me but…well, the things you picked out, they are not really me love, I mean that bra and panties set – I have never worn underwear like that before! Did you honestly expect me to wear such things?”

“The sales assistant told me that everything would go together, she said the bra would be perfect with that dress, all I did was give her your sizes – she did the rest”

“Did you tell her it was going to be a gift for your mom?” I asked.

“Well no…I told her it was going to be for my girlfriend, the assistant said she herself would love to receive presents such as these!”

“And were the panties her suggestion also?” James looked a bit embarrassed. “Oh those…I meant to take them out of the bag, the assistant talked me into buying them…I couldn’t say no to her.” James got up and went back up to his room, I didn’t handle things too good I thought. I really did over-react. In his way he was right, I should get out more, I should start to ‘get a life’ again.

About an hour later James came down and said he was going out, “I suppose our night out on Saturday is off now” he said.

“Why should it be? I’m looking forward to it,” I told him. “James…I’ve been thinking, I’ll make a deal with you, you know the other day you told me you were thinking about starting back at University again? Well…if you promise to resume your studies then on Saturday, when you take me out…well, I’ll wear the clothes you bought for me and if you like…well, for that night I’ll pretend to be your date for the evening! You know…just for fun we could pretend to be, well…not mother and son! What do you say?”

“You mean it mom? That would be great, we’ll have a fantastic time!” he beamed,

“But you must promise to go back to university James! That’s the deal!” I told him.

“Yeah, sure I promise, and you mom…don’t forget, you are to wear the clothes I got for you – all of them…everything! Underwear and all!” he smiled. After he had gone out I thought, Christ, what have I committed myself to, did I actually say we would go out together on a ‘date’, me and my son with me dressed in the sexiest clothes I had ever worn’, Oh well, at least he had promised to get back to his studying and as for me…well to be truthful I was looking forward to our ‘Date’.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the Salon and had my hair fixed, I had it cut short and high lighted which had the effect of making me look a little younger, I was very pleased with the outcome, when I got home I took a long soak in the bath, lying there I looked down to my pussy, I could do with a trim down there I thought, I got a bit carried away and before long I was totally smooth, Christ! It looked so different, it made me feel very sexy, I lay back and started to rub a finger over my pussy lips, I had not had sex for so long, these last few months solely relying on my vibrator to satisfy myself, Christ! I needed a man! I needed a fuck! I thought about my night out, sure – I was going out with James but maybe…well, you never know, I might meet someone while out tonight, James might get fed up being with his mom – he might get off with a girl, well – one thing for sure, if I was going to be looking for sex tonight I was certainly going be dressed for it!

I was putting on my make up when James called out, he said he was going to take a shower and for me to hurry up, he said a car was picking student sex parties porno us up at 8 pm, I looked at the clock – 7.15, I had plenty of time. I got dressed, after I had put on the underwear and stockings I viewed myself in the mirror – I had never felt or looked so sexy, I put on the dress and went down stairs. James was waiting for me, the look on his face said it all, “Wow mom, you look sensational! Your hair…it makes you look so different and that dress…Fantastic!”

I thanked him and twirled around – posing in font of him, “Hang on mom, I won’t be a minute” he said rushing upstairs, he came back down with a camera, “It’s digital mom, I can print pictures off my computer, C’mon mom, I’ve got to get some pictures of you, you look great!” Doing as he asked I posed as he took several snaps.

“How about some sexy ones!” he said laughing.

“Oh no, I don’t think so James, I mean…I don’t think it would be right.”

He was very insistent, “C’mon mom, you are my date for tonight remember, you promised! Tonight you are not my mom, c’mon…pose for me!”

“Ok, just a couple but I want to see them before you print them and I don’t want anyone else to see them – understand?” I asked him how he wanted me to pose, he got me to lie back on the couch. “That’s it mom, now lift one leg up…yes, that’s it! Now sit up and bend forward, yes, great! Perfect…Christ mom, you look so sexy! These will turn out great, just a few more mom, how about pulling your dress down a bit at the front, you know…just a little!” I know I shouldn’t have but I did as he asked, I didn’t reveal my nipples but I certainly came close to it! I stood up and straightened my clothes as there was a knock at the door. “That’ll be the car,” James said, he took hold of my hand and led me out, a car he said – he had only gone and hired a limo for the night.

“James…you shouldn’t have.”

He looked at me, “Tonight mom – I want things to be perfect in every way,” he told me, squeezing my hand.

“So, where are you taking me?” I asked as we sat together in the back of the limo. He said he had made reservations at a club downtown, we were going to have dinner, then – later the club had a ‘cabaret’ “That sounds nice, what sort of acts?” I asked.

“Oh, you’ll have to wait and see, it’s a surprise…I hope you’ll enjoy it – I think you will” he laughed.

I was surprised to see we were heading into one of the more ‘seedier’ parts of town, the car pulled up outside a dark building, “Are we here? Are you sure we are at the right place?” I asked James, he took hold of my hand and led me through a doorway and down some stairs, there was a man at the bottom, he showed us through another door, What a difference, inside it was like stepping into a different location, everything was so plush, there were about thirty people there, we were shown to a table.

“Wow, this is some place, I wouldn’t have believed a building like this would have such a lovely club, it’s great James, thanks for bringing me.” We ordered drinks, I noticed I wasn’t the only woman wearing sexy clothes, most of the others seemed to be dressed similarly which made me feel more ‘at ease’ There was a band playing, a few couples were dancing.

“How about a dance James?” I asked him, we made our way onto the dance floor, it was a slow dance, James held me tight, and it did feel good! His hands held my hips, I put my hands on his shoulders.

“You know mom – I feel so proud being here with you, you are the most attractive woman here.”

I smiled. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that…look at that girl over there, she’s gorgeous, but that man she’s with, he looks old enough to be her father!”

I saw James look, “Yes, she does look nice, her dress looks nice too!” he laughed, I had noticed! It was almost see through, I didn’t think she was wearing any underwear – at least I couldn’t make out any and the only thing covering her tits were two thin straps of material that looked like they could give way at any time.

“Now…that’s the dress I should have bought for you!” he joked.

“You wish!” I laughed. Several drinks and a lot of laughs and dances later I was beginning to feel a bit light headed, throughout the last few dances as I danced close with James I could feel his hard dick pressing into me, at first I didn’t make too much of it but it was getting to the stage where he had started to squeeze me, stroke me, the last dance he nuzzled my neck, perhaps he too was feeling the effects of too much drink. I suggested we order dinner – hopefully that would sober us up! The meal was superb, the lighting had been dimmed, tables being lit by candles, I noticed a couple sitting near us kissing, looking again I saw he was now openly playing with the girls tits, Christ! I thought, how brazen can people be, the meal over James moved his chair around so he was sitting next to me.

“The show will be on soon,” he said, catching hold of my hand, his other arm he casually draped around my shoulders.

I turned to him, “Well submissive cuckolds porno – you are my date for the evening, you haven’t forgot your promise, have you?”

“No love, I haven’t forgot, it’s been a really nice evening James, thanks for bringing me” and moved forward with the intention of giving him a little peck on his cheek. It seemed James had other ideas, he too moved towards me and before I knew it our lips had met, his arm that was around my shoulders held my head tight. I felt his tongue trying to part my lips, at the same time his other hand moved down to my thigh and he began to stroke it. It made me gasp and as my mouth opened his tongue darted in, Christ! I was getting ‘French kissed’ by my son! It all happened so quickly, I broke away, I didn’t say anything but he could tell I was upset.

“I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t resist it, you look so sexy! It was…well, it’s just that if you were my date then…well, it would be no big deal to kiss – would it?”

“It’s ok James, I understand…I think we have just had a little too much to drink, let’s forget it, ok?”

After a couple of minutes of silence James said, “So – you are not really my date for the evening then are you, I mean…your promise, what you told me…when you said that tonight it wouldn’t be ‘mom and son’ it wasn’t true!”

“Of course it was true! I can’t forget I’m your mother James, what do you expect from me? I’ve wore the clothes you wanted me to, I’ve let you take pictures of me, I’ve come out with you tonight, we’ve danced and up till now I’ve had a great time but fooling around with me isn’t part of the deal!”

Just then a spotlight lit up the small stage about ten feet in front of us, a ‘compere’ appeared and after telling a couple of crude jokes announced the start of the evenings entertainment. A very pretty girl came on, music started and she commenced taking her clothes off – I looked at James, Christ! He had bought me to a high-class strip club! What was he thinking of?

“I think I would like to leave now James,” I told him, there was no way I was going to sit through this with my 19 year old son sat next to me.

“Ok, so the deals off then is it!” he replied, “That means if we leave now then I don’t have to keep my promise I made to you about going back to university!”

“That’s not being fair James – tell me, why did you bring me here tonight? What did you hope to achieve?”

He looked me in the eyes. “I just thought we could have a bit of fun, so – big deal, I bought you to a strip club, are you that much of a prude mom, does it embarrass you that much, I thought you were different – it seems I was wrong, ok, if you want to leave I’ll get the check,” he said.

I thought about what he said, I realised that I had probably over-reacted, as he said – it was no big deal really, he got up as if to go, “No, wait James, if you still want me to…I’ll stay with you, and if you still want to keep our deal going then…I’ll stay as your date – not your mom!”

He smiled at me. He reached out and took hold of my hand, “Are you definitely sure? Because if you are…I mean, here as my date that is, well…a kiss would be nice!”

I thought about what he said, well…a couple of kisses would be no problem, after all, he had gone to a lot of trouble getting me here, “Ok James, tonight I’m your date – not your mom! If you want me to kiss you – fine, I’ll do it but tomorrow things go back to normal and as far as I’m concerned and whatever takes place tonight never happened, ok with you?”

“Sure mom…I mean Helen, now – how about that kiss!”

Our lips touched, I found it difficult to open my lips, it still didn’t seem right but his tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth, he broke away. “Kiss me properly,” he said, again our lips met but this time I did as he asked, I tried to blank out the fact that he was my son, I tried to pretend he was ‘my date’. I kissed him deeply, passionately, our tongues entwining and exploring each others mouths, sucking on each others tongues, I felt his hand again go to my thigh and again he started to stroke up along the outside of my dress, eventually we parted. “Wow, that was nice!” he told me.

I had mixed feelings, I knew that what I had done was wrong but on the other hand…Yes it was nice, I had enjoyed it! The stripper had by now removed her clothes, she was sat on a stool, her legs were open wide and she was fucking herself with a very long realistic looking dildo, I glanced around, several of the girls (probably hookers) sitting with the men at the tables were kissing and getting fondled by their partners. I turned to James, he was engrossed in the ‘show’. I must admit to getting a bit turned on by the experience – I had never visited such a club.

James reached out and took my hand. He slid his chair close to mine, his other arm casually went around my shoulders. My body tensed as his hand that held mine moved down and started to rub up and down over my stocking covered thigh. I couldn’t take my eyes off the young girl on the stage. She had a fantastic body, and she played with her tits as she continued to use the dildo in her cunt. James continued to stroke my leg only now he was getting higher up. I felt his hand reach my bare skin above my stocking tops, my legs were tight together and I felt his thumb brush against my panties. I put my hand on his to stop him going further. “James! Stop it!” I told him.

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