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Stranger in the night

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Stranger in the nightI couldnt a few weekends ago. Neighbors were on vacation so i walked outside around 230am naked and sat in my lawnchair.the closes at 2 but could still here alot going on.Being at the end of the road is nice. If neighbors arent home i can sit outside naked when i cant sleep. Its a little after 3 and of a sudden a truck comes around alley way snd pulls into drive. He gets out to ask directions and sees me naked.Stranger. Mmmmm im drunk n lost can you help meMe sure where you fromStranger can we have sexMe sureHe strips almost fslls over. He walks right up to me and i start sucking his dick. It was about 7 inches and very thick. Big balls. I feel him get hard in my mouth and let him grab my head and fuck my face. He is leaking precum pretty good. I can tell he is ready to blow so i stop and tell him to suck me. He starts sucking and not very good at it. He is doing his best but way to much teeth. So i tell him buca escort to get a condum. And i spread my legs and put my legs up on arm rest of chair asshole up in air.He slowly puts his thick cock in my ass. Moving nice and slow. He kisses me as he fucks me. Then he starts playikg with my cock. I start leaking as he goes deaper and deeper in my ass.He then starts pounding me hard.i feel his balls slapping my ass as his hard cock pounds me. Stranger oh yeah baby. You are so tight. Me fuck me hard and deep. Make me cum as you fuck myHe starts pounding harder. As he pounds i leak more and more. He is hitting prostate very good. I have cum all over me as i leak then i finally blow as he pounds me. Hands free. My cum shoots out all over.Stranger damn you squirted pretty good can i clean you upMe yes please doHe starts licking all the cum off. Sucking my cock licking cum from my chest and face. He then starts escort buca fucking me again. All of a sudden he is like the energizer bunny. My ass is getting sore from the pounding. But at same time it feels so good. I ask him to stopMe your big cock is too much. Why dont you sur in my chair and i can suck you till you fill my mouth with your hot loadStranger omg yes. But i havent cum in a long time is that okMe yes and ill try to swallow itI start sucking him. Rubbing his swollen balls as i slide his cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue twirling around his head. I realize i am rock hard. He is close so i start sucking faster. He blows and a huge stream shoots down my throat then a second stream out my nostrils. I keep going as several other streams follow but i cants swallow it all. He mians with pleasure as i suck him dry. After he is done i lick up all the cum i couldnt swallow.I as so hard i couldnt buca escort bayan help myself and i stuck my cock in his ass. He was very tight and very willing. As i fuck his ass he gets hard again so i stroke him as i fuck him. But its not enough i want his cock in my mouth so i suck him some more. Then we switch and he sucks me till i cum in his mouth. I dont cum much but enough to enjoy itHe then strarts fucking my ass again. Althiugh sore i cant make him stop. He slides it in nice and slow. This time goes deep and keeps it deep. As he is in my ass we kiss. Stranger. Your ass getting sore babyMe yes but dont stop you can go till you cumStranger mmmmm baby but im closeMe cum on me when your readyStranger mmmmm yes baby here it cumsHe oulls out snd ti my surprise goes off like a shotgun. Spraying all over my face chest belly and cock. As soon as je is done cumming he gets in his truck and leaves.I then realize we had spent almost 2 hours fucking. I just relax in my chair. I wake up a couple hours later sun out and im sticky all over so i go inside and tske a shower.Havent heard from him again. Even though i go outside naked last 2 weekends thinking maybe again. But he was pretty drunk

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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