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Summer school training! Part 1

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Summer school training! Part 1A few days after Graduation I found my mind drifting back to what happened after school let out. the more I thought of the things the Hall family had done to me the more my Pussy moisten and the urge for more grew stronger.Not sure how but I found myself back at the school house. As I was about to leave Mrs hall drove up and with cheerful smile and wave she ran up kissed me and hugged me tight telling me how much she was glad to see me.I could feel her large nipples growing hard as darts against my breast and and my pussy leaked with excitement! Just days ago this woman and her family had taken me so many ways and taught me so much about being a Bbc cum slut.We chatted for a few mins and she invited me in with her as she said there was work to be done but I could hang out with her as she worked. As she went from room sarıyer escort to room the talk got around to what had happened in the basement after graduation and I assured her I had enjoyed it all but most of all I enjoyed being used as the little slut for their enjoyment! As we were going from room to room we found yourself In the principle Office. Being the good little student I was I think if was the first time being in there. as I was looking around I turned around and found Mrs hall reaching out to grab me and pushed me up against the desk and kissed me again hard and with Passion in just seconds I melted and was kissing back, being filled with lust I grabbed for her shirt and pull it over her head and went for those beautiful large black nipples sucking like a new born baby esenyurt escort trying to feed ! As I was doing this she pulled my shorts down and had found my now wet pussy lips and was fingering me hard. My knees grew weak and parted as I lay back across the desk. Sensing what I need Mrs hall dropped to her knees and started eating my now dripping pussy as my cumming just kept up harder and harder. I’m not even sure when or how she got naked and had straddled me in 69 and I found myself eating that beautiful black pussy wanting every drop of that sweet pussy juice. Just as Mrs hall tighten up her strong thighs crushing my face deep in her pussy as she flooded my mouth with her hot thick cum we both came aware we were not Alone!There in the doorway was the Principle Mr Long Rubbing his crotch as he licked his lips avrupa yakası escort staring at us. as our eyes met he crossed the room with a wicked smile on his face he drew out his very very hard cock and brought it up to my lips and just forced it right into my mouth all the way down my throat!Oh my it felt so good now my pussy is being ate as I’m being throat fucked and I’m cumming so hard I feel like I might black out. Mr Long pulled out of my mouth and with one hard push rammed Mrs halls Pussy as deep as he could forcing her face deeper into my guessing Pussy. he told me to keep licking her juices and his cock as he pounded her hard! he told her how he Knew about all the things she and her family had done since working for the school and how often he had thought about fucking her hot pussy! And to find her with me like this was beyond all his wildest dreams.As we all started to cum together Her on him me on her mouth and him inside her pussy, he pulled out and crammed his cock all the way down my throat for me to milk the last of his cum down into my belly as we all just collapsed on top of each other I knew this was just the start of a wonderful Summer to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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