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Spanking Rachel Part Two

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Miss Chastain’s office was a spacious room on the first floor, with windows on three sides overlooking the playing fields. The afternoon had become blisteringly hot, and she had the wooden blinds pulled down over the open windows. Four o’clock was the hour set aside for discipline, and as we waited for Rachel to arrive, the French teacher explained the school policy.When I took the job, I knew that St Mary’s used corporal punishment, but I imagined it was something that happened very rarely. That afternoon, I realised I had been very wrong indeed.“The board demands it and the parents pay for it,” she concluded.“I’m not comfortable with this at all,” I said. “I won’t be doing that with my class, I can tell you that. They are eighteen years old, for heaven’s sake. They’re basically adults.”“You must do as you see fit, Mr Johnson, but I will tell you this for free. You won’t make many friends with the other teachers if you allow discipline to lag in your class.”There was something about Miss Chastain’s appearance that made her difficult to argue with. She was a well-preserved woman in her early forties with neat little features and blond hair pulled back in a severe bun. Every day, no matter the weather, she came to school in a navy blue suit with a tight knee-length skirt and dark stockings. Her discipline, I had learned from the other teachers, was legendary. “Now, let me explain the procedure so that you can do it correctly.” Before she could begin, there was a timid knock bahis siteleri on the door. “Come in.” Rachel entered the room meekly, closed the door behind her, and came to stand in front of her teacher, her head bowed. Once again, I noticed her absolute obedience to Miss Chastain, so different from how she behaved around me. “Wait over there, Rachel, while I explain things to Mr Johnson.”“The number of strokes,” Miss Chastain went on, “is set for each offence. Check the teacher’s manual for the full list. Rachel is here for using a mobile phone in class and will receive five strokes.”Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rachel flinch. “You must explain the reason for the punishment and the number of strokes. And you must have the student’s consent. Rachel, do you understand why you are being punished?”“Yes, Miss Chastain.”“And do you accept your punishment?” “Yes, Miss.” “Very good. Get ready then.” Rachel sat down on a chair by the door and started unlacing her trainers. Miss Chastain continued:“The girl should remove her outer garments, including shoes, skirt, and sweater. They get in the way. Then she must take up position over a desk or table with her elbows down.” As she was speaking, Rachel unzipped her grey school skirt and slid it down her legs. My heart leapt, thinking I would see her nakedness, but as she stood upright and folded the skirt, I saw that she was now wearing the proper white knickers, matching her shirt and ankle socks. They were as skimpy as the canlı bahis siteleri blue pair had been.With her head down, she walked over to the large oak desk at the centre of the office, and leant forward over it. The sunlight, shining through the half-closed blinds, made thin stripes on the back of her firm young legs. The outline of her pert little bottom was visible through the thin cotton fabric, and her shirt had ridden up her back as she leant forward, exposing her slim waist. I felt my cock twitch with excitement and hastily sat down on a leather couch in front of the window. Miss Chastain now went round to the front of the desk, opened a drawer, and brought out a thin wooden paddle, about twelve inches long. She slapped it against her palm a few times as she took up position behind the defenceless, half-naked girl. “We find a paddle more effective than a bare hand,” she said, glancing towards me with a smile. I nodded but didn’t return her smile. Miss Chastain was enjoying this, I suddenly realised. “Pull down your knickers Rachel,” she said, almost gently. “Yes, Miss.”The girl lifted her elbows off the desk again and stood upright just long enough to slip her fingers under the waistband and slide her panties down to her thighs. She leant forward, and as she did so, she glanced at me over her shoulder. I saw that she was afraid, and I gave her an encouraging smile. Miss Chastain lifted the paddle shoulder high and brought it down sharply.THWACK!The force canlı bahis of the blow shuddered through the girl’s body and she had to grip the edge of the desk to keep her balance. There was a little whimper of pain and shock.THWACK!!The second blow was stronger. The muscles of Rachel’s legs tightened and the wind was knocked out of her. She cried out in pain and her elbows slipped on the desk so that she was lying chest down. Her eyes were closed by her mouth was wide open. Miss Chastain paused before the third blow. Something was not quite right. She transferred the paddle to her other hand, then curled one finger around the elastic of Rachel’s panties and pulled them firmly down a couple more inches. She lifted the paddle for the next blow. Brrr!!! Brrr!!!On the desk next to Rachel’s head, the phone rang. “Oh, what now?!” Miss Chastain exclaimed, clearly annoyed. She put the paddle down and picked up the phone.“Yes? … Well, I’m busy with Johnson and Rachel. Can it wait until later?…. I see…”She put down the phone and sighed, then turned to address me: “Mrs Dulbery is having one of her crises, I’m afraid. I shall have to leave you.” “I’ll come with you,” I said.“No, no. It’s quite enough to waste my time without wasting yours as well. Perhaps you could finish Rachel’s punishment, though. It will be good practice for you.” “I really can’t…”“Nonsense. Come over here.” As I reluctantly crossed the room, she held out the wooden paddle. “Three to go,” she said. “And don’t go too easily on her. I know what softies you men are.” “I really don’t know how,” I explained, taking the paddle.“I’m sure a keen tennis player like yourself can manage a spanking, Mr Johnson. I suggest you use your forehand.”

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