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Squirt on My Face

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Squirt on My FaceThe temperature in the room steadily rose as Ciena and Skyler both lay naked rolling around the floor of their small one bedroom apartment. The foreplay had quickly turned from him gently caressing every mesmerising curve of her body while playfully teasing her nipples with the tip of his tongue before moving down to do the same to her clit and her gently massaging his long hard shaft, to a passionate maddeningly desperate fight for the upper hand and only showed signs of intensifying. Skyler had never seen Ciena so turned on and starving for love before and it only increased his own desire to be inside her, to feel her every heartbeat and spasm as her pussy clenched tighter and tighter around his shaft. Ciena was so wet she could already feel her sweet juices slowly trickling down her thigh canlı bahis as she finally overpowered Skyler barely long enough for her to straddle his broad muscular chest and pin him down. Her determination to become the star of the show had paid off at last, but neither of them could’ve ever guessed the impression Ciena’s desire to have him inside her and feel his head throb and convulse as he came inside her would leave them both with. Skyler knew he had lost and surrendered himself to her every burning desire as she began to sensually rub her clit while still kneeling over his chest. The slow circular motion of her pleasing herself was steadily increasing in speed and she was so wet that her juices were steadily dripping onto his chest and with every hot sweet drop that fell she began to inch closer and closer bahis siteleri to his mouth until he met her halfway and buried his face into her pussy and began devouring every last drop of her naughty nectar. Ciena’s moans were growing both in volume and intensity along with her pleasure as she reclined back using her arm for support behind her while still rubbing her clit as Skyler went from lapping the lips of her sweet pussy to teasing the outside of her hole with the tip of his tongue before finally plunging it inside her. She glanced momentarily over her shoulder and looked down to find him stroking his hard cock while pleasuring her with his intricately skilled tongue and that really sent her over the edge. She suddenly felt an increasingly building pressure in her pelvis, almost as if she had to güvenilir bahis pee, but better, and began grinding her pussy into    Skyler’s face. Her hand was rubbing her clit so fast now it was a blur in front of his face and her moans of pure ecstasy were deafening. She suddenly let out a moan so loud and prolonged it  could be heard by the neighbors, and just as quickly as it had arrived, the pressure was expelled as fountains of her juices erupted from her pussy over and over again nearly drowning Skyler as each one shot him directly in the face. The orgasm was so mind blowing that even he had came twice just watching and stroking every last bit of cum out of his shaft and had lasted nearly a whole three minutes. The experience was so intense and exerting that for the next several minutes neither of them could do anything but convulse as waves of aftershocks pulsed through them. After that Ciena finally unmounted his chest and they slipped into a deep restful sleep wrapped in each others arms, both still soaked with her cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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