May 24

Speed trap

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Speed trapLana was furious with the way she was being treating. So what if she had been doing sixty-five in a forty-five? The speed limit hadn`t been postet, or at least not obviously so. Did they lock up everyone who got a speeding ticket in this hick town?Being handcuffed had been annoying enough, but the strip search and body cavity inspection had been positively humiliating. At least the latter two indignities had been performed by a female deputy. She had taken Lana`s clothes, through, and not given them back. Lana stood naked in her cell, handcuffed to the bars. The cot was on the far side of the cell, so she couldn`t even sit down.Suddelny she heard the clink of keys in a lock. The outer door of the holding area clanged open and two figures came into view. Lana recognized them both. The woman had introduced herself as Deputy Lucas before forcing Lana to strip and giving her an examination more personal than anything she had even gotten from a gynecologist.The last time she had seen the man he had been wearing reflective sunglasses, but she still knew Sheriff McNider on sight. He was a powerfully built man with a suntan so deep it seemed to go all the way down to the bone. When he had pulled lana over, her first reaction had been that he was cute. Now he looked downright scary.„Getting a good view, Sheriff?“ asked Lana, with as much bravado as she could muster. Handcuffed as she was, she had no way to cover herself.„I`m sure my lawyer is going to love hearing about this.“The Sheriff grinned. It wasn`t pleasant sight. He had maintained a stone-faced look of professionalism all through the arrest. Seeing him smile told Lana that something was up.„I wouldn`t worry about any lawyers getting involved if I were you,“ McNider said. „I know I won`t.“Lana felt the butterflies in her stomach grow to the size of pterodactyls. „W-what the hell is that supposed to mean?“McNider held up ehat looked like a xeroxed photo. It was a picture of Lana, the one that Martin Locke had taken for his files when Lana had entered into his employ. If McNider had the picture, it could only mean trouble.„I thought I recognized you when I pulled you over,“ explained the Sheriff. „This picture was faxed to us last month by a P.I. Firm back in New York. It seems you old bosswants back the money you swiped from him before heading out west. In fact he`s offered a sizable reward for information about you whereabouts.“„I didn`t stealing everything!“ shoutet Lana, She was starting to panic.Lucas and McNider grinned at one another. They were obviously enjoying Lana`s predicament. They really had her, she realized. Suddenly she felt even more naked than before.„Believe it or not,“ continued McNider, „you don`t have to convince me of that. You see, I got a little corious when the fax mentioned you boss didn`t want to press charges, he just wanted the money back. That daid to me that is Locke fella had something to hide.„So I did a little checking of my own. I`ve got some friends on the NYPD and they supplied me with some very interesting info on your ex-boss. Nothing official, of course, but some fascinating hearsay. `Filthy rich´ was the first thing everyone said about him.“„They also mentioned that his sexual appetites, are a little unothodox,“ added Lucas. „Specifically, he`d been keeping slaves, and he`s rich enough and powerful enough to get away with it. We`re not just talking house servants here. But then, you know all about that, don`t you?“That was it, thought Lana. They knew. Being Locke`s slave had been a kick for the first couple of years. Sure, she had essetially been a prisoner, but she had wanted for nothing. The sex had been kinky, often brutally so, but it had certainly been exciting.When she had tired of the bondage, the whipping, the humilitation, she had left, not expecting Locke to be quite so possessive. She had managed to keep one step ahead of him, at least until now.Lana güvenilir bahis siteleri felt the tears welling up in her eyes. Playing slave for a few years had been fun, but she had a little life of her own.She should have known that rich bastard would never let her go.„Please, don`t make me go back,“ she sobbed. McNider`s grin broadened. „No one said you had to. Let`s face it, little Lady. You see before you a pair of borad small town cops. We`re never going to be as rich as your Mr. Locke, but we wouldn`t mind a taste of the good life.“„You give us an afternoon of what you`ve been giving Locke,“ said Lucas, „then you can be on your way.“Lana agreed immediately, then cursed herself for submitting so quickly. This was the kind of lifestyle she had been trying to get away from. It seemed if she wanted to be free she would have to become a slave again.McNider and Lucas entered the cell, leaving their guns outside, but bringing their holster beltswith them. Lana knew all too well what they planned to do with those. She watched as the two of them stripped, leaving their uniforms in two neat piles. The sheriff had a hairy body with sinewy, well-defined muscles. The deputy was muscular too, yet distinctly feminine. She unfastened her blonde hair and let it spill down over her shoulders.Lana assumed a submissive posture, averthing her gaze to the floor. She wasn`t sure how much these two knew about slave/master protocol, but she decided to play it by the book. She wouldn`t speak unless spoken to, and under no circumstances would she make eye contact.McNider opened the cuffs and turned lana so that her back pressed against the cold iron bars. Pulling her arms straight up, he recuffed her wrists to a horizontal bar running about three feet above her head. This forced her up onto her toes and made the cuffs dig into her wrists.It was a position with which Lana was intimately familiar. With her arms fastened above her head she would be unable to cover herself or ward off the lash. Since she had to stand on her toes she would be unable to move her feet without putting additional strain on her already sore wrists. She had no alternative but to make whatever they dished out.McNider and Lucas moved in close to her. The smell of theyr respective colognes was eclipsed by the distinct aroma of Lucas` cunt. Lana looked down at the body of the naked woman who was pressing against her. While she was in Mr. Locke`s household she had performed sexual acts with other womanto please the master, and occasionally she had been punished by other slaves for his enjoyment, but she had never truly had a female master.Their hands roamed over her bare flesh, exploring her. There was nothing gente about their touch. They squeezed her tits until she squealed in pain. McNider roughly probed her pussy with his finger, and Lucas bit down on one of her nipples until, again, she cried out.Then fire ripped through her loins, and she let out a full-fledged scream. Trough a haze of tears she saw Lucas` hand before her. Clenched between the deputy`s fingers was a small cluster of Lana`s red pubic hairs.Lucas swirled her tongue around inside Lana`s ear.„I`ll bet that felt nice, didn`t it, sweet thing?“ whispered the deputy. „Would you like me to do that again?“„Y-Yes, mistress,“ Lana managed to say, through she wanted dearly to say anything else. A slave never says no to her master.Lana watched as the sheriff and deputy exchanged glances, apparently impressed with her answer. She couldn`t help feeling a bit insulted. Had they throught her an amateur?Pain shoot through her groin once again as, without warning, Deputy Lucas unprooted another tuft of pubic hair. Her scream echoed throughout the holding area.The instant her scream died away there was a new pain. A sharp twisting sensation in the soft flesh of her inner thigh. McNider had grabbed a fingerful of her skin and was giving it canlı bahis siteleri a vicious twist. His cock, erect and monstrously bloates, pressed against her leg. The his mouth was pressing down over hers. His tongue wormed its way into her mouth, and she parted her lips to accept it. As a slave she could do nothing less.McNider pulled away, and Lana barely had a chance to breathe before Lucas was viciously jamming her tongue down her throat. The deputy`s big sweaty tits pressed against Lana`s. Despite the cruel treatment she was receiving, Lana found that she was getting warm and wet between the legs.„That rich pig trained you pretty well, didn`t he,“ said Lucas, just before slapping the bound woman across the face. It stung fiercely, and she could feel a bright red hand print forming on her tear-streaked face.„Enough playing araund,“ said McNider. He was holding one of the belts doubled up in his right hand, and he handed the other to Lucas. It had been months since lana had felt the sting of leather. She wasn`t sure whether to regard the whips with dread, or to greet them like an old friend. Lucas smacked the belt smartly against her hand before moving in. Lana closed her eyes. She didn`t want to see it coming.She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the touch of the whip, and when it finally arrived it was not what she had expected. Instead of searing pain accompanied by the loud slap of the leather on flesh, Lana felt the belt rubbinh firmly, yet gently over her pussy. She groaned as the belt sent delightful sensations though her clit. Lana opened her eyes. Lucas was holding the belt, up for McNider to see. The leather gleamed with Lana`s pussy cream.„Look at that!“ marvelled Lucas. „The bitch is getting turned on. Can you believe it?“Lucas pulled the strap taut between her hands and rubbed it back and forth over Lana`s open cunt. She tried not to let on that it felt good, but she let out another moan despite herself.The instant Lana allowed herself to relax, Lucas drew back the whip and let fly. With a loud crack it hit lana square in the stomach. Before she could even screm, McNider`s whip caught her on the right breast. Signals of pain and pleasure jangled through her nervous system. Lana had often through that was why she made such a good slave. For her, pain and pleasure were inseparable.Lucas began applying the whip in rhythmic patternsup and down Lana`s body. McNider, on the other hand, just let the whip fall anywhere he damn well pleased. The air was filled with the slapping sounds of leather on bare flesh, and the agonizedcries of the bound woman. Her tits, her cunt, no part of her was safe from the lash. She had receiving far worse punishments at the hand of her former master, but that didn`t lessen her current pain.Finally, Lana`s tormentors stopped. They were painting from the exertion, and their naked bodies gleamed with sweat. The two gazed hungrily at her restrained form, and McNider`s cock was as hard as it would get.Then Lucas was opening the handcuffs. It couldn`t be that easy, could it? Were they going to just fuck her now and be done with her?Lucas forced her down onto her knees in front of the cot. Once again, the cuffs were tightened around Lana´s wrists, this time fastening her to the bed frame. She had no longer had the entire weight of her body pulling on the cuffs, but now the sheriff and the deputy had a fresh target.For an instant Lana heard the distinct sound of the approaching belt. Then her ass exploded in pain. She felt her buns ripple with the impact, and knew they must be turning a bright red. „Look at that ass jingle,“ exclaimed McNider with obvious delight. Once again, the whip cam down hard against Lana´s bottom. She no longer wanted to give them the satisfaction of hearing her scream, so she pressed her face into the mattress.Blow after blow from the stinging belts felt. Despite her kneeling position, bahis firmaları the whips managed to smack her swaying tits several times. The small of Lana´s back had always been particularly sensitive, and when her tormentors discovered this, they spend several minutes whipping just that part of her body.Through it all, though, the glow in Lana´s pussy continued to grow, spreading its warmth throughout her body. As the pain increased, so too did her capacity for pleasure. Her flesh sang with the stinging blows of the whips, and her clit throbbed with desire.She was so lost in her world of pain and pleasure that it took her a few moments to realize the whipping had stopped. It wasn´t until she felt Lucas yanking savagely on her hair that she realized they were moving on to the second portion of the program.Lucas kept a painfully tight grip on Lana´s hair. The deputy sat down on the bunk in front of Lana with her legs spread wide. The aroma of her cunt was like an aphrodisiac. Her desire was becoming a distinct need.Without waiting for instruction, Lana buried her face between the deputy´s thighs. Lucas grunted with surprise, but the deft moves of Lana´s well-trained tongue silence any objections she maid have had.„Oooohhh. You´ve done donr this before, haven´t you, bitch?“ groaned the deputy.„Yes, mistress,“ Lana said quickly, then continued licking cunt.McNider knelt down behind her. She couldn´t see him, but she pictured his hairy naked body and his bulging prick. If he would just fuck her, she thought, releasing all the tension inside her, then this whole experience would be worthwhile.Lana groaned into Lucas´ open cunt when she felt McNider´s purple knob pressing against her pussy. Once he was poised at entrance he drove his shaft deep inside her. Without a hint of gentleness, the sheriff began pounding his meat into her dripping gash. He felt impossibly huge, stretching the walls of her cunt.It was difficult to concentrate on eating pussy while she was being fucked so magnificently. If she were to falter, through, it would only bring more punishment. She needed pleasure now, not pain.She ran her tongue up and down Lucas´pussy, swirling around the stiff nub of her clit. She would have used her fingers too if her hands hadn´t been restrained. Instead Lana plunged her tongue deep inside the other woman, stroking it in and out like a cock. The river of cunt juice that flowed into her mouth told her that she was doing something right.McNider continued pistoning his dick into Lana´s pussy. His fingers dug deeply into the soft flesh of her hips. He was grunting like a wild a****l in heat.Lucas pulled lana´s face hard against her cunt, almost smothering her. Figured the deputy was close to coming, Lana wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked hard. Lucas groaned loudly and came hard. A gusher of fluid covered Lana´s face.McNider´s thrusts were becoming harder and more frantic. Lana felt his huge prick grow even bigger inside her. As he came he spilled his seed into her with explosive fury. His jizz seemed to fill her cunt, with the excess dribbling out and down her legs.The feeling of that big cock twitching and shooting off inside her triggered Lana´s orgasm. Her body shuddered with pleasure. The parts of her that had been whipped thingled, amplifyingher pleasure. Finally, she collapsed into sweet u*********sness.Two hours later, Lana was heading down the interstate, making sure to observe the speed limit. If McNider and Lucas have her picture, then so did every law enforcement office in the state. She couldn´t afford to be pulled over again.It had been a wild afternoon, all right. She couldn´t remember the last time she had come that hard. It had been so good, in fact, that she had toyed with the idea of calling Mr. Locke and asking if she could come back. That would have been a mistake, through. Sure, being dominated gave her pleasure, but that wasn´t the only thing she wanted to do with her life. She would have to find another master, one who would at least let her carry on a life of her own.Lana looked up at the clear blue sky. Being a slave can be nice, she thought, but freedom has its moments too.

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