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Summary: A talented young man loses his virginity and finds love.
Keywords: MF, consensual, oral, pregnancy, SF
Version: 1.00



The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this disclaimer attached.

Copyright (C) 2011 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


Chapter One – Alice

It is 1990 and a twenty-year old man is getting ready for work.

Just another average cloudy Tuesday; it seemed like an ordinary day. There were no thunderbolts, no booming voices from the skies, but this became a day like no other.

I turned off the light and left the bathroom running my hand across my freshly shaved face. “Smooooth, man” I murmured inwardly, thinking sultry jazz thoughts. My skin still tingled from the cold water I had splashed over my face to finish the morning’s ablutions. Back in my room I looked for my after-shave cream, then I remembered that the last tube was completely squeezed out yesterday. No problem, I thought I should be able to get some on the way home from the office.

Breakfast done I put the cereal bowl in the sink and ran some cold water into it, I would include that with this evening’s washing up. I slipped the strap of my backpack over my shoulder, adjusted it across my chest and left my house pulling on my cycle helmet. As always, I checked the tyre pressures with a quick press of my thumb and wheeled the bike to the roadside.

On such a grey day there was no sun to dazzle me or the crazy drivers who didn’t seem notice cyclists even in perfect light! The previous day’s wind had dropped and riding was easy. Wriggling through the stationary traffic on the High Street I made faster progress than the cars with their fogged up windows and loud music. Waiting at the second traffic lights I saw an old lady opening her shop – set back on the wide pavement. I hadn’t previously noticed this shop, I guess I was usually too keen to beat the cars away from the lights. Today the lights seem to stay red forever.

As the old lady positioned an advertising board on the pavement to attract customers, two youths slipped into her shop while her back was turned. As she went back into the shop I heard a scream. I was never the hero but on this morning some sort of instinct took over. Lifting the front wheel of the bike up the kerb I pedalled hard towards the door. One of the youths, his hoody still tight around his head rushed out clutching a handbag. Without thinking I rode straight at him. His legs tangled as he tried to avoid this yellow clad silent missile. As he hesitated I slewed the bike hard into his legs, he crashed against the shop front and fell. The other youth ran out of the door, in his hand was a wad of money. I could hear the old lady’s shouts as my bike continued its arc and took the legs of the other thief from under him.

Almost as though in slow motion I saw the hand holding the notes swinging upwards as he struggled to regain his balance. My own arm took on a life of its own as my hand stretched out and just lifted the money from his fingers. Still moving at freeze-frame speed my leg stretched to trip the first youth as he resumed his quest for freedom. His arm swung the handbag towards my head. My free hand instinctively moved towards it and managed to tangle into the strap before it thumped the side of my cycle helmet. The robber, now off-balance decided to let go of the bag and escaped in the opposite direction to his comrade-in-arms.

I stepped free of the bike, slipped an arm under the cross-bar to carry it into the shop, one hand full of money, the other still gripping the handbag. The slim old lady was just emerging from below the wooden counter, white-faced and dishevelled but smiling at the sight of her fluorescent hero.

“Are you OK ma’am?” I asked. Silly question but it seemed appropriate.

“I’m fine, young man but how are you?” She replied looking concerned. Despite her recent encounter with the local low life she seemed remarkably perky. As I handed over the cash and her bag she sighed “How very fortunate that you were there to help me.”

With an old-fashioned ker-ching she opened the ancient till to replace the cash, stowed her handbag under the counter and moved towards me.

“You need some attention to that wound.” She said, pointing to my leg. In the excitement I hadn’t actually noticed, but I must have become tangled with the bike and probably got spiked on a brake lever. In the few seconds while I examined the blood-stained rip in my jeans she had gone into the back room and returned with a tiny white glass jar.

“Trousers down and let’s try some of güvenilir bahis this on the damage.” She commanded.

Without a thought I unbuckled my belt and pushed down my faded blue jeans. There was blood oozing from a gash on the upper inside of my right thigh. The old lady pushed my legs apart and carefully opened the little jar and touched one finger into the pure white cream. She delicately applied the ointment and the wound appeared to begin healing as though it had never been there. While I was watching this amazing cure my cock slipped out through the slot in my boxer shorts. She grasped it, looking up and smiling.

“That’s a sight for sore eyes, young man! A little beauty has come to see me . . mmmmm, nice and warm!”

“Sorry . .” I blustered. “I didn’t realise that might happen. ‘Little’ is rather appropriate though. I often wish it was a bit bigger!”

“Mmmm” She said, gently squeezing my errant penis. “It seems to be growing already!” She smiled as she rubbed some of the cream still on her finger around my cock.

Almost as quickly as she had taken hold of my penis she released her gentle hold and eased it back into my boxer shorts. It still seemed to be growing; I imagined it was just yet another youthful erection. The pleasure of being touched by someone else was a very rare experience for me.

The old lady peered at the wound, or at the place where it had been.

“That seems fine.” She said with a smile. “All better now. Pull up your trousers please.” Raising herself elegantly into a standing position she looked into my face, cocked her head to one side and continued. “You are my hero!” Her smile lit up the shop. “What can I do to repay you for your bravery?”

“How about a nice cup of tea, while I fix my bike?” I suggested.

I heard the kettle being filled and switched on almost as I said the words. She came returned from the back room. “No problem young man; that will be my pleasure. How do you feel after this morning’s incident?” She asked.

I was examining the bike thinking I would probably have to take it home and get the bus to work. “Oh I’m fine thanks Mrs . . er, I’m sorry I don’t know your name. It’s a great shame these kids get into the situation where they have to steal. I wish they could come back and apologise and maybe explain why they picked on an old lady. Oh, sorry, Mrs . . er I didn’t mean to . .”

She was chuckling. “That’s OK, just call me Alice. I know what you mean and I appreciate your concern. Now, what does a pair of those trousers cost these days?” She ker-chinged the till and pulled out two twenty pound notes.

“Will this cover it do you think?” She enquired as she offered the cash.

“Really no, Alice. Look, these jeans are quite old and I’m sure they only cost half of that in the market anyway.” I was embarrassed to take any money but she ignored my negative response and laid the notes on the counter. She disappeared towards the back of the shop as the kettle boiled and I returned to inspecting the bent bike.

As I leaned the machine away from to try to assess the damage there was a knock at the door, it opened and the two hooded youths shuffled in! Something in their demeanour averted my first fear that they had come to complete their failed robbery. They stood quietly inside the door saying nothing. As Alice came in I suggested. “Gentlemen should remove their headgear in the presence of a lady.” Without a word they pushed their hoods back revealing their young faces. As they looked at me I realised I still had my cycle helmet on, I un-strapped it and pulled it off smiling “That goes for me too!”

That eased the tension and we all relaxed a little. The boys almost competed to say the next word as they began to apologise, looking anxiously from me to Alice. They claimed they had never done anything like that before and that they were really sorry. I had to give them credit for coming back and actually volunteering to apologise. I felt that they were genuinely repentant.

“Why don’t we all help to clear up the mess for this lady so she can open the shop properly?” I suggested.

They were more than willing. The younger boy carried cycle tools in his bag. He quickly adjusted my bike back to order and smiled as he returned it to me.

The taller of the pair was making a good job of re-stacking the shelves, even taking care to keep the labels facing forwards and lining up jars and bottles neatly in straight lines. I think he must have worked in a supermarket in his spare time.

When they were finished I shook their hands. “OK lads, stay out of trouble – pay attention in school and always do your best, OK?” Did I really sound like my grandfather?

They smiled apologetically, nodded, apologised again to Alice and pulled up their hoods as they left the shop.

Alice looked at me her bright blue eyes twinkling. “Why were you so nice to those boys?” She enquired.

I pondered a moment, wondering the same thing myself. “I guess they türkçe bahis were genuine in their admission of guilt. They didn’t try to make excuses and everyone deserves a second chance.” As I spoke I gazed straight into those lovely eyes. Before I realised what it I was saying “You have the most beautiful eyes, Alice. I don’t think I will ever forget them!”

She gently slapped my arm as she laughed. “You young flatterer, that’s the way to win the ladies!”

“Sorry, it’s not my usual style – I wish I could do better. I normally get so tongue-tied around women. You seem to have untangled it for me!”

She laughed again. “Look! The two twenty-pound notes are still on the counter, those lads could have taken them quite easily while we were distracted.”

As I nodded she picked them up and pressed them in my hand. “I won’t take no for an answer, so use this to get some new trousers please.” Reaching onto the shelf behind her she also produced the small white jar she had used earlier. “I want you to have this as well, it will help you.” She paused, obviously sensing my confusion. “Whether it is a physical ailment like your wound or perhaps a decision you have to make just dip one finger lightly into the cream and rub in gently, you will be surprised how far it will go. Look, it even works as an after-shave.” Gently dipping her finger onto the surface she proceeded to softly caress the cream into my face.

It felt wonderful! I wasn’t sure whether the cream or the caressing was giving the pleasure but I enjoyed the treatment immensely.

“There, how does that feel young man?” She smiled as she dabbed the end of my nose with the finger.

“Just great Alice, thanks very much for that. Can I come back for a refill if it runs out?”

Alice looked almost serious for the first time that morning. “If you use only the tip of one finger you will see that the cream also has special properties to re-generate itself. It will never run out if you follow that simple rule, OK?” She put the little jar into my hand and closed my fingers around it.

“Keep it with you at all times; you never know when you might need it.” With that final and enigmatic instruction she turned away. I slipped the jar into my jacket and zipped the pocket closed.

“Now, maybe you need to get to work and explain why you are so late. Do you want me to phone them?” She cocked her head to one side.

“Thanks Alice, I should be fine. I’m usually on time and I work hard while I’m there. As I seem to be the only one who understands their computer system I don’t think they will get too cross with me for just one late morning.”

Alice smiled and patted my arm. “Come back and see me sometime Steve, I would like that. Maybe we can have a cup of tea and a chat.” She moved behind the counter and started to look business-like so I agreed, wheeled the cycle through the doorway and waved goodbye.

Chapter Two – June

As I locked my bike in the basement of our office building and climbed the stairs two at a time I wondered how Alice knew my name.

“So, who’s a late boy then?” The voice of the office twerp rang out as I reached our floor.

“Hi Reggie. How are you today?” I replied, forcing a grin.

“Not so bad, Stevie-boy. I think the boss wants to see you when you finally arrive!” Reg Warman really was the pig’s backside when it came to stirring up trouble in the office.

“Thanks Reggie, probably promotion don’t you think?” I quickly responded, then went on. “I sometimes wonder if you might sit at your desk and spend the day working instead of looking for mischief. Perhaps you could start today?” Reggie stared at me, I thought I might have gone too far but he smiled weakly and mumbled something about lots to do as he opened the door for me and followed me inside.

Donna immediately saw my torn and bloodstained jeans.

“Oh Steve, are you alright? Have you been in a crash? Look Penny, Steve’s been hurt . .” Donna was on her feet and rushing towards me as she spoke, Penny not far behind.

They were lovely girls, very caring. Between them they almost carried me to my desk.

Penny was concerned. “Sit down Steve, are you OK? Do you want a tea or coffee? My mum always says that hot, sweet tea might be better . .”

I calmed them with a smile and told them. “Really, everything’s fine. I did have a bit of a mishap but everything’s OK now. It was only a slight scratch and it’s all fine. On the other hand a coffee sounds great please Penny.” She looked doubtful but having offered felt bound to make her usual excellent brew.

Donna sat alongside me. “Someone phoned Ms Clarkson and told her you had been some sort of hero – she wants to know all about it – so do we.” Donna looked lovelier than ever this morning.

“Have you done something new with your hair Donna?” I asked. Her auburn hair always looked nice but I had never dared mention it before.

“Stop trying to change the subject young man.” She was just 21, only about güvenilir bahis siteleri a year older than me but liked to remind me of her age seniority occasionally. “I have done it differently, thank you for noticing it – unlike some people.” She glared at Reggie who, for a change, was at his desk – head down as he concentrated on his work.

Penny brought three mugs of coffee and even some biscuits. “Well” she said, “What’s all the fuss about then? Did Donna tell you Ms Clarkson knows what you’ve been up to? She wouldn’t tell us a thing except she knew why you were delayed on the way to work.”

Just to satisfy their curiosity I gave them a potted version of my morning encounter. They drank their coffee in silence. I couldn’t remember when they had paid me this much attention before – I was enjoying it greatly. Sipping my coffee between explanations and I was so engrossed in their attentive faces that I didn’t notice June Clarkson standing behind me.

As I finished Donna and Penny saw her and stood up. “Sorry Ms Clarkson, Steve was just coming to see you.” Penny explained.

“Thanks Penny.” The boss was smiling for a change. “I will probably only need Steve for a few minutes; so please cover his phone while he is away.” She turned and walked briskly to the door obviously expecting me to follow.

“Thanks Penny.” I said, offering my empty coffee mug with a smile. “That was delicious as always – I’m back to 100 per cent now. See you in a few mins.”

As I followed the boss I realised how athletic and shapely her legs were as she strode ahead. I was entranced by the rolling of her hips and the swirl of her skirt. I realised that I was seeing her as a desirable woman rather than the usual authority figure. Luckily she reached her office door before I became over-excited.

In Ms Clarkson’s office she waved me to a seat in front of her desk. Then, instead of going to her usual formal perch behind the desk, she drew up a chair close beside mine and took one of my hands between both of hers.

“Are you really alright Steve?” Her voice was low and anxious. She seemed genuinely concerned as she scanned my face for clues to my well-being. “Someone, who just called herself Alice, phoned and said you had tackled two thugs and recovered the goods they had stolen from her shop.” Her fingers were warm and gentle as they stroked the hand she held. How did Alice know where I worked and who to contact? Ms Clarkson’s squeeze of my hand brought my attention back.

“Really Ms Clarkson, it was nothing. I just acted on instinct and got lucky. The two boys were as confused as I was but they had more to lose than me so they gave up easily and ran away.” I was surprised to find that she had drawn my hand onto her own lap as she continued to caress it.

“Please call me June when you are in this office.” She looked into my eyes. I had never been this close to the boss before and I had an urge to kiss those lovely lips. Almost as though she read my thoughts she moved one hand to behind my neck lightly caressing the skin where my hair ended.

“Steve” she breathed huskily. “I really need to kiss you!” She pulled my face to hers. My experience of kissing was not great and as I tasted her luscious lips I wished I could do them justice. From out of nowhere I found my hands holding her face as I kissed tenderly. She opened her lips and we breathed the same air as our tongues made contact. I was in heaven, my kissing experience had never reached these levels but some instinct encouraged me to take control.

June’s hand was still behind my head pulling me closer, her other hand was making progress up my thigh. I opened my eyes and seeing that hers were closed I resumed my kissing in earnest. Breaking off the full lip contact I kissed the corner of her mouth and slowly kissed my way around her face. Her skin was soft, so tasty and responsive.

Down below I was amazed as I felt her hand fondling my aroused penis through my jeans. “Steve” she breathed softly. “I’m sorry, but I just have to hold your cock!” For the second time in that morning I found myself dropping my pants – underwear as well this time.

“Oh Steve!” My boss exclaimed as she wrapped her warm fingers around my erection “It’s so beautiful!”

I looked down. Instead of my five or six inch weedy dick I now had an eight inch rock-hard erection. I couldn’t believe it! June was sliding her fingers along its length and trying to wrap her finger around its solid girth. I made an inward wish not to come too soon as she teased my balls and dropped her head to take the tip of my cock into her mouth. No-one else had ever touched me like this and now to watch my erection disappearing into the delicious mouth of the company boss was a stunning moment.

With some trepidation I was trying to raise the courage to ask if I could touch her breasts (another first for me!) when she let go my penis, ripped her blouse off and unclipped her bra. As she returned to kissing my cock I leaned forward and kissed her naked back. Reaching around her I found her soft, warm breasts. She gasped as I lightly held them in my fingers. Not knowing what else to do, I gently caressed and cupped them as I lightly kissed her arched back.

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