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Summer of 93’ Part VI

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Summer of 93’ Part VISummer of 93’Borrow HimPart VINatalie positioned herself at the top of our bed sitting up against our backboard with her legs spread wide and her knees bent. The room was pretty well lit up after Nat turned on a second lighting row. The light was pointing right at her bright pink pussy. Maggi and I sat in front of each other with our long legs laying over one another’s. We were right at Nat’s feet each facing to the side of the bed. This was our pre-sex stretch, we found when we did this we would usually feel better and cum together, it got us in sink with one another. We started pulling each other back and forth as we stared into each other’s eyes. When we finished we looked to Natalie who started gently rubbing her pussy. Nat whispered, “I thought your pussy was sore?” Nat said it is but watching you makes me so horny. Maggi and I both slid closer to Nat and Maggi laid down and softly licked her open vulva as Nat spread it with her two fingers. Maggi came to me and kissed me and said, “can you taste her?” I did and I nodded, Maggi laid back and spread her long legs wide, crossing one over nat’s, she opened her furry vulva with one hand using two fingers. “Do you want to taste me, do you want to be inside of me?” I said, “I always want you.” Nat was rubbing her pussy faster and Maggi started rubbing hers and said, “I want your cock in my izmir escort mouth let me make it wet,” as she opened her mouth wide as to stretch it out.Maggi and I hardly ever used artificial lube unless maggi wanted to be fisted, her own juices and saliva was all we needed most of the time.I got on my knees for her as she took in as much of me as possible; she drenched my cock. She said “you’re throbbing, I could feel you in my mouth, so is my pussy.” Maggi faced to the side and presented herself doggy style. I loved this view. I had several Polaroids of her; I asked her if it was ok to show some select friends, she agreed because her face was not in the shot.Everyone I showed them to were blown away. I showed them to Dave and Curtis my neighbors because they expressed an interest in getting together for a sexy night. Their wives weren’t to happy when they brought it up.Natalie whispered, “I’m so glad the lights are turned on, Maggi, your pussy is so beautiful; watching you two is amazing. Maggi and I responded together, “We haven’t done anything.”Nat replied, “yes you have, you’re about to make me cum.”Maggi leaned back she knew exactly where she had to be so I could put my cock in her, we had done this so many times in pitch black, we knew each other’s bodies by touch, taste and smell.My head slid in her pussy past the vaginal corona and I stopped, she slid izmir escort bayan back and forth massaging my head with her muscle control. I held in place as my shoulders flexed and chest heaved. She lowered a bit more until we were connected tight together. Maggi liked to control all the movement, she would ride the entire seven inches of my cock, even letting my cock completely fall out. I was perfectly hard my cock maintained perfect position as maggi with out the use of her hand was able to take my cock in and out several times. Natalie said, “this is amazing.”Maggi knew I loved the feel of my cock entering her pussy this way. Her pussy had ripples that undulated as my head went in to offer just enough resistance to max out the stimulation. She began going to the maximum depth and I could feel her climax building. Maggi performed a kind of “Self-Edging” by doing this, she held off orgasm long enough to make it the most intense and she knew exactly when this moment was for me. We tried for the simultaneous climax about 50% of the time, the other time we would concentrate on one another forgoing orgasm to ensure the orgasm was the most fulfilling for one another.She turned over and we never separated, we took a while to perfect this.I knew she was approaching the critical second, as she pulled her legs up to allow me to go as deep as I could go. We could escort izmir only do this at the height of arousal otherwise it would be painful for Maggi. I could feel the tip of my cock pushing her cervix as she moaned louder. She only said one word when she was ready, “Now!” We both released moaning together with maggi digging her nails unmercifully into my back breaking a couple as I thrust in and out as my cum shot onto her cervix and into the deepest part of her vagina. It took us several minutes to recover and I would leave my cock in her, at her insistence. (She once told me I want every drop of you in me.) She wrapped her arms around me and with her strong grip pulling me into her, my back cracked, it felt wonderful, she was very strong and athletic which made this grip intense. If she wanted to she could squeeze the breath out of me.After our cool down we looked over to Natalie, she was just sitting there with her legs spread and her pussy glistening, oozing cum, hands to the side.“I came just watching you two, My pussy is overheated, I cant even touch it, it’s throbbing so hard,” Natalie said. We slid around and worked our way to our sweet audience of one and kissed her, Natalie was so eager to kiss us and hold us. We told each other we loved one another as we sat up.Nat said, “I had now idea.”Maggi said, “this is how we make love, we’ve never shown anyone.” Nat caressed Maggi’s breasts. “Your skin is still burning up, Nat said as she cleaved to Maggi’s chest listening to her heart beat.So ends this saga, but the three of us have years of memories and they’re for the next saga.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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