Haz 03

Step Daddy II

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Step Daddy IIStepdaddy IIIf you haven’t read the original then do so  lol.  I like to be bossy!  So after that wonderful experience in the shower with my stepdaddy, I tried unsuccessfully to give myself an orgasm like I got from daddy touching me.  His touch was the most wonderful thing I’d ever felt, it was better than eating warm chocolate mmm.  But my fingers just couldn’t replicate his touch.  Maybe it was that his fingers are so much bigger than mine or his knowledge of my pussy so far advanced than mine…god I don’t know but I just couldn’t make it happen again like that.  So I thought about it and decided that I needed someone else to touch me and hopefully it would feel as good because I was too afraid to approach daddy again even thought that’s what I wanted.  So I picked out this guy who lives down the street.  His name is Tommy.Tommy was really easy and really disappointing.  I won’t bother you with the details but just say that he didn’t know what to do with his fingers, heck I did better and that his cock was a disappointment.  It was much smaller than Carl’s, skinny and shorter.  All I got from that experience was his cum all over me.  OMG that boy had a load built up LOL.  So now I’m frustrated and have come to the realization that it’s not just any male that gets me off but that only one seems to have the ability. Oh I kinda thought that maybe other older guys know how but I didn’t know many of them and being a little shy didn’t know how to approach sahabet güvenilirmi them anyhow. My opportunity came one day when mother was spending the weekend with a friiend. It was just Carl and my brother and I for the weekend. My dumb little brother would be holed up in his room playing games or watching porn or whatever 13 yo boys do with themselves. I put on a short aqua blue pleater skirt and pink tee top and after considering it for some time decided to wear a pink thong instead of going without panties. Daddy was sitting in his chair watching something on the TV. I walked in slowly and when I saw that he noticed me I bent over and picked up a toy on the floor that the dog had left out. Of course I lingered a little longer than necessary but I wanted daddy to notice me. I threw the toy into the box and walked over to daddy and straddled his lap to sit down on him. He was a little surprised and ask what I was doing. I bent and whispered to him “I want another shower please.” He looked at me and smiled but said, “Jill we can’t be doing that, it’s not right.” I pouted, “but I promise not to tell anyone and I want it so bad daddy.” I wiggled my butt on his lap and felt something stiff on my leg. Comeon just a little shower, mother won’t ever find out. Please! I could tell he was weakeining so I slid back and as my knees touched the carpet I kissed his crotch as my hands wrapped around the stiffness in his shorts. mmm he had quite sahabet yeni giriş a hard on there. I looked around as if someone was coming into the room. Taking his hand in mine I urged him to get up and come with me. I held his hand all the way to the master bedroom and as we walked I examined his big masculine hand. His fingers were large and a little rough, maybe that’s what got me off so good. My little hand was lost in his but he was very gentle and I felt very safe. As we entered the bedroom he stopped me again and I turned to him and again I could tell there was reluctance. So I said, lets just talk ok? He shut the door and I sat on the bed. Looking up at him with my big blue eyes I said “it’s driving me crazy that I can’t get off like when I did with you in the shower and I need your help please.” He sat down beside me and kissed my cheek. “Do you play with yourself?” He ask. I nodded but I can’t make it happen like you did. It’s not intense like that. Maybe I’m not doing it right or something. He ask if I just use my fingers and I said yes. Ok sweetie he said, as he began to carress my legs. He said that sometimes it’s the circumstances that get you horny and sometimes it’s the person and sometimes both. It’s almost always most exciting when it’s something that you haven’t experienced before. I nodded as his fingers slipped under my panties. My leg came up and he slid his finger up and down my slit which of course was very wet. sahabet giriş I held my breath as his fingers now wet from my dew moved up over my clit. I jumped a little as his fingers glided over my sensitive spot and then noticed that he was lifting my top up. His lips closed around my nipple (I have cute little puffy nipples) and he gently sucked it into his mouth. Meanwhile his finger was slipping between my wet pussy lips and he entered me. I pushed up to him wanting more and more. OMG that feeling of his finger slipping into my hot wet little pussy felt so good. I felt full with just his finger inside me and his tongue gliding over my nipple was making me squirm even more. The next thing I felt was something, his thumb I suppose, lightly touching the hood of my clit. Very light at first but building in pressure as his finger began moving in and out of my pussy. I wanted that touch more so I put my hand on his and encouraged him to give my clit more attention. He got the message and began rubbing my clit wih two fingers, one on each side of her. Then, suddenly I began to orgasm. My cumming began between my legs with such an explosion that it felt like my pussy was on fire then waves of spasms took over my body. My pussy pulsated and I wiggled as his finger slipped back inside my pussy and sawed in and out. I must have kept cumming for several minuntes when I felt raw down there and needed him to stop. I pushed his hand away and got a big breath. As I opened my eyes I saw him tasting his fingers, yes the fingers that had been between my legs. They were gilstening with my juices and he was licking them off. I didn’t care because I was sitll lin euphoria from my orgasm. That’s all the time I have for now so stay tuned for part III.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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