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Stuffing the Holiday Virgin

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Stuffing the Holiday VirginStuffing the Holiday VirginBy Macy Alexander this story will be included in new book out this week!amazon . com / author / macyalexander I was really looking forward to going home for Christmas – I didn’t want to admit it, but I was a little homesick my freshman year at University. So, I was shocked when my mom called and told me that she and my dad were going on a cruise this year instead of hosting the holidays like they’d done every year of my life! Mom said that they had been planning this for 2 years, but didn’t have the heart to tell me until 2 weeks before winter break. I was devastated and lay on my bed crying after that call. My roommate, Stephanie came in the middle of my breakdown. She came over and just hugged me till I calmed down enough to tell her the story. Stephanie immediately invited me to go home with her – I was apprehensive as I thought I’d feel out of place, but she assured me that her parents would love it and they always made a big deal about Christmas. I was still bummed, but felt a little better. Still in Stephanie’s arms, I feel asleep, while thinking about spending the holidays with the Clarks.Stephanie Clark had become my best friend in a short time, I guess sharing a room with someone can do that – it’s hard to keep secrets in a tiny dorm room. We did just about everything together outside of classes. We even had a crush on the same boy, who never noticed either one of us. Stephanie had a steady boyfriend in high school, but he went to a different college, so they didn’t see each other much. She went on a few dates and even had sex with a couple of guys! I loved it when she came home and told me everything – I was still a virgin. I hadn’t really dated anyone seriously in high school and I was pretty nervous around boys. While packing to go to Stephanie’s for the holiday break, Stephanie told me more about their traditions… her mom stays up all night the night before Christmas Eve cooking so everything is ready for their annual Christmas Eve party as well as preparation all done for Christmas Day dinner. She said her mom likes to have a few drinks and enjoy their party, so all the work has to be done early. Stephanie’s dad just relaxes, she said he has only 2 days off work for the holiday and he just watches movies, drinks beer and enjoys the festivities. Her brother Jim, 2 years older than us, was also coming home from college. It was all so different than my holidays, while my mom hosted the holiday dinner with extended family, she never cooked, holidays or any other time. Ours were catered and quite formal and we didn’t even have a TV in our home. My parents were focused on their careers and my getting a good education (I’m an only c***d), so there wasn’t much time to just hang out or watch movies. Stephanie’s parents were so excited when they picked us up at the train station, hugging us and asking me if there was anything special I’d like them to pick up for me. I had only met them a couple times when they visited Steph, so I didn’t feel comfortable asking for anything, I was just happy to not be alone. Stephanie’s room was typical for a teenager, fun colors, posters, and lots of pillows. She didn’t have her own bathroom, but shared a hallway bathroom with her brother. I was tired, so I snuggled up in her comfy bed and took a nap while Stephanie went shopping with her parents. At first I thought I was dreaming, but suddenly woke up with a scream as I thought I was being attacked! Jim had come home and thought I was Stephanie sleeping gaziantep escort bayan and he had jumped on me and started tickling me! I freaked out and punched him before he realized I wasn’t his sister. He apologized profusely and hopped off the bed and helped me up. I introduced myself and apologized for punching him. He laughed and said good thing I punched like a girl. Even half-asleep, I noticed how strong and muscular Jim was and really cute! My face was red from blushing, but Jim thought I was still startled from the tickling and suggested I go relax in hot bath and he’d make us some hot cocoa. That sounded great as I’d only slept about 20 minutes before Jim’s strong body pounced on me. I’d found some bubble bath and was relaxing , nearly about to fall asleep again, when Jim once again startled me – this time I was naked in a bathtub! He entered the bathroom, bringing in a cup of cocoa; he smiled noticing my left nipple just above the bubbles, left the cup and went back out. It was pretty sweet and I wasn’t tired anymore, so I daydreamed about my roommate’s sexy brother! By the time I finished in the bath and got dressed, Stephanie and her parents were home, but Jim had left for the evening to visit old high school friends. I helped Steph and her mom make dinner; we ate, and then watched a movie with her dad. Mrs. Clark was in the kitchen, already working on the holiday foods. Stephanie and I went to her room and talked and giggled as she showed me her high school yearbook. Tired, we finally went to sleep. I wasn’t used to sharing a bed and couldn’t stay asleep, so I went downstairs to get a drink of water. Mrs. Clark was in the kitchen, cutting celery and dried bread for stuffing. I popped up on the counter and she poured me a glass of water. She started asking me about school and if I had a boyfriend. I felt pretty comfortable with her and said that I had a couple dates, but no boyfriends. She smiled and told me I was beautiful and someday the right boy would come along and I should just focus on studying and getting good grades. I agreed and laughed. She poured herself another glass of wine and poured a glass for me too! I couldn’t imagine my mom offering me wine, but I eagerly accepted.As I finished my first glass of wine, Mrs. Clark poured more. She had finished mixing the stuffing and had the turkey out. I’m not sure if it was the wine or that I never watched someone stuff a turkey, but I was mesmerized, it was erotic somehow. I watched her pull open the legs and reach her hand deep inside the opening, pushing the stuffing in. I imagined what it’d be like to have my legs open like that, a thick cock pushing in deep inside me. My eyes were closed and I think I moaned aloud just a little… because I suddenly felt a warm hand caressing my thigh. I opened my eyes and saw her other hand brush my cheek then push my hair back over my ear. Oh my gosh! I was so nervous and embarrassed and excited as she started to run her hand down my body. I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there and she told me to lay back. My body shivered with excitement as Mrs. Clark put both her hands on my hips, reaching for my pajama pants. She pulled down my pajama pants and told me to lay back. I couldn’t speak, I was confused and turned on and I just lay back… waiting, wondering what she would do to me. She pulled my pants all the way off and then licked me from my ankle all the way up my leg and thigh, right to my pussy – I nearly screamed it was so incredible, but I still couldn’t even say a word. She just put her tongue right down there and started licking my pussy! She swirled her tongue around my clit, she sucked gently on it, she pushed her tongue inside of me – it all felt so incredible and I began to push my hips into her tongue, grinding my pussy on her mouth and tongue. I was about to explode and I reached down and grabbed her head as my body quivered and my pussy spasmed as I came harder than I’d ever come masturbating! I was panting a bit and just let my whole body go and was laying back on the counter, still grasping that my best friend’s mom just made me cum! Suddenly, I felt something cold and hard pushing against my still quivering pussy. I sat up a little, looked down and saw Mrs. Clark’s fist rubbing me – I started to protest, she reached up and covered my mouth softly and said don’t worry, she knew what she was doing. She said she saw me get turned on while she was stuffing the turkey and knew I wanted her to stuff me too! I exclaimed, “I’m a virgin!” She replied that I soon wouldn’t be. I felt two fingers enter me and I moaned, it felt so good, she was licking my clit and nibbling my thigh and she must have slid another finger inside me because it was getting really tight… but feeling so good. I was about to cum again as she sucked on my clit when I felt like my pussy was going to rip open – just as I was about to scream, she got up, hand still inside me, she stuffed an apple in my mouth. I bit down hard as she stuffed what must have now been her whole hand inside me. My screams and moans muffled, she went back to licking my clit while she gently moved her fist. I came again and again, my pussy relaxed and I felt something dripping down my thigh. Mrs. Clark slowly removed her hand and pulled me up to kiss me and whisper, “I see you were a virgin.” I looked down and there were a couple spots of blood on my thigh, wet with my sweat and cum. She took a clean dishcloth and cleaned me up, handed me my pajama pants and a glass of water and told me to head back to bed, that she still needed to finish stuffing the turkey. I was totally freaking out and I didn’t say anything I just thought, “oh my gosh, Mrs. Clark just fisted me and licked my pussy.” I’d never been fucked, yet I just lost my virginity to my friend’s mom! What the heck was happening to me, I was spinning from the wine and orgasms and I thought maybe I’m a lesbian and that’s why I hadn’t been with a boy yet. My body felt so good and relaxed, yet still a little excited – too excited to go back to bed. What would I say to Stephanie, how would I explain myself? So I just went into the bathroom and sat there for a moment, trying to gather myself. I washed my face and was about to go back to bed, when once again, Jim surprised me! He threw open the bathroom door without even knocking. He had obviously been partying with his old friends and he stopped and smiled at me – a big sexy grin. I just looked at him, I’d forgotten that I’d daydreamed about him, I’d forgotten everything except Mrs. Clark licking my pussy. He apologized and joked that now ‘our thing’ was him surprising me. I laughed and remembered just how cute he was… then also remembered that I was standing there in my damp pajama bottoms and flush face after his own mother had stuffed me! He told me I was beautiful and then I knew he must be drunk. He took my hand and I followed him into his room where he shut the door behind us. I was nervous and wondered if he had seen me with his mother, maybe that is why he brought me to his room. He told me that after he tickled me and then saw me in the bath tub, he’d been thinking about me all day. At the party he went to, he claimed that several girls flirted with him and he could have fucked any girl he wanted (he was probably right – he had a hot athletic body and sexy smile) – but he didn’t want any of them. He couldn’t get me out of his mind! My wine buzz had totally worn off and I didn’t know what to think or do. Here was this super-hot guy saying all the right things, but I’m freaking out because I just had sex with his mom! Before I could even think about what to do, Jim kissed me. His kiss was amazing, gentle but firm, his tongue sliding into my mouth slowly, then out to trace my lips with his tongue. His teeth gently pulled my bottom lip into his mouth and he sucked on it gently, then opening back up to let my tongue glide into his mouth, twirling and dancing with his. I felt light-headed and my whole body melted into his as he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Our hands explored each other’s bodies and we kissed and nibbled and sucked on each other’s lips, tongue, neck, and ears. Finally he unbuttoned my pajama top and slid it off. He gazed at my breasts and gently cupped them in his hands, then bending his head down to suck on my left nipple while squeezing my right nipple. I moaned and felt my pussy getting warm and wet. He moved his mouth to my right nipple and sucked it gently, then a little harder. He raised his head back up and we kissed again. He felt so good, his hands touching my body felt so good. I reached under his shirt and slide it up over his head… he tugged my pajama pants off and commented about how hot and wet I must be to dampen my pants. I wanted to laugh, but didn’t. Instead I told him he had done that to me. He took off his pants and his cock was SO big. I’d never seen one up close and naked, so maybe it wasn’t, but it was huge to me and looked amazing and I wanted it like I’ve never wanted something before. I’m not sure what took over me, but I pulled him so close to me and kissed him and whispered that I needed him and wanted him inside of me right now!He laid me back on the bed, spread my legs and just stuffed his cock inside of me in one easy motion. I was so wet and stretched just a bit still from his mother. I almost screamed because it felt so good and he covered my mouth with his hand and joked that we’d wake everyone up. It just turned me on so badly and I just couldn’t believe how good it felt and he started pushing himself in and out of me harder and his hand was over my mouth and he just kept pushing inside of me and my pussy was quivering and I couldn’t stop moaning and I was just about ready to explode when finally Jim thrust in me deep and hard and I almost couldn’t breathe. I came so hard and he came so hard inside of me… I could feel his cum squirting inside me and dripping. He just held himself inside of me and I could feel wetness inside of me, it was so different because I never felt that before. He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing heavily. He finally rolled off me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to his chest. Once we caught our breath, we kissed again and just relaxed together. I wanted to stay with him forever like that, but I couldn’t take a chance to fall asleep in his bed. We kissed and said goodnight, I put my pajamas back on and went back to Stephanie’s room and quietly got into bed with her. I was exhausted, but couldn’t stop thinking about how glad I was that my parent’s went away for the holiday! I fell asleep dreaming about what other presents I might receive this Christmas.

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