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Disclaimer: All characters are aged 18 years and over. All characters and events are products of my imagination (or are they…?). Any similarity to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. This is a short story, very short in fact, more of an interlude. I have longer stuff in the pipeline if you’re interested.


“Oh my fuckinnnnnggg god…!” I thought to myself as I slowly came back to consciousness after a fitful and restless sleep. I was in the middle of THE best dream ever and I’d had some really good ones in my entire 20 year lifespan, especially in the past couple of years. Most recently my night-time musings had centred around my 19 year old sister Alex, or my 20 year old girlfriend, Sandie…

Hold on… Sandie and I had broken up yesterday… Yet another argument had come out of nowhere and grown into a full blown shouting match. I couldn’t even remember what the argument had been about now, but as usual it had ended with Sandie storming güvenilir bahis out of the house and vowing never to return or speak to me again… I guess I’d call her later.. she’ll have calmed down!

During this entire thought process, my dream was still playing in my head as a pair of warm lips travelled slowly down the length of my dick and a wet tongue played on the underside of my shaft.. “This is fucking amazing” I thought to myself… “This is the best fucking dream ever.” Slowly the lips travelled back up my cock and started their journey back down to my balls again. This slow, unhurried teasing carried on for about 5 minutes, before when suddenly as the lips reached the crown of my circumcised dick they opened and ever so slowly took me in, descending even more slowly this time.

Slowly down, slightly faster up with a bit more pressure and suction, imperceptibly going deeper with every passing minute… I’m holding my breath now, can you even do that in a dream? This is my idea of the perfect türkçe bahis blowjob, a literal fellatio masterclass if ever there was one… OHHHHH and there’s the back of her throat, my mystery dream lover is now trying to take my entire length in her mouth. And succeeding! Fuck!!

A slight change of angle and I’m all the way in… The feeling is exquisite as the maddeningly slow up and down, in and out journey continues… Now there’s an added dimension as a soft hand starts playing with my heavy balls, before sharp fingernails lightly scratch them and tease my ass. Another slight movement and now I’m aware of some weight on my thigh as her movements gradually increase in speed and purpose. Before long my whole length is taken in and out of her throat at a good old rate and I feel the familiar tingling start, marking the beginning of my impeding orgasm.. Oh how I crave it as in my dream I reach to stroke my lover’s hair in encouragement.

WAIT!! I’m not dreaming… The weight on my leg is bringing on cramp in güvenilir bahis siteleri my foot That can’t be right. Cruel dream, don’t deny me now! What the fuck… It must be Sandie. She must have returned in the night and wanted to make up.. “Ah that makes sense” I reasoned, as I gently repositioned my leg ever so slightly but just enough to let the blood flow again. Ahhh, that’s better, now I can really enjoy this spectacularly good blowjob..

I’m rushing headlong towards orgasm alley and as I start spurting rope after rope of hot jizz into Sandie’s mouth, I realise 2 things. Sandie has short nails, and she’s never been that keen on blowjobs, maybe a token suck or two at just the head, mainly foreplay to get me fired up for sex. Where did she learn this from? I don’t care… the feeling is beyond rapture as she milks more cum from me than I thought was humanly possible…

My breathing slows gradually and my dick eventually softens and Sandie, releases it from her mouth. Good fucking job Sandie, I’ll be wanting some more of that in future… I feel Sandie nestling in beside me in the darkness and as I turn to kiss her, she says, “Surprise, big brother. You owe me one now. I’ll collect in the morning”…

“Alex …?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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