May 24

Stacia’s Backyard

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I saw you in your yard today as I was walking. Saw you in your bikini, your beautiful ass and those lovely breasts made me feel a little tingly below. I passed your house and turned around at the corner to walk back. When I neared your house again I couldn’t help but stop and stare! You were laying there on a towel with the green grass all around you. Your beautiful ass cheeks in the sun, your smooth and beautiful skin glowing.

I wanted to just walk back and rip your bikini off and have you right then and there! I stood there thinking of a way to come back and see you closer, my pants beginning to show a bulge as my cock began to stiffen.. You then sat up and were trying to put sun tan lotion on your back, you were trying to reach the middle of your back but just couldn’t reach. Your tits pushing outward as you reached back, showing the beautiful shape! I took the moment and began walking back to you, I cleared my throat so you’d hear me coming. You took a quick glance and saw me, you covered your tits as I walked closer. I said no need to cover yourself Love, let your beauty show! Do you need a hand with the tan lotion I asked?

You handed me the bottle and I squirted some onto my hands. I began to rub your hot smooth skin. Rubbing it all over your back and reaching a bit onto your sides, hoping for a chance I could slide my fingers over the sides of your breasts. I asked if you’d like any on your legs? At which you gave me a coy smile and a simple nod. You then rolled over onto your tummy, canlı bahis şirketaleri with your beautiful tush facing me. I had to hold back the urge to reach out and touch your ass, my cock was getting stiffer as I looked. I moved down near your feet and began rubbing lotion onto your legs. As I did I kept looking up at you, your legs making a perfect line to your perfect ass and your crotch, where I knew your pussy was as nice as the rest of you.

I rubbed lotion onto you and seeing the smile on your face I knew you were liking it. I rubbed up onto the back of your legs all the way up to your bikini bottoms. Grazing the edges as I did. Barely touching your cheeks. My cock throbbing I wanted to go higher, feel your tush. In a brazen move I slid my hands up higher and pushed your bottoms up onto your cheeks, feeling the firmness of your tush and the softness of your skin. You gave out a soft moan and I then ran my hands back down your cheeks towards your pussy, thumbs grazing the line of your ass cheeks. I slid them over your bikini bottoms and across your tender pussy. You lifted your hips as I did. I stopped there with my thumbs on your pussy and let them rub in small circles. You began to moan louder and squirm at the sensation.

Rubbing a bit longer I used my thumbs to lift your bikini bottoms and let them run underneath. Running my thumbs up and down the crack of your ass, across your anus and onto your wet and open pussy. I let my fingers slide into you and then pull them canlı kaçak iddaa out and slide them to your anus. Gently pushing and running my thumb in small circles around the ridge, you raising your hips, trying to push against my thumb. I gently began to push into your asshole. Watching my thumb tip disappear, then my knuckle, then my entire thumb, buried inside your tight and beautiful ass!! I slid it in and out and as I did I let my fingers slide on your pussy. You were moaning and squirming so much and didn’t know what you liked better.

Feeling my cock stiffen to the point it couldn’t take it, I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. Letting it hang in the breeze I crawled to where I was straddling your legs, easing my pants down as I did. Feeling my balls touch your legs, easing my cock towards you. Finger in your pussy rubbing your clit, other plunging in your ass, moaning louder, breath quicker. My cock twitches as it gets closer, I pull your bikini bottoms down and off to the side. Your wet pussy glistens in the sun, your anus wet and aroused! My cock stiffens, you look back at me, with a look begging me to do it! My cock just an inch away from you, the tip touches your cheek, twitches as I grab it, to guide it. I aim it towards your beautiful tight ass, touching it to your anus you heave a sigh, “Ram it in” you say. I push the head of my cock into your ass gently to start, then in one push I slide it all the way in! Six inches of hard, thick cock at once! You scream both in pain and canlı kaçak bahis in ecstasy as my cock enters you!

Not worrying if your neighbors are watching I begin to plunge my cock in and out of your tight ass! Feeling your muscles grab onto my shaft. Your body twists and turns at the pain. You cry for more, fuck me harder! My cock sliding in and out of your ass. Grabbing your hips as I thrust into you! My hips slapping your tight ass cheeks as I pound you!

You begin to scream I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Your moaning and screaming is loud. As your body relaxes I pull out of you, your anus stretched and gaping. I turn you over, pussy facing me. I bend over and lick your cum, sucking you clean. Your body reacts and start to moan. I lick your clit, chest riding and falling as you breathe heavily. Kneeling between your legs I slide up to you again. My cock needing release, my cock touches the wetness of your pussy. Tip touches, lips part, gently pushing as it slides into your dripping wet pussy! It plunges into you, I reach down grabbing your hips, lift you up, holding you by your ass. I thrust my cock in and out and at almost an instant you’re on the verge of orgasm. Plunging hard and fast your back arches, mouth wide open you begin to cum. Feeling the wetness on my throbbing cock I cum into you, shooting loads of cum into your pussy.

We collect ourselves, gently kiss one another and stand, your legs weak I pick you up and carry you into your house. With our cum dripping from you as we go. I take you into your bathroom and turn on your shower. I help you undress and see your smaller tits, nipples still hard from the excitement, I drop your bottoms to the floor. Undoing my pants and dropping them, pulling my shirt off I help you into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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