Eki 09

SS chapter 15

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SS chapter 15“Time to go,” Ethan bellowed, sticking his head in the playroom door. He had spent an hour picking out the perfect outfits for all three of his subs. For Tei, a simple halter mini dress in dark purple with banding about the waist. Lottie was wearing a hot pink mini skirt with a black tank and cardigan. Bree was to wear a black sleeveless dress with large dramatic red polka dots, one of her own dresses since they had not been able to shop for her yet, though he thought it was perfect on her. He picked out a wide belt knowing that it would accentuate her hourglass shape. None of the outfits he had laid out included underwear. He liked the knowledge that they were bare beneath their clothing. Dresses and skirts gave him the best possible access should he want it.The girls breezed out of the playroom with a whoosh, Bree followed the lead of the other two and lined up at the door, for inspection. He had heard them up late the previous night going over do’s and don’ts Bree hadn’t really understood from the contract.He was glad they were all getting along. He decided that he would not introduce Bree to any play sessions until she asked. However, he still had the other two to keep happy. He would not be so cruel as to deprive them for her sake. He wondered how long it would take, would being with Tei and Lottie speed, or slow the process? He was eager to have her but needed her to be completely at ease. So he would nurture, cuddle, arouse, and tease but until she asked, nothing further. He stood in front of the three, all of them had their eyes on his feet. They were all wearing exactly what he had put out and looked lovely. Tei and Lottie had put just a hint of makeup on Bree giving her a skin a nice glow.He moved first to Tei slipping his hand beneath her skirt. He felt only smooth, warm flesh.“Perfect,” he whispered leaning in to gently kiss her, he nipped playfully at her bottom lip.He moved then to Lottie sliding his hand up her leg, to her backside. He smiled when his hand met no fabric as it slid around to her abdomen. She shivered slightly at his touch.He came to Bree, her expression had changed, her brow was creased slightly.“What’s wrong Bree?”“Nothing, Sir,” she said quickly.He stepped close to her, “Bree, it’s okay for you to be jealous, but you need to talk to me, be honest.”“It’s not that, I knew what I was getting into. Lottie and Tei have been more than forthcoming with their, stories, I’m okay with that. I just…”“Ah, then…” he slipped his hand beneath her skirt, sure enough he encountered cottony fabric obstructing his path. He pulled the fabric so that it tucked itself tightly between her folds, putting friction on her most sensitive spot. He felt her knees give a bit at the contact.“Tsk tsk, Bree, you are to wear what I pick out.”“I thought you had forgotten, Sir, I’m sorry,” she managed.“A kinder Dom might let this slide, but I’m afraid I cannot.” He released the fabric, knowing the tension he had created would continue to put pressure on her.She immediately began to tremble, the when he stepped away he saw her flinch.“Bree, baby, I wouldn’t strike you over this, it is a first offense, punishment fits the infraction,” he soothed. He went quickly to the playroom, he was extra loud while pulling open the drawers and shifting the stuff inside, so that she could hear. He grinned at his own wickedness as he picked up metallic objects dropping them to the floor with loud clattering noises.When he emerged he held a small silver, egg shaped device.“Feet apart Bree,” he said smoothly.“Sir, please…”“Feet apart.” He said, dropping any hint of merriment from his tone.He watched as her feet slid apart. He reached up under the skirt and slid the offending material down to her ankles. “Lift your foot,” he said tapping her calf, and repeated the process on the other side. His hand trailed along her inner thigh, he could feel her flesh tremble beneath his fingers with the fear and anticipation of the unknown. He slid his finger along her center, finding it damp, “excellent,” he thought. He slid a single digit along her opening and could feel the thin membrane at the bottom, he slid into her slick passage and felt her muscles contract around him as a shuddering breath was pulled through her teeth.He removed his hand and took the egg shaped vibrator and put it at her opening, it was narrow enough that it slid in with only a bit of effort. He stood up and straightened the skirt of her dress. He palmed the remote control hiding it from her view.“Now,” As he began to speak he turned the device on to its lowest setting, “you will have this in for our entire outing. You are not to react overtly in public, so as to avoid embarrassment to the rest of us. If there is any issue you will notify me and we will seek to correct it.”He watched her face as he spoke, her lips and cheeks began to flush. He had continued to up the velocity of the vibration of his devious little bahis siteleri toy turning it back down again as he finished his statement. She was absently nodding in agreement, but he wanted to hear it.“Do you understand?”“Yes Zorne,” She gasped as the vibration faded to a low hum.Tei and Lottie were blushing having received this punishment before in their own training.“Good, let’s get this show on the road.” He turned and walked out pocketing the remote control his girls following behind.Bree, Tei, and Lottie all piled in to the backseat of the SUV as Ethan held open the door. He made sure that all were secured before getting in himself. Bree looked tense and aroused but Tei and Lottie were bouncing excitedly. Ethan felt a little guilty, which was partially the reason for the outing. The day after he had signed the contract with Bree some problems came up with the new issue of Simple Submission. So he had been at the office non-stop for nearly 3 days coming home only to shower and nap. They were going to a corsetière where all of his girls were to be fitted with custom made corsets. Lottie had been wanting to waist train for ages. He felt the other two would benefit from corsetry as well. It could boost confidence as well as improve posture. Tei was fairly confident, but she would be presenting her thesis in a little less than two month and he knew she was nervous about it. He hoped this would take her mind off of it.They arrived at the quaint shop, housed in an old Victorian style home that had been relocated to a commercial area of town. The woman who welcomed them as they entered had the waspish figure corsets were known to create over time. The almost theatrical flounce of her skirt and absurdly small waist brought to mind the image of a Madame of an expensive French bordello from days past.Her vivid burgundy curls spilled over her shoulder as she looked down at her desk running her finger along the leatherbound book.“Ah, Mr. Zorne, so nice to meet you, I’m Portia Archuletta, thank you so much for your patronage.” She turned to the girls “So, who are we fitting today?” “All of them, Lottie,” He said moving to her side, “would like to do some waist training. So something that is comfortable enough for 24/7 wear.”She nodded. “I’ll go over some techniques with you, remember, whatever you do don’t go to fast. But we could probably start with four to five inches of reduction, given your current size. And the other two, will they be waist training as well?”“No just something for daily wear.”She studied Tei, “I would do no more than three inches total reduction given your slender figure.Portia moved to stand in front of Bree, Ethan reached into his pocket and turned up the hidden tormentor as she approached. He watched as Bree’s lips parted, Portia seemed to take no notice.“Now, you dear…”she started.Bree quickly interrupted, slightly breathless, “I know I am pretty big, I totally understand if you can’t do anything for me.” “Nonsense dear! You simply have more to work with! We can get a six inch reduction easily with little to no discomfort. Of course it takes some getting used to.”The energetic woman began taking each woman aside to measure. She had finished with Bree first so now Ethan was sitting back enjoying the responses he was eliciting from Bree with every flick of his finger. She was looking through a book of fabric samples and he flicked the remote to the highest setting. She visibly jumped and gripped the edges of the table her eyes closing her thighs squeezing together.“Zorne!” She gasped, he moved over to her.“What is it Bree, have you found a pattern you like?” He asked nonchalantly.“I’m…having…an…issue,” she ground out quietly. “Ms. Archuletta, Bree here is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction,” he always found this excuse helpful “do you have a back room where I can assist her in attending to it?”“There is a small waiting area just upstairs, I’m not expecting anyone else today so you shouldn’t have any…interruptions.” She said almost slyly.“Thank you,” he wrapped his arm around Bree’s trembling form and helped her upstairs.Once they were safely in the waiting area he sat down on the couch putting pressure at Bree’s hips to bring her to her knees in front of him.“What’s the issue Bree?” he asked as he sat back into the cushions of the sofa.“I can’t take this Sir, It’s too much, I need to…to…”“Need to what Bree?”“Finish,” she said barely above a whisper.“Oh I see, well, this is a punishment I’m not sure I am inclined to grant your request.”She slowly lowered her head to the floor, her arms crossed behind her as though for binding. “Please Zorne,” she begged, putting her cheek to his boot.“No, not yet, when we get home I will allow you to come, but not until then. It pleases me to see you this way.”She drew in a shuddering breath and he leaned down gently stoking her hair while slowly turning up the intensity.“I only hope I don’t go insane before canlı bahis then.”They went back down stairs, Ethan eyes were trained on her features, her lips were red and swollen, the flush that often stained her cheeks had crept down her neck to the tops of her breasts. He shifted his slacks to hide the growing bulge there.He kept the device on at a low, steady intensity as Bree, Tei, and Lottie looked through the fabric books. Teis arm grazed Bree’s breast as she reached to point out a particularly pretty pattern. A soft moan escaped her lips, he quickly moved to her leaning to whisper into her ear.“Careful Bree, you’re skirting the line.”“Yes Sir, I’m sorry,” she said.All three would be starting with under bust corsets to limit the pressure on their lungs. Lottie predictably picked out a baby pink silk with mint green vines. Tei settled on a black silk with red cherry blossoms. Bree chose a deep wine colored brocade with black scrollwork skulls. He knew they would all be gorgeous.He had planned to take them to several more stores, but seeing Bree’s almost panic stricken expression as he got them settled into the vehicle, decided to head home instead. Looking in the rearview her head was back against the seat, her thighs clenching and unclenching every bump in the road causing her eyes to glass over.When he stopped the vehicle he hardly had time to open the door before she was sprinting up the stairs. As he topped the staircase her saw her standing on the landing, her thighs and fists clenched. He opened the door for her and she dashed into her nook.“No Bree,” he said firmly, “out here.”***Bree stopped dead in her tracks. Had she heard him right? He wanted her to do this in the living room, in front of them? If possible her cheeks seemed to flame higher as she poked her head from the playroom. Ethan was sitting between Tei and Lottie on the sofa. He had laid out a blanket and pillow on the floor in front of them. She was past the point of caring, she would have done it on the street if he wanted her to. She ran to the blanket and slid down to her knees her breathing ragged, a shimmer of sweat on her nose and brow.“May I…finish, Sir?” she asked.“You may come, Bree.”She breathed a shuddering sigh of relief, “Thank you, Zorne” she said, as she relaxed back on the pillows, spreading her knees apart. The cool air on her naked core did little to staunch the smoldering heat that had been building between her thighs. The skirt of her dress was giving her some feeling of modesty, as it fell to cover the ministrations her fingers had set to. However, that was short lived, Ethan reached out and flicked away the material that was hindering their view then settled back into the sofa.She felt embarrassed and exposed but the moment her fingers made contact with the little nub nestled within her folds all her shyness and inhibitions flew out the window. Her back arched off the floor, her eyes locked over their heads, glazing over completely. “Damn, Bree you’re so wet and swollen,” she thought she heard a slightly breathless feminine voice say.“Would you like to assist her Lottie?”“If it should so please you, Zorne”“It would.”The words being spoken were a jumble to her ears. It was but a moment and Bree felt warmth as someone slipped behind her. The pillow was replaced by a feminine lap. Small hands she recognized as Lottie’s ran over her shoulders, neck, and collarbone sliding to the knot at the back of her neck. She felt it give and the fabric slithered down her front catching on the lace of her bra. Both the dress and lace were pulled down. The warm hands sliding along her flesh only heightened the sensations radiating from her slick center. Thin fingers twisted and squeezed the rosy peaks of her breasts causing soft moans to escape her lips.She heard more murmured conversation through the pulsating throbs that emanated with every stroke of her fingers. She noted that the conversation had seemed to cease before her hand was abruptly shoved away. She cried out in pain and dismay. Just as quickly the cry changed to one of utter surprise and pleasure as a warm mouth clamped down on her throbbing mound.As a final assault the evil device inside her was cranked up to its highest setting. She lasted only moments after that. The orgasm that rocked her was the most powerful she had ever experienced. Her entire body arched and a scream of pure ecstasy erupted from her throat as her limbs and abdomen convulsed with each wave of sensation that crashed over her rocking her to the core.Her lids parted slightly only to fall upon a pouting Tei looking up from between her thighs.“I barely got to play Bree! We’re going to have to work on your endurance.”Her hands shot up to her face as tendrils of shame and doubt crept into her mind. She had really enjoyed what just happened. Did that make her a lesbian? What would Ethan think of her now?He was there in an instant, taking her wrists in a güvenilir bahis single hand pulling her arms down. Her eyes locked onto his, she squeezed her eyes shut not wanting to see a look of anger or disgust on is face.“Bree baby, open your eyes.” She obeyed, and to her amazement, there was no judgment in his gaze only contentment and a smoldering desire. “You have pleased me beyond measure, that is your purpose here, and you have done very well.”She felt his fingers pressing into the sensitive opening between her legs as he spoke. She felt his fingers hook within, causing her muscles to clamp around the digits, with one smooth motion withdrew the toy that had gotten her into this situation. She let out a soft sigh of relief at his words and the knowledge that her torturer had been removed. She ached to please him and was glad that she had. “Tei, Lottie, we have made Bree sweaty, please see to it that she has a bath. Bree you are not to move a muscle in the tub let the girls tend to you as a reward for the pleasure you have given us today. Lottie you may take care of yourself when you’re done. Tei come to me when you’ve finished.”“Yes Zorne,” she replied as did Tei and Lottie.She headed into the bathroom the other girls following behind her. Tei ran the bath adding scented gel to the water a frothy mass of bubbles forming on the surface. Lottie assisted her out of her dress and into the tub. She laid back with a sigh.“Thank you, I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm that intense.”“That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Lottie giggled.Bree’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t imagine anything more epic than what she had just experienced. Usually her orgasms consisted of a soft sigh and shudder. Not an ear piercing scream and seizure. She gasped as soap slicked hands slid over her shoulders and over and under her breasts efficiently, but unexpectedly.“Sorry,” Tei said, “still sensitive?”“A bit, it’s all right though.” Lottie was soaping and massaging her calves eliciting a soft moan.“I can’t wait until we get to play some more,” Lottie said.Her words caused Bree to blush, “Am I a lesbian?” she asked Lottie earnestly.“Dunno, maybe, but until you’ve sampled what Zorne has to offer I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions,” she said wagging her eyebrows.Bree laughed and splashed Lottie, and she splashed right back. In an instant the bathroom erupted into a full blown war zone, water, and bubbles flying in every direction.“Ahem,” they all looked guiltily at the doorway to see Ethan leaning against the door frame.“Bree out of the tub. Tei, Lottie strip out of those wet clothes. All of you, on your knees. You are going to clean this up.Bree watched as the other two scrambled to do his bidding, she had yet to see them both naked and was curious. She took a bit too long however and became the sole target of his irritation.“Bree! Out now!” he bellowed.She scrambled from the tub and knelt on the cold tile inhaling sharply as her warm skin made contact. He threw several towels at them. Bree took her towel and began mopping up the floor, while Tei and Lottie handled the walls. He watched silently from the doorway, pointing it out quickly if they missed even a single drop.Once everything was dry, Bree was shocked when Ethan walked over to Tei, and taking a fistful of hair dragged her from the bathroom. It amazed her to see how quickly the Asian woman’s countenance changed. Instantly Tei was the picture of perfect submission. As soon as his hand touched her silky locks, she bent at the waist to give him easier access to her hair and crossed her arms, resting them in the small of her back. Smoothly she followed behind him, never missing a step.As she stood, and walked to her nook, attempting ignoring the fact that only feet away Tei was being thoroughly taken by their Dom. She felt a pang of jealousy, and self-doubt began to creep into her heart. From the first time they had kissed she had wanted him. Now, she was his, so why didn’t he take her instead of Tei? She tried to shake the feelings loose but her heart was heavy as she slid into her bed.Lottie followed her to the playroom but simply clicked off her light, saying nothing. Bree had hoped they would talk like they had the night before. After a few minutes Bree could hear rapid breathing and soft moans. She couldn’t help but blush when it dawned on her what the other woman was doing.It was earlier than she normally went to bed but she was sure that Ethan didn’t want her on the computer while he was with Tei. She covered her head with her pillow to drown out the sounds of the impossibly hot sounding sex going on in the other room. With every moan, grunt, or thud she grew more and more aroused. She bit her lip, she hadn’t been told not to take care of herself, he would never know anyway.She flipped onto her back and was soon in the same state as Lottie beside her, they’re breathing falling into an identical rhythm. In her minds eye she imagined Lottie listening to her, with that simple thought she was pushed quickly to the edge and toppled over it with a soft trembling moan.She let out the breath she had been holding and rolled over, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

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