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Sue Pays A Visit,and Much More

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Double Penetration

Sue Pays A Visit,and Much MoreRight after my divorce I got a promotion and relocated to Nashville. In a stroke of luck, or destiny, or whatever you want to call it, I met Christy about two weeks after I moved. Christy was everything my ex-wife was not. She is a big boobed German who also just got divorced. Sex was missing in our marriages and we did not waste any time making up for it. My job kept me incredibly busy during the week, but when Friday came along Christy would come over to my apartment. The weekend was filled with nothing but fucking and sucking, fulfilling those fantasies that we had yearned for so many years. Our typical Saturday would be hanging out at the pool and we’d make comments about all the other people, like who we would like to have sex with and detail the reasons why. I found that Christy was bi-sexual, she had been with other women when she was younger, and both of us have a penchant for big tits. After a couple of margaritas we’d be back in the apartment balling each other’s brains out. A couple of months later I was at work and got a call from Sue. Sue is a woman that I dated when I separated from my ex-wife. If I hadn’t moved to Nashville I would most likely still be with her. Like Christy and I, she had just gotten a divorce. Sporting a large rack as well, we went at it hot and heavy. She is a moaner and very horny. One time in the winter, we fucked in the snow at night on a bench in the park. With her moaning I will never know why we didn’t get caught. Get a few drinks in her and she would go wild. On the phone call, Sue told me that she had an interview in Nashville and wanted to see me because she wanted to feel that sex again. One evening Sue and were watching a porn movie and a lesbian scene came on. Sue had told me that she had been approached by other women and was kind of curious about it, but she said it would have to be under the right circumstances. The wheels in my head were spinning, I couldn’t get the though out of my head about having sex with Christy and Sue at the same time.I know to make this happen I would have to make Christy aware. I met Christy for lunch the next day which was a Thursday. I pulled out my phone and acted like I was casually going through pictures. When I pulled up a picture of Sue in a bikini I showed it to Christy. Her reaction was more than positive. Christy asked me, “Did you have sex with her?” I gave her the background of Sue and I, then I told her that she was going to be in town next Tuesday for an interview. Christy said, “Hey, we would make a nice threesome!” I replied, “Well, I know she is bi-curious and I think she would go for you.” Together, we worked the details out and pretty much came up with what we thought would be a fool proof plan. When I got back to work, I requested the next week off for vacation. When the weekend came, Christy and I made love like bandits. She was just as excited as I was and we kept coming up with things we wanted to do. It had been a very long time since Christy had been with a woman. As for me, just thinking about seeing them together made me as horny as ever. And I would be with two of the best cocksuckers I have ever known. Even though this would be a surprise for Sue, if I knew her like I thought I knew her, she would be all in. Right before Christy left that Sunday afternoon, she gave me one of the best blowjobs ever. When I told her I was going to cum, she jacked me off and my cum streaked all over her face. She smiled wide, proud of her accomplishment, and had this glow about her. Sue flew in the next evening and I picked her up at the airport. She looked as good as ever, dressing very sexily knowing that it turned me on. Once we got in the car, she was all over me. She unzipped my pants saying, “I have missed you so much. I’ve been so fucking horny for you. You don’t know how much I want to feel you. Wow, there it is, the nicest cock!” She backed up a bit and pulled down her top. “Here, these big tits have missed you too!” She took one of my hands and placed it on her large boob. I told her many times how much I loved her tits. Then she dove for my lap and began to give me head like a woman possessed. I rubbed her ass and pulled up her short skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. My finger found her slit and she was soaking wet. One thing I really like about her, she has the wettest pussy I have ever known. After 5 minutes I had to tell her to stop because I didn’t want to cum yet, telling her, “I’m glad I don’t live far from the airport!” When we got to my apartment, we went straight for the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind us. Sue threw me on the bed and sat on my face in a 69. I went right for her clit and it didn’t take long for her to have a really powerful orgasm. She rolled on her back and panting heavily, she said, “Come here, fuck me. I need your cock and I need it now!” I teased her with just putting my head in and Sue bucked her hips up to try and get more of me inside. “Goddamn it, fuck me. Shove that big cock in me you bastard!” So I did and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. I started with long, slow strokes and then going faster and faster. Sue’s big beautiful tits were shaking all over her chest, she was moaning really loud and grabbing onto my arms tightly. “Oh baby, you look so damn good underneath me. Fuck you turn me on. You’re so fucking wet, I don’t think I can hold it back much longer.” Sue said, “Cum for me Joe, cum for me. Cum inside me, I want to feel that load blast into my pussy.” That was all I needed to hear. We have been at it less than 20 minutes and I erupted. Sue could feel it, her ass squiggled with every shot. When I was spent, I collapsed on top of her and she kissed with all of her passion. I finally rolled over and lay beside her. As she played with my now shrinking prick, Sue said, “Fuck you, you’re the best. I had to have you again. I am so glad I’m here with you. Damn you make me feel so good!” We went into the living room and had a drink, talking about old times. It was 10 o’clock and her interview at 8:30. Still, we fucked some more, I made her cum twice. When we awoke the next morning she was as cheerful as I’ve ever seen her. As I drove her to her interview , I told her we’d go to the pool when we got back. “You know I love to see you wearing a bikini.” She smiled and as I pulled up to the office, she reached over and rubbed my cock. “That’s for good luck. I want some more of that when I get back.” I went to a diner and had breakfast, then went back to the building where Sue was having her interview. I called Christy and she immediately wanted to know what happened last night. As I went into the details, it reminded me of the times that Christy and I had phone sex. I could hear her breathing and I asked, “Are you playing with your pussy?” “Uh huh. Please tell me more!” I said, “Well, she has a really sensitive clit, just concentrate on that and you’ll get her off. She has nice big tits, almost as big as yours. And a very wet pussy. My cock slid in so easily, and when I ate her out, her juices were all over my face. You’re going to love sucking her cum off my cock!” Christy was really horny, I could actually hear her finger fucking herself. I wanted to pull out my hard on and stroke it with her. Just then I saw Sue leaving the building and looking for me. I said to Christy, “Hey baby, Sue is finished with interview. I’ll see you at the pool in about 45 minutes.” She said, “I may have to finish one off here first. Damn you make me so hot!” I hung up the phone with the image of Christy getting herself off and seeing Sue’s big tits bulge out as she walked towards me. She had a very big smile on her face and I knew the interview went well. She said, “Great interview, I’ll know by Friday if I got the job.” She rubbed my crotch and felt that I was hard. “Damn, you are full of good luck today! Let’s get out of here, I’m ready to go to the pool. I want to put on my bikini and tease the royal fuck out of you! Then I’m going to fuck your brains out!” I fixed a thermos of Daiquiris to take with us, plus an extra cup. Being a Tuesday at noon, we were the only ones there. We situated on a couple of lounge chairs and sipped a drink. Once we started to feel the effects, we got in the water. Sue grabbed the back of my neck and wrapped legs around me, grinding her cunt into my crotch. She said, “You know, I could just fuck you right here and right now!” Given 30 more seconds, I think that my cock would’ve been inside of her, except that a group of people just entered through the gate. One woman had a fantastic body and I mentioned to Sue, “Wow, that woman is pretty hot. Look how big her tits are.” Sue paused for a moment and replied, “You remember when we were watching that porn movie with a threesome? And you asked me if I would ever want to do that? Well, it would have to be with womn like her because she is drop dead gorgeous!” In my mind, I could not believe how the plan was coming together. If Sue said that about the woman we just saw, she was going to love Christy. I saw Christy’s car pull up in the parking lot and said to Sue, “Come on, let’s go sit down and finish our drinks. This sun is perfect for catching some rays.” Christy walked in, her button down top was completely open and her tits were shaking so invitingly in her bikini bra. Sue remarked, “Now there is a hot babe.” I said to Sue, “Uh, Sue. That’s Christy. Just so you know, I’ve been dating her recently.” Sue said back, “Have you had sex with her?” I said, “Well, look at her, what do you think?” I could just tell that Sue might be jealous as Christy walked towards us. I looked over at her and it appeared to be the exact opposite. She was staring at Christy and smiling. Christy came right up to us, set her bag down next to me and said, “Well, what do we have here?” She walked over to Sue, stuck out her arm for a handshake and said to Sue, “I’m Christy.” “I’m Sue, very nice to meet you.” I said, “I think I’m going to use the restroom. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I didn’t have to pee, I had to leave those two alone and let chemistry work its wonders. If Christy was still there when I got back, I knew it was going to be an afternoon I would never forget.After 5 minutes I peaked out of the restroom door to see what was happening. Christy was next to Sue and she got up to scoot her lounge chair right up against Sue’s, as close you as could get. They seemed to be getting along famously. I saw Sue shift her bikini top around a few times, almost as if she was showing her tits off to güvenilir bahis Christy. Christy would touch Sue’s forearm when she talked to make a point in their conversation. Christy spread her legs and put her calf on top of Sue’s leg. Sue didn’t back off one bit. I went back in the restroom and waited another 5 minutes. My instincts told me that if they were getting along this well, all I had to do was show up. I walked out of the restroom and stood there for a moment. By the way they were talking you would think that they have known each other their whole lives. They didn’t even notice me until I was a few feet away. Sue looked up at me and said, “Don’t sit down, were going back to your apartment. Christy wants to have a drink with us.” As we walked back, I whispered to Sue, “So what did you two talk about?” Sue had a one word reply, “Stuff.”I went to my bedroom to get out of my wet trunks. Naked, I looked at myself in the mirror and my still shriveled up cock looked good even to me. I rubbed it a few times to get the life back in it, then put on a pair of gym shorts. When I walked back in, Christy and Sue were in the kitchen making more drinks. I felt like a fly on the wall. Christy had her arm around Sue’s waist and I saw her slowly move it down to Sue’s ass. Sue closed her eyes and pushed her ass back into Christy’s hand. Christy moved behind Sue. She reached around and started rubbing Sue’s tits, with Sue offering no resistance at all. As a matter of fact, she was quite enjoying it. Sue then turned around to face Christy, their arms around each other. I saw Sue looking into Christy’s eyes and Christy moved her head forward to kiss Sue. Tentative at first, Sue was exploring her first woman, then she dropped any and all inhibitions. I know how each of them kiss when they are sexually aroused and I was witnessing that between them. Hands were roaming all over each other, their tops came off, their crotches pressed tightly together. Christy put her hand inside Sue’s bikini bottom and I could tell the Sue was all in. I dropped my shorts to the floor and walked over the them. Sue’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed, but Christy saw me and stared at my hard on bobbing back and forth. She smiled with an expression that said I’ve got her right where I want her and I put my arms around both of them. Sue opened her eyes and said, “Joe, you don’t know how long I’ve really wanted this.” I put my hand on her boob and kissed her while I massaged it. Sue was so full of passion and she moaned in my mouth as Christy stuck a finger inside of her. Christy remarked, “Wow Sue, you are really wet.” I backed my head away and said, “Let’ go in the living room.” Christy removed her hand and took off Sue’s bottoms then her own. We were now all completely naked. I sat on the sofa and said, “I want to watch you two right here on the living room floor.” Christy fell to her knees and pulled Sue down on the carpet. They kissed some more, Sue being a little more assertive. After a lot of foreplay, tit sucking, and pussy rubbing, they got into a 69 position and I thought I would cum without even touching my cock. Sue was on top and her horniness was at 110%. Never having a pussy before, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Christy loves to give oral, and seeing her for the first time with another woman was blowing my mind. They explored each other, sucking and licking, and I could tell Sue was getting close. So could Christy and I think knowing that she was going to get Sue off made her approach an orgasm as well. Sue came, and within seconds do did Christy. The room was filled with their moaning, I could see their bodies uncontrollably jerk with each tic, and both of them seemed to cum longer than I had ever seen. When they came down, Sue rolled over on her back and Christy kneeled above her, rubbing her body all over. I said, “Holy fuck, that was incredible!” They looked at me and my blue balls. Christy said, “Come on Sue, he hasn’t cum yet. Let’s get him off.” Christy grabbed my cock and lifted my balls on the palm of her hand and said, “Here Sue, taste this cock.” Sue went down on my like she was showing off to Christy how well she can give head. Christy told me, “Scoot your ass forward so I can suck on your balls.” As Sue slowly went up and down on my rod, spending a lot of time concentrating on the big, purple, mushroomed shaped head, Christy took both of my balls in her mouth and the feeling was beyond belief. After a few minutes, Sue said, “Christy, I want to see you suck him.” Sue held my cock and pumped it while Christy bobbed her head up and down with my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t take any more. I said, “Fuck, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold it back. Here I came, here I cum! Put your tits together, I want to blow all over them.” Both of them were staring at my pee hole as I shot load after load, streaking across their tits and they held those magnificent mammeries up as a target. It had to be at least a dozen loads and the shear amount surprised them. They rubbed their tits together, smearing the white jism into their skin. After I regained my sensed, I said, “Damn, that was fucking good, look at how much you made me cum! And we just got started!” Christy said she was going to the bathroom to get a warm wet washcloth to clean up my mess. Sue and I sat on opposite sofas and I asked her, “So, are you ok with all of this?” She had a big grin, leaned back and started to play with her pussy and said, “This is better than I fantasized. I knew you had to be a part of it, and Christy is just so natural. She’s matter of fact, like what you see is what you get. And damn, she is so sexy, she has really nice tits and can eat pussy just as good as you!” Sue was staring at my crotch and went on, “You are so different than other men, I really missed your cock. Let me see you rub it.” Christy came in and looked pleased to see us playing. She cleaned me up and then sucked on my cock for a bit, then she went over to Sue and spent a lot of time wiping off her tits. Sue did not stop rubbing herself. Christy sat down beside her and watched, massaging her big boobs and spreading her legs wide. Christy shaves her pussy and said, “Hey Sue, you should shave your pussy like me. It feels so much better when you’re having sex.” Sue replied, “I’ve thought about it, I guess I’ve just never done it.” Christy said, “Would you mind if I shaved your cunt hair off? I’d love to do it for you.” A half an hour later Sue had a bald pussy. After Christy cleaned her up, I could see how wet her pinks lips were from where I was sitting. Christy licked her slit and said, “Damn, I love the taste of your pussy!” Sue said, “Fuck, I need some cock. Get me ready Christy. Come over her Joe, I’m going to suck you hard.” Sue had me totally hard in seconds and I could tell that she was enjoying herself. Sue got up and Christy told her to sit on my cock so that she was facing away from me. When Sue plunged herself down, Christy got on her knees and licked Sue’s clit with my cock deep inside. Sue was moaning loudly, I’m sure the neighbors could hear her, but I didn’t care. She twerked her hips and I reached around to grab on to her boobs, my hands not close to covering them. Sue leaned back into me, got her feet on the soda so she could squat and started to bounce up and down wildly. Christy could barely keep up with her, but as I caressed Sue’s body all over, kissing and sucking on her neck, she became extremely wet and I could sense that she was going to cum. She yelled out, “Yes, yes, yes! I love it, I love it! Fuck, I’m going to cum again. Don’t stop Christy, don’t stop. Yes, that’s it, suck me! Yessssss!” Sue slammed all the way down on my cock as Christy planted her face into her pussy. Sue strained her orgasm out, grunting as it swept through her. She was shaking as she came down and I saw Christy back her head away and just stare at my hard on planted inside Sue. Sue fell off me and curled up in the fetal position on the couch. Christy went down on me to suck Sue’s cum off my cock and as she licked her lips, she pulled me down on the floor. She lay there with her legs spread wide, grabbing her tits in her hands and said, “Come here and fuck me. It’s my turn now!” I kneeled between her legs and just stared at her below me. I started to jack off and Christy smiled, it was turning her on and she was playing with her cunt. I leaned down on outstretched arms and as I slowly entered her, Christy bucked her hips up to meet me. Soon we were wildly fucking each other, Christy’s fingers furiously rubbing her clit in circles. I looked up at Sue who was looking at us like we were her personal porn movie. She got on the floor and started to kiss Christy with a full open mouth until Christy said, “Suck on my tits Sue.” Sue was on all fours, her big tits hanging down from her body, and she reached down to Christy’s clit to take over rubbing it. Christy grabbed one of Sue’s tits and rubbed it all over saying, “Suck them harder Sue, rub my clit. You’re really turning me on. Fuck me Joe, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I slammed all the way in and slowly pulled out. When the next wave went through Christy I slammed in her again. My timing was perfect and Sue was giving her everything to get her off. Christy had one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever seen her have, even bigger that just moments ago. It lasted a long time and she squeezed out every ounce of pleasure that she could muster. At the same time, Sue and I got up on our knees and admired Christy below us. She had a look of total satisfaction and Sue was proud of her accomplishments. Sue came over to me and kissed me, grabbing on to my cock and stroking it while I rubbed her tits. I let one hand slide down between her legs and I still could not get over how wet she gets. Sue said, “How do you want me to get you off?” I replied, “I think I want to save it for later, we still have a lot of time left!” It was now 5 o’clock, we had been at it for 2 ½ hours. Taking a break from fucking, or as Sue put it, ‘a fucking break’, we had a drink and just admired each other’s nakedness. Sue agreed that a shaved pussy felt much better and she was glad that I also shaved my cock and balls. Christy grabbed the remote for the TV and asked, ”Do you have porn in the DVD?” “Of course!” I said back to her and in a few seconds we were watching what Christy calls, ‘Amateur Hour’. Sue was squirming in her seat and said, “Oh good, let’s get some ideas. Right now I would try anything!” The scene was two woman and they had a couple güvenilir bahis siteleri of dildos that they were using on each other. Christy asked Sue, “Do you like sex toys?” Sue said, “I didn’t bring my vibrator with me. I’ve been using it a lot lately.” Christy looked at me and said, “I brought my toys, they’re in the car. Do you want to go get them?” Christy has a collection that she keeps in a locked box. The third time we were together she had brought them with her and we found to find new and interesting ways to put them to use. Sue said, “Toys? You have toys? I’d like to see them, see what you’ve got.” I got dressed with the minimum amount of clothes to be seen in public, Christy gave me her keys and I ventured outside. Christy had parked her car by the pool, so I ended up driving it closer to my apartment and got the toy box out of her trunk. It seemed heavier than usual, I suspected that she has added to her assortment of pleasure giving devices. When I walked back inside, Sue was on top of Christy and they were making out. They didn’t even pause when I opened the door. I know it had been awhile for Christy to be with another woman, and Sue was no longer curious. She was now all in.I sat the box on the coffee table and Sue got off Christy, she was very curious to see what was inside. Christy dialed the combination and opened the lid. Right on top was the strap on dildo. Sue’s eyes opened wide, she smiled while picking it up and said, “Wow, that’s a huge dildo! Do you mind of I put it on?” Christy helped to fasten it around her waist and Sue said, “Damn, it looks so real. So this is what it’s like to have a cock?” Sue wiggled her hips causing the 10 inch fake cock to bob back and forth, then she grabbed it in her fist. She turned sideways and the cock was right in Christy’s face, Christy moved her head forward and started to give Sue head, I sat down on the sofa next to Christy and just started as she took as much down her throat as possible. When Sue started to buck her hips, saying to Christy, “Yeah baby, suck my cock. You look so fucking sexy doing that.” Christy reached over and slowly jacked me off and rubbed her pussy at the same time. Sue said, “Holy fuck, my puss is drenching.” Christy looked up and stared Sue right in the eye. She took the cock out of her mouth and rubbed her face all over it saying, “Sue, I’d really like it if you fucked me with that monster.” Not waiting for a reply, Christy got on the floor on her knees with her face in my lap. Sue giggled like a school girl and got on her knees right behind Christy’s ass. As Christy went down on me, Sue rubbed the head of the cock up and down her slit. As she eased it inside, Christy was moaning. As more of that big cock got inside her pussy, Christy’s moans turned into grunts. For never having done this before, Sue seemed to be a natural. When she had worked all of it in Christy’s cunt, she slowly bucked her hips, taking it almost all the way out, then all the way back in. Christy lifted her head up and said, “Fuck me Sue. Fuck me faster, harder. Yes baby, give it to me. I want all of your cock!” Sue took her directions well, Christy went back down on me with a vengeance. I said to her, “Wow Christy, you have a cock in your pussy and a cock in your mouth. You’re sucking me so good, this is the best blow job ever!” I looked up at Sue, her big tits swaying back and forth, she was getting into it. She had Christy by the hips and was now slamming her, and Christy was rubbing her clit. Christy grabbed my hand and put it on my cock, making me jack off in her mouth while she had her other hand rubbing her tits all across her chest. When she started to concentrate on a nipple, pinching and pulling on it, I knew she was going to get off in a big way. I felt my balls suck up, and I was going to cum too. Christy was moaning loudly, she held her breath, and let it all go. I pumped my cock faster, and as she came, I pulled out and spewed all over Christy’s face with a huge load. Sue slowed down and as Christy finished and she pulled the dildo out. It was glistening with Christy’s juices in the light. Sue seemed to be proud of herself, and Christy turned around so show Sue cum covered face. Sue removed the strap on and sucked Christy’s cum off it, then bent down and kissed Christy full on the mouth getting my cum all over her lips and cheeks. She then sat down on the floor, then put the big fake cock inside of her own cunt. “Fuck, I’m so turned on, I have to cum. I want you two to watch me cum. Holy shit, this fucker is so big. It’s not going to take me long.” Christy was up on the couch with me, we were playing with each other, our hands on our spent crotches, and Sue eyes shut tight. She fell back on the floor and was ramming herself to orgasm. She cried out when she came, her tits shaking, her clit twitching, and her loud groaning filling up the room. Sue let go of the dildo and put her hands above her head trying to catch her breath. I watched Sue squeeze her cunt tight and the dildo eased out of her, plopping on the floor. She moaned, “Holy fuck! Damn that felt good. I have to say it was turning me on having you two watch me. I’m so used to doing this alone.” Then Christy said, “Hey, let’s get cleaned up and go back to the pool. There is a jacuzzi there we can get in.” We all agreed that it was an excellent idea. It was getting late in the afternoon, almost supper time, and the there weren’t too many people there. We let the jets sooth our muscles while sipping on a drink, Christy on one side of me and Sue on the other. Christy remarked, “Look at that couple over there. They look pretty sexy!” Sue replied, “Yeah, I bet they have fun when they make love.” I looked over and even though they had sunglasses on, I could tell that they were checking us out as well. The smiles on there faces gave away their thoughts, that I was with two hot women. They were talking to each other and the woman got up and walked towards us. I had seen her a few times, the first time was at the mailbox center. She was wearing a sun dress that clung to her body and her tits were bigger than Christy and Sue’s. In a bikini she left little to the imagination. She asked, “Would you mind if me and my boyfriend joined you?” Christy said, “Sure, the more the merrier!” The woman motioned for her boyfriend to come over and as she got in the hot tub she introduced herself as Julie. “And this is my boyfriend Mike.” Mike is pretty well built, more muscular than me. They both seemed to be laid back and that they sensed that the three of us were having sex together. After 5 minutes of small talk, Julie said, “I wish we would’ve brought a drink with us.” Christy said back, “Well, why don’t you come back to our apartment and have a drink with us.” We were out of the jacuzzi headed back to my place. On the walk back, the girls were in front talking up a storm. Mike and I followed behind them and he asked me, “Are you doing both of them?” I just nodded my head in the affirmative. He said, “You lucky bastard.” Judging by the smile on his face I knew Mike and Julie wanted to open their relationship to new sexual experiences.When we got to that apartment, Christy said, “Let’s do shots of Jack Daniels!” I went to the kitchen and Julie followed me. She asked, “Where is the Jack at?” I pointed to the cabinet above the oven, and Julie reached up and opened the door. I just stared at her tits confined in her bikini top. They stuck out like ripe melons, big ripe melons. She held herself in that position for a few seconds, knowing exactly what she was doing to me. I snapped out of it long enough to get 5 shot glasses from another cabinet and Julie was leaning against the counter, eyeing me up and down. She opened the bottle and grabbed two shot glasses, pouring one for me and one for her. She raised her glass up and toasted me saying, “Here’s to a sexy handsome man!” I said back, “Same to you Julie!” Both of us gulped it down greedily and set the shot glassed down. Julie filled them up again and said, “Ok, wait here. Just stay right here for a minute.” She grabbed the bottle and the other three shot glasses and went into the living room. I looked and saw Mike in between Christy and Sue. I cold smell refer and they were already smoking a joint that Mike had brought. It looked to me that Christy and Sue were about ready to rock Mike’s world. They were all talking up a storm and laughing. Julie sat the shot glasses in the table and filled them up. Then she grabbed the joint and brought it back to the kitchen. She took a hot and passed it to me. I said to her, “Pot really makes me horny.” After we exhaled, Julie grabbed the shot glasses and said, “Pot make he horny too. Real horny!” After drinking the second shot, Julie said, “On the way here, I told Christy and Sue that I thought you were sexy. They said that they thought Mike was a hunk.” She moved towards me and put her hands around my neck, then pressed her body into mine. “I remember the first time a saw you, you turned me on. I told the other girls that Mike’s fantasy is to be with two women at the same time. We agreed to switch partners. Its something we’ve been talking about for a while.” Julie pulled my head forward and she kissed me. Our tongues were swirling around in each other’s mouth, Julie was slowly and seductively rubbing her crotch into mine. We kept it up for a couple of minutes, both of us getting pretty hot. Julie backed her head up and said, “Wow, that was some kiss!” I said back to her, “I think we should go to my bedroom before I lay you right here on the floor.” Julie laughed, then grabbed my hand. We were off and running.On the way, I looked in the living room and Mike was standing up, Christy and Sue were taking his swimming trunks off. I knew Mike was going to enjoy what they could do for him, and my concentration went exclusively back to Julie. When we got in the bedroom we stood at the side of the bed, Julie kissing me more passionately. I reached around her to take her top off. Julie was now rubbing her hand up and down the full length of my hard on and she said, “My oh my, that feels so nice.” Julie wiggled her bottoms off and fell to her knees. “Fuck, I gotta see this, it feels so big!” As she pulled my trunks off I looked down at her. Damn she has such a nice body and her tits are so nice and huge. My cock flopped out right in her face and she did not waste any time, she sucked on the head and I knew right away she knew what she was doing. I turned and sat on the bed, Julie’s mouth never leaving my cock, and iddaa siteleri I just watched this goddess give me oral pleasure. I pushed her nice brunette hair to the side and Julie looked up into my eyes to see my reaction. I said, “Damn Julie, you’re doing that so good! I’d like to be eating your pussy while you do that.” Julie smiled and slowly withdrew her lips off my cock. She pushed me on my back, I scooted lengthwise on the bed, and she crawled right on top of me saying, “I can tell that you are probably good at this too. Christy said you were good and Sue agreed.” She straddled my head and lowered her shaved pussy down to my face. I pulled up a couple of pillows to put behind my head and all I could think of was bringing her as much pleasure as I could. It didn’t take long for us to get used to each other, and in little while it felt like we knew exactly what to do. After licking her slit I started to concentrate on her clit while rubbing her ass and inner thighs very lightly. When Julie started to bob her head up and down faster, I licked her clit faster. She was rubbing her pelvic bone against my chin, squirming her ass around, and I sucked her whole vulva in my mouth, still giving her clit a tongue lashing. Julie was getting more and more turned on, and when she began breathing harder I knew she was close. Then her head stopped bobbing, she held her breath, and I could feel her starting to cum. She got really wet and I clamped my hands down on her ass hard. I felt a half dozen tics go through her, and her cum was dripping into my mouth and down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her as tight as I could, and Julie started to struggle to get off top of me. She said, “Fuck, I can’t take anymore, my clit is too sensitive. I let her roll over on her back and just looked at trying to catch her breath. Her chest was heaving up and down and those big beautiful tits were swimming around on her chest. I got on my knees and rubbed her body all over, then spread her legs apart. Julie said, “Oh yeah baby, I need your cock after that. Damn you made me cum so good. Slide that big prick inside me. Mmm, yes, do it, do it!” We had a fuck royal, I was on top of her until I could hold myself up anymore. Then I did her from behind, doggie style and Julie was slamming her ass back into me with perfect timing. When she got on top of me, I rose up to suck on her nipples and I thought she was almost going to cum again. She held them up for me saying, “You can do anything to these babies you want.” I backed my head away just to stare at them. Julie had them pressed together and I traced my fingers down her cleavage and said, “How about if I put my cock right here in between them?” She removed my cock and sat between my legs, wrapping her huge tits around my massive hard on. She said, “Do you want it wet?” I replied, “Hell yes, that would feel wonderful!” She spat twice right in the middle of her chest, then she let a third drip of saliva slowly drop down. Her hands were moving up and down and when I saw the head of my cock pop up through them, it looked like the sexiest thing in the world. Julie just stared and said, “It would make me very happy if you came right now.” I wasn’t close to cumming yet, I wanted this to last and last. Then when I felt I was close, I said to Julie, “Lay back down, I want to be fucking you when I cum.” As I easily slid inside of her, Julie squeezed her tits together again and said, “I want you to blow all over my big tits. Oh yeah baby, fuck me until you cum. I want to see it shoot out all over me.” Just hearing her say that pushed me over the edge. I went at her as hard and fast as I could and lasted maybe another minute. I yelled out, “Fuck Julie, I’m going to cum, you’re going to make me cum. Here I cum baby, here I cum!” I pulled out and jacked myself off and the first eruption straked out all over her tits and up to her chin. Julie looked on in awe as streak after creamy white streak escaped from my pee hole with a volume I rarely experience. It was powerful, 10 full loads spewed out all over her. When the last few drops leaked out, Julie leaned forward and started sucking on the head and I thought I was going to go through the roof. I had to push her back and fell down beside her on my back. Julie said, “Fuck, do you always cum that much?” I replied, “Only when I’m really turned on. And holy shit Julie, that was the best first time I’ve ever had with a woman. You are good!” She agreed, she said, “I love your cock. Its nice and big. That big purple head does It for me!” Then I said back to her, “You know, its always better the second time you make love.” Julie exclaimed, “Well shit, I can’t wait to see that happen!” Julie lay in my arms for awhile as we savored our extraordinary session. We could hear Sue’s moans coming from the living room. I said, “Fuck Julie, let’s get another drink and go watch them!”When we were in the living room, we could see Sue riding Mike in a reverse cowboy. She was leaning all the way back and Mike was rubbing her tits all over. Christy was kneeing the floor between their spread legs, licking and sucking on Sue’s clit. I looked at Julie and her mouth was agape and her lips turned into a wicked smile. I whispered into Julie’s ear, “Be really quiet, I don’t want them to know we’re watching., Sit down and I’ll fix us a drink.” Sue sat down at the dining room table which had a clear view into the living room. I quickly made us two drinks, straight alcohol on the rocks, and looked at Julie who was rubbing her puss gazing at the sex in front of her. Without a sound, I pulled a chair next to Julie and Sue was still moaning. Then we heard her say, “Fuck yes, I just want to keep fucking. Damn I am so fucking horny!” I was mindlessly playing with my cock and became totally hard in a matter of seconds. I was thinking that this was way better than watching X-rated movies, and under her breath Julie said, “Fuck, this is better than porn! I want Christy to eat me before the night is over, damn I just love her tits!” In a short while, were heard mike, “Holy shit I’m going to cum!” Sue backed off him and Christy grabbed his cock in her fist and started pumping. As she hovered over the head of his cock, the first shot splattered all over Christy’s face. Then another. Then she pointed his cock up at Sue. Mike emptied his balls all over Sue’s stomach. Sue got off him and went was giving him head. Christy looked down at her and cum was dripping off her chin. She scooped it up in her fingers and licked them clean, savoring the taste of Mike’s sperm. Christy then turned her head and saw Julie and I masturbating. Christy stood up and it was only then that I saw she was wearing the strap on dildo from the toy box. Christy reached down to the coffee table and got a cigarette and her drink. She walked towards Julie and I very slowly, sexily shaking her ass which caused the dildo to flop around, and her big tits bouncing around so invitingly. Julie was in awe. Christy walked right in front of Julie, and without hesitation Julie started to suck on Christy’s fake cock. Julie backed away and said, “Oh wow, I can taste the cum on it.” She went back down and grabbed my hand, pulling me up so I was standing next to Christy. Julie took turns sucking on our cocks, and then she put both heads in her mouth at the same time. After a few minutes, Julie said, “I’ve always wanted to do that!” Sue was getting a chance to live out her fantasy and it turned me on. She was looking at me right in the eye and then said, “Come down here with me, I want both of us to give her head at the same time.” A couple of weeks ago, Christy wanted to see me suck her cock. Although I am not gay or bi-sexual, I did it to turn her on and I kind of liked it. Julie and I kissed our way down to the head and we wrapped our lips around it. Then Julie grabbed me by the back of the head and said, “I want to see you suck it. That Is another thing I’ve wanted to do. See a man suck cock!” I gave her a show, I built up a lot of saliva and rubbed the head of Christy’s cock all over my slick face. Like a couple of weeks ago, Christy let out a long stream of her own spit and dripped it all over my face. Julie picked up on it and was spitting in my face too. It was like I was making Christy cum, and I looked up at her and said, “Let’s get in a sixty-nine.” In a moment we were sucking each other’s cock and Julie still had a hold on the back of my head saying, “Let me see you deep throat it.” I took more than half of it until I gagged. Then a little more before I gagged. And even a little more, probably ¾ of the ten incher. Out of nowhere I felt my throat muscles relax and the gag reflex went away. I had almost all of it in my mouth, I could feel the cock massaging my throat. More spit came flying in my face from Julie’s mouth. Over and over I slowly eased that fucker all the way down and back out. Then I told Julie, “Let me see you do that.” As Christy thrashed her head up and down on me, almost as if she was showing how good she can suck cock, I had a close up view of Julie. I grabbed onto one of her big tits hanging down and asked her to rub my nipple. She knew exactly how to manipulate my nipple and I knew I was going to cum. I said, “Fuck, I’m going to cum Christy. Here it cums!” It was a good one, not as powerful as just a little while ago, but I just flew out of me into Christy’s mouth. Christy stood up and put her cock in front of Julie’s face and said, “Watch this.” She spit my cum out all over her cock and Julie eagerly sucked it off. Julie then bent over me and kissed me full on the mouth making me taste my own cum. She put her finger in her mouth and said, “I love the feel of cum on my clit!” She rubbed it on her spot and I thought she was going to get off, but she lay on the floor and said, “Come here and fuck me Christy!” It was a sight that will forever be etched in my mind. I just now noticed Mike and Sue watching, and as Christy had a nice rhythm going, Julie kept saying how huge Christy’s cock was and begged to get fucked. Julie told Mike to come to her saying, “I always wanted two cocks at the same time.” Mike lay on his side and Julie was sucking on his cock like there was no tomorrow. She was bucking her hips up to meet Christy’s thrusts and bobbing her head in a frenzy. Sue saw my erection and kneeled in front of me, giving me a hand job while both of us watched. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Julie came, and came, and came, until she fell limp and spit Mike’s cock out of her mouth. She said, “Oh holy fuck, that was the best orgasm ever!” Christy pulled the fake cock out with the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever seen. All of us ended up in the living room, still totally naked, and all of us commented on how much fun we were having.

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