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Subject: Stiletto Bar and Grill Kathryn had no idea what she got herself into when she started working at Stiletto Bar and Grill. She was desperate, her dad cut her off when she refused to marry a business associate. Kathryn had yet to finish college and still had to pay tuition. There were all kinds of jobs, but those that paid well, wouldn’t give her the time to attend college and those that would allow her to attend college didn’t pay for shit. She was getting very desperate and then her room mate told her about Stiletto. The pay was decent if you played your cards right. Or so Kathryn was told. “Jen do you think this will work?” Kathryn asked. “Kat, you are gorgeous. Trust me the owner will hire you on the spot.” “Ok, I will give it a shot, but what do you think of this for my interview?” “Kat, honey, you are going to a bar for an interview, not a doctors office. I think you can leave the business suit here.” Jen told her. “But I want to look professional, not some cheap whore,” Kathryn explained. “Dear, it’s a bar, the owner wants to see how hot you are, not how professional you can be. Here let me help you find something.” Jen raided Kathryn’s wardrobe. Jen tossed out a pair of low cut jeans, that Kat knew accented her ass and showed her butterfly tattoo on her hip. A camisole shirt, that was rather low cut to the point Kat wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with Looking at the items Jen picked out Kat was a little uncertain. “Jen are you sure this is a good idea?” “Of course, you want the job don’t you?” “You know I do.” “Ok, then what’s wrong with showing the owner what she’ll be missing if she doesn’t hire you?” “Nothing, but I can’t wear a bra with this shirt, its too low cut for one and I don’t have a strapless bra either.” “That’s the point. Besides you may have volumptious breasts, but they are perky and it gives you that edge. Just please go with me on this one, ok.” “Alright I will do it.” “Good, now go dazzle Shiela.” Kat walked to the Stiletto. Not sure what to expect. She had heard stories about the place, but never stuck around to hear the whole story. She did recall hearing that Shiela could be a cutthroat bitch if provoked. Kat walked in and it was dim, hardly any lights on. At the bar was a manish looking woman. She was wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and her arms were huge from lifting weights. Even though she was a manly looking woman she was attractive. Kat walked up to the bar noting that the woman didn’t look impressed. “We’re closed.” The woman said. “I’m here for an interview.” Was all Kat said. The bar tender made a grunting sound. “You must be Kat.” “Yep.’ “Shiela is expecting you, Her office is behind right stage. Just go back and knock don’t want to interrupt Miss Shiela.” Kat walked back to the office, she stopped for a minute because she heard a funny noises. She wasn’t sure, but it sounded like Shiela was having sex in her office. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yesssssss eat my pussy.” Was what Kat heard through the door. Kat stood there for a few minutes until she was sure it had stopped then she lightly rapped on the door. “Hold on damnit.” Kat was not sure but she thought she heard something like “Crystal get your fucking clothes on.” And the door flung open and this really attractive blonde walked out and stopped for a moment and looked Kat up and down. “Good luck she is really hard to please.” The blonde woman said and walked away. “Come in and sit,” she heard from inside the room. Kat walked in and started to sit. “Hold on a second. You’re my interview?” Shiela asked and Kat’s first thought was great I haven’t even been interviewed and I already don’t have the job. “Turn around, let me get a good look at you.” Shiela said. Kat turned around in a circle feeling like she was on display. All the while Shiela was thinking she hit pay dirt. The young woman she was looking at was the sexiest woman she had seen in a while. Black hair with bright blue eyes, Her breasts were large, but not overly large with no bra to contain them. The ass on this woman was incredible. Immediately she would have to remember to pay Jen back for this major boon. But first she wanted to find out what this pussy Kat had to offer. “Have a seat.” “Is everything ok?” Kat asked. “Everything is fine, dear I just had to check to make sure this wasn’t a waste of my time.” A little uncomfortable, but accecpted Kat said, “OK.” “So you want to work here,” It was a statement as opposed to a question. “Uh-huh, ” “Do you have any experience to speak of?” Sheila asked “No I don’t, all I can say is I will work hard.” “Haven’t you had a job before.?” “No until recently my father handled everything.” Kat told her. “What changed that?” “He wanted me to marry one of his business associates and I refused, so he cut me off.” “That’s it?” “That’s it. He felt it was more important for me to marry a man that was holding out on a business deal.” “So you were being used as a bargining chip?” “Pretty much.” “Well I think we maybe be able to give you a chance. But there are somethings you need to know.” “OK” “First of all we cater to a very diverse crowd. Doctors, lawyers, college students and everything in between. I expect all my girls to do as they are told. If a customer pays then it is our job to see the job done. With enough money every one has a price. In some cases you might be expected to do things you normally wouldn’t do. Let me assure you though, nothing goes on without my knowledge. Everything that goes on in here goes through me. If I am ok with it, it happends, If I am not ok with it there is no way in hell it happends. I expect all my girls that work here to perform their job. If there is a reason the job is not done then you ‘re gone. No questions asked.” By this point in the conversation Sheila had moved from behind her desk and was sitting on the couch next to Kathryn. “One question though, what’s the deal with the bartender?” “Oh, Taylor, well she is basically like a pre-screening. She knows what I like and if she tells you to hit the road then you got no chance in hell working here, and she’s the muscle around here. She has been known to throw some very unsavory people out of here with out batting an eyelash. Bit know I need to know what your limits are.” “What limits?” bursa yabancı escort “Your limits to what you will and will not do. Because as I said before you maybe expected to do things you normally wouldn’t do.” Sheila had said and had her right arm behind Kat’s head and was rubbing her thigh. Kat was feeling a little uncomfortable, but decided the best course was to go with the flow. “Like what?” Kat asked. “Like could you handle some one touching you like this” and she move her hand to Kats crotch and started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Kat knew this was wrong in the back of her mind, but it felt so good. “Yesssss.” She breathed. “Could you deal with someone doing this to you,” and Sheila stated kissing Kat’s neck. “Oh yessss.” “Can you accept this” and Sheila moved her had un Kat’s shirt and started rubbing Kats breasts and tweaking her nipples. “MMMMMMM yessssss.” Kat was so hot now that she didn’t want it to end. Then Sheila stated kissing a trail from her neck all the to the top of Kat’s shirt. She pulled the top of her shirt down and exposed Kat’s breasts. And started to lick them gently sucking her nipples and flicking them with her toungue. Somewhere in all this haze Kat was vaguely aware that her pants were being removed and she felt Shielas finger in her cunt. And it felt so delicious. Kat was moaning. Sheila was kissing her way down to Kat’s pussy. She got just above her cunt and the started kissing the inside of her thigh. And inserted one more finger and started pumping in and out slowly watching Kat’s face and listening to the different moans she was making. Then she picked up the tempo a little pumping her fingers in an out a little faster making Kat cum. “You like this don’t you?” Sheila asked. “Yesssssssssss,” Kat breathed. “You want more don’t you ” “OHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS” Then Sheila placed her mouth over Kat’s pussy and started kissing it occasionally using her toungue like a little cock. Kat’s moans became louder and louder. Then Shiela started sucking on Kat’s bulging clit. And Kat came right into Shiela’s mouth. One Kat’s orgasm had passed Shiela raised her head and started kissing Kat and for the first time in her life Kat tasted herself. “You are good at receiving, but can you give it as good as you take it?” Shiela asked. “I don’t know I have never been with a woman before today.” Kat replied. With that Kat leaned in and kissed Sheila back giving all she had in that kiss and started rubbing Shiela’s twat. Listening to the moans Shiela was making was enough to give Kat the confidence she needed to continue. She stated kissing Shiela’s neck and licking a trail to Shiela’s breasts . And started sucking on Shielas breasts lick a baby nursing. Kat all the while was finger fucking Sheila into and orgasm. Then she licked another trail from Sheila’s breasts down to her sopping wet pussy and Kat started kissing it and licking it from top to bottom started pumping her toungue in and out ferociously and using her fingers to rub Shiela’s clit. Kat could tell Shiela was very close to an orgasm . She Kat placed her mouth over Shiela’s clit and sucked like her life depended on it. Shiela had the most explosive orgasm she could ever remember having. The two laid there for a few moments to catch their breath. Sheila was the first to speak. “You my dear are a very naughty girl, and I think you will do well here.” “I got the job?” Kat asked hopefully. “Of course….you said that was your first time with a woman, and that was incredible. It’s safe to say you are a natural.” “Thank you sooo much Shiela.” “Ok first things first. First off when we are behind closed doors its ok to call me Shiela, but out there you will call me Miss Shiela., understand.” Kat nodded. “Good, Second We open our doors at 7 pm. You will be here at 6 we assign everyone their costume for the night. The only thing you have to provide is the stiletto heels. Being you have no money I will take care of that. I will get you a pair of red stilettos and a pair of black stilettos. In your case with the costume since you are still basically innocent I think tonight you are going to wear the school girl costume. It is now three O’clock. That gives you four hours to complete your training before tonight..” ” I am stating tonight.?” “Yep, so get dressed and go see Taylor.” Sheila to Kat. “What else is there to do?” Kat asked. “Well, I know what is acceptable to you, but there is a whole lot more to learn. Taylor is one that loves lets just say take you the rest of the way.” Sheila told Kat. “What is that supposed to mean?” Kat asked. “You’ll see.. Either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it.” Sheila said chuckling. Kat finished getting dressed and walked out to the bar and Taylor was still there cleaning the bar . Taylor looked up and had a knowing smile on her face. “Er, Miss Shiela said I am supposed to see you.” Kat said “See those stairs,” Taylor pointed to a set of stairs that went up. “Yeah,” “Go up those stairs and go to the third door on you left and wait for me. I will be there in a minute.” Taylor said. Kat walked up the stairs and went to the door Taylor told her to and went in. The room had a large four post bed and had various dildos and vibrators on the shelves and she saw handcuffs and shackles and upon further looking she noted the ropes on the posts of the bed. She looked around and noted different pictures of girls being fucked. Kat also noticed a mirror hanging above the bed Kat took in here surroundings and once again Kat could feel herself being turned on. Kat didn’t know what she was thinking when she unzipped her pants and started masterbating. “I guess you really are a horny little slut.” Taylor said from the doorway. Hearing Taylors voice scared Kat and she jumped up and turned around. “I was-I was….” “Save it, I know you wanted to get yourself off.,” Taylor said as she came in and closed the door. And then locked it. “Miss Sheila said you were a hot horny little slut, I can see now she was right.” “But I’m not ….” “Can it. Take your clothes off. We don’t need them on anyway.” Kat took what little clothing she was wearing off. “You are hot aren’t you?” Taylor stated. “So did my wall of fame make you hot?” Kat nodded. “See that one there ” Taylor bursa sınırsız escort pointed at a girl that was bent over taking a fake cock in the ass and eating another woman’s pussy. “That is Sassy she would do anything and everything you told her. Nothing was too bazaar for her. She was the biggest slut there was. I am told you are a natural like she was. Taylor was standing behind Kat and stated whispering things in her ear “She used to eat pussy like it was her last meal.” All the while she was rubbing Kat’s cunt. “I remember there was one night she got a customer that was a real crazy bitch. She had little sassy here wearing a dog collar and kept her on a leash and made her walk on her hands and knees and the only thing sassy could drink was what came form her. By the end of the night she had Sassy on a bar fucking herself with empty bottles.” By this time Kat was so hot she just wanted to get fucked. :”You cunt is soaking wet, I bet you are a little whore aren’t you?” Kat’s head was leaned back on Taylor’s shoulder and she moaned yes. “Good now get on the bed.” Taylor demanded. Kat turned and crawled on to the bed and she bent over she felt Taylor slap her ass hard. She turned and looked at Taylor shocked. “You think that was bad just wait..” Kat got herself situated on the bed and watched Taylor as she took her clothes off. Taylor already had the strap-on on and ready to go. Taylor got on the bed and straddled Kat’s chest. “Suck my fake cock you slut.” Kat started sucking it as much as she could then taylor pulled it out of her mouth and started tapping it on the side of Kat’s cheek, shoved it back in Kat’s mouth. “Yeah suck that cock. You like that don’t you. Oh you little slut.” Then once again Taylor pulled out the fake dick and slid down Kat’s body. Taylor forced Kat’s legs apart and rubbed the head of it against Kat’s pussy. “You want this don’t you? “Ohhhh yesssss.” “How bad do you want it?” “Reallllllllllll badddddddddd.” “You are a little slut, aren’t you?” “YESSSSSSSS!” “Does the little whore want her cunt fucked?” “Yesssssssssssssss.” “Beg for it whore!” “PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE I WANT IT?” “What do you want?” “I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME?” “Fuck you how? “FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM!!!!!!!” And finally saying what Taylor wanted she shoved the strap on deep into Kat’s pussy. She pounded Kat fucking her to orgasm and beyond. Kat didn’t think she could take anymore, but Taylor proved her wrong and brought her to another earth-shattering orgasm. Once Taylor had enough she pulled out.” “Lick it clean bitch,” Kat brought her head down to the rubber cock and licked it clean. For the second time today she tasted her self and it made her all the more horny. The rest of the late afternoon was spent in Taylor’s company and she made sure she tested damn near every one of Kat’s limits. From pain to what she will and will not tolerate. It was one of the few times Taylor left the “Training Grounds”. The girls were starting to flow in and the first few seen Taylor coming from upstairs and knew there was a new girl, but were surprised to see the smirk on her face. As much as they wanted to ask Taylor who she was they all new better. Taylor walked passed the group and into Shiela’s office. “Taylor, wow I’m impressed. You are usually done long before now,” Shiela said as she looked at her watch. “You were right.” “Of course I was right. But what did you find out about her?” Sheila asked. “Well, she really isn’t much different than Sassy. Except a bit more mellow. Don’t know if you could get her to do the things Sassy used to do, but pretty damn close. ” Taylor told her boss. “Is that it?” Sheila asked. “Well you said you wanted to find someone who’d be around a bit, and from what I got from your new girl she is going to be a round for a long time. Unless she finds something better like someone to take care of her. Although even if she did find someone she’d be one to come back as soon as she got bored.” Taylor said. “How do you think she’ll do with the other girls?” “She’ll have it rough at first, I mean look at her there isn’t going to be a person in this place that won’t be able to keep her hands off her. But once she gets used to the flow and everyone gets used to her all will be fine.” Taylor said and was watching her boss. “What are you thinking Sheila?” “You know, Lexi is going to be here tonight and she is a very hard woman to please. It is even more rare when she actually finds a girl she likes enough to spend time with. I am willing to be Kat would be perfect for her. But you better help Kat get aquainted..” Taylor got up and left to go see how Kat was getting on. Taylor walked into the change room to see the twins Mandy and Candy giving Kat a hard time about being here. Both were pale blondes with fair skin and chocolate eyes. Taylor shook her head. Every time someone new walked through the door those two were the first to pounce. “Candy, Mandy, I told you the shit ain’t happening while I am here. Now, you to bitches go get dressed or you both will be in the booth all night.” Mandy was the first to get pissed. “Fuck you Taylor, dis bitch is not wanted here!” “Need I remind you what happened the last time you were in the booth.” Taylor gave them both a hard look and they walked away. “Alright shows over everyone get dressed. Here Kat this is yours for the night.” Taylor handed a garment back to Kat and she accepted it and went in to change. Taylor looked at her watch it was ten minutes to seven. She made her way to the door and as usual there were tons of people wanting to get in. Taylor spotted Lexi’s BMW instantly and waved her in since she had VIP privileges over everyone else. Lexi walked into to her favorite place and was greeted instantly by Sheila. “Lexi darling it is so good to see you,” Sheila said. “Well Sheila it is good to see you as well,” Both women embraced warmly and kissed each other on the cheek. “Anything new?” “Dear I hired the most beautiful woman you have ever laid your eyes on.” “Sheila, honey no woman is that beautiful.” “Lexi, I am telling you, if this woman doesn’t turn your head then you are dead.” Sheila told her. “Why don’t you and I go to the privet rooms people are filling in. Both woman walked upstairs. görükle escort They walked into Sheila’s privet office. The room was well decorated in a very modern way. One wall housed monitors directly across from that was a two way mirror. It allowed Sheila to witness what was going on on the floor. If someone got out of hand or one of her girls wasn’t doing right by someone. Then there was the stocked privet bar. Both women sat down with their drinks to discuss business. As it turned out it was Lexi’s husband that prevented her from doing what she loved to most. Taking part in some of the ladies that had been paraded in front of her. Her husband knew her preferences and delighted himself in dallying with the women she herself would love to dally with, but he made it very clear that if he got wind of her exploits he would make it public knowledge and snatch everything away from her. But that was before the divorce was final. Instead she used his own devices against him and proved that he had been unfaithful to her and was awarded everything and even granted alimony. The thought brought a smile to Lexi’s face. ” Sheila I am ready to be partners with you.” “You are, really. What changed?” “I finally got the divorce.” “Congrats!” “Now there was a woman you wanted me to see.” “Yep just look down below she would be the school girl.” Out of the floor Kat was having a hell of a time. It was hard as it was to keep up with all that was going on around her, she barely had time to notice there were nobody but women in the bar. And trying to keep up wasn’t bad enough these women kept grabbing at her, smacking her butt, and things that she never thought women were capable of. It was unnerving. Kat was dressed like a slutty school girl. She had a plaid micro mini on with plain white blouse that tied just below her breasts. Platform stiletto heels and thigh high stockings on. She was barely getting through one minute to the next. She kept hearing things like slut, pussy, cunt, whore. And other offensive things but did her best to keep it under wraps. Upstairs Lexi was seeing this woman on camera and was damn near ready to cum. She could already feel her panties being moist. Sheila was right, this was a the sexiest woman she had ever seen. The outfit looked good on her even it was a bit slutty. She wanted this woman soo bad she could taste it.”Sheila can you get her up here?” With a knowing smile “Of course.” Sheila picked up the phone and told the bartender send Pussy Kat up here” Moments later Kat appeared and Lexi was at a loss for words. “Kat this is Lexi my partner, Lexi this is Kat, but for now when she is here we call her Pussy Kat.” “Nice to meet you,” Kat held her hand out and shook Lexi’s hand. “Now that you are aquainted I will leave you both,” Sheila said. “Nonsense Sheila, stay. I can’t put you out like that,” Lexi said “Alright Kat have a seat you will be here for a while to be sure.” Sheila said. Kat sat in the chair next to Lexi. “So when did she start, Sheila?” “Tonight is her first night.” “When did you interview her?” “This afternoon, and I must say she did very, very well.” “Oh really, what happened.” Sheila relayed the events to Lexi all the while Kat was blushing at having been discussed in such a manner. But at the same time Kat was turned on hearing everything that went on. “Now that is no way for a school girl to behave,” Lexi said with a pout. “What do you suggest,” Sheila asked. “I think she needs to be punished.”Lexi said. “Stand up Kat, its time to face the music.” Kat stood up. “Lay your hands flat on the desk, and spread your feet apart.” Kat did as she was told. Lexi stood behind her. “Lean over, dear.” Kat leaned over the desk and she felt her short skirt flipped up. “Oh my no panties this is more serious than I thought.” Lexi left Kat on display and Sheila got up and went behind Kat. “MMMM, yes I see this is a problem. What do you think the big one or the small one?” “I think in this case we might want to go big.” Lexi said. Both women walked back over to Kat’s bent over form. It was Sheila that whispered in her ear. “This is how we punish naughty little sluts.” Then a big thwack broke in the air as it hit Kat’s bottom. Then another landed on her behind. It continued for several long minutes. Kat never took her eyes off of Sheila and she could see the delight in her eyes as a barrage of spankings assailed her behind. “Well, that was fun, but hmmm, it is not enough. Sheila you never told me how she tasted.” Lexi said. “I didn’t? Hmmm, well it was sweet almost like honey.” Sheila said. “That’s it. Come over to the couch with me Pussy Kat. Yes, position yourself like so and spread your legs wide open. Oh yes, that is perfect.” Lexi moved her hand to Kat’s crotch and started fingering her and playing with her clit. Sheila was leaning against the desk with her skirt hiked up and rubbing her cunt as she watched the scene unfold. It was the sexiest thing she had laid her eyes on. Then she motioned for Sheila to come over and join them. Once Sheila started walking across the room she held her finger up to Kat’s lips and greedily she sucked it clean. Then Sheila knelt down and started licking Kat’s pussy. Using her toungue like a darting cock and Lexi played with Kat’s clit. “oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss lick my cunt. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes. Oh goddddddddddddddd…” Then Kat felt the oddest thing was that Sheila’s finger easing its way into her ass. It hurt a little, but it also turned her on more. “Do you like that?” Sheila said in between licks. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck my ass. Oh fuck it baby.!!!!” Somehow Lexi extracted herself from the tangle on the couch and got up and pulled her panties off and came back to the couch. “It’s time to show me what you are made of Pussy Kat. Come lick my juicy pussy.” Lexi commanded. She started licking Lexi’s cunt. As she was sucking and licking she was fingering too. Lexi noticed that Sheila was heading to where she kept her strap on and nodded and then Sheila to was back in the action. Behind Kat she stared rubbing the strap-on against Kat’s dripping wet pussy and got all lathered up, and then she started fingering Kat again this time rotating between her pussy and her ass until she felt it was nice and wet. Then without warning she eased the rubber dick into Kats ass and Kat moaned right into Lexi’s cunt. As Sheila started banging Kat’s ass Kat really got into eating out Lexi and Lexi had an orgasm that went beyond reason. She bucked her hips and ground her pelvis into Kats face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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