May 28

Stranger in Town

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It was a quiet Thursday night at Rudys bar, some locals, a couple of farmers having a cold brew after a hot day in the sun. I ordered a pizza and a draft. A couple old friends were playing pool in the back, I took my beer and joined them. As the jukebox played some country song I’d never heard, I tossed a buck on the table to challenge the winner.

Andy won, so I racked. He hit a solid break and ran off 4 balls before scratching. I had a pretty tough leave but pulled some old magic outta my hat and ran the table. Andy slapped my back and headed to the bar for a beer. The bartender delivered the pizza and I eagerly grabbed a piece, it was too hot so I decided to check out the jukebox. As I picked out some Stones, Ac/Dc and some Thorogood, the back door of the bar opened up and she walked in.

You coulda heard a pin drop. The locals couldn’t help but stare as she made her way to the bar. Andy zeroed right in, and asked if he could buy her a drink. She smiled, and said ” Maybe later, but for now just tell me about the guy at the jukebox”. Andy kinda scoffed, but replied ” That’s Paul, a friend of mine… now how about that drink’? She replied…” I told you maybe later, and I meant it thank you”

Andy went back to his beer with his tail between his legs, I surveyed the situation from a distance and decided it was best to stay right where I was.

She ordered a beer and a shot, straight whiskey, no chaser. I watched intently out of the corner of my eye as she downed the shot. She didn’t reach for the beer, and a wicked smile crossed her face as she felt the slow burn of the whiskey. It was hard not to to be impressed and slightly intimidated, But I went back to my pizza, took a couple bites , then racked the balls on the table which I now owned. She watched my every move, careful to look away every time I tried to catch her stare.

I broke the balls, sunk 2 and made a terrible attempt at a bank shot . Then I heard it, ” Do you always play with yourself? ” I almost jumped through the roof, there she was, right behind me. I wheeled about face, and saw her naughty little smirk. She was mesmerizing, blonde hair, and eyes that looked like fireworks at midnight. I stumbled for a reply and finally choked out ” This is my hometown, pretty cocky for a stranger aren’t you?”

She took two steps back, cocked her head and took a long swig of her beer. She said “I figured all the locals were either gay or scared…I guess I was right.” I scoffed, ” you don’t even know me, you don’t have the right to judge me”. She walked forward and I walked backward. She backed me right into the pool table and the all familiar wicked grin soon spread across her face.

“Seems I’ve got you backed it a corner, so which one are you, gay? Or scared? ” I pushed her aside güvenilir bahis and muttered under my breath, ” neither”.

She said” so…how about a game? I know my way around a table.”

With all the courage I could muster, I asked…”what are we playing for?” She replied ” Pride”. Fine. You rack. She racked… it was hard to concentrate as she deliberately racked the balls in the most agonizingly long manner. She finished, and I broke, sunk the two ball and scratched on the second shot. She smiled and took her turn, I wish it would’ve lasted longer as she methodically ran the table. She stood up, raised her empty beer, and said Michelob please.

I slunked to the bar as my buddies all razzed me. I returned to the table and handed the beer to her. She smiled, not wicked this time, just a genuine smile. I had another piece of pizza while my mind and pride tortured me. I couldn’t take it any longer, I blurted out ” double or nothing!”

She replied” Darlin, I already got your pride, want else have to got to lose?” I was busted, I looked at her like a starving man would and replied” Lets play for cash, hows a hundred bucks a game”? She said, ” I only got $20″. I replied “Grass, cash or ass plays for free” The wicked grin returned to her face, she replied ” You’re on, rack um.” I racked them, making sure to get them just right.

She broke…it was a thunderous break, 3 balls fell and her wicked grin got wider. She carefully worked her way around the table, then she got stuck and missed. I took the table, with a soft touch and a solid stroke, the balls ran to the pockets, only one ball left before the 8 ball. I lined up, 9 ball in the side pocket. I looked up to double check my line and there she was, leaning over the side pocket with just a glimpse of heaven showing from the top of her shirt. I wiffed it.

The wicked grin seemed even wider as she lined up on the 7 ball, I cringed. I knew it was the end. Then, it happened, she sneezed just little during the shot, the cue ball went in the corner pocket. I couldn’t believe my luck, lined up for a good finishing shot on the 9 ball. The 9 ball solidly hit the pocket and the cue ball lined up for an easy cut into the corner. She tried the distraction ploy again, but I put the blinders on…I closed my eyes and let it go, the eight ball rattled, the corner and fell in.

Elated, I tossed my cue on the table. She rolled her eyes and intermediately began to negotiate. I wasn’t budging, ” time to pay up”

She finished her beer, and winked at me. I waved the bartender over and ordered her another shot. She drank the shot and reveled in it’s burn again…you could smell the tension in the air as she sat there with her ever present smirk. She excused herself to go to the ladies room. 10 mins later, türkçe bahis she was still gone. I got pretty antsy as the 20 min mark arrived. I asked the bartender to check the ladies room, and was completely dejected as the news came back that she was nowhere to be found.

I figured I’d been played, finished my beer and headed out the back of the bar. The bar has a long corridor before it opens up into the alley behind it, as I walked toward the door, I noticed a pink lace thong hanging on the door knob to the back storage room. I reached out and touched it, it was slightly wet, and still warm. I grasped it and took a long smell, never had I been so intoxicated by just a scent.

I opened the door and the darkness engulfed me. I closed the door and said ” hello?” in the complete darkness. I didn’t have to wait for a reply as I soon felt her lips pressed to mine. One kiss led to another, one desperate grasp led to many more. I pushed her backward in the darkness and stopped when she was backed against a walk in cooler wall… I eagerly kissed her neck and listened to her moan with approval. I’d found it. Her “button”. You see all women have a “button”, a so called green light button. I kept it up, kissing and touching her neck as her knees began to buckle…You couldn’t see it, but in the darkness I had my own wicked grin going on.

She collapsed, pulling me on top of her as she fell. She gripped me even more tightly as the empty beer cases cushioned our fall. I clawed my way on top of her, and she gasped as my arms held her tight. I held her body close, inhaling her scent, a pleasant mix of smoky barroom, whiskey and sweat. Drunk on her scent, I slowly kissed her body. She lay there cooing and writhing in anticipation…. I knew it, she knew it…she was mine for the taking.

I wasn’t going to waste this victory dance, I languished for some time, toying with her exposed breasts. Sucking, pulling and biting, after all I had won her. She bucked and moaned, and pushed my hands towards her nether region… not so fast… I wasn’t done teasing her …yet.

I continued my silent assault…stopping every so often to take in the situation at hand…here it was, a lovely stranger lying on the floor, like a puppet on a string to my every move. The power of the moment was incredible. She continued to pull me towards her… I teased, I tongued, she moaned and pulled my hair… that was it…She’d found my button…I was powerless to resist her grip. The wicked smile once again returned to her lips as she slowly pulled my face into her awaiting pussy. Words cannot describe how perfect it was, soft, warm, erotic, and intoxicating all in one. I kissed her sex deeply and she responded with a firmer grip on my hair. Eager to please, I licked harder… with a little güvenilir bahis siteleri bite on each precious lip for good measure. The gamble paid off, she bucked like she’d been hit with a cattle prod, paying no mind to me as she selfishly ground her pussy to gut wrenching orgasm on my face.

Breather time…I sat up to admire my work, couldn’t see much in the darkness, but her well satisfied grin. She said” So…It seems the bet has been paid off.” I replied…” not so fast”…as I slid out of my pants. She grasped my cock for the first time, and I almost fainted…firm, powerful, and relentless… I positioned myself between her thighs and slowly pushed my cock into her…relishing every moment. She gasped, and halfway in she started to dig her nails into my back. As the blood began to flow from the nails in my back I methodically began to push my cock in and out of her.

I’d never felt something so incredible, there was just enough light for my eyes to catch hers, with each deep stroke, our eyes would close…I knew I’d never look at sex the same way again. It was all I could do not to explode, I fought back the urge and was damn proud of my effort.

Suddenly she grabbed my hair again ( damn button) and pulled me to the floor… She smiled…all I could see was the teeth…but I knew..it was the wicked grin again. She lowered her well fucked pussy on my face…

Slowly she began to grind her pussy… back and forth…I was just her toy again…and it felt good…If she could a seen my face…lets just say I wasn’t complaining. She seemed to forget I was there…grinding…moaning, writhing, …she started building again…I could feel it, like a train running down the tracks… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… And then She exploded…her pussy flooded me…I gasped for breath as she bucked until the orgasm subsided.

I laid there..almost afraid of this powerful woman on top of me… then it happened… She kissed me softly, and said ” I’m sorry darlin… guess it’s time for you”. I watched in awe as she lowered her pussy on my rock hard cock. She got up on her haunches and began to slowly raise and lower herself upon me. I was never so without control in my life, her pussy milked my cock and she toyed with me like a cat and a mouse…fast…and then slow.. agonizing…and just when I thought I would pass out from the pleasure, she kissed me deep on the lips.. and said ” I want you to cum in me” I cleared my throat and nodded as she increased he rhythm. Up and down like a machine….she went…The pressure in my balls almost made me dizzy…She saw me go over the edge and begin to cum, she slowed her grind to a slow churn as my balls emptied into her…

I lay there spent, dazed, and in lust beyond my wildest dreams…

She kissed my cheek , got dressed.

I asked if I’d ever see her again… She said” yes, every time you close your eyes…I’ll be there”

It’s true. I can still close my eyes and see her…Someday she’ll be mine.

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