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Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 6

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Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 6This is a Re-Post of a Story from my last Profile, Jessy49. I have changed the title and up-dated it to reflect Current Events. I hope my Consistent Readers will enjoy my attempt a Dark Satire.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction; I do not condone any of the actions described in this story. All aspects related to real life persons or events is strictly incidental. Attempting the following Inc(e)stual Acts in real life is Ill(e)gal and Immoral… unless you wish to spend the rest of your life in prison becoming Bubba’s Bitch, I strongly suggest you simply enjoy my story for its artistic and erotic qualities, and enjoy your freedom.Comments and feedback are always appreciated.——— Chapter 11Tuesday afternoon, about 2:00pm, March 25, 2020…Road TripSharon Rodgers was angry…. this had all been Misty’s idea, she wouldn’t give it up. She wanted to meet Fanny’s and her 10-year-old daughter Margeaux very much, or was it Harbin her son, it could also be Liam the father, she wanted to meet the most. After Misty had told her mother about her Chat Room friend, Fanny ten days ago, Misty had been adamant about meeting her family. She wanted to experience an Inc(e)stual Orgy, she said. The F(a)milies had been Skyping together for almost eight days now, they all found the experience very enjoyable, but Misty wanted more…. even Sharon had to admit, they were a nice f(a)mily and very sexual. But, actually meeting, that scared her a lot.But after the Mayors of San Antonio and Houston had declared a ‘Shelter in Place Order’ at almost the same time last night, Sharon had relented to Misty’s relentless begging.————————————-Nothing had gone right this morning, they had left late… then, with Sharon being apprehensive about making this trip in the first place, she had been forgetful, and had left her purse on the kitchen counter. Thankfully, they had only gone a few miles when she had stopped to get gas, with a grumble she drove back home, wasting more time, she had been irritable ever sense.Then, the Engine and Oil idiot lights had come on a few minutes ago, and she had pulled her Jeep over to the side of the road immediately…. Sharon leaned under the open hood. But she had no idea what she was looking for; she knew almost nothing about the engine… she could smell hot oil though, and knew that wasn’t good. With a groan, she looked under her Jeep; she was already sweaty (why was Texas so damn Hot… even in early spring, she thought), so why not get dirty too. She saw a growing puddle of oil on the ground.“Son of a Fucking Bitch!” she yelled. “Mom…. how bad is it?” Misty asked softly, as she leaned out of the front passenger side window, she knew her mother was in a foul mood and didn’t want to start a fight… or to be exact, not another one.“Ooohh…. Not Bad… just a fucking oil leak,” Sharon answered loudly, as got up from the ground. She stepped back, and gave a rock, a vicious kick in frustration, with her foot in a sandal.Helpful Tip: Never kick a rock with just sandals on… Never.“OOOOoowwwwwwww…. God Damn…. Fuck!Misty tried not to giggle, but she found it impossible.“And you can just Shut Up, too!” Sharon cried, as she glared at her daughter.She went to get her purse… she had to call someone, but who? The tow trucks she had numbers for were in San Antonio, they wouldn’t come this far out to tow her Jeep. Should she call Fanny? No…. she was still over a hundred miles from Houston. She needed to call someone closer, she knew her oil problem wasn’t a quick fix.She stood by the front of her Jeep, trying to do a search on her phone for tow trucks in the area. Her pleated skirt lifted high on her thigh, from a cool breeze, revealing the golden tan flesh of her leg almost to her ass. Another puff of wind from a passing truck lifted it even higher, and her pale-green panties were exposed briefly. Sharon ignored the wind, as it kept blowing up her skirt…. it felt good.Misty sat back in her seat. The heat didn’t bother her, it never did. What bothered her, was her br(o)ther, Devan, sound asleep in the backseat. Not just him sleeping, but the bulging of his cock inside his cargo shorts, she was getting horny. She turned in her seat and watched the bulge grow with excitement, giggling softly. Her beautiful pale blue eyes seemed to gleam, as she stared at the tent-like projection. Getting onto her knees, with her raven black and blue ponytail swaying, she leaned over her front seat, her arm reaching toward him. With a feather-light touch, she poked at the tip, where his cock strained to escape the confines of his shorts. Again, she giggled softly, and glanced to the front of the jeep, to see what her mother was doing…. good she was busy on the phone. She went back to looking at her br(o)ther, she reached out to his bare leg, and pulled the leg of his shorts slightly, she saw his shaved ball sack. Devan didn’t wear underwear anymore. Sharon and Misty liked to have quick access to his cock whenever they wanted it, they had also wanted him shaved clean these past few days… he was more than happy to oblige them.Sharon preferred the look of a bare, and smooth teenage crotch for both of her k(i)ddos…. she had shaved Misty’s little pussy bare for the first time, a few days ago. She loved the naughty feel, and the look of her k(i)ddo’s bare crotches…. also, it was the way her late husband had preferred her pussy, now she thought she knew why. She also loved the intimacy of shaving them. Misty’s seduction of the f(a)mily, had done more than release her pent-up needs after the loss of her husband. Misty had also released, her cravings and desires for perversion…. she wanted to enjoy her sexual awakening to the fullest with her k(i)ds.Misty held up the leg opening of his shorts, gazing at his hairless balls, her eyes become brighter, and her breathing was faster. She did her best to pull up his shorts a bit more, and saw the base of his hardened cock. The sight caused a sensation of heat deep in her hairless crotch, and her compact, tight young ass clenched, and a soft whimper of desire came from her. There was an itch in her hand, an itch from the need to touch his cock, to grasp it, to feel of it, and to play with it. “Mmmmmooohhh,” she sighed softly, as she slipped her hand through the leg opening of his loose shorts, she touched the base of his cock and ball sack lightly… lovingly. The burning heat, and the sweet feeling of her cravings, increased in the depth of her moist crotch, Misty closed her pale-blue eyes, as her emotions and feelings of love for him surged.“Damn It…. why won’t anyone answer the Fucking Phone,” she heard her mother say angrily.Misty jerked her hand back quickly and turned around, her raven black and blue ponytail fluttering, she didn’t want another lecture about playing with her br(o)ther’s cock in pubic… anything could go in private, but not in public. She sat innocently and demurely, as she watched her mother fuming near the front of the Jeep.“Shit…. Shit…. Damn…. Fuck…. where is my phone charger? My phone is almost Fucking Dead…. God Damn It, did I forget it?!” Sharon cried, as she searched through her purse and stomped her sandaled foot against the hard-packed dirt, “Shit…. Shit…. Shit!” She looked up and down the highway, there were few cars to be seen, she looked at the sun still high in the sky. Sweat trickled down her neck…. she felt it flow between her firm tits. She couldn’t understand how Devan could sleep in this fucking heat. He didn’t seem to sweat very much either, and that pissed her off, too. She felt like crying…. just sitting right down on the scalding dirt and bawling her eyes out.“Of all the times to get stranded!” she grumbled. There were no Rest Stops she could see in either direction, there was just a construction site on the other side of the highway, but no one was there working. She had passed an exit for a small town a few miles back, and she had no idea how far it was to the next. Either way, it was too far to walk in this heat with her k(i)ddos.Then she heard the sound of a car approaching, and looked down the highway at its oncoming headlights. Sharon boldly stepped closer to the side of the highway, waving her arms frantically. “Stop…. Please!” she yelled. “Oooohh, Damn It…. Stop Please!”But the car sped past, the driver just moving over a lane, and the lash of the passing wind whipped her skirt about her thighs, lifting it high. Sharon turned, thrusting her middle finger up in frustration, at the retreating car. “You Fucking Asshole!” she yelled, she knew how apprehensive some could be about stopping on the road now a days… it could be a ruse, or worse – they could catch the virus, but that realization didn’t change her mood.Again, she stomped her sandaled foot on the hard-packed dirt. She leaned back on the front quarter of her Jeep, one leg lifting to rest on the tire, her skirt pulled up high, exposing her tan thigh, and she covered her face.She didn’t hear the tow truck as it began to slow a few miles down the highway….He’d had a lousy day; his tow driver had wound up in jail last night, and now, he’d missed a stranded car he’d driven out 20 miles to get. He was returning to his shop in frustration, to close up early, he’d had his fill for the day. Then he saw her… maybe his day would end up better then he thought.He saw the way the wind fluttered her short around her shapely leg, and began to brake. Another gust of hot air caught the hem of her pleated skirt, and blew it up over her taut ass. The man saw her tantalizing, slender thighs, the tight fit of her green panties, and the pale cheeks of her rounded ass… he smiled broadly in appreciation.The tow truck had pulled up behind her stalled Jeep Liberty before she was aware of it. She kicked at the dirt again and stubbed her toe on a rock, again. “Oooowwwhhh…. God Damn It!” she yelled in pain.“Got a problem…. Young Lady?” The man asked, as he stepped out of the truck. Sharon turned her head, and saw a man of un-determinable age getting out of a tow truck behind her jeep, her mood lifted. He was tall, thin, and not bad-looking, he had a rustic old west cowboy look to his face. His jeans and blue work-shirt were greasy and torn, his hands soiled.“Oooohh, I’m so glad you stopped,” she cried with relief. “My Jeep is leaking a lot of oil and my dash warning lights came on……”The man looked her over casually…. maybe mid-thirty, petite, with rich auburn hair, hazel eyes, a small nose, full and moist lips, with unblemished skin. He too saw, the way her firm, full tits pressed at the thin material of her blouse, her nipples protruding and hard, slim waist, with rounded hips and taut legs. The sight of her caused his ball sack to twitch, and his cock started to pulse also. Damn…. he’d been single far too long.“Okay…. I’ll take a look,” he said, as he had trouble keeping his eyes off her shapely tits.Misty leaned out the window to watch the man. But she was more interested in watching the front of jeans, than what he was doing under the hood. “Well…. it’s hard to check for trouble on the side of the road…,” the man said. “Could be a few things…. you change your oil regular, Mam”“Ooohh, Shit…. with all the things on my mind…. I guess, I let it slip…. can you fix it?” Sharon asked anxiously.“Well… I’ll have to look it over for engine damage… it’ll take some time” he said, looking at Sharon speculatively.“Shit…. Damn!” Sharon stomped her sandaled foot like a spoiled ch(i)ld.“Listen, I’ll hook it up and tow it to my garage,” he said. “I can fix and check it out, just fine there. You won’t have any trouble once I fix it…. Guaranteed.”“How far is it?”“Oooh, ‘bout twenty miles”“Okay…. I have towing insurance…. the repair would….” She started to say. “Aawww, Hell…. Miss you don’t need to worry, I won’t gouge you.”Sharon watched as he hooked her Jeep up, taking less time than she thought it would. As she watched him work, she found something istanbul escort appealing about him, he was ruggedly handsome, she grinned behind his back. She appreciated what he was doing, and she felt, she could trust him to do a good job for her. But, she had very little of the Insurance Settlement Money left from her late husband’s accident, she had some savings…. would it be enough? Then, she thought of another possible way to pay him…. that he would probably like even better than Money.Okay…. I have it ready…. anyone else in your Jeep, Mam?” he grunted, as he stretched his back.“My two k(i)ddos…. a son and daughter…. do you have room for all of us in your truck?” she asked.“It would be best if y’all ride in the tow truck, it’d be a tight fit, you know…. my insurance doesn’t allow anyone to be in the tow vehicle. But I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t… they can ride in the Jeep.” he said, as he looked in the front windshield, and saw her young daughter. “It won’t be a comfortable ride for all of us in the truck, you and your daughter could ride in the truck with me if you want, but your son….” “It’s okay…. they can both stay in the jeep…. its safe, Right?” she asked.“Yeah…. yeah, it’s okay…” he grunted; he’d hoped she would agree. After she’d went over to talk to her young daughter through the passenger side window, he pulled the Jeep up onto the back of his tow truck. When that was done, he opened the truck door for her, and helped her into the cab. He stared hungrily at her ass when it arched toward him. He saw half of her golden tan thighs, and his cock throbbed wildly.——— Chapter 12Getting towed into town….In the jeep, Misty was leaning over her seat, and was gazing at her br(o)ther’s still throbbing crotch. Her mother had told her to stay where she was and keep her seatbelt on and tight. She was also told to wake-up Devan, but she didn’t…. she liked the way he looked, sprawled out on the backseat. It was exciting to be towed, the whole Jeep was on the back of the flat-bed truck, she liked to look down at the passing cars, but she was soon bored with that…. she was too horny.Now, that she didn’t have to worry about her mother catching her playing in public with Devan…. she turned to look back at Dev, getting hornier by the second.She got up and climbed over the front seat, then once she was sitting on the backseat, she reached out to un-zip the fly of his shorts carefully; she soon had his hard cock and ball sack exposed. She held her breath with excitement, as she stared at them. The site of his hairless crotch thrilled her greatly. His hard cock was very long and thick, his ball sack hung loose in the heat. While gazing hotly at him, Misty unzipped her tight shorts, shoving them down her slim thighs, and pulled off her tight t-shirt. She wore no panties, and her quivering pussy slit was moist, her naked, lightly sweaty body shimmered. She pressed her crotch at the side of her seat, rubbing her pussy there, her ponytail swaying. Slowly she slid her hand into the opening of his shorts, she slid the tips of her fingers very lightly over his cockshaft, it was very hard, and she felt the throb of it. With a soft sigh, she closed her fingers around the hard shaft, the fingers of her small hand just barely touching. His cock felt hot, very hot, she gazed at his swollen and beat red cockhead with her heart beating fast.As she stared at the piss slit, she saw pre-cum seeping from it… she felt her pussy tingle, becoming wetter. She moved her other hand between her hips and the seat, and began to stroke her hard clit lightly. Then she started to stroke her little fist up and down her sleeping brother’s cock, as she panted softly, her pale blue eyes gleaming with her excitement.She tried a tentative squeeze….“Aaaaahhhooommmm,” Devan moaned, but still he didn’t wake up.Misty paused, watching him anxiously; ready to jerk her hand away if he stirred, or opened his eyes…. she loved playing this game, and played it whenever the opportunity arouse. The game made her feel so Nasty! She didn’t want him to catch her, this game was her secrete pleasure, so far, he hadn’t caught her.*******In the truck, Sharon was letting him know how friendly she was…. in subtle ways. She was concerned about the extent of the damage to her Jeep, she was fully aware of how short her money reserves were getting, she would do what she needed to do…. and wouldn’t feel bad about it after. Her skirt was lifted halfway up her golden tan thighs, and she smiled broadly and laughed as she chatted with him. She sensed his interest in her increase, as the miles drifted away. She watched his crotch bulge and twitch in his grimy jeans.Then her attention was drawn to the radio, when she heard a man say, “…MSDNC Rachel ‘Roswell’ Maddow, and what the Left are saying now – coming up…”“Aaaaahh… what are we listening…,” she started to say.“Oh… Sorry, I’m Jack – Jack Carter, Mam.”She smiled and said, “I’m Sharon Rodgers, glad to meet you… so what are we listening to, Jack?”Sean Hannity, he does a talk-show from New York… you hear of him or Rush Limbaugh?”Yeah… I’ve heard of them, but I haven’t listened to their shows…”“Okay, well…” he said, as he turned down the radio, “He’s been talking about the Left’s reactions to what Trump is doing about the Virus… it’s a never-ending attack, you know, like… Russia, Russia, Russia… Stormy, Stormy, Stormy… The Mueller Report, The Mueller Report, The Mueller Report… Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine… Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment… now it’s ‘Trump’s Incompetent, were all gonna Die!’ They’ll Never Stop.“Yeah… I listened to some of that Crap early on… but I got soooo Sick of it.” Sharon laughed, “I didn’t Vote for either one of them, the Clinton’s both make me sick, and I thought Trump was a Clown… but now, after listening to the Dem’s Shit for so long… I’ll gladly Vote for Him in November!”“I’m glad to hear that, but I’m no Republican… I guess I’m closer to Libertarian, it’s so hard to fit into a Label, you know,” Jack replied, and continued, “Hannity has been talking today about the Stimulus Package, and how Nancy Pelosi is holding it up over funding for the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, Abortion money, and some of the ‘Green New Deal,’ crazy shit. All of it has Nothing to do with Easing our Economic Pain… just plain Political Bullshit as usual. And so, you don’t think I’m one-sided, I can’t stand how all the Republican’s want to do is ‘Talk, Talk, and Talk some more,’ they can’t stand Unified about anything.“Yeah… I’m so fed up with it… and it’s sooo hard to keep the sides straight…” Sharon started to say.“Well… yeah… so, why aren’t you at home, hunkering down?” Jack asked.“Well… Stir Crazy mostly, I didn’t want to play another game of ‘Sorry’ or UNO… uuuhhmm, so were heading to visit some friends over in Houston.”“Okay, I can understand that… I’ll get started on checking out your Jeep first thing in the morning. If I need parts, I’ll have to order them, might take some time, with how crazy things are now,” he replied.“Great… Thanks… I guess that’s the best that can be expected,” she said, then she turned on the seat to lean against the door, her small tits rose outward, and she spread her legs a little, letting her pleated skirt lift an inch or so higher. “You know a place we can stay for the night… but not too expensive?”“Sure thing,” Jack said. “There’s a Motel 7 that’s near my garage, it should still be open, I can drop you off on the way. And, lets listen to the Rolling Stones the rest of the way…”*******Back in the jeep, Misty was becoming bolder she loved to play her games….She had her fist wrapped about his cockshaft with a little more pressure now, and watched as more precum seeped out. She slid her fingers about his piss hole, coating her hand with the seminal fluid. She loved the way his hard cock throbbed in her hand, sending shivers up and down her spine. With her other hand, she pressed her small fingertips between the hot lips of her hairless pussy, sliding them up and down the moist slit. She was gasping with pleasure, her naked little ass twisting. Devan had woken-up a few minutes ago and was feigning sleep…. he loved her playful games also, he didn’t wake-up every time, just most of the time……“Aaaahhhooomm,” Devan sighed, he tried to keep himself under control, but sometimes he couldn’t help groaning or moaning. Misty froze…. afraid to move her little hand…. good, he was still asleep, she thought. She gave his cock a gentle squeeze, “Oooommmeeeeee,” she squealed softly, as she stroked up and down on his shaft, as she watched his ball sac writhe…. she was fascinated. She kept her fingers moving slowly in and out of her wet and tight pussy hole. The warm rays of the sun felt good on her naked, pretty ass. She licked at her lips, staring at her br(o)ther’s cock, as she stroked up and down. It seemed to be getting harder in her small fist, swelling more. His cockhead, she knew, had definitely become larger. His piss hole was starting to flare open, and his precum flowed more. In fact, the seminal fluid bubbled from his piss hole and ran down to her fist, making the shaft very slippery. She noticed that his ball sack wasn’t loose anymore, it was tight and smooth. She gazed longingly at it, watching the balls inside squirm, with youthful fascination.She became more excited by watching his balls squirm, than she did by the fingers she had buried in her tight pussy hole. She pulled her fingertips out, and she stretched her hand out to cup his ball sack. She was thrilled by how hot and silky it felt. She kept jacking up and down, her little fist moving fast on the slick cockshaft. She began to gasp and pant, her cute petite body trembling, and her raven black and blue ponytail swayed….Then a few things happened in the span of a few seconds….She had been gripping her br(o)ther’s hard cock, as firmly as she could, she felt his cock throbbing with power, and he was writhing his hips. She held his sack gently in her other hand, soft mewls coming from deep in her throat, as she gazed at the swollen cockhead. A semi-truck zoomed past them on the highway; and the driver saw Misty’s naked, creamy white asscheeks in stark contrast to her golden tan thighs, squirming in the air, and blew his truck horn with excitement…. if he’d known how young she was, he would’ve had a heart attack. Then the tow truck went over a rough patch in road at that same moment…. Misty was so startled by the horn, and the jostling of tow truck, that she let go of her br(o)ther’s hard cock, and was thrown onto the dirty floor mats.Then, a stream of cum squirted from Devan’s piss hole, flying a good foot into the air and landed on her stomach, the rest went everywhere, as Devan bounced on the backseat. He couldn’t feign sleep any longer, and with a groan his pale green eyes shot open, “Oooooohhh…. Shit… aaaaaaahhwoooow…. my cum…. is goin’ everywhere…. Ooooohh, Jesussss!” He grabbed his cockshaft, holding it still, as the last of his cum dribbled out onto his shorts…. he and the backseat were a mess.“Aaaaaahhhhhheeeeeeeeeemmmoooo!” Misty squealed, with excitement, as watched his cum spray all over the backseat.“What’s going on? Devan groaned, wiping sleep from his eyes, still playing along with his sister’s game. He sat up right quickly, stuffing his now limp cock back into his messy shorts. “You couldn’t leave my cock alone…. huuunn…. you’re so Nasty Misty!”Misty giggled, as she wiped some of his cum from the back of front seat, and stared at the glistening cum that coated her fingers, with a giggle she licked her fingers clean. “Mmmmmm, Damn…. you came a lot… and everywhere!” she giggled wickedly.He smiled, sat-up and looked around at the passing scenery. “Where are we…. why are we up so high?” he asked (he’d fallen asleep before the Jeep broke down and was loaded on to the tow truck, he truly didn’t avcılar escort know what was going on).“The fucking jeep broke down…. we’re being towed, some kind of engine problem’” Misty said, a slight flush on her pretty, young face. “Mom’s in the truck with the man.”She looked him in the eyes, “Are you gonna tell, Mom I was playin’ with your cock in public?’Devan looked down and laughed, seeing the mess on his shorts and the backseat, “She’s gonna see it…. I won’t have to tell her.Misty giggled again, as she got on the seat and wiggled her naked little ass at her br(o)ther. “Someone’s gonna see your ass as they pass by, Misty,” he laughed.“I don’t care,” Misty giggled. “I like it when someone sees me naked in public… I get all tingly!”A quick grin came over Devan’s face, as he gazed at his little s(i)ster’s cute asscheeks and her hairless slit, the tip of her clit poking out. “Yeah…. it’s fun…. but it could get us all in trouble…. Mom’s right, we don’t want anyone asking questions.”Misty squirmed on the seat next to her br(o)ther, with her shorts still around her ankles, she sat back against the door, and began to lightly caress her quivering clit…. her pale blue eyes gleaming. Kicking her shorts off her ankle, she lifted a foot onto the seat, the other still on the floorboard, and spread her thighs wide. Devan stared at her little pussy, seeing her wetness dribbling from her pussy lips. His cock started to stir in his shorts, and Misty prodded it with a toe. It’s getting hard again, Dev,” she sighed.Devan loved his s(i)ster, but the inc(e)st stuff still made him a little nervous…. however, she seemed so comfortable with it. He gulped with excitement, sliding his hand up her taut thigh. With a giggle, Misty arched her hips up from the seat, and wiggled her naked ass…. she knew Dev liked her ass most. But her mother told her, that when her tits got bigger, he would probably like them more. Her br(o)ther leaned over, peering at her tiny pussy. Her lips were very pink and puffy with her excitement. “Stick a finger in me Dev…. finger-fuck me…” she moaned. “Oooooohh…. Yeah, that feels so fucking good…. mmmmmm!”Devan poked his middle fingers into her tight pussy, his thumb rubbing at her hard clit…“Oooohhaaaaaaaahhhooomm…. that feels so good,” she moaned, her eyes closed tight, as a sharp feeling of rapture flowed quickly through her quivering pussy, “Yeah…. that feels really good, Dev!”His fingers slipped easily in and out of her tight, little hole, Misty whimpered softly, feeling her pussy lips stretching around his buried digits. She wiggled her little ass, pressing her pussy up to meet his fucking finger jabs.“Damn S(i)s…. you’re so Wet!” Devan gasped. “Jesus…. so Tight and Wet!”“Yeah…. I know, I feel so horny!” she purred. “Poke me harder…. faster!”He jabbed his fingers in harder, he could feel every ridge and contour of her insides, her little pussy was so slippery and tight. The more he jabbed, the more she wiggled her ass, and moaned. “Harder…. Dev…. harder!” Misty urged, her voice oddly deep and husky. “Do it faster…. I like it Fast and Hard!”The head of his cock poked past the hem of his shorts, thick and hard. The toes of her foot poked at it playfully…. the look of his hard cockhead thrilled her. She was about to cum, and she twisted her taut ass about frantically, leaning against the door of the Jeep, her eyes now squeezed tightly shut. She began panting heavily, twisting her naked ass about.“Oooooooohh… Yeah, like that… oooooohh, God… almost… yeah, make me Come good! Shit… shit, why’d you stop!” she squealed loudly.Devan jerked his finger from her throbbing pussy quickly, and sat up looking around. “Devan, don’t stop now…. Shit!”“We’re in town, Misty” he said, stuffing his hard cock back into his shorts. “Quick, help me clean up and find some clean shorts!” ——— Chapter 13Late Tuesday afternoon……Jack CarterThere was a little drama when she went into the Motel 7 Office alone, and tried to book a room. She was told at first there were no rooms available… they were Closing because lack of business due to the Virus. But she argued the fact they had no way to drive on down the road, due to car trouble, and was told the room would be triple the rate for two nights ONLY.Upon seeing Sharon coming out of Office crying, Jack asked what was wrong… “Bullshit… I’ll fix this!” he exclaimed after she told of her predicament, and he stormed into the office, as she stood by the tow truck.“I got you a room near the pool to Friday afternoon at a reduced rate… I should have you back on the road by then. Here’s your keycard,” he said, as he helped her carry the luggage to the room.“Oooohh Jack… that’s great, I really appreciate this…,”“Hey… it was no problem, I’ve known the Manager, Mark Thompson… for several years. It’s a small town, everyone knows each other,” he laughed.————————————-The room was spacious, clean, and recently remodeled, Sharon was pleased. There were two double beds, a small desk, and two chairs. A TV with cable was attached to the wall facing the beds, and there was free WIFI. The bathroom was nice and spacious with a large shower/tub, and plenty of towels. There was a small alcove, a dressing area with a sink with a huge mirror, and shelfs with rods to hang clothing, and a rack for suitcases and other luggage. There was also a fenced in area, with a sparking pool just 15 feet from the room, the water looked cool and inviting after her stressful day.Sharon hoped the mechanic wouldn’t exaggerate the need of repairs to her Jeep. The settlement from the accident had been large, she had paid off a lot of bills, and she had a good job…. so, she wasn’t hurting for money, but she wanted to be careful. She could tell that he was excited by her…. why not pay him with a fuck or two, these last few days she was felling so liberated with her sexual desires – she had Misty to thank for that. She was also being practical, they still had over a hundred miles to go, and she was worried about the future (The Virus), she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this trip, so why not pay him with pussy? Additionally, he was handsome and he made her horny, Devan could satisfy her with his teenage cock, but what Devan didn’t have was an adult cock and experience….She grabbed her phone and sent a quick text to Fanny, so she wouldn’t worry, and then put her things away in the room. She decided she would relax in the tub, so she told her son and daughter they could use the pool to cool off, but to pay attention to pool rules and closing time. Misty squealed, and they quickly changed and dove right in. Sharon watched them from the big window for a moment. Then she removed her clothes, as she glanced in the mirror at her naked body when she passed, she was a pretty woman of 38, with rich auburn hair, hazel eyes, a small nose, full lips, with unblemished skin. Her tits were small but firm, her nipples light brown and protruding. Her pussy was shaved bare, like the way she kept her k(i)ddo’s shaved, also it was the way her late husband had preferred it…. she liked the way it felt too, hers and the k(i)ds. She was petite like her daughter, with a slim waist, rounded hips and legs. Jack was going to very pleased, she felt, as she filled the tub with cool water. Getting in, she leaned back in the tub, the water cooling her body and relaxing her, she began to think about Jack. His rugged good looks made his age un-determinable, he might be as much as ten years older, she thought. But he was quite handsome, her nipples stiffened and her clit started tingling. It had been over a year since she had a good, hard fucking. Devan was a good fuck and eager to learn, but she just wanted more than he could provide. Jack looked as if he could provide her with just what she needed. She could pay him with sex and enjoy herself at the same time. The problem was…. where?She couldn’t bring him back to the motel, she didn’t want to make Devan jealous…. and Misty would probably demand that she shared him, the girl was so Naughty! Maybe he had a nice place, she had looked for a wedding ring and didn’t see one…. but was he single? If necessary, she could fuck him at his garage, even if she got coated with grease and oil…. it might even make her feel even Nastier, she could always scrub off the dirt and grim later.*******In the pool, Misty and Devan splashed back and forth, shouting with glee as they played Marco/Polo. Misty was irritated that she had forgot a swimsuit, and had to wear a t-shirt and shorts…. but Devan was happy, he liked the look of her t-shirt more than her swimsuit, it was more revealing. The t-shirt clung to her burgeoning tits once wet, and her sweet, pink nipples could be seen clearly, stiff and pretty through her grey t-shirt. Misty’s shorts didn’t fit well, they were old and too tight, so she didn’t care if they were ruined by the chlorine in the pool. Devan liked them because her ass cheeks showed. They played alone in the pool, until their mother called them in…. it was almost 7pm.*******Sharon had dressed in a cute summer skirt, and a pale-yellow t-shirt that set her auburn hair and hazel eyes off beautifully. “I’m going out for a while,” Sharon said. “And I want you two k**s to be good, you hear? I shouldn’t be out too late…. but, don’t wait up for me.”“Who you gonna see, Mom?” Misty asked with a gleam in her eyes. “That man, with the tow truck?”“It’s none of your business,” Sharon replied. “But…. yes, he called a few minutes ago…. we’re going to have coffee and talk about my Jeep.” She was in the mood to do more than talk…. her bath had been very relaxing, maybe she would fuck him tonight, and again after he’d finished the repairs. “How long are we gonna be here, Mom?” Devan asked.“I don’t know… we have the room until Friday,” she replied, “I hope we can leave before then, but probably Friday. Both of you, go get changed, you’re dripping everywhere…. why didn’t you take towels to the pool?”She kissed them on the cheek, warned them about being good, and not staying up too late, then hand Devin some money to order a pizza and left. She had to constantly remind herself…. they acted like adults sexually, but they were still just t(ee)nagers.As she walked to the front of the motel to wait for Jack, she thought about seeing Misty’s pretty little tits showing though her t-shirt. She hoped no one saw her at the pool that way, the motel was almost deserted, and they were alone in the pool, but someone could have seen them from their room…. next time she’ll tell Misty to wear a sport bra. She didn’t want anyone to ask questions, she didn’t know how long they would be here after all.She knew they were probably naked and having sex already…. they fucked like rabbits. She had Misty on birth control within days of her first fuck with Devan. She had also noticed Devan had on different shorts when he had gotten out of the Jeep, but didn’t say anything to them…. *******As soon as their mother was out the door, they were getting ready for fun….Misty and Devan stood by the bed closest to the door. They were facing each other, giggling together. Devan’s eyes were drawn to his s(i)ster’s wet t-shirt, his cock swelling inside his shorts. “You can get changed and shower first Misty…. then do you wanna play a game, I brought my PS4. I can set it up while you’re in the bathroom,” he asked.“What…. you wanna play a video game, while you could play with me, Silly!” she sighed, slightly annoyed, he never forgot to pack anything.Misty moved her hand to his stomach, and pulled the waist band of his swim trunks out. She saw his limp cock flip out, and she giggled wickedly. Then she yanked his wet trunks down, before he knew what she was doing, they hung at his knees, his cock limp and ball sack swayed.“Hey…!” he grunted, and tried to yank her shorts down, but they were too tight.Sharon giggled and tried to spin out of his şirinevler escort grasp, but Devan grabbed her t-shirt at the bottom and tried to pull it over her head, but instead Misty became entangled, they both stood by the bed laughing.“I see you tities,” Devan laughed playfully. “I see your tiny tities.”“Stop making fun of my tits Devan…. they’ll be as big as Mom’s soon. Then I won’t let you touch them!” she groaned, as she grabbed his dangling cock.“Okay… Okay…. I’m sorry…. Shit, don’t squeeze so hard Misty,” he moaned.With a giggle, she pulled her t-shirt back down, “You have to ask me nice, Devan, if you wanna get me naked,” she playfully giggled. “Okay… Okay, lets Fuck… we can play a game later,” he groaned.She let him grab her tits…. he cupped them, and gently squeezed. She felt her body tremble and quiver. She began to melt, her legs shaking as he continued to fondle her swelling tits. She held his cock in her hands feeling it grow into hardness. They stood closer together, each slowly caressing the other. They looked into each other’s eyes, both of them quivering with youthful eagerness and Love.The head of Devan’s cock jerked on her thigh, as he hugged her close, and when she felt the wetness of his precum on her skin, she mewled softly. With his free hand, he shoved his trunks down and threw them across the room, he was now completely naked.“I’m not gonna get naked for you Dev…. until you ask me nice to fuck?” she whimpered and began to purr like a kitten….“Oooohh…. I Love you Misty…. and I want to Fuck so much, Please,” he groaned.With a giggle, Misty stepped back against the bed and stripped naked quickly, her raven black and blue hair in a ponytail as always. Devan gazed at her naked body with hot eyes. Her wonderfully, pale blue eyes were as deep as a sparkling stream, her face sweetly innocent. Her swelling tits were flawless, rounded and firm, with perky candy pink nipples. Her waist was slim, her legs were short with a rounded taut ass… he liked her ass the most.“I love you too, Dev…. come fuck me…. make me Come,” she moaned, as she sat down, then laid back on the bed, opening her legs wide. She watched his cock jerk up and down with his teenage eagerness, as he stepped closer to the bed. Her little pussy felt very hot, and she liked the way he stared at her drooling pussy.He loved his s(i)ster, she was so pretty…. and she was so playful, he smiled brightly as he got in bed with her….Devan lay across his s(i)ster’s naked body. He felt her firm, tiny tits burning at his chest. His throbbing cock slid between her silky thigh and across her eager pussy, the head throbbing on her wet slit. She wiggled, and panted. He lifted his hips, and she moved an excited hand to his oozing cock, moving it through her puffy slit. She gasped and her eyes glowed, as she stroked her throbbing clit with his cockhead.‘Ooooohh…. that feels really good Dev!” She slid his cockhead to the entrance of her hungry, little vagina, “Shove it in… shoved it in me,” she whimpered. “Fuck Me Dev…. Fuck Me!” Devan thrusted quickly…. and deep….“Oooooooooohhhaaaaammmm…. AAAaaaahhh!” Misty wailed, not because it hurt, but because her tight pussy twitched and clenched hard, as she came…. her first of several orgasms to follow…. to her, Devan had all the experience he needed.Soon, she would know what it meant to be fucked HARD…. but that is yet to come, in the near future….*******Jack had picked her up at the lobby of the motel, and they drove to a dinner in silence, as they listened to the radio in Jack’s late model Mustang. It was just a short distance down the road. She noticed he had cleaned up nicely, he wore a pair of khaki pants with a checkered Western-type shirt, the sleeves rolled up…. he was very handsome, and he looked a little younger now, too.The dinner was the only restaurant in town that still had dine in service, because of the large open-air patio along the side. Jack excused himself and went to the porta-john, while she found a booth for them. She drew the eyes of the few men sitting around, some with sodas, some with frosted bottles of beer. Sharon flashed her golden tan thighs, as she sat in a booth, giving the lookers a thrill. “I took a quick look at your Jeep…. and well, bad news,” Jack said, as he sat down beside her in the booth a few minutes later. “Oooh…. how bad?” she asked with a frown.“Well…. not really that bad, but I have to order parts some from Houston. You have a few gaskets leaking, the engine is, Okay, so don’t worry about that. Might be Thursday before I get all of the parts, you know, the Kung-Flu and all… so, I could be done by Friday afternoon,” he replied.Sharon’s face fell. She didn’t want to stay in Weimer that long; she had only planned on this risqué trip to meet Fanny and her f(a)mily to be over by Saturday or Sunday. They could have stayed a day or two more; if they were having a good time, but no more. She had deadlines to meet Wednesday for work. Now it was looking like they would miss meeting Fanny and her f(a)mily altogether.“Kung-Flu… that’s a little racist, don’t you think?” she said.“What… sense when does a Virus get its own PR Dept., Lyme Disease was diagnosed as a separate disease in, Old Lyme, Connecticut… oooh, and guess where West Nile Virus came from. The Dem’s are just afraid of offending their buddy, Communist China. It’s just PC Bullshit, it doesn’t mater what its called… it’ll Kill you either way.” he mockingly replied.“Okay… I can disagree with that argument. Are you sure you can’t get the parts any sooner?”“Well,” Jack said eyeing her. “I might be able to get them closer…. I know a guy I could ask a favor of, but even then, I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get a hold of him.”Sharon’s face brightened, as a pretty waitress placed frosty Dudweiser longnecks in front of them.“I ordered…,” Jack explained. “I know it’s a little forward, but I thought you could use a beer after your long day.” “I love a cold Dud… Thanks,” she said, smiling back at him.Jack ginned, back shrewdly, letting his thigh press against hers in a tentative approach. Sharon returned the pressure, her hazel eyes revealing her mutual desire. His appeal was strong, and she hoped they wouldn’t waste much time hanging about the dinner.She looked around, feeling the eyes of others on her. She shivered, but not with distaste. She didn’t mind being looked over by men. In fact, she enjoyed it, and felt something was wrong with her appearance if she wasn’t noticed.“Can’t we go someplace else,” she whispered. “It’s too crowded in here.”Jack looked around. “Crowded? Hell, in this town, we haven’t got enough residents for a party. Then, he caught the real meaning in her hazel eyes.“Oooh…. aaaahh…. how about going over to my place?” he said. “It’s a just outside of town.“How far is that?” Sharon asked. “My son and daughter are alone in the motel room…. their old enough to be trusted, but only for short periods… you know, t(ee)nagers.“Okay, yeah…. well it’s right over there, see that blinking light on the hill, that cell tower is on my land…. just a few miles,” he said, as he pointed south-west.“Okay… let’s finish our beer and go,” Sharon said at once, eyeing him in a way he couldn’t miss.A few minutes later, Jack led her out to his Mustang. As he opened the door and helped her in, she deliberately let her skirt lift up, as she planted her ass on the seat and drew first one leg in, then the other. Jack caught a peek between her exciting thighs…. she was wearing pink lace panties. She brought her left leg in close to the center console, after he got in; bring her knee up, and making her skirt slip higher on her thigh. She crooked, her arm beneath his, after he put the car in reverse. She could feel him shiver from her boldness; he was excited by her. She smiled deviously, and looked at the front of his pants, seeing the swelling outline of his cock. From the size of the bulge, it was a very nice sized cock, not that she placed a lot of importance on only size.With a smile, Jack rested his hand on her knee and squeezed gently. Sharon gave him a soft sigh, letting him know she was willing.*******At that same moment, back at the motel, it was a good thing that the motel was mostly un-occupied, the cries of sexual rapture could be heard in the rooms on either side and above them….“Ooooohh… I like that…. aaaaaahh!” Misty squealed, as she arched her hips up for him…. she’d already had four orgasms, and Devan was about to bring her to another. He had come quickly the first time, but was lasting longer this second time. She was on her back, with her feet placed flat on the bed, bring her knees up, she liked the way he slid in her open thighs this way, and she could arch her ass up in rhythm with his fuck strokes. She squealed each time he lunged into her tiny pussy, his hard cock going in deep, driving the air out of lungs in gasps.“Faster… Dev… do it to me real fast and hard!” she cried.Devan humped his hips, banging into her little pussy, gasping with each lunge. His cock plunged in and out, his ball sack smacking Misty’s wiggling ass. The sounds of the wet slaps, added to their youthful arousal. Misty’s pussy muscles gripped and flexed, tighter with each lunge of his cock. She arched her head back, the vanes in her neck pulsing, and her eyes shut tight. Her small swelling tits spread flat; her nipples so stiff they hurt.“Faster…. faster…. fuck me faster!” she yelled. “I’m about to come…. come with me, Dev… ooooohh!”Almost instantly, Misty’s little pussy grabbed at Devan’s throbbing cock, trying to squeeze his cum out. The spasms rippled through her tight pussy, her sexual oils dripping onto the bed. Her pussylips gripped and flexed, tightened and loosened, squeezing time and again at his lunging prick. Her orgasm rumbled through her exquisite, petite body, making her mind spin with ecstasy. She yelped, and wailed, almost screaming with rapture.“Misty…. aaaahhh!” Devan groaned, gritting his teeth. “Mmmmooooohh, Misty…. what are you doing?”“Ooooohhh…. Mom showed me this…. do you like it…. oooohh, Shit…. I like it…. Commming!” she groaned, as she came for a sixth time. She began to sob, her eyes overflowed with tears of elation, as her body surged with her spasming climax….But Devan hardly heard her cries….His balls drew up tight, his cock feeling as if it were in a wet vice. His s(i)ster’s pussy griped him, squeezing his cock in hot waves, as her ass squirmed.“Aaaaaahh…. I gotta…. I gotta…. OooooOOHH, Jesus…. I’m Commmmming…. aaaaaaaahhh!” he groaned.Devan’s cock exploded, sending powerful squirts of his youthful cum flooding into his s(i)ster’s tight pussy. The rapid spurts caused his body to jerk and shake. He continued to thrust as hard as he could, his cockshaft in deep, his ball sack smacking her squirming ass.“UUUuuuummmmmaaaahh…. My God!” he groaned. “Ooohh, Dev…. oooohh!” Misty sobbed, her fingers digging into his sides, “You’re Commming… I can feel it…. you’re coming so deep! Oooohh, I Love You, Dev…. aaaaaaahhhmmm!”Devan slumped, on the bed next to her, his hot breath burning her neck, her tits smashed by his arm laying on her chest. She lowered her legs slowly, feeling weak. She was breathing heavy. One of Devan’s legs rested between her spread thighs. She rolled over and wrapped her arms around him tightly, then with her legs also. She felt deliriously wicked.“That was so fucking good…… huh…. better than any old video game,” she laughed.“Yeah…. sure, that was Great…. but Call of Duty is Kick Ass…. OOOoowwwwwwww! Okay…. Okay, Let… IT GO!” he wailed, as she griped his ball sack, laughing wickedly.“I Love You… Baby Girl, but you don’t have much of a sense of humor…!” he groaned, as he caressed, his sore balls.“Oooohh, yeah I do…. you’re just not very funny. But, hearing you cry out in pain is…. Very Funny!” she laughed, as they wrestled and tickled each other on the bed.Part 7…. to come soon. To Readers who like my stories…Thank You for reading, I hope you enjoyed another look into My Naughty Imagination. Please tell your Like-Minded Friends about my Stories and Page…. I want more Friends to share My Hot Stories with! My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read, so have them send me a Friend Request.Also, leave a Comment…. if you liked the Story, and You Want More!

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