May 24

Special Delivery

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I was having a fabulous time sitting in front of the back windows masturbating when the doorbell rang.

“Damn! Who the hell can that be?” I cried out. Wrapped my silk robe around my warm skin, sniffed my juicy fingers and headed for the front door. I was pissed!

The door opened with a whoosh and blew the robe open slightly just below my pussy. There, on my porch step stood the UPS guy and he had a package in one hand and a clipboard in the other.

As his eyes scanned me, he grew a plank between his legs too. He looked away, and then cleared his throat.

Finally getting up the courage to face me once again, he said, “Sorry to disturb you, ma’am! I have a delivery here for a Ms Jordan Wolf! Is she home?”

“Yes, that would be me,” I smiled demurely and held out my hand to receive the package.

“Well, it’s a bit heavy, ma’am, would you like me to set it inside the house?” his face blushed.

“Oh thank you, that would be nice, ” I replied and stepped back so that he could get through the door.

The package was rather large and seemed to be a bit heavy. He sat it next to the front door.

“Would you like a coke or some coffee before you continue on your way?” I asked him.

“Gee thanks, ma’am I sure could use a cool glass of water! It’s off-ly hot out there and a bit warm in here,” he said looking at my breasts. “If it’s not a problem, I’d love something cool to drink.”

“No problem at all,” I told him as I sashayed past him, opened the refrigerator and took out a cold beer and a bottle of water.

“You want a beer or a bottle of water?” I asked smiling at him fumbling with the box.

“Wow! A beer would be great, but I’m still working and I don’t want to lose my job. I should have the water!”

I handed him the bottle of cold water and he stripped the top off it and guzzled it down. Then he wiped his mouth on his forearm.

“Mmmmm, that hit the spot, ma’am, thank you for your kindness,” he licked his lips savoring the refreshing liquid.

I headed for the front door, and his arm accidentally brushed against my thigh as I passed. I turned and smiled at him. His face turned red. “Sorry, ma’am, I didn’t mean to touch you!”

“So am I, I think that would be a pleasant thing!” I smiled.

“Little warm in here isn’t?” he asked as he looked around to see if there was anyone else in the house.

“Yeah, it is. That’s why I’m walking around with just this light robe on. I wouldn’t have it on if you hadn’t rang my doorbell!” I teased.

“Oh, sorry ma’am; I didn’t mean to disturb you!” he apologized.

“No reason for you to apologize for doing your job. You didn’t know I was in here half clothed,” I teased him.

“You’re right, ma’am, I didn’t know that until you opened the door. And I’m glad that you did open it!” he blushed.

“Oh, really? And why is that,” I flirted.

“Well, ma’am, a blind man would see your beauty! You are kind and caring.” he quickly covered his compliment.

Changing the subject, I asked, “So what’s in the box? It’s pretty large!”

“Well, ma’am, I have no idea. It is addressed to you, if you’re Ms Jordan Wolf.

“That’s me, but I wasn’t expecting anything,” I ran a finger slowly güvenilir bahis across my lips and smiled.

“Would you mind helping me get it in the house? And probably finding a place for it?”

“That would be my pleasure, ma’am!” he handed me the glass he was drinking from and went to the door to pick up the heavy box. He strained as he pulled it into the hallway.

“Will this do, ma’am?”

“Yes, that’s good enough for now. Do you think I can drag it into the spare bedroom after you leave?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m sure that you can,” he replied. “It’s not that heavy.”

As I watched him maneuver the box, my pussy started filling with fluids and my clit cried out for attention.

I had almost decided not to have any interaction with him other than what had already transpired.

But it was too late now. My pussy was screaming for him and he seemed harmless enough.

He had soft green eyes and a dynamite smile. But then, don’t all killers look good at first?

Effortlessly, he slid the cardboard box into the hall.

“Is there a card or a return address on the box?” I asked.

“No, ma’am, I’m afraid not. Not even on the routing slip.”

“Well, it must be from a secret admirer then,” I whispered as I tried to figure out who might send such a gift.

The delivery man started to leave and I called him back, “Wait, I haven’t even given you a tip for delivering the package.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary ma’am, I’m just doing my job.” his eyes wandered to my breast.

“But, I insist…” I protested.

“I can’t take your money, ma’am!” he looked at me wishfully then turned to go.

“Wait,” I called after him.

He turned back to me and asked, “Did I forget something, ma’am?”

“Yes, I have another tip for you,” I smiled devilishly.

He titled his head and asked, “What’s that ma’am?”

I loosened the sash around my robe and let the silk slip slowly off my body.

The deliveryman stood before me, his mouth agape and his eyes glazed over.

“They can’t track this type of tip,” I cooed.

He licked his lips and shook his head, “No ma’am, they can’t track that kind of tip,” as he walked toward me.

When he was within a foot of me he reached out and touched the hard nipple that greeted his touch. A chill ran down my spine. My breath caught at his skin on mine.

“You have really soft skin, ma’am,” he whispered hoping no one would here him.

“My skin likes your touch,” I respond.

Then I took his hand and guided it down my belly into the wetness between my legs.

I watched, as the bulge in his tight khakis grew larger.

Slowly, he licked his lips. Then he pressed them to mine. His hardness pressing on my belly excited me even more.

I had always dreamed of sex with a complete stranger. I hadn’t even asked his name. I knew I’d never see him again.

Taking his hand I lead him to the bedroom, around the large box that sat in the hall.

Pulling the sash of my robe, I let it slip off my arms; it fell silently to the floor. I stood before him, my skin cool in the air-conditioned room.

The deliveryman didn’t move a finger. He stood before me and just looked at my body. A smile crossed türkçe bahis his face. His dick stood at attention still imprisoned by his heavy denim pants.

I walked up to him and began unbuttoning his shirt, slowly so as to tease him. He stood as a palace guard. Even his expression remained unrevealing. Only his sex tool belied his desires.

Slipping off the heavy shirt, I threw it on the floor. Then I fumbled with the button that held the pants on him. It was difficult, but I finally freed his skin form the clothes.

He stood there, pants around his ankles, socks and shoes still on his feet. Now a dilemma … how to get the pants off over the shoes.

“Lift up your left foot so I can get your shoe off,” I directed him.

He did so and I was able to get the shoe off and then we did the other leg.

Unclothed, he stood there, awaiting my instruction.

“Would you like to join me on the bed?” I whispered.

He blushed, and then a smile crossed his face. “I would love to join you … anywhere.”

Following me to the bed, he held my hand to assist my climb onto the mattress. Then he climbed on beside me. He tentatively, touched my bare skin, and I ran my fingers through the thick dark hair on his broad chest.

He bent to kiss me, “You smell so sweet… like vanilla,” he whispered in my ear. “I could just eat you up!”

“Ohhhh, please do!” I spread my legs wide and he knelled between them. His tongue lapped at my erect clit and a shot of lightening ran down my legs.

“Mmmmmm, you have a great tongue! Take your time and do whatever you want!” I whispered and lay back on the mounds of pillows.

His prick bounced up and down as his tongue lapped at my Venus garden. Fire ran up my belly and I relaxed and let him pleasure me.

“Fuck me, baby! I need a good cock!” I cried and pulled him on top of me. He thrust his thick penis deep into my liquid pussy. His motions were deep and rough.

“I want to play wild and wicked! Will you play with me? I’ll drive you crazy!”

“That, ma’am sounds like a proposition that I can’t turn down.”

It was the best fuck I had had in many months. He spilled his warm seed deep into my cunt and then rolled me over and did me doggy style and his prick penetrated so deep that he found my erogenous zone.

His fingers played with my clit while fire trickled down my legs and grew deep in my belly. He pinched my nipples playfully and the grew harder and fuller.

I cried out, “That’s it baby! Fuck me good! Get that cock deep in me! Oh yeah, that’s the way I like it baby.”

The more I talked to him the harder he fucked me. Then he turned over and rolled me on top of him. I straddled him and with one leg on the floor rode him as if he were a bucking bronco.

His dick penetrated me deeper than before and I rubbed my clit as his hands moved my body up and down in his stiff pole.

My orgasms were so deep that I nearly fell off his prick and the bed. My body shook and my tits bounced up and down as he pinched my erect clit.

Throwing me off him and straddling me, he crawled up to my chest and lapped at my mounds, their hard nipples begging for attention.

The sucking drove me crazy, his güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers gingerly played with my clit as his tongue lapped at my mammaries.

Kneeling across my shoulders, he stroked his long dick. I saw a drop of cum glistening there and I wanted to lick it off. He took his dong in his hand led it to my mouth.

I flicked my tongue at the head of his dick; it’s head teased me at first and then he slipped it into my mouth and I tasted the salty precum.

My pussy exploded with desire. And I sucked in the heart shaped head, swallowing it as deeply as I could with out cutting off my air. Within minutes, he blew his wad deep into my throat. His body shivered with excitement and as he fell backward my mouth sucked him harder, then released him as he rolled off of me breast.

His chest rose and fell as he tried to catch his breath. “That was fantastic!” he breathed heavily.

His dick started to shrink and I sucked it back into my mouth. He shivered and sighed, “Oh, you do that so good!”

Soon, the deep breathing of sleep filled the cooling air. I looked outside and saw the deep reds and gold’s of sunset. The afternoon had flown by with our passion.

With a jerk, my deliveryman awoke. He looked around, dazed, not knowing where he was.

Seeing me he smiled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. How long have I been out?”

“Not long, maybe fifteen minutes,” I replied. “The sun’s going down. Night will be here soon.”

He glanced out the window then shot out of the bed. “I need to get back to the post office! They’re going to be looking for me. Man! I think I messed up!”

“Tell them that your last delivery had some problems you had to straighten out,” I giggled.

“Yeah, they’ll buy that won’t they?” he grimaced.

Rolling off the bed, he pulled on his pants then slipped into his shoes as he buttoned his shirt.

“Do you want me to move the box out of the hallway?”

“No, I’m sure I can handle it now. Thank you though.

After he left, I got a knife and started opening the large box. It was heavy and hard for me to maneuver. I got a large knife from the kitchen and cut the lid off.

I was shocked, when out of the heavy box jumped my boyfriend.

“Whew! It was hot in there! ” He cried. “What took you so long?”

“Well, the delivery man had some problems with the paper work, and he just left about twenty minutes ago.”

Fortunately for me, the box was made of thick reinforced heavy cardboard and evidently it was thick enough that he hadn’t heard the conversations between the deliveryman and me.

“Gosh, I’ve missed you,” he said. “And I’m so horny I could fuck a duck but your pretty pussy will do just fine!”

His lips covered my mouth and his tongue jutted deep into my throat.

He looked up at me and smiled, “I could sure use one of those sweet blow jobs you do so well.”

I held my hand out to him and led him to the bedroom. He didn’t even notice the disarray of the bed sheets. He just stripped off his clothes and my silk robe.

He lay me on the soiled sheets, his mouth went to my still cum filled pussy and he sucked and licked me for the next half hour.

My body vibrated with joy and the pleasures he bestowed on me. Then he rolled over and I sucked his thick cock into my mouth. With his explosion, came the expected deep breathing…

I masturbated, then lay close to his warm body and fell asleep myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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