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staying home

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staying home’i’m so bored why can’t we go anywhere its taking the piss i just want to go out and fuck my girlfriend i’m so fucking horny ‘ gary moans’you know why we can’t go anywhere its the law do you want to get ill do you want to pass it on to others so they get ill ?’ his stepdad kevin asks’but its not fair i’m so horny”i’m really don’t think you should be talking like that what if your mom hears you she wouldn’t be impressed , if you are that horny go to your room and have a wank ‘ kevin laughs’fuck off you tosser i’m fed up you laughing at me and taking the piss”oh dear is that really the way you should be talking to me ? i don’t think so , now instead of going to your room for a wank you can do it here in front of me get undressed and start wanking your cock”fuck off i’m not doing that what the hells wrong with you”with me nothing but with you a lot you need to learn some respect so get undressed now and start wanking your cock or i’ll do it for you and i won’t be gentle about it”please look i’m sorry its just i’m so fed up i’m sorry it won’t happen again’ gary says’it keeps happening though doesn’t it so its time you get taught a lesson now get undressed and wank your cock do it now before i get angry”sod off’ gary says and turns to leave the roomkevin grabs hold of garys shoulder spins him round reaches down grabs hold of his balls through his jeans and squeezes’please stop that hurts please’ gary says’i can squeeze a lot harder than that would you like me to show you or do youu want to get undressed ?”please i’m sorry i’ll get undressed please let go’kevin lets go of garys balls’everything off i’ll be back in a minute i expect to find you nude when i return’gary starts stripping his face bright red tears in his eyes , kevin leaves the room then comes back a couple of minutes later holding a pair of garys moms dirty knickers from the laundry basket’here take these wrap them round your cock and start wanking off’ kevin says’hey man no those are my moms knickers whats wrong with you”wrap them around your cock and start wanking off or i’ll give your balls another squeeze this time a bit harder , lay back on the sofa get your cock hard wrap your moms knickers around your cock and start wanking off’gary lays on his back on the sofa rubs his cock until it starts to get hard kevin hands him the knickers gary wraps them round his cock and starts wanking liking the feel of the soft knickers on his cock but hating everything else’keep wanking don’t stop’ kevin says grabbing his cel and filming gary making sure he gets a good shot of the knickers wrapped around garys cockgary stops wanking ‘come on what are you doing please don’t’kevin reaches down and takes hold of garys balls again squeezing them hard’i told you to keep wanking i didn’t tell you to stop now get your fist pumping on your cock or i’m going to see if i can flatten your balls’ kevin squeezes a little bit moregary takes hold of his cock again wanking it slowly trying to get his breath back as kevin relaxes his grip on garys balls’if you stop wanking again i’m going to punch you hard in the balls and squeeze them until you scream then punch them again so get on with your wank enjoy it”enjoy it ? how ?”oh come on i can see you are enjoying it look your cock is dribbling precum already , i’m sure you wank a lot anyway i bet your girlfriend hasn’t let you have her cunt yet has she i bet she lets you wank off over her tits if you are really lucky’ kevin laughsthey hear keys in the lock in the front door kevin reaches down and grabs garys balls ‘don’t even think about stopping keep wanking’but thats mom i don’t want her to see me doing this’ gary sayskevin squeezes garys balls again ‘ i said keep wanking’garys mom sally walks into the room just after kevin lets go of garys balls she walks in to see her son gary laying on his back wanking himself off and her husband kevin standing watching’i caught this dirty cunt wanking with your knickers wrapped around his cock so i told him to carry on while i watch as punishment’ kevin explains’you dirty fucker i thought i sometimes had cum on my knickers i didn’t think it was my son wanking into them though’gary stops wanking kevin reaches down grabs his balls again and squeezes hard’did i tell you to stop wanking ? keep going and say sorry to your mom for soiling her panties’garys gasps in pain takes hold of his cock again and starts wanking again ‘mom i’m sorry about your panties please mom can i stop”no i don’t think so if you were so desperate to cum that you had to get a pair of my knickers out of the laundry then i think you should continue show mommy how you wank your cock show her how you cum’ sally laughssally sits down in a chair facing her son as he lays on his back wanking his cock’i think you should be milked a few times a day so this sort of behaviour doesn’t continue so hourly you will wank off in front of me or your mom during the day night times we will tie you to your bed so you can’t reach your cock’ kevin says ‘at least then you won’t keep trying to sneak a pair of your moms panties to wank into”please no it won’t happen again please don’t do that ‘ gary says’look me in the eyes while you wank off son’ sally says gary looks into his moms eyes and wanks his cock faster he doesn’t want to do it but its making him even harder he feels kevins hand wrapping round his balls again just gently squeezing them this timegary groans ‘i’m going to cum”keep looking into my eyes while you cum think about my panties wrapped around your cock’ sally saysgarys cums hard wad after wad of warm sticky cum shooting out of his hard cock’use my panties to wipe your cum off yourself ‘ sally saysgary takes the panties from round his cock and wipes a smuch of his cum off himself as he can ‘now put those panties in your mouth ‘ kevin says’please no please ‘gary sayskevin anadolu yakası escort still has hold of garys balls and squeezes themgary groans and puts the cum covered knickers into his mouth’suck on those and think about what a dirty fucker you are’ kevin says’i know its wrong but watching gary wank off has made me horny’ sally says ‘should we have a quickie”you don’t have to ask me twice’ kevin grins ‘but what do we do with gary the little perv will start wanking again as soon as our backs are turned”he can come in our bedroom and stand in the corner while we fuck’ sally saysgary grunts around the knickers in his mouth and shakes his head’i bet you would like to watch but i meant stand in the corner facing the wall’ sally laughs ‘come on lets do it’ she takes kevins handgary bends down to pick up his jeans’leave those you can stay naked’ sally laughs ‘we have both seen everything you have now’in sallys bedroom gary stands in the corner facing the wallsally strips off then kneels down undoes kevins flies and takes out his cock and starts sucking on it thinking its a shame its not as big as garys cockkevin starts thusting his cock in and out of her mouth making her gag as the head bumps the back of her throatsally pulls away so kevins cock pops out of her mouth’steady on no need to rush i want to feel you inside me’sally lays back on the bed kevin climbs on top as sally takes his cock and lines it up with her cunt kevin thrusts his length inside her’you can turn round and watch if you want son’ sally groans as kevin fucks her harder gary glances over his shoulder to see his moms legs wrapped around kevin as he fucks her hard gary can’t help it his cock gets hard again’take my panties out of your mouth now ‘ sally groans as kevin thrusts deep inside hergary takes his moms panties out of his mouth wet with his spit’i’m not going to want those back now am i’ sally groans and cums on kevins cock just as she feels kevins cum spurting deep inside herkevin gets off of sally and stands naked in front of garygary stands and stares at his moms naked body he knew his mom was fit but didn’t realise quite how good she really looks his cock is standing to attention and dribbling from him just looking at her’do you want to wank yourself off again?’ kevin asks gary’uh yes”yes what?’ sally asks’yes please?”good boy why don’t you ask your mom nicely if you can wank yourself off while whe watches you ‘ kevin smiles’please mom may i wank off while you watch me mom”yes but not in my room lets go to your room i really don’t want any of your dirty cum on my bed’gary goes to his room sally follows kevin lays back down for a nap now he’s blew his loadgary starts to get on his bed’no i’ll sit on the bed you stand in front of me and wank your cock while i watch but you better not get any cum on me , if you do you will be licking it all off’ sally says smilinggary stands next to the bed wanking his cock sally sits down near him’turn so you are facing me i want to look straight at your cock while you wank’ sally saysgary turns so he is facing sally his cock inches from her face and starts wankingsally is still nude so as he wanks he looks down at her tits and cuntshe clicks her fingers at him ‘stop looking at my cunt you dirty boy look at my eyes’gary groans and starts wanking harder’your cock is quite a bit bigger than kevins you should be proud’ sally smilesgary groans and wanks his cock harder’slow down i don’t want you cumming just yet’ sally grinsgary slows down gently wanking his cock looking into his moms eyes’are you still a virgin or have you fucked any girls yet?”no mom i’m not a virgin mom”don’t lie to me are you a virgin ?”yes mom sorry mom”does your girlfriend let you touch her ?”sometimes she lets me lay with her tits mom”not her cunt?”no mom”does she touch your cock”yes mom”does she suck your cock”no mom”has she wanked you off ?”no mom she lets me wank off while she watches but she hasn’t done it for me yet”oh so you are used to being watched while you wank’ sally grins’mom i’m going to cum”you can cum but remember if any goes on me you will be licking it all off so i suggest you try to catch it with your other hand’gary groans and cums hard spurting dollups of cum all over his hand some missing his hand and dribbling down onto his moms tits’looks like you get to lick my tits doesn’t it so kneel in front of me and lick your cum off your moms tits’gary kneels down doesn’t really want to lick his cum up but really wants to lick those big firm titshe leans forward and licks his cum off her tits ‘do you like licking my tits ?’ sally asks’yes mom’ gary says’all the cum is off them now so you better stop unless you want to wipe that handfull of cum all over them then lick that off as well ?’gary wipes his cum filled hand all over his moms tits then leans forward again and starts licking his cum off those fantastic tits again’oh dear its all gone again’ sally says ‘you better stop licking my tits now’gary stops licking her tits disapointed that he can not lick them anymore’would you like to suck on my nipples?’ sally asks’oh yes please yes’ gary sayssally dips a hand between her legs scoops up some of kevins cum that is dribbling out of her cunt’where should i put this?’ sally asks’uh on your nipples ?’ gary says hesitantlysally coats her nipples in kevins cum ‘come on then lick it all off suck on my nipples ‘gary leans forward sucking and licking his moms nipples trying not to think about eating all kevins cum off them’oh dear your cock is getting hard again well you will have to wait you can wank again in 1 hour you might as well stay nude while indoors from now on so kevin and i can kep an eye on you”please mom could i get dressed please’ gary begs’i don’t see the point if you are going to get milked every hour you ataşehir escort may as well stay in the nude anyway we have seen everything you have now haven’t we’ sally smiles ‘now follow me back to my room so i can get dressed and keep an eye on you’gary follows and watches as sally gets dressed’come on lets go watch some telly while i think about what we should have for tea tonight’sally sits in a chair gary sits on the sofa hands in front of his cock’stop playing with your cock sit on your hands and spread your legs so i can see that you are not trying to wank off’gary sits on his hands and spreads his legs his cock still semi hard poking up in front of him’what would you like to watch ?’ sally asks picking up the tv remote and looking straight at garys cock’uh i don’t mind mom’ gary sayskevin comes down the stairs and sits next to gary on the sofa’put one of those programmes on that he watches when we are not home’ kevin smiles ‘you know the ones with all the nude sexy scenes ”ah yes i know the ones you mean ‘ sally flicksthrough and finds an episode of game of thrones and puts that on’uh couldn’t we watch the news or something mom’ gary says’no you like this so lets put it on for you ‘ sally smiles ‘now kevin is down here i can get on with some tea while he keeps an eye on you make sure you don’t touch yourself’sally leaves the room gary tries not to watch the tv as he knows this programme allways makes him hard but he can’t stop himself watching as the characters strip off and start fucking his cock starts to get hard again’how long before he needs to cum again’ kevin shouts to sally ‘about another 20 minutes yet i think ‘ sally sayskevin reaches across and grabs garys balls gently squeezing them’please don’t ‘ gary sayswith his other hand kevin takes hold of garys cock and starts wanking him off’keep sitting on your hands and no compaining or ‘ kevin squeezes garys balls hardgary gasps but sits still as kevin slowly wanks him offkevin stops wanking gary takes the tv remote and turns the tv over to a football game then takes hold of garys cock again gently wanking him and squeezing his balls’there don’t want you getting too excited lets see if your cock stays hard watching those guys in shorts running around the pitch , i know its a repeat but i doubt you have ever wanked off while watching football before have you ?”no no i haven’t please don’t’ gary begskevin squeezes garys balls hard’i told you not to complain’ he loosens his grip on garys balls and starts wanking him faster’oh i’m going to cum’ gary groanskevin stops wanking garys cock and grips it just below the head squeezing hard gary groans as his cock tries to cum but nothing come out kevin squeezes garys cock hard preventing any cum dripping out’oops look like you are not cumming yet’ kevin grins taking hold of garys balls again squeezing them until gary squeals’what was that did someone call me’ sally asks coming in from the kitchen’just look at his cock its rock hard and throbbing i had to turn the tv over or i think he would have cum just from watching it’ kevin says ‘i think its time for him to cum again now let me wank him off i’m sure he won’t like that”uh ok’ sally says a bit gutted as she was going to wank him off this timekevin takes hold of garys balls and gives them a squeeze as he takes hold of garys sore cock and starts waning him again’please don’t its sore please’ gary sayskevin squeezes garys balls harder’keep still let me wank you off while you watch the tv”ok i’ll leave you too it and carry on with tea’ sally says ‘don’t be too long its nearly ready and don’t make a mess’kevin wanks garys cock faster garys cock starts dripping precum kevin wipes it up with his finger then spreads it over garys lips’lick you lips while i wank you off’ kevin grinsgary licks his precum off his lips as kevin wanks him harder and faster’tell me before you are going to cum so i can catch it all’ kevin says wanking gary harder and faster gently squeezing garys cock as he wanks him ‘please i’m going to cum please ‘ gary sayskevin puts one hand in front of garys cock cupping the head and as gary starts to cum kevin stops wanking and lets go of garys cockgary groans and tries to thrust his cock into thin air as he cums kevin catches all garys cum in his hand he holds his hand up in front of garys mouth ‘here clean up your mess lick your cum off my hand’ he takes hold of garys balls again squeezing themgary groans but puts out his tongue and licks his cum off kevins hand then swallows it’good now say thankyou”thankyou”come on you guys teas ready ‘ sally calls from the kitchen ‘mashed potatoe and sausages”after you’ kevin says to gary’you sit this side next to me gary’ sally says ‘ so i can keep an eye on you make sure you don’t wank yourself off while we eat’gary sits next to his mom kevin sits the other side of the table’as gary starts eating he feels a hand on his cock and jumps as he realises its his moms handshe sits at the table talking to kevin like nothings happening as she gently strokes her sons cockeven though gary has just cum he can’t stop his tender cock getting hard from his moms hands stroking him his cock is soon fully erect again’you naughty boy stand up and show kevin your cock you only just came a few minutes ago’ sally saysgary stands to show his hard cock to his mom and kevin’maybe he need more regular milking’ kevin says ‘maybe hourly is too far apart”please no my cocks sore please leave it alone’ gary says’your mom and i are fully dressed and you get hard just eating your tea thats not normal’ kevin says ‘put your hands on your head while your mom or i wank you off again”me this time i think ‘ sally says taking garys cock and wanking him slowlygary groans as his tender cock is again being wanked but puts his hands on his head as his mom wanks him offeven ümraniye escort though his cock is tender it doesn’t take him long with his moms soft hand on his cock’oh mom i’m going to cum”good boy cum all over your mashed potatoes on your plate then you can mix your cum into the potatoe then eat all your food’gary groans as he cums all over his plate covering his potatoes and getting some cum on his sausagesgary pulls a face in disgust but sits and stirs his mashed potatoes and cum getting them nicely mixed up then starts to eatpick up that sausage with the cum on the end and suck on it like you would like to have your cock sucked ‘ kevin says ‘suck your cum off it’gary picks up his cum coated sausage and sucks on it like its a cock’look at that i bet he could suck a cock really well’ kevin grins ‘stop playing with your food eat it all up then lick your plate clean’gary finishes his meal picks up his plate and licks it clean’now you can do the washing up’ sally says ‘kevin can keep an eye on you while you do’gary starts washing up as his mom leaves the room he can hear as she turns the tv on in the other roomkevin stands behind him and reaches round stroking garys cock’i bet this is really tender now isn’t it ?’ kevin laughs’yes please leave it alone its really sore”i’ll leave your cock alone if you get on your knees and suck me off ‘ kevin says’please no i don’t want to do that please no”its up to you i’m not making you do anything ‘ kevin starts wanking garys sore cock’ok ok please stop i’ll do it i’ll suck you off’ gary says’ask me nicely if you can suck my cock’ kevin says’please kevin could i suck your cock”sure but when i cum make sure you swallow it all like a good boy’garys turns round gets on his knees takes kevins cock out and takes it in his mouth gagging as he feels a cock in his mouth for the 1st time ‘i bet you can taste your moms cunt on there’ kevin smiles ‘suck it like you mean it do it like you enjoy it i bet you do’gary can’t speak as his mouth is full of cock he tries to put some effort in bobbing his head up and down on kevins cock he reaches up wraps a hand around kevins shaft as he polishes the head with his mouth kevin grabs garys head and starts thrusting his cock deep into garys mouth’i’m going to cum make sure you swallow it all’ kevin groans and cums deep into garys throatgary gags and swallows and swallows and swallows as the thick warm salty cum dribbles down his throat’wow that was good you are a natural now finish the washing up’ kevin says putting his cock away ‘i see you enjoyed doing it your cock is hard again’ kevin laughsgary finishes the washing up then follows kevin back into the other room where his mom is sitting watching tv’mom can i call debs please”did you finish the washing up ?”yes mom”ok then but you call her from here so we can keep an eye on you stand here in front of me put your phone on speaker so we can hear what debs says to you’gary stands in front of his mom puts his phone on speaker and calls debs’hi debs i miss you uh uh’ gary says as his mom takes hold of his cock and starts wanking him off’uh what ?’ debs says whats wrong ‘uhhhh nothing ‘ gary says as him mom wanks his cock harder’how are you ‘ debs asks ‘uh i’m ok i miss you ‘ gary says’do you ? or do you miss wanking off in front of me ?’ debs laughssally wanks garys cock faster’uhhh no i miss you’ gary says’why is your breathing so heavy?’ debs asks ‘please tell me you are not wanking off while you talk to me on the phone’sally looks up at gary and nods her head’uh yes i’m sorry i can’t help myself’ gary says’you are disgusting whats wrong with you’ debs says’i’m so sorry i just miss you uhhh ‘ gary groans as he cums all over his moms facekevin takes garys phone off him and disconnects the call’please no please let me phone her back and explain gary begs”explain what ?’ kevin asks ‘ explain that your mom was wanking you off and you just sprayed your jizz all over her face ?’gary starts to crysally wipes the warm cum off her face with her fingers and licks her fingers clean’tastes different to yours ‘ she says to kevin’i think its time he went to bed don’t you ‘kevin says to sally’yep you put him to bed tie his wrists and ankles to the bedposts so he can’t touch himself’ sally says’please no its early yet ‘ gary says ‘and you don’t need to tie me up i won’t touch myself i’m too sore”come on’ kevin saysgary follows kevin upstairs into his room’lay down on your back’ kevin says ‘spreadeagle on the bed’gary lies down with his arms and legs spread to the four corners of his bed kevin ties garys ankles and wrists to the bedposts’so your cock must be really sore now ?’ he says’yes its really sore ‘kevin takes hold of garys cock and starst wanking it gary squirms but can’t get away from kevins hand as kevin starts pumping his cock faster and faster’don’t cum without asking me 1st otherwise i’ll wank you again and again and again until you learn’ kevin says wanking gary faster ad faster gripping his tender cock hardergary squirms trying to get his cock away but unable to move far enough ‘please can i cum’ gary sayskevin stops wanking’no not yet’ kevin walks out leaving gary trying to hump the air to get himself offkevin goes back downstairs’his cock is hard again i don’t know how he can keep getting hard like that’ kevin says to sally’oh i’ll go and have a look’ sally says’don’t let him cum again yet’ kevin says ‘he needs to stop cumming every 5 minutes, give him a wank but stop before he cums’sally goes upstairs into garys room his hard cock pointing up in the air’my oh my your girlfriend is really missing out your cock seems to be hard all the time’ sally takes hold of his cock wanking him slowly again’please mom my cock is sore please don’t”your cock was hard before i got here so you must want it ‘ she wanks his cock harder and harder ‘ let me know when you are going to cum’gary can’t help it his moms hand on his cock sends him over the edge ‘mom i’m going to cum’sally bends down and takes his cock in her mouth just as he spurts his jizz out she swallows all his warm sticky seed’don’t tell kevin i did that he didn’t want you to cum yet’ she grins licking her lips

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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