Nis 04

Staying at Aunt Cindy’s

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I had just laid down in bed after a long day of class and work. I was sleeping at my aunt’s house since she lives minutes from campus and I didn’t have a dorm room assigned to me yet. I was welcomed about an hour ago by my 35 year old relative and her boyfriend, who has since left.

I wasn’t very close to aunt Cindy since she lived about 4 hours away. She has a very lucrative career as a nurse anesthetist and being single she was quite the globe trotter. She was also childless so there were never any cousins to come over and visit.

“Knock knock.” My aunt said as she tapped on the door.

“Come on in aunt Cindy.” I shouted out while making sure I was covered up properly since I was only wearing underwear.

The door opened and my mother’s sister entered the room with a hand towel over her arm, a bowl of hot water with a wash cloth soaking in it, and a pair of surgical gloves. She was dressed in a silk nightie that barely came down below her vagina and dipped low enough in front to see an ample amount of the cleavage her DD’s created.

Aunt Cindy sat down on the edge of the bed. “How was your day?” She asked while she went about the task of lowering the sheet that was covering me, placing the hand towel on my stomach, and putting on the surgical gloves.

“Fine I suppose.” I answered not even paying attention to what I was saying because I was very confused what she was doing.

When she snapped the wrist of the second glove aunt Cindy matter of factly pushed my underwear down in front exposing my limp dick. “Lift your butt.” She said without even a care that I might refuse.

I lifted my güvenilir bahis ass off the bed still perplexed by what was going to happen. As I lifted myself my aunt pushed my underwear further down to my knees.

“There. That’s better.” She said as she started to handle my penis. “How many classes did you have today Jake?” She inquired nonchalantly as if she weren’t actually playing with my cock.

“Um…2 classes and a lab.” I stuttered as my dick was growing harder in her hands. “Then I had to go to work.”

My sexy aunt was looking intently at my crotch while massaging my balls, stroking my shaft, and rubbing my lower torso. The entire time she made small talk as if this was completely normal behavior between a guy and his aunt. It was all so clinical and I didn’t know to respond. Does she want to fuck? Should I grab her big tits? Do I lay here and see where this goes? Should I stop her?

“You’re welcome to stay here as often as you’d like. I’m a pretty good cook and you’d have your own room. Plus I travel a lot so you would have the house to yourself at times.” She told me not even mentioning the part where she fondles my fuck stick.

As this point my cock was rock hard and aunt Cindy was full on jacking me off with one hand and feeling my heavy full balls with the other. “Thanks aunt Cindy. I appreciate the offer.” I said not really paying attention to anything other than the spectacular hand job I was getting.

Aunt Cindy has clearly done this before. She was twisting her hand as it pumped up and down my shaft and doing some sort of cross over on the head. That coupled with the kneading of my balls türkçe bahis was bringing me to my boiling point.

“Take a look at these Jake.” Cindy said as she opened the vee neck of her nightie letting her heavy tits spill out. “Do you like big boobs?” She asked.

“Yes aunt Cindy. Boobs are great.” I sounded like a dork. I was glad she stopped jerking me for a second though so I could prolong this encounter.

“You can feel them if you want.” She informed me while going right back to the task at hand, no pun intended.

I reached out with my closest hand and cupped her giant left tit. The weight of it in my hand was awesome. Her areola are silver dollar sized and her nipples poked out like pencil erasers.

I was in shock but still mentally assessing my situation. I’m laying here with my underwear at my knees, a towel on my stomach, my aunt jacking my cock, and I have a handful of her big fucking tit. Not a bad deal.

“Does this feel nice?” My aunt asked me nodding towards my crotch.

“Yes aunt Cindy. Very good. I’m actually close to cumming.” I told her.

“Oh very good. Let me know so we don’t make to big a mess.” She told me.

“I’m ready now!” I yelled out.

Aunt Cindy really squeezed and jerked on my dick’s full length while holding the top end of the towel up to protect my chest and face in the event of some forceful cum shots which were certain at this point.

“Oh yeah aunt Cindy! Yes! Yes!” I screamed and my toes curled while my orgasm flowed through my body. I blew 7 or 8 initial powerful shots of hot spunk onto the towel.

“Wow! That was a lot of cum! You güvenilir bahis siteleri must have been pent up!” Aunt Cindy said as she continued to milk my dick of every last drop, including squeezing my balls.

“Oh my god that felt so good!” I said out loud with my eyes still closed as I looked at stars in the darkness.

“I’m glad I could be of assistance. Young men like you need that release after a long day to help them sleep.” Cindy matter of factly said as she folded up the cum covered towel and placed it on the night stand. Then she took off her latex surgical gloves and grabbed the wash cloth that has been sitting in the warm water. She wrung it out and used it to wipe my balls and cock clean. It felt so good after having spent my load.

“Sleep well my nephew.” And with that aunt Cindy stood up, her tits still hanging out through the neck of her nightie, and grabbed the towel, bowl, and wadded up gloves, and headed to the door. “Let me know if you need anything else.” She said as she closed the door.

If you’re wondering, I told mom and dad that I could save them money by staying at aunt Cindy’s house instead of the dorm. They were happy about that once they got the confirmation that auntie was okay with it. That whole year I got great home cooked meals, had a comfortable private room, and continued to get the best hand jobs almost every night. Aunt Cindy encouraged me to talk dirty to her while she stroked me which added to the thrill.

Eventually aunt Cindy started coming in naked when she would jerk me off. I was told I could feel her tits, squeeze her ass, rub her pussy, or finger her. She also started letting me shoot my cum on her tits and even in her mouth sometimes, although she never sucked me. The whole thing was hot but obviously kind of weird. Who am I to complain about my hot aunt taking care of my sexual needs though?

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