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Spring break fun with best friend_(1)

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Spring break was here and i was headed for a 2 week stay at my friends house. His name was Anthony. Im DJ. Usually we would just hang out drink crap loads of soda and play the crap out of some video games.. He was my best friend ive known him for 10 years. Weve both seen each others cocks before. Im a solid 6 inches and a half dollar thick. Hes fucking huge 10 inches long thick as a soda can.

Pretty much all week weve been staying up late every night either crushing it in halo or on the computer jerking it. The weekend finaly ame and we were headed to the water park. Pretty much all day was water slides and checking out all the sweet tight ass. After a long day of babe scoping. Got back and was so fucking horny. We both needed showers. So i hoped in and before i was done he came in the shower witn me. I was rock hard. He asked if i was having fun without him.

I laughed it off oh yeah man all those hot chicks today got me fucking horny. He was like yeah me too. My balls are so full he replied. I got out the shower and went into the bed room and put on some boxers. I sat down at the computer desk and checked up on yahoo messenger sports scores all that good stuff. He finally got out walking around with his huge dong swaying back and forth.

He put on some boxers and sat down and began to watch tv. Tonight we had the house to ourself which meant getting escort izmit drunk on some rum. After dinner we both made up some drinks and slowly but surely we were both pretty tipsy. He started playing video games and i was on the computer looking at porn.

He got up to go to bathroom and noticed what i was doing. Ooo looks like fun he said. After he came back i asked if he wanted to watch with me. He was like nah im killing these noobs. Come on how about a blow job for yoir best friend? I drunkenly said. You first he said. I told him to come over to me. Im playing xbox you come here.

I got up and walked over to the chair and got on my knees he started playing halo and i started drunkenly saying shit so people on the headphones would hear me lol. I reached in boxers and pulled out his huge cock. He was was bigger than me when he was soft and so thick. I also pulled his balls out to. They were so big and swollen with anticipation. I slowly began to jerk his huge cock and sucking on his balls and licking them getting his cock big and hard. I slowly licked up his huge shaft and began twirling my head on his huge throbbing head.

Hes begging to moan and takes off his head set. And pushes my headbdown getting his head in my mouth. I slowly work my way down his cock getting a good 7 inches in before i could take anymore. As im sucking his huge dick i begin playing izmit escort amd rubbing his balls so good. I alternate between sucking and rubbing his cock so fast. He grabs me by the head and pushes it down on his cock getting every inch of his huge cock in my throat making me gag. And releases it so i can get some air.

I grab his cock with both hands and begin giving him a great handjob as im blowing his head. I keep sucking his cock faster and faster twirling my tongue so hard against his head. Afer about thrity minutes hes ready to explode. He tell mes to lay down on the bed with my mouth on the end. He walks up to the bed and sticks his cock in and begins to fuck my face so hard and fast and deep making me gag everytime he goes balls deep smakcing me in the face with his huge balls he climbs on top and is fucking my fave harder and deeper. He Finally pulls out and puts his balls in my mouth and is rubbing his throbbing hard cock so damn fast and pulls back and explodes all over my face and chest shooting 15-20 streams of cum all over.

He is shaking so hard and puts his cock back in my mouth and pumps a few more streams in there until his balls were empty. Fuck i was comepletely in jizz. I got up and was solid fjcking hard my cock dripping with precum. I ran and took a quick shower to rinse off. Now it was his turn. He was sitting playing halo. I walked izmit kendi evi olan escort up to him and took off my towell i was throbbing hard and ready. He exited the game and scooted up and began sucking on my balls. My sack was fucking tight and full ready to explode. He licked up my shaft and began sucking my cock nice and good. Squeezing my balls as he deep throats my hard six inches.

I grab his head and slowly starts to fuck his face thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth. Hes tounguing my head as he squeezing my cock my precum oozing out he licks it up and pushing mh dick back in rubbing and sucking it. We trade spaces i sit down in the chair as he gets on his knees. He grabs my cock and is jerking so good fast as hes licking my balls. God it felt so good i am getting really close to cumming. He pulls himself up closer and pugs my hard cock back in his mouth twirling his tongue on my head popping it in and out of his mouth. He begins to bob his head up and down on my cock faster and faster pushing his head down all the way till my cock is hitting the back of his throat im about to explode. I pull my cock out and begin to rub my cock fast and hard i tell him to open his mouth hes tonguing mh head as im rubbing faster and faster i clinch so hard and i erupt all over his face covering him in my cum emptying my balls i grab his head and push my cock deep in his mouth fucking it till all my cum was gone.

I hope you really enjoyed it let me know what you think i enjoy writing give me ideas and suggestions if youd like something

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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