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Sophie My Playgirl

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Sophie My PlaygirlSophie My PlaygirlBy: Londebaaz Chohan How it all started, I really do not remember and I do not give a fuck if anyone else knew or not. Honestly, I worried a little that Sophie shall be hurt if she knew that I was fucking her mother as well but my friend Mathew would surely do something drastic, if he found out that I was fucking his sister as well as his mother. However, it happened and it went on. Sophie always gave me that demur kind of looks that said, she wanted to suck my cock, whenever I came over to see Matt. Well as a high school senior and a very healthy athlete, I was under the dint that every girl, every woman wanted to suck my beautiful looking cock and surely, I wanted them to do it as a must. The only good thing I could think was that at my age, thankfully all the thinking was done with the cockhead and I could not be blamed for it.Sophie had a very beautiful ass, which did not only make my cock to twitch and ache but almost every adult cock in the school and in the neighborhood felt illegal bahis the same. Sophie was not at all sisterly and everybody doubted that she was even sisterly to Mathew. She loved cock and enjoyed getting fucked at every chance just like her mom. What a lucky guy I was, destroying, damaging that ass and thinking, ‘How it all started’. I had dropped by and Matt was not home. Only Sophie in her cut-off jeans and a small top. Her lightly tan skin glistened and her dark black hair, pouty full lips made her look very hot. Today, as we were just the two of us at home, the customary welcome kiss was not at all normal but far from it, wet and prolonged. My cock thickened and got rigid as I pushed it against her thigh. In response, she held me tight and opened her mouth to let my tongue inside it making me almost cum right then and there. Her thigh felt great as she pressed it back into me. She held my face with both hands as we tongue kissed each other making my head spin with lusty joy. Sophie grabbed my cock, illegal bahis siteleri wasting no time and telling me that she had heard a lot of good things about me and only waited for the right time. I wondered, if her mom told her or who else, about me and just the thought of it made my cock to pop up and out as quickly as she began to hold and stroke it robustly, cupping my balls also. As I turned her around and pulled her hips to me in one move, I also reached to grab her tits and the nipple in one hand and her pussy in the other hand. She was totally drenched with thick juice dripping out of her folds. Pulling her shorts and the panties down to her knees, I licked her crack making her moan and bracing herself against the wall in front of her. I kept kissing and licking her ass getting closer to her asshole making her go wild. Suddenly, she pushed her ass out and my tongue plunged in it. I stood behind her and rubbed my cockhead against her ass. She was very wet. I kept rubbing my cock up and down canlı bahis siteleri between her crack getting closer and closer to her hole as she pushed back. Sensing the situation, I pushed my cock in her ass. Sophie groaned out loud and ordered me to fuck her ass with my fat cock. “Bust my ass lover boy, it is for you, take it all. It is all for you”. I was shoving all the way to my balls and pulling out to go back in making sure, each thrust was harder and deeper than the previous one. After about 5 minutes, I pulled out of her completely and saw her gapping open huge. It looked like she had been ass fucked with a cock of an elephant and still longing for more and more.I shoved back in her more furiously and exploded in her ass while rubbing her clitoris and squeezing it with my fingers. Feeling my warmth filling her ass, made Sophie to ejaculate as well. She bucked hard making even my hilt to push in her.In a frenzy, I got pulled out of her and my juices went flying all over her ass, literally creaming her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as her weak legs wobbled and quivered. Since then we became fuckbuddies for few years to come but I always wondered, ‘How did she hear about me anyway’. The End. Please comment. Londebaaz Chohan November 11, 2020.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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