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Sophie’s Feet

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Sophie’s FeetI’ve known her since she was 13 and from day one I always wanted to see the soles of her feet, but I’d never ever come close really. Anyway her parents were away on holiday/vaction and she invited me around for a few days as she was bored and I swiftly accepted. I was looking forward to hang out as friends, but obviously I couldnt stop thinking about her feet. I knew I would finally get to see them for the first time ever. I will skip the boringness… It was late we were both pretty tired and she had fallen asleep it was around 2am and had been out for a while, I was still awake and very horny and she had left the bedroom light on, I went to turn it off then I realized something… Sophie’s Feet are under the covers. First I checked to see if she was really out, and yes she was long gone. I creeped down to the foot on the bed, my heart was pouding, my penis was throbbling. I was shaking, I was so nervous but also so desperate to see the soles of Sophie’s feet. I just knew they would be adorable. You could tell she was tired by the fact she had fallen asleep with her shoes on even though she had her PJS on she must have worn her shoes for when she was in the kitchen so that her feet didnt get dirty. If I got caught doing this I could make it seem like I was being nice in removing her shoes. Easy. I was at her shoes, she was wearing blue shoes (A sort of jeans colour and asyabahis yeni giriş style shoes) with white on the sole. Her laces were pretty much untied so I finished of the job. I then gently and slowly slipped of her shoes and placed them onto the floor. Next were her socks, she was wearing a pair of small fully pink socks. They were pretty clean which was good, I didnt want her feet to be to dirty, I wanted her natural feet. I needed to be careful not to wake her, but In the end it was never a problem, when she is out she is impossible to wake as a later found out. I slipped my finger at the heel of her feet under the socks removing them gently and slowly pulling her socks down until they came the whole way off over her toes. I did this 2 at a time slowly removing both socks. My dick was so fucking hard at this point as I was on my knees, gazing at the most beautiful pair of soles I honestly think anyone will ever see. They were small and perfect, her toes were also cute. After all this waiting, I had her bare feet right infront of me. I was so hard, I wish I had a camera at the time but im lucky they are in printed in my memory. The were so perfect, I knew they would be great but I didnt realize how cute they actually were. Just like her face I guess. I gazed at them for about a minute until I realized I had her socks in my hands. I moved her socks up to my nose asyabahis güvenilirmi and inhaled the smell deepy. The smell hit me immediatly, my cock was growing bigger and bigger at this point as I inhaled the smell from her cute pink socks. I didnt want to waste anymore time, Her feet were there in front of me. I brought my nose close to her feet, paused for a few seconds and she scrunched her feet infront of me as she was sleeping.. HOT.. then I carried on and shoved my face at the soles of feet sniffing her soles and toes hard and fast all over. The smell was amazing, the biggest turn on other than how beautiful they looked. They were a little smelly but not too bad and not at all a bad smell, just how I liked them. I grabbed her feet and legs at this point and placed them on my face, I rubbed them all over my face. I then proceeded to deeply inhale to smell of her soles. I then shoved my nose as far into her foot as it would go, I then very very heavily possible as hard and heavy as I could gave her feet one huge deep inhale, boy did Sophie’s feet smell good. I was lucky she did not wake up, but she did turn over onto her back and now her toes were pointing up and not down, perfect.I got back onto my knees again and admired her toes, they were painted a very lovely red colour. I moved my mouth close to her toes and began to suck. I would suck up and down and asya bahis giriş her toes, they tasted fantastic. I first sucked each toes individually but after a while sucked more at a time until nearly all of her foot was in my mouth. My dick wouldnt take it any longer, I need to cum soon. I thought for a second what too do, I knew I wanted to cum on her soles but wondered if I could take it further without getting caught. I checked again to see if she was asleep, she was still way out, she looked as if she had just been shot by a tranquilizer. I unzipped my jeans and my hard cock came out to play. First I gently rubbed it against her soles then I decided to take it to the next level.I held both her feet in my hands and both soles around my cock and moved them up and down my penis in a jerking motion. I was getting myself of with the soles of her feet, I was so horny I didnt even care anymore I forgot the fact she was asleep. I just needed to cum. It didnt take long, After a few great minutes of jerking myself off with her feet my cum splashed all over her soles drenching her feet. I came loads of times before I finally stopped, it was by far the most I had ever came in my life. Her feet were truely soaked. I didnt want to just leave it there, I gently wipped my cum of her feet using tissues trying not to tickle her feet while I did this. I gave her socks a final sniff and I put them half way back on. I knew she would think she would have accidently taken her socks/shoes of in her sleep, it’s easily done and they were partly coming off anyway. I then found somewere the sleep on the floor and lay back reflecting on what I had done.She never noticed a thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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